Fire Emblem Three Hopes: Merc Whistle: Definitive Guide

This Fire Emblem Three Hopes Merc Whistle guide will let you know all about the Merc whistle and who to give it to.

Fire Emblem Three Hopes Merc Whistle

Fire Emblem is a newly released tactical role-playing game for the Nintendo switch. The game creates a blend of action and storytelling in such a way that leaves the players in awe. The games offer you multiple challenging missions and situations to tackle your way through. One of them is the whole ordeal with the Merc Whistle. That’s why this Fire Emblem Three Hopes Merc Whistle guide will focus on you helping at every step of the way.

Key Takeaways

  • Fire Emblem Three Houses features a special item called the Merc Whistle, which enhances a character’s abilities and makes them more formidable.
  • The Merc Whistle can be obtained through spending renown or playing the game out naturally, and is rewarded after clearing Chapter 10.
  • To use the Merc Whistle, it must be given to a character with whom you have A-level support. After interacting, you will receive their ability as a gift & unlock achievement.
  • One Merc Whistle per playthrough is getable; it’s essential to choose the most suitable character; giving a character the Merc Whistle grants you access to their unique ability.
  • Female Byleth’s ability is Divine Pulse, allowing you to stop time & get a guaranteed hit.
  • Edelgard’s ability is Solar Prominence, imbues your attacks with fire.
  • Dimitri’s ability is Azure Lightning, imbues your attacks with lightning.
  • Claude’s ability is Dustcloud, imbues your attacks with wind, allowing for accurate hits.
  • Mercedes’ ability is Radiant Love, restores HP and damages enemies and heals allies.
  • Annette’s ability is Courageous Aria, allowing defense to handle high damaging abilities.
  • Sylvain’s ability is Gordian Strike, which increases your damage & attack range.
  • Ingrid’s ability is Icy Plunge, allowing you to release AOE attack that deals ice damage.
  • Flayn’s ability is Luminous Prayer, allowing you to spawn orbs of light when you deal regular attacks and fire a light beam at the orb.
  • Lorenz’s ability is Rondo of Roses, pulls enemies in from a distance once the ability gauge is filled.
  • Hilda’s ability is Lightning Bound, add lightning to attack & pulls enemies while charging.
  • Marianne’s ability is Snowslip, spawns ice orbs that damage opponents as your hit count rises.
  • Felix’s ability is Intense Velocity, increases your movement speed after dodging, allowing you to close the gap and deal decisive blows.
  • Constance’s ability is Flickering Flower, increases your resistance and attack as your hit count rises.

Getting The Merc Whistle

Finding the Fire Emblem Three Hopes Merc Whistle
Rewards for Clearing Chapter 10

The Merc Whistle is a special item that enhances a character’s powers and makes them more formidable. It can become the very thing that gives you an edge in a fight. You can obtain the Merc Whistle through two different methods. You can either spend renown on purchasing it, or you can play the game out naturally.

When you complete chapter 10, Shez will receive the Merc Whistle as a reward. Now, the Merc Whistle can only be given to a character with which you have A-level support. Doing this will make you interact with them, and after a bit, you will see that the character you gave the whistle to gift you their ability. Their ability could become a massive factor in a fight and can enable you to do more damaging combos. Moreover, This allows you to diversify your arsenal and deal with your opponents more swiftly.

Furthermore, you will unlock the achievement ‘A True Friend’, which symbolizes the fact that you have received a gift from your team, which is the skill you will get.

However, you can only get one Merc Whistle per playthrough, so you must wisely choose which character would be the most suitable. Knowing which character would be more of an asset depends on your playstyle, which is why we have compiled this list with the most optimal characters with powerful abilities. They could utilize the Fire Emblem Three Hopes Merc Whistle fully.

Who To Give The Merc Whistle

There are several characters that you can give the Merc Whistle. But not everyone would be as impactful as you would like. That is why this list will inform you beforehand of what abilities you will be getting when you gift the Merc Whistle to certain characters.


Fire-Emblem Three Hopes Byleth

When taken as a female, Byleth has the special ability named Tactics Primer. Now, we all know how powerful she is, as we have seen her time and time again. All her strength is credited to her extraordinary gift, which allows her to handle her foes with ease. How good would her ability be in your arsenal? First of all, you will need to recruit Byleth. Then when she is on your team, you will have to gift her the Merc Whistle.

Giving her the whistle would give you her unique ability, Divine Pulse. This ability allows you to stop time. It gives you a guaranteed hit on opponents as the time only resumes after you attack them. This skill’s cooldown depends on the damage you dealt, so even if your attack was lacking, you could try again in a while. Such a strong ability creates so much potential for success and one-shotting your enemies into oblivion.


Next up, we have Edelgard. Edelgard is the Leader of Scarlet Blaze (Black Eagles) and the one chasing the title of the future emperor. She deals massive amounts of damage with her axe due to her extraordinary gift and ability.

Gifting her the whistle would give you her ability, Solar Prominence. This ability allows you to imbue your attacks with fire. This will allow you to heaps loads of damage and decimate your enemies in a matter of seconds.


Dimitri is the Leader of Azure Gleam (Blue Lions), possessing the immense natural talent to topple over armies. He is known as the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Faergus and has the unique gift, Azure Dagger.

If you give him the whistle the whistle, he will grant you the ability, azure lighting. This allows you to imbue your attacks with lightning. This is undoubtedly very appealing as the lightning ability isn’t very common and deals considerable damage.


Next up, we have Claude. The Leader of Golden Wildfire (Golden Deer). He is known as a proficient wyvern master who strikes his enemies with his bow. Riding a wyvern is no menial task, and his gift to you in exchange for the whistle can perhaps allow you to follow in his footsteps.

Claude gives you the ability, Dustcloud. This ability imbue your attacks with wind, allowing them to hit the targets more accurately from a distance. This enables you to take out your opponents swiftly while dealing massive damage.


Mercedes is a member of the Azure Gleam, having magical prowess as her strong suit. Giving her the Merc Whistle would provide you with the unique ability, Radiant Love. This ability acts as a support ability. When you attack, you will see the ability gauge filling up. That gauge restores your HP and, once fully filled, damages enemies and heals allies upon use.


She is a member of the Azure Gleam. Gifting her the whistle would give you her unique ability, Courageous Aria. this works just Radiant love. When the unique ability gauge fills, it reinforces your defenses and allies. This allows them to handle high damaging abilities without burning into a crisp.


Sylvian is a part of Azure Gleam and grants you the ability, Gordian Strike. This relies on your ability to land hits. Once your hits amount to 300, it increases your damage and attack range. This is a growing ability that keeps on improving its benefits as your hit count increases.


She is a member of Azure Gleam. If you give her the Merc Whistle, she will provide you with the ability Icy Plunge. IT allows you to release an AOE attack. It displaces the enemies close to you, and those in the air explode to deal ice damage in that area.


Up next, we have Flayn. She gives you the unique ability, Luminous Prayer. This allows you to spawn orbs of light when you deal with regular attacks. Pressing the skill again enables you to fire a light beam at the orb.


Lorentz is part of the Golden Wildfire. She gives you the ability, Rondo of Roses. This ability also has an Ability gauge. Once this gauge fills, it allows you to pull in enemies a little far from you. It can be an excellent opener to initiate fights or end them.


Hilda is a long-standing member of the Golden Wildfire. She gives you the ability named Lightning Bound. Holding the button increases your damage by a little and adds the lightning element to them. Opponents weak to lightning would be efficiently dealt with this ability. When you are charging, it acts as Rondo of Roses as it also pulls in enemies closer to you.


Next up, we have Marianne. She is a member of Golden Wildfire. Her unique ability is Snowslip. Once you have 300 hits, it spawns ice orbs that damage your opponents. The orbs keep on increasing as your hit count rises.


Felix is a vital member of Azure Gleam that grants you the unique ability, Intense Velocity. This ability enhances your maneuverability. When you dodge an attack, the ability increases your movement speed for a while. This allows you to close the gap between ranged opponents and deal the decisive blows.


Constance is a member of the Ashen Wolves. She gives you the unique ability, Personality Shift. It spawns orbs with every auto-attack. These orbs can take two colors, black or white, and can be launched toward your enemies to deal damage,


Balthus is part of Ashen Wolves. He possesses the unique ability, Golden Fists. Upon having 300 hits, it increases the damage of your attacks which keeps on growing as your hit count rises. If you manage to airborne the enemies, it even grants you some gold.


Dedue is part of the Azure Gleam. He gifts you the unique ability, Demolisher. If you hold the ability, when launching attacks, it deals with blasts on impact, adding damage to your attacks.


Shamir is a member of the Golden Wildfire that will gift you the ability called Cold Calculation. This ability rewards you with striking the enemies at the right time. Upon striking, your critical hit chance is raised, and your attacks are imbued with the ice element. This could be an excellent ability to have in your arsenal as it allows you to deal bonus damage and fixes your attack timing.


Lastly, we have Ferdinand, a member of the Scarlet Blaze. He gives you the unique ability termed Maximum Ambulation. Upon having 300 hits, it blesses your character with speed. The speed keeps on increasing as your hit counts rise.

These are some characters that give you particular powerful abilities upon gifting them the Merc Whistle. There are other characters as well, but they fall pale compared to these abilities. It is up to you to choose which ability suits your team best and cover up the holes in it. Our recommendation would be to go for Divine Pulse, which you get from Byleth.

Divine Pulse is too good of an ability to pass up. The ability to pause time can allow you to take a breather in fights and hit back with a more potent attack than your enemies to gain the upper hand. However, if you think this ability isn’t for you, the other might be more to your liking.

This concludes our Fire Emblem Three Hopes Merc Whistle guide. Let us know down below which ability you chose.

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