Fire Emblem Three Houses Romance Options: Male & Female

This Fire Emblem Three Houses Romance Options guide will take you through the different avenues this game has in store for you. It will allow you to how to interact with different characters to form a good relationship.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Romance Options

Fire Emblem Three Houses is a significant part of the Fire Emblem Franchise. The game has built up quite a fanbase that has been hooked on this game’s dazzling mechanics. The game offers various avenues for you to dive into and gives you control over your character’s decisions. One of these avenues is the Fire Emblem Three Houses Romance Options, which we will be exploring today.

Fire Emblem Three Houses is a tactical Role-play that allows you to immerse yourself in action and beautiful world-building. The game will enable you to interact with many players throughout the game and build up friendships with. It even allows you to take the next step with all the romance options available.

Now, the game has romance options for both male and female byleth, and it is entirely up to you to choose which one to play as. This Fire Emblem Three Houses Romance Options guide will let you know everything you need to know about your interactions with the characters and how to progress. So, before diving in, let’s update you on the character you will be playing.

Key Takeaways

  • Fire Emblem Three Houses has romance options for both male and female characters.
  • Byleth is the main character and can be played as male or female. They are a mercenary and possess the Crest of Flames and the Sword of the Creator.
  • To build a romantic relationship with a character, players must increase their support level to S.
  • Female Byleth’s romance options are Ferdinand, Linhardt, Jeritza, Lorenz, Cyril, Hanneman, Hubert, Sothis, Raphael, Caspar, Dorothea, Sylvain, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, Balthus, Mercedes, Ashe, Dedue, Yuri, Seteth, Felix, Ignatz, Rhea, Catherine, Constance, Hilda, Lysithea, Annette, Ingrid, Gilbert, Manuela, Flayn, Marianne, Lindhardt, Leonie, Alois, Hapi, Bernadetta, Petra, and Shamir.
  • Each character has their own unique personality, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Some characters may have tragic backstories or secrets that are revealed in their S-level support conversations.
  • Byleth’s relationship with some characters can have an impact on the game’s story or the character’s development.
  • Male Byleth’s romance options are limited, with only Edelgard having an S-level support.
  • Sothis is always with Byleth and has a possessive personality, but their relationship seems more platonic.
  • Spending time with certain characters can help develop their abilities or heal them from past traumas.
  • Some characters, such as Jeritza and Rhea, may have questionable or nefarious intentions.

Here is a summary table for all the characters in Fire Emblem Three Houses. The table indicates the attributes for Personality and Past Relationships for each character:

No.NameGender Personality/CharacterPast Relationship
8SothisFemalePossessiveClose Friends
11DorotheaFemaleEmpathetic/SweetClose Friends
13EdelgardFemaleLikable/Strong ResolvesNone
15ClaudeMaleStrong-willed/ HardworkingFriends
25CatherineFemaleStrong-Willed/ UnromanticEnemies
31ManuelaFemaleAttractive/Diffident None
35AloisMaleStrong-Willed/KindClose Friends


Fire Emblem Three Houses Byleth
Fire Emblem Three Houses Byleth

Byleth is the main character you choose at the start. Depending on you, you can choose to play byleth as either male or female. Byleth is the main protagonist of the story that you dive into.

Furthermore, Byleth’s full name is Byleth Eisner, and they currently act as a mercenary. They possess the Crest of Lames and use one of the most potent weapons in the game, the Sword of the Creator. The storyline progress with Byleth initially joining the army and moving on to become the leader of classes there.

Byleth is the offspring of Jeralt Eisner and follows in their footsteps as a mercenary. As a mercenary, Byleth explores all around the Fire Emblem world, which allows her to meet numerous people. So let’s see how you can interact with them much. But to do that, you need to understand how romance options work in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Romance Options Mechanics

Starting, as mentioned, you will meet countless people as you progress through the storyline. Your initial step would be to find your favorite character. Next up would be to increase your support status with them. Naturally, you would want it to get S. For that, you will need to interact and converse with them frequently.

Moreover, the game lets you know about your S-support characters, so don’t worry if you think you haven’t done it. It even shows you the characters available with which you can develop your relationships. The most prominent characters in the game are the leaders of the leading three houses. Suppose you want to build your connection to S with them. You will need to choose their house when you start the game. Without that, you will be left with having A-level support at best.

The easiest way to increase your support level with be to hang out with them regularly. This includes conversing with them, having meals with them, and participating in choir. These will get you one step closer to the future you see with both of you. Supports are the best way to know each other, which will let you know their backstory, intentions, and personality. This is why for things to progress with them, you will need S-level support.

Now there are different romance options for Byleth, depending on gender so let’s go through them one by one.

Female Fire Emblem Three Houses Romance Options

Firstly let’s start off with Byleth as a female. As you continue your journey, you will realize that some people naturally show affection to you while some are jealous. These characters would also behave differently from your male counterpart, so keep this in mind while conversing with them. This list will include players with which you can reach S-support Level as female Byleth.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Ferdinand
Fire Emblem Three Houses Ferdinand

Ferdinand starts as a very rude guy who even says hurtful things to your character. However, he opens up if you stick around long enough to break past his shell. He outrightly acknowledges his mistakes and strives to overcome them. He improves his character and lends you his aid, making himself grow on you. You can check out our Fire Emblem Three Houses Ferdinand guide for more information about his character.


Linhardt is one of the most humorous characters in Fire Emblem Three Houses. He becomes good friends with Byleth and allows her to vent from time to time. Even though he might come off as lazy, he pulls his weight where needed. He provides an ear to byleth as they gossip about the war days and slowly progress their relationship. The chemistry between him and Byleth is phenomenal, making him an excellent pick.


Jeritza was added later on in the game as a part of the free updates. His appearance might fool you as a light-hearted person; however, that is far from the truth. Even though his conversations are genuinely sweet. He possesses a very twisted mentality. He always talks about violence, is maniacally obsessed with war, and views byleth as someone he might have to slay one day on the battlefield. This portrays him as an unstable partner to go for.


Lorenz is that one flirty guy everywhere. His character is full of flaws and his demeanor even more. You can find him hitting on noblewomen and even acting in the creepiest ways possible. If you feel like you can help him become a better image of himself, then go for it. But keep in mind that his reputation shows otherwise. If you go for him, then I sincerely wish you luck.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Cyril
Fire Emblem Three Houses Cyril

Cyrill is a hardworking character who aims at self-improvement. His demeanor is likable; however, there is an age difference between him and byleth. His appearance can fool you into taking him as a kid, but he is 20 years old. Even then, it can pose an age barrier. Moreover, he showcases his feelings for Rhea at the start of the game, which could make him seem like taken. If you wish to take your support with S with him, just remember it might not be a good choice.


Hanneman works as a professor in Three Houses. You can gather it from his job title, but he can be a little old for Byleth. Furthermore, his reputation exhibits his obsession with a crest, making him come off as a creep. However, don’t let that fool you, as he possesses a wholesome personality. But, in the case of byleth, that’s a bit misleading. He only sees Byleth as research material which sounds very wrong and not what you look for in a partner.


Hubert’s character is shrouded in mystery and keeps the player begging for more insight into his character. He might look like someone not that lively, but conversations with him reveal his humorous nature. However, he falls a bit short compared to the other characters, especially the house leaders.


Sothis can be seen hanging out with Byleth since the start of the game. These two are basically inseparable and spend a lot of time. Sothis has a very possessive personality which kind of makes her unappealing. Moreover, in my experience, their relationship seems more platonic and feels better than expanding on it.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Raphael

Raphael has a muscular build that can scare off anyone who has an interest in him. But under that aggressive appearance, he is charming and down to earth. His backstory tells us about his family’s death, for which he is still in sorrow. Nevertheless, he always responds with jolly comments and makes you feel good about yourself. Overall, he makes a good match for Byleth.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Caspar

Caspar’s glow-up after the time skip has left players sad about not having a good support level with him. He seems like a good-hearted fellow and remains a calm expression. His conversations reveal information about his guilt and how he still hung up on those. Except for his appearance and quirky remarks, he doesn’t feel unordinary, making him more choice specific.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Dorothea
Fire Emblem Three Houses Dorothea

Dorothea is one of the most empathetic people in Three Houses. She feels for the innocent people being caught up in the chaos of war and wishes to avoid that. This makes her persona very similar to Byleth and makes her a straightforward choice for Byleth. Moreover, she flirts with Byleth as well, letting her feelings well known. Her sweet and kind nature can quickly melt your heart and make you choose her as your S-level support.


Sylvian’s character is a bit of a shot in the dark. Since the start, he can be seen as adamant about joining your clan and can seem a bit pushy. Moreover, we learn about his intentions as someone jealous of Byleth’s crest. The two of them don’t really interact much except from one mission. During that time, he matures with his intentions that, change from acquiring the crest to finding a partner for himself.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Edelgard
Fire Emblem Three Houses Edelgard

Edelgard’s character is among the most likable characters in the game. He showcases her strong resolves and cuteness throughout the game and can push you to choose her. However, getting S-level support with her is no easy task. She wants you to be better, making for a very high ceiling to climb and peaks to conquer. But if you manage to do that, she and Byleth make an excellent pair that brims with self-confidence.


Dimitri has a lot of baggage that can be a lot for many players to deal with. Interactions with him reveal information about his corrupt habits and the issues he faces. The one positive thing about him is that he aspires to be better. So, if you feel that you have what it takes to be with him and help him become better, go ahead.


Fire Emblem Three House Claude
Fire Emblem Three Houses Claude

Claude is someone we see Byleth be interested in due to his strength. He exhibits his power to decimate his opponents, which makes Byleth show her interest in him. Moreover, his nature helps as well. He is a hardworking person that aims to keep improving and prosper. He has good chemistry with Byleth and can be a good choice for the Fire Emblem Three Houses Romance Options. If you wish to learn more about Claude, you can check out our Fire Emblem Three Houses Claude guide.


Balthus hails from the Ashen Wolves which we meet in the Cindered Shadows DLC. Unlike the whole stern vibe from the Ashen Wolves, Balthus acts very shy in front of Byleth. His nature is also very kind and gentle. Furthermore, he even presents excellent strategies in a war that gain the approval of Byleth. But bear in mind that he is not flawless. He showcases his habits of drinking and gambling, which can make you look at him negatively.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Mercedes
Fire Emblem Three Houses Mercedes

Mercedes has a very wholesome personality, as you can find her helping students. She offers them refreshments and candy to help them stay on track. Her conversation tells us about her goals of getting married and helping others. She seems very much like a mother who feels for everyone and wants to help them wherever possible. Moreover, she relies on Byleth for help, allowing them to interact more and open avenues for more possibilities.


Ashe is a hardworking candidate aiming to cement his title as a knight. He is someone who can handle responsibilities and push despair as we see him helping his parents and providing for his siblings. He wants people to become better as they can and feels regret for those who indulge in nefarious acts. Even though he might seem like a lot of emotional baggage, interaction with him always reveals his gentle side.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Dedue
Fire Emblem Three Houses Dedue

Dedue is the sweetest guy you can ask for in Three Houses. Despite being judged as a complex and rigid person, his conversations show his humble side. The scars on his face are merely for show and are the opposite of what his personality is like. Moreover, he is the only character that retires after he and Byleth get together. His only flaw would be that he is content with what he has and isn’t ambitious.


Even though Yuri was presented from the start, it wasn’t possible to have S-level support with him. Yuri is part of the Ashen Wolves, the group which has been seen to be very cold and distant. Such is the case with Yuri. Yuri doesn’t trust people easily or interact with them much due to his tragic past, which was the case in his interactions with Byleth. This can make people move on from him.

Furthermore, the conversations seem really ambiguous about his feeling toward Byleth. However, he is a genuinely good guy who wants to help people and see them grow.


Seteth is someone we don’t see much off. Earlier in the story, he harbors suspicion toward Byleth and views her with an observing eye. After players manage to win over his trust, he looks upon byleth in a new light. He starts to believe the truth byleth tells him been though he was manipulated by Rhea’s words before. This is why some people choose him for their Fire Emblem Three Houses Romance Options.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Felix

Felix’s relationship transforms quickly through Three Houses. He also comes from a tragic past with his dear brother’s passing. He misses him, and his heart aches for affection, but nonetheless, he keeps on striving forward. His relationship with Byleth boosts his confidence, allowing him to push past the barrier and become a better image of himself.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Ignatz
Fire Emblem Three Houses Ignatz

Ignatz’s character is among the most supporting characters in the game. He helps his students master skills and showcase his support for Byleth. His character design is also kind of cute. However, one thing that is lacking in this relationship is romance. Getting S-level support with Ignatz doesn’t really do much for you but rather only helps him. It gives him the motivation and confidence to walk the path of a painter.


Fire Emblem Three Hopes Rhea

Rhea’s character design is stunning, and her whole persona is also dazzling. However, that is all there is to her positive her. She harbors nefarious intentions toward Byleth and has manipulated her since her birth to benefit her. Although she is quite a handful, people who love her character end up going for her, and it works out, but it can be hard to see her in a positive light sometimes.

Male Fire Emblem Three Houses Romance Options

The following list will showcase all the possible characters with whom you can get S-level support. Keep in mind that you can’t have S-level support with all characters, and some might even view you negatively. However, there are still plenty of options for you to choose from, and we will discuss them in detail.


Catherine is part of the Knight of Seiros and showcases excellent fighting prowess. She can be a tremendous character in your team but not in your life. Romance with her is almost non-existent, and she even has sworne her life to Rhea. This makes her an unsuitable match for those looking for a serious partner who wishes to be with them.


Hailing from the Ashen Wolves, Constance is someone who relies on Byleth for help. Like Catherine, she also possesses immense fighting prowess with other Crest of Noa. The crest’s power grants her the ability to flower bloom, which could add a lot to your arsenal and make her a good candidate to have as your S-level support.


Fire Emblem Three Hopes Rhea

Rhea, as mentioned earlier, has one of the most mesmerizing character designs. However, she has been shown to have manipulated Byleth in the past and can be very possessive. However, her persona later depends on how you wish to interact and act towards her. If acted rightly, it can force out the caring side of Rhea, which is exceptionally lovely.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Hilda
Fire Emblem Three Houses Hilda

Hilda has shown to have a procrastination habit; however, she does her best when it is a vital task. Being a member of Golden Deer, she possesses very potent abilities that can help you out a lot. Moreover, once you have Level S support with her, her attitude seems more charming.


Yuri can act cold towards you, however, do not hold it against him. That stems from his tragic past, and once given a chance, and you can have a deep bond with him.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Lysinthea
Fire Emblem Three Houses Lysinthea

Lysinthea’s interaction with you reveals about her agonizing past. The torture and experiments on her body have left her with a short life burning like wood and an unhealable heart. Spending more time with her makes you feel for her as you develop a bond. If you manage to get S-level support with her, you can tend to her problems and heal her life span by removing the crest embedded in her body. This relationship means a lot as it allows you to find a partner and help someone live a longer life.


Annette is a very hardworking character in Three Houses. Her bubbly personality, along with her adorable features, makes you want to get to know her better. Her conversations with Byleth are always cute and show how much she cares for him. On the other hand, Byleth helps her gain self-confidence and gives her the affection she has been looking for. This has made her the player’s favorite option for Fire Emblem Three Houses Romance Options.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Mercedes
Fire Emblem Three Houses Mercedes

Mercedes has been seen helping students and generally wishing the best for people. Her persona is like that of a mother due to her caring nature. Unlike other characters, she feels for Byleth from the start and checks up on him regularly. This allows both of them to bond profoundly and quickly.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Ignatz
Fire Emblem Three Houses Ignatz

Ingrid is following the treacherous path of becoming an excellent knight. Her father has shackled her into an arranged marriage, making her life dreadful and taking away her freedom. However, Byleth’s romance with her allows her to make cherishable memories.


Gilbert is part of the Knights of Seiros. Gilbert is a pillar for Byleth on which he can lean in times of need. He manages a crucial role in the church and gains the trust of Byleth through his efforts. Even though you can get S-level support with him, you can’t get any romance from him. Considering his age, it would seem weird and out of place even if romance was available. However, having S-level support with him gives you an archbishop role in the church, so if you don’t want the romance, this is a good choice.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Manuela
Fire Emblem Three Houses Manuela

Manuela has the most attractive character design in Three Houses. Moreover, she also has a very adorable personality, making you fall for her. Despite being pretty, she has been overlooked all her life. She lacks self-confidence and even hesitates when Byleth proposes to her. However, her character is impossible to hate and is an excellent choice to go for.


Jeritza showcases a calm demeanor outside, and his conversations are bubby. However, he is obsessed with violence and bloodshed, which can be a red flag. His personality dreads on borderline insane and can make it hard for players to root for him as their S-level support.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Flayn
Fire Emblem Three Houses Flayn

Flayn is also a part of the Church of Seiros. She has a very down-to-earth personality and makes a perfect match if you want something wholesome. There is much to explore if you go the romantic route with her. Moreover, your proposal, which leaves her charmed, enables her to awaken the goddess residing in her. Her overall character and conversations are enough to make you fall for her.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Edelgard
Fire Emblem Three Houses Edelgard

Edelgard is the only house leader that you can have S-level support with as Male Byleth. She makes you go through heaps of hardship, but it also reaps the rewards. Her romance route is very giving and allows both of you to make changes in the empire for the better. She is a good choice for a potent and caring partner.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Marianne
Fire Emblem Three Houses Marianne

Marianna is a part of the Golden Deer and forms a good relationship with Byleth. Her character model is also quite dazzling. However, she possesses immense power, which has left her in constant fear of losing control and hurting innocent people. This makes Byleth feel for her and enables their bond to deepen and take on new heights. She even gives Byleth a ring.


Lindhardt’s conversations with male Byleth are similar to ones with female Byleth, along with his perception of them. He talks about the war’s horrific events and their atrocious effects. He has a very caring personality and can be a potentially great match.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Leonie

Leonie is an apprentice of Byleth’s father and follows his swordsmanship. Her relationship with Byleth is that of a rivalry, and they keep comparing themselves. Her character is one of the most fun characters to have S-level support on as it is gratifying and makes you focus harder to get better.


Sothis relationship with Byleth is pretty lovely. Despite her continuous complaining, she cares deeply for Byleths. Moreover, if you manage to make it S-level support with her, she possesses a remarkable ability. She can merge her soul with Byleth, which makes them literally ‘one.’ Her romance route is also immensely rewarding, and with how deep their bond goes, her character seems like an excellent choice.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Alois
Fire Emblem Three Houses Alois

Alois is a knight of the Seiros. He harbors a platonic relationship with Byleth -be it male or female- and acts as an older brother to them. The romance options for him cannot really be called romance as nothing happens between the two. Their affection for each other grows in a purely platonic way. Upon Byleth return to the village, he convinces Byleth to look for someone to marry and get settled.


Hapi is part of the Ashen Wolves and has magical prowess. Her backstory is quite tragic as her past is filled with adversities. Despite all that, she seems like a great person to talk to, as their conversation are never dull.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Dorothea
Fire Emblem Three Houses Dorothea

Dorothea acts as one of the most supporting characters in the game. You can always talk to her, and if you have feelings for her, they are reciprocated. She acts flirtatious at times which showcases her feelings for you. Her romance route is also very wholesome and lovely. This also makes her a fan favorite as a romance option.


Bernadetta’s character is quite cute. She sometimes acts nervous and shy and can even become annoying, but bear with it. You won’t regret it. As you converse with her, she tells you about her dreadful past. She was a victim of child abuse at her father’s hand, and Byleth is the only one she reveals this to. This makes your heart feel for her and go to S-level support with her.


Fire Emblem Three House Petra
Fire Emblem Three House Petra

Petra’s character design is by far the coolest. Her hair color, along with her features, makes her stand out a lot. Her personality is also very likable. She works hard and wishes to become strong enough that she can make her homeland stand equal to the empire.


Fire Emblem Three House Shamir
Fire Emblem Three House Shamir

Lastly, we have Shamir, a member of the Knight Seiros. She has made up quite a name as a mercenary and acts pretty brutal without emotions swaying her. She is forthright in her conversation, which can seem blunt but also genuine. The two characters meet on the battlefield, and it’s almost like a spark that makes them fall in love at first sight.

With that, we wrap up this Fire Emblem Three Houses Romance Options guide. Even though these are all the options, it is entirely up to you who you want to choose. No matter, who you decide, if you like them, it will be worth it. The character will act differently depending on Byleth’s gender so keep this list in mind because both of their S-level support lists are different.

Let us know down below which character did you end up choosing.

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