Why Claude Is One Of The Best Protagonist In Fire Emblem Three Houses

From backstory, lore, personality, and gameplay, Claude is a unique entry in the Fire Emblem Three Houses.

fire emblem three houses claude

Claude Von Reigan is one of the protagonists of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and the heir to House Riegan. As a result, he is a bearer of the Crest of Reigan. Reigan was one of the Ten Elites who fought in the War of Heroes and wielded the fabled bow Failnaught.

After his successes in the war and display of bravery, Reigan founded House Reigan in the eastern region of Leicester. Being a descendant of such a legendary warrior, Claude has a lot of expectations and hopes riding on his shoulders.

Born in Imperial Year 1162, Claude Von Reigan enrolls at the Officers Academy at Garreg Mach Monastery in 1180, where he meets the player’s character, Byleth.

Key Takeaways

  • Claude von Riegan is the heir of House Riegan, one of the Ten Elites from the War of Heroes.
  • He is interested in the player’s origins and Crests in the Academy Phase Arc.
  • Claude values the lives of those under his command and resorts to violence only when necessary.
  • His backstory and familial ties are explored in the Cindered Shadows Arc.

Claude Personality

fire emblem three houses leicester crest
         The Crest of House Leicester

Claude appears casual but is cautious, observant, and competitive. He uses theatrics to create mystery and attract followers. He’s skilled in diplomacy despite the pressure of being the Leicester Alliance heir.

He’s a strategic planner who uses mind games, like poisoning food, for advantage. However, he cares for his followers and values their lives, avoiding unnecessary killing.

Academy Phase Arc

fire emblem three houses fodlan
A map of Fodlan

When teaching the Golden Deer House, Claude becomes intrigued by Byleth due to their Crest of Flames and Sword of the Creator. He’s determined to uncover Fodlan’s true history and Crest secrets.

After Jeralt’s death, Claude obtains his diary, discovering Rhea’s connection to Byleth as a newborn. He promises to help Byleth learn about their origins and the Monastery’s secrets.

Claude, along with Dimitri and the Knights of Seiros, defends the Monastery against the Adrestian Empire but eventually surrenders when Byleth goes missing.

Cindered Shadows Arc

Claude also explores the Abyss along with Hilda. It is during this time that his backstory and familial ties are explored. It is revealed that his grandfather was named Oswald, and his mother was named Tiana.

War Phase Arc

Claude returns to the Leicester alliance after the defeat at Garreg Mach. The war started by Edelgard quickly involved all of Fodlan. During this, Oswald passes away, with Claude being declared successor. As a result, Claude can unite the Alliance into one strong faction and defend its territories against the invading Empire.

Silver Snow Arc

In the Black Eagles’ route, Byleth and Claude lead a Resistance Army to rescue Rhea from the Empire. After receiving troops from Judith, Claude sends a letter expressing trust in the trio.

Claude’s plan involves capturing the Great Bridge of Myrddin, while he distracts House Glocester’s troops. This prevents Glocester from aiding the Empire, a crucial strategy.

At Gronder Field, a three-sided battle ensues, leading to heavy losses for all armies, and Claude goes missing, his fate uncertain.

Crimson Flower Arc

If the player follows the Black Eagles route, Claude is unready for the Empire’s attack on the Alliance first. After a series of battles, Claude is forced to retreat to the Alliance capital, Derdriu. The Alliance Army is defeated, and Claude tries negotiating with Edelgard.

If Claude is spared, he offers gratitude to Byleth and Edelgard, and entrusts the populace and land of the Alliance to the duo, in the faith that they will be good rulers.

If Claude is slain, he declares his hope that Edelgard can make a better place for Fodlan than the current status quo. Edelgard realizes that Claude had taken into account all outcomes, and had the best strategy planned for each outcome.

Azure Moon Arc

In the Blue Lions route, the Alliance Army, led by Claude, ventures into Imperial territory but faces Edelgard’s forces. Claude reflects on the casualties before joining the battle, but his army is defeated.

Dimitri and the Blue Lions then aim to reclaim Faerghus from Cornelia. Claude seeks help from the Kingdom against an attacking Adrestian regiment, creating a defensive formation around the city. The Blue Lions respond, resulting in victory.

Claude decides to step down as the Alliance leader, and the Alliance’s territories return to the Kingdom’s control. He bids farewell to friends and teachers and departs for Almyra.

Warriors: Three Hopes Arc

Claude receives a dire message from House Goneril about a massive Almyran army preparing to invade Leicester, with House Holst in urgent need of assistance. Monica is rescued, and Tomas is expelled from Garreg Mach.

The Golden Deer, along with Shamir, joins Holst to defend against the Almyran invaders. Claude allows Shahid to escape to avoid further hostility toward Almyra.

Two years later, Claude reunites with the former Golden Deer members, planning to protect the Great Bridge of Myrddin from Imperial forces. Despite seeking aid from Count Gloucester, he faces resistance and fears Gloucester’s possible defection to the Empire’s side.

Claude is a central character in the Golden Deer house and serves as the main Lord in the Verdant Wind path in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Here’s a detailed overview of his strengths, weaknesses, and progression:


  1. Dexterity and Speed: Claude excels in dexterity and speed, making it easy for him to double enemies and land critical hits.
  2. Luck Growth: High luck growth allows him to avoid magic attacks and score critical hits more frequently.
  3. Charm Growth: High charm growth makes him effective with Battalions.
  4. Ranged Attacks: Claude has a preference for ranged attacks, particularly with bows.
  5. Crest of Riegan: His Crest occasionally restores 30% of his HP when using Combat Arts, making him more durable.
  6. Hero’s Relic: Claude wields the powerful weapon Fraldarius and the Sword of Begalta, both offering unique abilities.
  7. Versatile Strengths: Proficient in Bows, Authority, Flying, Riding, and Swords.
  8. Unique Abilities: Access to the Wind God skill and Diamond Axe Combat Art.


  1. Low Strength: Claude has lower strength, making him less effective against heavily armored enemies.
  2. Weakness in Lances and Faith.


  1. Archer Class: Obtain Hit Rate +20 for improved accuracy with long-range bow attacks.
  2. Axes Mastery: Unlock Death Blow from the Brigand class for increased damage output.
  3. Warrior Class: Consider the Warrior class for the Wrath ability.
  4. Sniper Class: Stay in the Sniper class until the time skip to maximize bow range.

In summary, Claude’s strengths lie in his speed, mobility, and ranged combat capabilities. While he may lack raw damage output and magic potential, his agility allows him to outmaneuver enemies and land critical strikes. He’s a versatile character with various class options and unique abilities, making him a valuable asset to your party.

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