Fire Emblem Engage: Tarot Cards Guide

Check out this article to find the methods to get the Tarot Cards of Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage: Tarot Cards Cover
Fire Emblem Engage: Tarot Cards

What Are Tarot Cards?

Tarot Cards from Rider-Waite-Smith deck
Tarot Cards from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck

Tarot Cards were first introduced in the mid-15th century. They were used to represent various thoughts, abstract meanings, or beliefs to play a variety of card games in Europe. There are pictures of objects, living and non-living, on these cards, which define the nature of the card. Playing a game required a single deck of cards. The number of cards in each deck varied greatly depending on the type of culture or origin of the game.

These playing cards became a standard norm among many game franchises, where the developers sold these cards along with the special or pre-order releases of the game. These cards do not serve any special purpose in the gaming world other than being collectible items only. Usually, such cards are sold as a deck or individual item afterward the release of the game. The worth of any card depends on the game’s popularity and the rarity of the card itself.

Key Takeaways

  • Fire Emblem Engage Tarot Cards are 12 special cards players can get for free when pre-ordering the game.
  • These cards serve only as collectible items.
  • Tarot Cards feature the 12 Emblem Lords present in Fire Emblem Engage.
  • If you have missed the pre-order offer on GameStop, you can still find those on eBay or other platforms.

How To Get Fire Emblem Engage Tarot Cards?

Pre-Order Game

According to the original tweet by GameStop, the only way to get the Tarot Cards is to pre-order the game. Once you pre-order the game, you can go to any GameStop store and receive the deck after showing the purchase receipt without paying any additional amount of cash. However, the last date for the pre-order was 20 January 2023.

GameStop Tweet on FE Engage Tarot Cards
GameStop’s Tweet on FE Engage Tarot Cards

Extra Sets At GameStop

Sometimes GameStop receives a few extra sets of pre-order exclusives. If you are lucky enough, you might get a chance to find these lying around in some stores. However, remember that you might have to pay for these cards, maybe some extra dollars. There is no certainty that you will get them because that deal will depend on the retailer and will not be part of the actual offer the game franchise gives. You can make a deal by buying some other game and asking if you can still avail yourself of the free cards offered with that game. After a bit of negotiation, you might get the product.


If you cannot find these cards on GameStop or fail to pre-order the game, you can try your luck on eBay to find some aftermarket sellers. In this scenario, there is a rare possibility that you will find all cards in a single deck or each card in separately sold offers. Some card collectors sell these cards on eBay. You might get a chance to buy the game bundle (game + cards) from a person who bought it a while back but does not want to play it anymore.

Other Sources

You can also search on AliExpress or other online shopping platforms to see if someone is selling the game bundle with the game and the cards. Some stores or websites buy the game bundles from original sites and sell them for a little higher price. You can skim through those to see if anyone from them is also selling the cards.

List Of All Tarot Cards

The pre-Order offer of Fire Emblem Engage gives you 12 Tarot Cards which characterize the 12 Emblem Lords in the Fire Emblem games. The “Lord” is one of the principal classes in Fire Emblem. These 12 lords refer to the main characters that have appeared in the previous titles of the Fire Emblem Franchise. Each card comes with a figure of a specific lord, describing the attributes of the lord’s character. Following is the list of all lords mentioned in the Tarot Cards.

  • Marth – Glory / Isolation
  • Sigurd – Honor / Infamy
  • Roy – Cordiality / Strife
  • Eirika – Tenderness / Callousness
  • Celica – Fertility / Bad Harvest
  • Leif – Fortitude / Failure
  • Lyn – Meetings / Betrayal
  • Ike – Wellness / Injury
  • Micaiah – Unexpected Consequences (Positive / Negative)
  • Lucina – Hope / Despair
  • Corrin – Determination / Distraction
  • Byleth Diligence / Indolence
Fire Emblem Engage Tarot Cards Deck | Credits: quitefishy
Fire Emblem Engage Tarot Cards Deck | Credits: Reddit – quitefishy

Final Thoughts

In this guide, we explained the Tarot Cards found along with Fire Emblem Engage’s pre-order and discussed the several methods to get them. These fancy cards sure mean a lot to the game’s prop collectors or card collectors in general, but they do not add any value to the game. Moreover, they are free with pre-order of the game, although they can be bought separately from other sources after the game’s release too.
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