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This guide will tell you all you need to know about Fire Emblem Three Houses Ferdinand, from his lore and personality to the best builds.

fire emblem three houses ferdinand
Ferdinand von Aegir

Ferdinand von Aegir in Fire Emblem Three Houses is a strong, competitive, and proud noble who dislikes losing. He constantly strives to outperform his peers, particularly Edelgard, with the goal of becoming an exemplary Prime Minister under her rule as Emperor. However, he eventually accepts that Edelgard will always surpass him, but this realization doesn’t deter him from working hard and improving himself.

Key Takeaways

  • Ferdinand von Aegir, a noble aspiring to become Prime Minister in “Fire Emblem: Three Houses.”
  • Complicated relationship with his father Ludwig but holds him in high regard.
  • Known for compassion, self-reflection, and self-awareness.
  • Conflicts with Hubert over Edelgard’s leadership challenges.
  • Has positive traits like compassion and reflection, but can be vain and self-centered.
  • Passionate about animals, children, justice, and more, but dislikes laziness and low noble status.
  • Born into House Aegir, linked to “Insurrection of the Seven.”
  • Serves as Black Eagles’ main battle cavalry with focus on health and defense.
  • Classes like Great Knight, Paladin, Brigand, and Fortress Knight work well.
  • Excels in Wyvern Lord class for evasion and tanking damage.
  • “Budding Talent” Seal Speed and Seal Defense enhance support play.
  • Gauntlet build sacrifices some Avoid for less vulnerability to bows and Swordbreaker.

These powers are connected through a Monastery known as the Garreg Mach Monastery. As a result, the Monastery has a church and officer’s school that trains students from each nation. One of the major characters in Fire Emblem Three Houses is Ferdinand von Aegir, of the Adrestian Empire.

The player assumes the role of Byleth, an ex-mercenary that takes the job of a professor in the Monastery. Therefore, the player is tasked with training students and leading them through a series of battles. 

Ferdinand also has a minor role in the hack-and-slash spinoff title Fire Emblem: Three Hopes.


fire emblem three houses ferdinand adrestrian empire
Crest of the Adrestrian Empire

Despite his disagreements with his father, Ludwig, Ferdinand respects the effort and dedication his father has shown. He disagrees with the decision to strip his father of his titles. Ferdinand also demonstrates empathy towards the less fortunate and believes that the nobility and commoners should better understand each other’s perspectives. He mourns his father’s death and reflects on his father’s choices, even though they had differences.

fire emblem three houses ferdinand ludwig
Ludwig von Aegir

Ferdinand von Aegir in Fire Emblem Three Houses exhibits self-reflection and self-awareness, readily acknowledging his flaws when pointed out by others. His interactions with Dorothea, who initially distrusts the nobility, showcase his efforts to understand her perspective and improve their relationship.

As a future Prime Minister and a noble, Ferdinand is dutiful, intelligent, and open in expressing his opinions to Edelgard, often challenging her to become her best self. This attitude leads to clashes with Hubert, who staunchly supports Edelgard’s decisions despite the sacrifices involved. Despite their conflicts, Ferdinand and Hubert still hold mutual respect for each other.

Ferdinand’s noble background can make him come across as vain and self-centered. He may also appear somewhat aloof, occasionally missing subtleties in conversations, like Linhardt’s taunts. His struggle to empathize with nobles who disown their nobility can lead to awkward situations, but he remains willing to learn and resolve conflicts, even apologizing when necessary.

Ferdinand avoids using contractions in his speech, possibly due to his nobility-inspired speech patterns. He enjoys animals, spending time with children, heights, embracing his noble status, seeking justice, drinking tea, and horseback riding. He dislikes laziness and nobles who do not act nobly.

Academy Phase Arc

Ferdinand von Aegir, a member of the Black Eagles, attends the Garreg Mach Monastery Officers Academy in 1180, a central location in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

The monastery, situated between mountains in Fodlan, comprises the Church of Seiros and the Officers Academy, serving as a neutral and sovereign ground due to its religious and academic significance. It’s also the base for an elite guild of Knights.

After graduating from the academy, Ferdinand becomes a general in the Imperial Army, while his father loses his dukedom and title, which are forfeited to the Empire.

If the player doesn’t teach the Black Eagles and recruits Ferdinand to the Golden Deer or Blue Lions, he becomes a nomad for years before returning to either the Kingdom or Alliance armies at Garreg Mach Monastery in the Imperial Year 1185.

Crimson Flower Arc

In the Black Eagles route, Ferdinand remains loyal to Edelgard, believing he alone possesses the strength and intellect to guide her. After Edelgard’s coronation, she removes Ferdinand’s father, Ludwig, from his position and places him under house arrest. Following these events, Ferdinand assumes the titles of Duke Aegir and Prime Minister as per tradition.

Despite these significant honors, Ferdinand experiences considerable stress. He acknowledges his father’s contributions to the Empire and begins to question his trust in Edelgard, despite their shared goals.

Azure Moon/Verdant Wind Arc

In the Golden Deer or Blue Lions route, if Ferdinand is not recruited and participates in the battle at the Great Bridge of Myrddin:

  • When facing the player, he reveals his jealousy over Edelgard’s infatuation with Byleth and his intention to impress her through combat.
  • Dorothea questions his loyalty, but Ferdinand urges that there’s no time for arguments and hopes she’ll understand.
  • Constance expresses sorrow over their friendship ending this way, but Ferdinand and Ladislava still fight, resulting in their deaths.

The story’s outcome depends on who dies first:

  • If Ferdinand dies first, he instructs Ladislava to fall back and inform Edelgard while defending the bridge to the end.
  • If Ladislava dies first, Ferdinand takes her place and continues defending the bridge for his country until his own death.

If the player recruits Ferdinand, he assists in dismantling the Empire due to Edelgard’s actions against House Aegir, driven by the desire to reclaim what was taken from his family.

Silver Snow Arc

Once Edelgard’s true identity as the Flame Emperor is revealed, Fire Emblem Three Houses Ferdinand establishes that she must be killed for the greater good of the Fodlan continent. He joins the Resistance Army.

Paralogue Arc

If Byleth has recruited Ferdinand and Lysithea before the Crimson Flower route, a combined Paralogue becomes playable. After the Great Bridge of Myrddin is taken over by either the Alliance, the Kingdom, or the Church of Seiros, a Knight of Seiros informs Ferdinand about his father’s whereabouts and fate.

Hrym, controlled by Lord Arundel through Ludwig after Edelgard’s ascension to the throne, is the target of their recon mission. Unfortunately, during their investigation, Ferdinand receives the tragic news that his father was killed by rioters in Hrym.

Ferdinand Recruitment

Ferdinand is recruited automatically assuming Byleth chooses the Black Eagles house in chapter 1. If the player chooses to teach any of the other houses, Ferdinand can still join their class if Byleth’s Dexterity and Heavy Armor proficiency is high enough.

Ferdinand Gift List

  • Whetstone: Favorite – Used for sharpening blades. Appreciated by weapon maintenance enthusiasts.
  • Owl Feather: Favorite – From messenger owls, versatile. Appreciated by everyone.
  • Riding Boots: Favorite – For equestrian skills. Appreciated by horseback riding enthusiasts.
  • Blue Cheese: Dislike – Pungent cheese. Appreciated by food and drink lovers.
  • Coffee Beans: Dislike – Bitter beverage. Appreciated by those who enjoy bitter flavors.

Share a Meal List

  • Grilled Herring: Favorite – Grilled herring with turnips.
  • Saghert and Cream: Favorite – Baked confection with Noa fruit cream and currant reduction.
  • Vegetable Pasta Salad: Favorite – Pasta with fresh vegetables.
  • Onion Gratin Soup: Favorite – Onions, white trout, and baked cheese.
  • Sweet Bun Trio: Favorite – Traditional pastries from Faerghus.
  • Fruit and Herring Tart: Favorite – Baked tart with herring and Noa fruit.
  • Fisherman’s Bounty: Favorite – Hearty stew of freshly-caught fish.
  • Pheasant Roast with Berry Sauce: Favorite – Roasted Fódlan pheasant with berry sauce.
  • Fish Sandwich: Favorite – Airmid pike with cabbage on bread.
  • Daphnel Stew: Favorite – Minced poultry and onions boiled with salt.
  • Sautéed Pheasant and Eggs: Favorite – Slices of bird meat and shredded cabbage with scrambled eggs.
  • Vegetable Stir-Fry: Favorite – Stir-fried dried tomatoes, cabbage, chickpeas, and vegetables.
  • Bourgeois Pike: Favorite – Gourmet fish dish with Airmid pike and expensive spices.
  • Garreg Mach Meat Pie: Dislike – Pie with tomatoes, cheese, and meat.
  • Cheesy Verona Stew: Dislike – Rich dish with verona and Teutates loach in melted cheese.
  • Pickled Seafood and Vegetables: Dislike – Dagdan dish of raw fish and turnips pickled in vinegar.
  • Gautier Cheese Gratin: Dislike – Gratine bird meat with Gautier cheese.
  • Cabbage and Herring Stew: Dislike – Stewed cabbage and Albinean herring with a bitter kick.

Lost Items List

  • Maintenance Oil: Belongs to a weapon collector.
  • Agricultural Survey: Belongs to a young noble with territory.
  • Bag of Tea Leaves: Belongs to a tea enthusiast.
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