FETH Byleth: How to Recruit Secret Character [Simple Tutorial]

Fire Emblem Three Hopes Byleth is a crucial powerful antagonist that you can recruit for your team. Here is how you can get her in-game.

Fire Emblem Three Hopes Byleth
Fire Emblem Three Hopes Byleth

The Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes release offers surprises, including Byleth, the beloved hero turned villain aligned with Shez. The game features Musou-packed combat, numerous playable characters, and the chance to recruit every character to build your army and defeat the main villain. Byleth’s inclusion can aid hardcore players in achieving a satisfying ending.

Key Takeaways

  • Recruiting characters requires careful consideration of faction selection, dialogue choices, and character relationships.
  • Chapter 10 is a significant step in recruiting Byleth, but the storyline choice does not affect the likelihood of recruitment.
  • The Resonant Lightning strategy and completion of a side mission to assist engineers are essential for unlocking the opportunity to recruit Byleth.
  • Players must engage in challenging battles and make meaningful choices that will impact the story’s outcome to recruit Byleth to their army successfully.
Fire Emblem Three Hopes Byleth
Byleth Introduction

Recruiting in Fire Emblem involves faction selection, dialogue choices, and character recruitment. While initially seems simple, navigating this process in a complex combat game like Fire Emblem is challenging.

Chapter 10 Path

  1. Regardless of the chosen path among the three available, focus on reaching Chapter 10 for recruitment considerations. Byleth, a prime mercenary for Jeralt, doesn’t initially express interest in joining Garreg Mach Monastery, limiting the opportunity to recruit them until Chapter 10.
Chapter 10 Message
Chapter 10 Message
  1. As soon as you defeat Rodrigue, you can see a message stating, “Your actions in this battle will greatly impact the outcome of the story.”
  2. This explains that you must make accurate decisions to enhance the chances of recruiting Byleth. 
Resonant Lightning Strategy
Resonant Lightning Strategy
  1. Next, you must check Resonant Lightning in your battle Strategy.
  2. For those who do not know, Resonant Lightning is a game-changer that offers players a massive lightning magic attack to decimate enemies. After that, you can dive into your battle and pursue the storyline. 
Seize the Strongholds around Mateus
Seize the Strongholds around Mateus
  1. Chapter 10 features a battle with Mateus.
  2. Complete the stronghold objective and then force Mateus to surrender.
  3. Rather than seizing the stronghold, aiding the engineers initiates a side mission that, when completed, grants access to create the Lightning Strategy.
  4. Once you grant your sorcery engineers the Strategy, you can see a thunderstrike wreaking havoc on the battlefield. It will be a sign of Alois’s appearance.
Fire Emblem Three Hopes Alois
  1. Easily confront Alois on the battlefield after capturing the northwestern stronghold and battling his reinforcements. Prepare for a significant fight against the knights.
  2. As the battle progresses, Byleth will relocate. Your objective includes defeating paladins and assisting Randolph’s soldiers.
  3. Expect Byleth to advance westward, seemingly crossing a bridge, which will appear through a cutscene.
Byleth Advancing to the West
Byleth Advancing to the West
  1. Here, I recommend you wait for the bridge to be built so you can cross it and reach the Alois for your following objectives.
  2. Reach the enemy base by avoiding all the encounters with existing enemies and taking on a fight with Alois. 
Building Bridge
Building Bridge
  1. There is another twist that is going to happen during the fight. The bridge you crossed to reach the Alois during your battle is now destroyed.
  2. Now, you must proceed to take down Aois. After him, you may also take down Rodrigue.
  3. Seeing Rodrigue fall and the bridge destroyed, Byleth must join your character. 
Fire Emblem Three Hopes Recruiting Byleth
Recruiting Byleth

Chapter 12 Path

  1. To recruit Byleth at the critical moment, obtain the Locate Ambushers Strategy either by checking the box at the start of Chapter 12 or unlocking it at the Survey spot in Menja Territory.
  2. At the chapter’s outset, use the Locate Ambushers Strategy discreetly to avoid mercenaries. If spotted, the recruitment plan fails.
  3. Opt for an All-Out Defense to distract mercenaries, defeat stronghold leaders, and open gates, ultimately leading to the objective of defeating Fleche.
Defeat Fleche
Defeat Fleche
  1. But first, you have triggered a storm of mercenaries, and defeating them is the only way to prevent the infiltration of the Allied Base. It is worth noting that, unlike at the start of Chapter 12, you can now use your units to defeat the mercenaries.
  2. Only this way you can reach the Fleche and proceed to the next step of the approach. 
  3. At this moment, you will receive the mission objective to defeat Randolph. You must kill him before Byleth reaches the location. 

After that, the game will also give you an objective to defeat Byleth. But you must ignore it to recruit her for your team of characters. 

My Recommendation With Byleth Recruitment

I will recommend going with the Chapter 10 path mainly because it is early and it involves progressing within the main campaign decision. You will need to be precise with each step or lose the crucial chance of making Byleth come to you. As the battle unfolds, remember your objectives to complete the missions and pave the way for recruiting Byleth.  

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