Does Fire Emblem Three Hopes Offer a Definitive Conclusion?

Does a "True" Ending Mock the Multi-Perspective Story?

Fire Emblem Three Hopes True Ending

Fire Emblem Three Hopes has three explicit endings and one implicit ending. All these endings depend on your choices and your decision on which route to choose. These routes lead to different paths and allow you to explore more of the world. Likewise, they also feature very different personal endings.

The main gist of the ending remains constant. The game ends with you toppling over the main antagonist and calling forth a season of uncertainty in Fodlan. There is still the panic of people not knowing when Fodlan will become peaceful.

Even after laying waste to all the dictators, the people are still not safe from the over-looming threat of war. In a sense, this can be considered a true ending to the game; however, the personal experience of the others undermines that claim.

The secret ending to the game also depends on your decision on how to handle a particular character, Byleth.

You will be given a choice of whether you want to recruit Byleth and take responsibility for him or just finish him off right then and there. If you choose to recruit Byleth, you can unlock the secret ending no matter what house you are a part of.

Key Takeaways

  • All of the endings revolve around defeating the primary antagonist and bringing uncertainty to the land of Fodlan.
  • The personal experience of each ending can differ from player to player, the secret ending is contingent upon the player’s decision regarding the character Byleth.
  • To attain the Azure Gleam ending, align with the Blue Lions.
  • For the Scarlet Blaze ending, side with the Black Eagles.
  • For the Golden Wildfire ending, support the Golden Deer.
  • The endings differ significantly in terms of events, outcomes, and the fate of key characters such as Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude.

With such a highly regarded game and franchise, people have argued about the possibility of a true ending. However, in a game like Fire Emblem Three Hopes, what ending you get depends on your choices which we will discuss later.

As your choices are the sole reason for the ending you get, it is up to you to decide what you consider a true ending. The game doesn’t have a specified true ending, but you can choose your true ending.

Now, Let’s get on with the endings and see how each unfolds.

The Azure Gleam Ending

Fire Emblem Three Hopes Blue Lions
Blue Lions

For this ending, you choose to side with The Blue Lions. The Blue Lions Ending unfolds with Dimitri, the crown prince of the Kingdom of Faerghus and the blue lion’s leader, fighting Thales’s malevolent forces. Dimitri showcases his skills by adding the lighting attribute to his sword as he aims to fight for the future.

Against all odds, Dimitri will beat Thales forces and stand to live another day. His victory leaves Edelgard, nicknamed the Armored Lord of House Black Eagles, with a defeated look on his face. This causes Claude, the Leader of House Golden Deer acknowledge Rhea as their comrade.

The ending concludes with them looking at the sky, thinking of the vast opportunities ahead of them. They stare into the horizon while discussing their next step until they move on, and we are met with the End Screen.

The Scarlet Blaze Ending

Fire Emblem Three Hopes Black Eagle
Black Eagles [Via: Lucky Crit]

In this ending, you extend your support to the House of Black Eagles and side with Edelgard. This ending unravels with Edelgard and Shez uniting themselves against a common enemy. Their initial plan is to fight him with both of them. However, things play out differently.

Rhea decides to fight against the Madman Thales. They both engage in a fiery battle, with neither side showcasing any signs of giving up. Both characters exhibit magical skills to only end the fight by killing each other.

Regretfully, this fight cost Rhea her life as both Rhea and Thales are assumed dead. The sacrifice of Rhea causes the battle to come to a halt.

With the enemy leader dead, the tropes have no reason to fight on. In the melodramatic ending, Edelgard looks into the distance with a glimmer of hope in his eye. The turbulent forces that have been dealt with allow him to imagine a future of freedom for Fodlan.

The Golden Wildfire Ending

Golden Deers

If you choose to stand with the Golden Deer, you will meet a fate very distinct from the previously mentioned one. In this ending, Claude and Shez disregard Thales and stand up against the Central Church.

Hence, their attack leads to them engaging in an all-out brawl with Rhea. Amid this spectacle of a fight, the bar is raised with Rhea transforming into a dragon.

Her roars echo through the mountains as the fight progresses. Claude, being a wyvern master and Shez, manages to take out Rhea and end her days as a dragon and a living soul on this planet.

Throughout this ending, Dimitri and Edelgard are nowhere to be found. It can be because they are fighting against Thales while this fight takes place. In the last frames, we see Claude and Shez standing beside the dead dragon discussing their future.

These are all the explicit endings you can partake in the Fire Emblem Three Hopes. The idea of them being a true ending is all up to you as there is no predetermined true ending…yet.

However, other than these endings, you have a shot at unlocking two additional chapters, which provide a conclusive end to some certain characters’ backstories and a different ending to leave the game on.

The Secret Ending

Fire Emblem Three Hopes Arval
Fire Emblem Three Hopes Arval

It isn’t a secret ending per se, but it provides you with an extra chapter to see how the other characters’ story unfolds. It allows you a chance to see them off and leave the game on a different note.

This ending is only possible if you recruit Byleth. This will allow you to unlock new chapters and see the end of the Arval Storyline. The contents of these chapters do not occur at the end but are necessary for you to gain a holistic understanding of the game’s conclusion.

Additionally, you can play these chapters no matter which house you wish to support at the end. However, remember that there will be some variations.

The one who will fight Solon for you will be whichever leader you help, while the rest show up at the end of the fight. You can only play with characters that will be part of your current roster.

The chapters you will unlock with be Chapter 15 – The Hour of Vengeance and Chapter 16 – Into the Chasm, so let’s dive down deep into their details.

Chapter 15 – The Hour of Vengeance

In this chapter, Shez becomes possessed by Arval and is manipulated to attack byleth with a mysterious power. This forces the party members to act and becomes your objective to defeat Shez. Upon his loss, Solon reveals himself as the new boss to be taken down.

The house leader you support will protect you as he takes on Solon himself. He will overwhelm Solon with his power causing Solon to run away while being on the brink of death.

Arval takes action and uses Shez’s body to finish the almost-dead Solon. The remaining heads of the houses show up as a dark shadowy portal connecting to the Dimension of Darkness, Zahras, opens up. The portal envelops all the members present there as the chapter ends.

Chapter 16 – Into the Chasm

Upon your arrival, you will find out that Arval is under the control of a force called Epimenides. To take on him would take enormous power, for which the leaders of the three houses combine their forces. Claude, Dimitri, and Edelgard fight with Shez against Arval’s monstrous strength. The battle showcases a mesmerizing duel with Epimenides’ loss.

What Would I Recommend?

His defeat causes Arval to completely disappear from this chapter, as we do not see him later on. These chapters provide a conclusion to the arcs of Shez and Arval, which cannot be found in any other primary endings mentioned.

The game doesn’t necessarily have a true ending and gives you complete control of the finish you want to opt for. It is up to you to decide which way you want to end the game.

My recommendation would be to go with the support of the House of Golden Deer. This will allow you to experience many new things as you work under one of the game’s exceptional characters, Claude.

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