Fire Emblem Three Houses Claude: All To Know

fire emblem three houses claude

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a tactical role-playing game made by industry veteran developers Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo. It was released for the Nintendo Switch in 2019, and is the 16th game in the Fire Emblem series. The game takes place on the fictional continent of Fodlan. Fodlan is currently ruled by three distinct powers.

These powers are connected through a Monastery known as the Garreg Mach Monastery. As a result, the Monastery has a church and officer’s school that trains students from each nation. One of the major characters in Fire Emblem Three Houses is Claude von Riegan, of house Riegan.

Key Takeaways

  • Fire Emblem Three Houses are set in the fictional land of Fodlan, and the Monastery is a central location in the game that connects the three major powers.
  • Claude von Riegan is a central figure in Fire Emblem Three Houses and the heir of the influential House Riegan, one of the Ten Elites from the War of Heroes. 
  • Claude takes a keen interest in the player’s origins & the real understanding of Crests in the Academy Phase Arc. Claude values the lives of those under his command & only resorts to murder when no other option stands.
  • Claude’s backstory & familial ties are explored in the Cindered Shadows Arc.
  • In the War Phase Arc, Claude unites the Alliance into one strong faction & defends its territories against the invading Empire.
  • In the Silver Snow Arc, Claude confesses that he trusts Byleth and informs Byleth that attacking the Empire requires capturing the Great Bridge of Myrddin.
  • The Blue Lions & Alliance Army fight against Edelgard’s troops, with Claude’s army almost defeated & the Blue Lions eventually help him to defeat the Adrestian Invasion in Azure Moon Arc.
  • Warriors: Three Hopes Arc focuses on defending against Almyran invaders & seeking alliances against Imperial forces.
  • Claude lost items include Leather Bow Sheath, Mild Stomach Poison, & Board Game Piece.

The player assumes the role of Byleth, an ex-mercenary that takes the job of a professor in the Monastery. Therefore, the player is tasked with training students and leading them through a series of battles. 

Claude also has a small role in the spin-off title Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Claude Personality

fire emblem three houses leicester crest
         The Crest of House Leicester

At face value, Claude will seem very casual and laidback. However, deep down he is a cautious, calculated and observant individual. He has a penchant for the theatrics, as he likes to exude an aura of mystery around himself, forcing people to join his house if they choose to learn more about him. Moreover, Claude is hyper-competitive and will do whatever it takes to gain the edge on his classmates.

His casual easygoing nature sometimes conflicts with the overwhelming pressure of being the heir to the Leicester Alliance, but his vast knowledge of diplomacy and world affairs is enough to make up for it.

A vicious planner, Claude effectively utilizes mind games to manipulate the situation to his advantage. For example, Claude elaborates his plan to poison the food of rival houses to come out on top in the first battle to the player. In contrast to his cunning nature, however, Claude is also very caring and respectful of those under his command.

He values their lives, as shown by him ordering them to retreat rather than die in the Crimson Flower arc. He also has a distaste for murder, only resorting to it when no other option stands. As the game progresses, his tactics grow even stronger. 

As for personal beliefs, Claude disdains blind faith in the gods, preferring to rely on the strength of humanity. He enjoys archery, horse riding, poetry, feasts, and intellectual endeavors. 

Who Is Fire Emblem Three Houses Claude?

fire emblem three houses Failnaught

Claude Von Reigan is one of the protagonists of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and the heir to House Riegan. As a result, he is a bearer of the Crest of Reigan. Reigan was one of the Ten Elites that fought in the War of Heroes, and wielded the fabled bow Failnaught.

After his successes in the war and display of bravery, Reigan founded House Reigan in the eastern region of Leicester. Being a descendant of such a legendary warrior, Claude has a lot of expectations and hopes riding on his shoulder.

Born in Imperial Year 1162, Claude Von Reigan enrolls at the Officers Academy at Garreg Mach Monastery in 1180, where he meets the player’s character, Byleth.

Academy Phase Arc

fire emblem three houses fodlan
A map of Fodlan

Assuming Byleth chooses to teach the Golden Deer House, whose leader is Claude, Claude takes a keen interest in the player’s origins.

This is due to the fact that the player bears the Crest of Flames and also wields the Sword of the Creator, two extremely powerful items, both in-game and in-lore. Claude also fixates on uncovering Fodlan’s true history as well as the real understanding of Crests.

Claude forces Byleth to give him Jeralt’s diary after Jeralt dies. This leads to Claude learning that Rhea had some interaction with Byleth when he was a newborn. Claude makes a promise to Byleth that he will help them in learning more about their origins as well as the secrets the Monastery and Rhea are keeping.

 Fire Emblem Three Houses Claude then joins up with Dimitri and the Knights of Seiros to defend the Monastery against the attacking Adrestian Empire. Despite their best efforts, the battle is lost and they are forced to surrender. Byleth goes missing during the battle.

Cindered Shadows Arc

Claude then explores the Abyss along with Hilda. It is during this time that his backstory and familial ties are explored. It is revealed that his grandfather was named Oswald, and his mother was named Tiana.

War Phase Arc

Claude returns to the Leicester alliance after the defeat at Garreg Mach. The war started by Edelgard quickly involves all of Fodlan. During this, Oswald passes away, with Claude being declared successor. As a result, Claude is able to unite the Alliance into one strong faction and defend its territories against the invading Empire.

Silver Snow Arc

Assuming Byleth takes the route of leading the Black Eagles as well as stays with Rhea and the Church, Byleth and Fire Emblem Three Houses Claude lead a Resistance Army against the Empire to rescue Rhea. After the army receives troops through Judith in the Valley of Torment, Byleth is given a letter from Claude. In the letter, Claude confesses that he trusts the trio.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Claude informs Byleth that attacking the Empire requires capturing the Great Bridge of Myrddin. Meanwhile, Claude will distract House Glocester’s troops. This is strategically important as House Glocester’s troops will be unable to help the Empire’s army.

The Resistance Army takes the bridge and engages in a three-sided battle against both the Empire and the Kingdom at Gronder Field, resulting in severe losses for every army. Claude goes missing. It is unknown if he is still alive or has died.

Crimson Flower Arc

If the player follows the Black Eagles route, Claude is unready for the Empire’s attack on the Alliance first. After a series of battles, Claude is forced to retreat to the Alliance capital, Derdriu. The Alliance Army is defeated, and Claude tries negotiating with Edelgard.

If Claude is spared, he offers gratitude to Byleth and Edelgard, and entrusts the populace and land of the Alliance to the duo, in the faith that they will be good rulers.

If Claude is slain, he declares his hope that Edelgard can make a better place for Fodlan than the current status quo. Edelgard realizes that Claude had taken into account all outcomes, and had the best strategy planned for each outcome.

Azure Moon Arc

If the player follows the Blue Lions route, the Alliance Army goes with Faerghus’ army into Imperial territory. There, they are accosted by Edelgards’ troops. In the enusing battle, Claude contemplates the bloodshed and casualties of this class reunion, before entering the fray. Claude’s army is defeated and retreats.

Afterwards, Dimitri and the Blue Lions take the offensive against the Kingdom of Faerghus in the attempt to take it back from Cornelia. Meanwhile, Claude sends a messenger to the Kingdom asking for help against an attacking regiment of the Adrestian Empire.

Claude believes that with the help from the Kingdom, he will be able to win the battle, and as such establishes a defensive formation around the city. The Blue Lions answer his request, creating an attack from both sides that defeats the Adrestian Invasion.

Following the battle, Claude declares that he will no longer be working as the leader of the Leicester Alliance. After collaborating with the other leaders of the Alliance, the territories of Leicester are consolidated back into the Kingdom. After this, he says his goodbyes to his friends and teacher, and leaves for Almyra.

Warriors: Three Hopes Arc

Claude finds a dire message from the house of Goneril informing him that the Almyran army has amassed an extremely large force and is preparing to invade Leicester and the head of House Holst is in desperate need of help. Monica is rescued and Tomas is forced out of Garreg Mach.

The Golden Deer join Holst along with Shamir and defend the locket against the Almyran Invaders. In the meanwhile, Claude agrees to Shahid escaping to reduce the chance of further ill-will against Almyra. 

Two years pass, and Claude is reunited with the former Golden Deer. The duo plan to defend the Great Bridge of Myrddin against any possible attack from the Imperial forces. Following the initial battle, Claude seeks help from Count Gloucester, but is unsuccessful, and is worried that he may defect to the Empire’s Side.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Claude Gameplay

Claude, being the main Lord of the Golden Deer, will be one of the most used members of the Verdant Wind path. Claude boasts the best dexterity and speed out of all the Lords, allowing for easy doubles and critical hits. However, he has the lowest strength, making him much more squishy. Moreover, he struggles against heavily-armored enemies due to this fact.

Due to a high luck growth, Claude can avoid magic attacks and score critical hits much easier than the other characters. Moreover, his high charm growths lends him well to efficient use of Battalions. By the nature of his very house, Claude has a preference for ranged attacks, especially through the use of bows. 

Claude possesses the Crest of Riegan, which sometimes allows him to get back 30% of his HP every time he uses Combat Arts. Bows in general favor their use to increase range by using Arts such as Curved Shot. Claude, as a result, benefits from this immensely; he can heal whenever he is injured through their use. Moreover, Claude has a Hero’s Relic and Sacred Weapon.

Frailnaught is an extremely strong weapon that allows him to use Fallen Star. After 4 uses, Fallen Star deals both immense damage against Dragon enemies and allows him to be invulnerable to all attacks the next turn. The Sword of Begalta also allows a renewal effect.

Claude possesses subject strengths in Bows, Authority, Flying, Riding and Swords. Further, he has Budding Talent for Axes, and can unlock the Combat Art Diamond Axe. His Subject Weaknesses are Lances and Faith. Claude works most efficiently when utilized in the Myrmidon and Fighter lines, however, he also has access to the Lord line of classes, and the timeskip Wyvern Master and Barbarossa classes as well.

As a result, Fire Emblem Three Houses Claude an also be used as a hyper-aggressive movement oriented fighter, putting emphasis on him being a flying class. Moreover, once Barbarossa is mastered, Claude gains the Wind God skill, a huge upgrade to Curved Shot.

The general progression route for Fire Emblem Three Houses Claude is to obtain Hit Rate +20 for the Archer class. This allows negation of the negative points to hit rate when attacking at long range with bows.

Moreover, this bonus stacks with Bow Prowess, Accuracy Ring and high hit rate Battalions. After Claude unlocks mastery in Axes, the player can use the Brigand’s Death blow. On that note, Warrior class’s Wrath is also very useful. Finally, Sniper should be used until timeskip is unlocked, as the extra range on bows is monumental.

In conclusion, Claude’s mobility, range and critical strikes rank him as the best Lord currently in the game. Despite his lack of raw damage output and magic potential, his speed allows him to run circles around his enemies. 

Base Stats

White Clouds Base Stats

claude base stats
White Clouds Base Stats

 Cindered Shadows Base Stats

claude base stats 2
Cindered Shadows Base Stats

Emblem Three Houses Claude Gift Items

  • Blue Cheese – Dislike – A pungent cheese with a very distinctive taste. Appreciated by lovers of food and drink.
  • Book of Sheet Music – Dislike – An old collection of sheet music filled with hymns and pastoral songs. Appreciated by those who enjoy music.
  • Board Game – Favorite – A fun activity in which players compete using stones on a board. Appreciated by those who enjoy tactical thinking.
  • Book of Crest Designs – Favourite – A book containing the designs of 21 identified Crests. Appreciated by those who enjoy studying Crests.
  • Riding Boots – Favorite – Boots specially made for mastering the equestrian arts. Appreciated by those who enjoy horseback riding.
  • Exotic Spices – Favorite – Spices from a land to the east of Almyra. Appreciated by those who enjoy traveling or cooking.
  • Owl Feather – Favorite – A feather from a messenger that can be used in a variety of ways. Appreciated by everyone.

Claude Share a Meal Items

  • Fried Crayfish – Dislike – Fried and breaded Caledonian crayfish. Looks much tastier than it actually is.
  • Saghert and Cream – Dislike – A baked confection coated with Noa fruit cream and a currant reduction, often enjoyed as a dessert at family gatherings.
  • Bourgeois Pike – Favorite – A gourmet fish dish with Airmid pike, vegetables, and a sprinkle of expensive spices. Popular among nobles.
  • Cabbage and Herring Stew – Favorite – Cabbage and Albinean herring stewed whole. The fish guts lend this hearty dish a superbly bitter kick.
  • Sautéed Pheasant and Eggs – Favorite – Thin slices of bird meat and shredded cabbage, mixed with scrambled eggs and sautéed with spices. Invention of a certain noble.
  • Daphnel Stew – Favorite – Minced poultry and onions boiled with salt. The simple recipe lets high-quality ingredients speak for themselves.
  • Pickled Rabbit Skewers – Favorite – Hunks of rabbit meat are pickled in bacchus, skewered, and roasted over an open flame to create this flavorful dish.
  • Pheasant Roast with Berry Sauce – Favorite – Well-roasted Fódlan pheasant drizzled with a berry reduction sauce.
  • Onion Gratin Soup – Favorite – Onions stewed with white trout and baked with a layer of cheese on top. Will warm you up from the inside out.
  • Beast Meat Teppanyaki – Favorite – A dish that tastes like the wilderness. Thick slices of meat covered with Noa fruit and grilled on a hotplate.
  • Sautéed Jerky – Favorite – Jerky aged in the monastery and sautéed for a delightfully salty flavor. A perfect snack to go with your favorite drink.
  • Garreg Mach Meat Pie – Favorite – A crispy-brown pie packed with tomatoes, cheese, and tender chunks of meat.
  • Cheesy Verona Stew – Favorite – A rich dish consisting of verona and sautéed Teutates loach. These ingredients are boiled and served with two kinds of melted cheese.
  • Country-Style Red Turnip Plate – Favorite – A balanced meal including red turnip and verona stew, red turnip salad, and sautéed red turnip with garlic.
  • Gronder Meat Skewers – Favorite – Fatty hunks of Gronder fox cooked slowly on skewers. The meat is magically aged for a full flavor.
  • Gautier Cheese Gratin – Favorite – A gratin of bird meat topped with heaps of Gautier cheese, which is famous for its low fat content. It has a unique flavor.
  • Vegetable Stir-Fry – Favorite – A dish of dried tomatoes, cabbage, chickpeas, and other vegetables, stir-fried with eggs. Nutritious and very filling.
  • Derdriu-Style Fried Pheasant – Favorite – Pheasant meat is pounded flat and fried. Can be served as a sort of sandwich, with cheese between two strips of meat.
  • Sweet Bun Trio – Dislike – Traditional pastries from Faerghus, known for their subtle sweetness. The dough is made with eggs and sugar.

Claude Lost Items

  • Leather Bow Sheath – A leather bow sheath engraved with an unfamiliar script. It seems like something Claude would own.
  • Mild Stomach Poison – A small bottle labeled “Mild Stomach Poison” that seems fairly harmless. It probably belongs to a schemer.
  • Board Game Piece – A high-quality board game piece made of precious stone. It probably belongs to someone with a tactical mind.
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