Fire Emblem Three Houses Romance Options: Male & Female

This Fire Emblem Three Houses Romance Options guide will take you through the different avenues this game has in store for you. It will allow you to how to interact with different characters to form a good relationship.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Romance Options

Fire Emblem Three Houses has romance options for both male and female byleth, and it is entirely up to you to choose which one to play as. 

Key Takeaways

  • Fire Emblem Three Houses offers romance options for both male and female characters.
  • Byleth, the main character, can be played as male or female, is a mercenary and possesses the Crest of Flames and the Sword of the Creator.
  • Players need to increase their support level to S to build a romantic relationship with a character.
  • Female Byleth’s romance options include various characters, each with unique personalities and traits.
  • Characters may have tragic backstories or secrets revealed in their S-level support conversations.
  • Byleth’s relationships with certain characters can impact the game’s story and character development.
  • Male Byleth’s romance options are limited, with only Edelgard having an S-level support.
  • Sothis, always with Byleth, has a possessive personality, but their relationship seems more platonic.
  • Spending time with characters can develop their abilities or heal past traumas.
  • Some characters, like Jeritza and Rhea, may have questionable intentions.

Here is a summary table for all Fire Emblem Three Houses characters. The table indicates the attributes for Personality and Past Relationships for each character:

No.NameGender Personality/CharacterPast Relationship
8SothisFemalePossessiveClose Friends
11DorotheaFemaleEmpathetic/SweetClose Friends
13EdelgardFemaleLikable/Strong ResolvesNone
15ClaudeMaleStrong-willed/ HardworkingFriends
25CatherineFemaleStrong-Willed/ UnromanticEnemies
31ManuelaFemaleAttractive/Diffident None
35AloisMaleStrong-Willed/KindClose Friends


Fire Emblem Three Houses Byleth
Fire Emblem Three Houses Byleth

Byleth, the main character, can be played as male or female and possesses the Crest of Lames, wielding the Sword of the Creator, a potent weapon. Initially a mercenary and the offspring of Jeralt Eisner, Byleth joins the army and leads a class. Interacting with other characters in the game involves understanding romance options in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Romance Options Mechanics

In Fire Emblem Three Houses, you’ll meet various characters as you progress through the storyline. Your goal is to build S-support relationships with your favorite characters. To achieve this, interact and converse with them frequently.

Fire Emblem Three Houses provides information on available S-support characters; the most prominent are the three houses’ leaders. Choose their house at the beginning of the game to build an S-support connection with them. Otherwise, you’ll have A-level support at best.

To increase your support level, spend time with the characters by conversing, sharing meals, and participating in choir. These interactions help you get to know them, their backstory, intentions, and personality, which is essential for reaching S-level support.

Now, let’s explore the different romance options for Byleth based on gender.

Female Fire Emblem Three Houses Romance Options

Starting with female Byleth, you’ll notice varying affection and behavior from characters. Here’s a list of characters for S-support.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Ferdinand
Fire Emblem Three Houses Ferdinand

Ferdinand starts as a very rude guy who even says hurtful things to your character. However, if you stick around long enough to break past his shell, he opens up. He outrightly acknowledges his mistakes and strives to overcome them. He improves his character and lends you his aid, making himself grow on you.


Linhardt, a humorous character in Fire Emblem Three Houses, forms a strong friendship with Byleth and is a good listener. Despite his lazy appearance, he contributes when necessary and shares enjoyable conversations about war and personal growth, enhancing the chemistry between him and Byleth. A great choice for players.


Jeritza, added later as a free update, may appear light-hearted but harbors a twisted, violent mentality. His obsession with war and thoughts of battling Byleth make him an unstable partner.


Lorenz is consistently flirtatious and often behaves inappropriately. If you choose to support him, it may be challenging due to his negative reputation. Good luck if you decide to pursue a relationship with him!


Fire Emblem Three Houses Cyril
Fire Emblem Three Houses Cyril

Cyrill is a likable, hardworking character, but there’s an age difference of 20 years between him and Byleth. He also expresses feelings for Rhea early in Fire Emblem Three Houses, so pursuing an S-support with him might not be the best choice.


Hanneman, a professor in Three Houses, might seem a bit old for Byleth. His obsession with crests might make him appear creepy. However, he has a wholesome personality. But with Byleth, he sees them only as research material, which is not what you want in a partner.


Hubert’s character is mysterious, leaving players intrigued. Despite his initially unenthusiastic appearance, conversations reveal his dry humor. However, he may not be as captivating as other characters, particularly the house leaders.


Sothis and Byleth are always together, but their relationship feels platonic, and Sothis can be possessive.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Raphael

Raphael has a strong, intimidating appearance but is charming and down to earth. He’s faced family tragedy but maintains a positive attitude. He’s a good match for Byleth.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Caspar

Players missed out on building a strong support level with Caspar after the time skip, regretting it. His good-hearted nature and calm demeanor stand out. His conversations reveal his guilt and lingering feelings. Aside from his appearance and quirky remarks, he doesn’t seem out of the ordinary, making him a more specific choice.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Dorothea
Fire Emblem Three Houses Dorothea

Dorothea is one of the most empathetic people in Three Houses. She feels for the innocent people being caught up in the chaos of war and wishes to avoid that. This makes her persona very similar to Byleth and makes her a straightforward choice for Byleth. Moreover, she flirts with Byleth as well, letting her feelings well-known. Her sweet and kind nature can quickly melt your heart and make you choose her as your S-level support.


Sylvian initially pushes to join your clan and expresses jealousy about Byleth’s crest. Their interactions are limited, but during a mission, his intentions shift from pursuing a crest to seeking a partner.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Edelgard
Fire Emblem Three Houses Edelgard

Edelgard’s character is one of the most likable in Fire Emblem Three Houses, showcasing her strong resolve and cuteness. However, reaching S-level support with her is challenging because she seeks the best. If you achieve it, she and Byleth make a confident pair.


Dimitri has a troubled past and faces challenges, but he aspires to improve. If you’re up for the task of helping him, go ahead.


Fire Emblem Three House Claude
Fire Emblem Three Houses Claude

Byleth is attracted to Claude because of his strength, determination, and good chemistry, making him a suitable choice for a romance option in Fire Emblem Three Houses.


Balthus, from the Ashen Wolves, introduced in the Cindered Shadows DLC, contrasts their stern demeanor. He appears shy around Byleth, displaying kindness and offering effective war strategies, although he has flaws like drinking and gambling.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Mercedes
Fire Emblem Three Houses Mercedes

Mercedes is kind and helpful, often offering refreshments to students. She aspires to get married and aid others, and she relies on Byleth for assistance.


Ashe is a diligent and compassionate knight candidate who values responsibility, helps his family, and promotes personal growth. His interactions reveal his kind and empathetic nature in Fire Emblem Three Houses.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Dedue
Fire Emblem Three Houses Dedue

Dedue in Three Houses is often perceived as complex and rigid. However, his conversations reveal his sweet and humble nature. His facial scars contrast with his personality. One unique trait is his retirement when he and Byleth become a couple, but he lacks ambition and is content with what he has.


Yuri initially lacked S-level support due to his distant nature and tragic past, making people hesitant to approach him. Despite ambiguous conversations about his feelings, he genuinely desires to help others and promote their growth.


Seteth has limited early appearances in the story. Initially suspicious of Byleth, he becomes more trusting as the story progresses. Players who appreciate character development may consider him for romance in Fire Emblem Three Houses.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Felix

Felix’s relationship evolves in Three Houses as he copes with his tragic past and brother’s death. Byleth’s influence boosts his confidence, helping him grow and improve.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Ignatz
Fire Emblem Three Houses Ignatz

Ignatz is a supportive character who helps students master skills, particularly Byleth. His character design is cute, but there’s a lack of romance in his S-level support. Achieving S-level support with Ignatz boosts his motivation and confidence in pursuing painting.


Fire Emblem Three Hopes Rhea

Rhea’s character design is stunning, and her whole persona is also dazzling. However, that is all there is to her positive her. She harbors nefarious intentions toward Byleth and has manipulated her since her birth to benefit her. Although she is quite a handful, people who love her character end up going for her, and it works out, but it can be hard to see her in a positive light sometimes.

Male Fire Emblem Three Houses Romance Options

This list shows characters available for S-level support. However, not all characters offer this level of support, and some may have a negative view of you. I’ll discuss the available options in detail.


Catherine is part of the Knight of Seiros and showcases excellent fighting prowess. She can be a tremendous character in your team but not in your life. Romance with her is almost non-existent, and she even has sworne her life to Rhea. This makes her an unsuitable match for those looking for a serious partner who wishes to be with them.


Hailing from the Ashen Wolves, Constance is someone who relies on Byleth for help. Like Catherine, she also possesses immense fighting prowess with other Crest of Noa. The crest’s power grants her the ability to flower bloom, which could add a lot to your arsenal and make her a good candidate to have as your S-level support.


Fire Emblem Three Hopes Rhea

Rhea, as mentioned earlier, has one of the most mesmerizing character designs. However, she has been shown to have manipulated Byleth in the past and can be very possessive. However, her persona later depends on how you wish to interact and act towards her. If acted rightly, it can force out the caring side of Rhea, which is exceptionally lovely.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Hilda
Fire Emblem Three Houses Hilda

Hilda has shown to have a procrastination habit; however, she does her best when it is a vital task. Being a member of Golden Deer, she possesses very potent abilities that can help you out a lot. Moreover, once you have Level S support with her, her attitude seems more charming.


Yuri can act cold towards you, however, do not hold it against him. That stems from his tragic past, and once given a chance, and you can have a deep bond with him.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Lysinthea
Fire Emblem Three Houses Lysinthea

Lysinthea’s past reveals her torment from experiments, shortening her lifespan. Building an S-level bond lets you help her by removing the embedded crest, extending her life and forming a meaningful partnership.


Annette is a hardworking character in Three Houses with a bubbly personality. Her conversations with Byleth are cute and show her caring nature. Byleth helps boost her self-confidence and provides the affection she seeks, making her a popular choice for romance in Fire Emblem Three Houses.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Mercedes
Fire Emblem Three Houses Mercedes

Mercedes has been seen helping students and generally wishing the best for people. Her persona is like that of a mother due to her caring nature. Unlike other characters, she feels for Byleth from the start and checks up on him regularly. This allows both of them to bond profoundly and quickly.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Ignatz
Fire Emblem Three Houses Ignatz

Ingrid is following the treacherous path of becoming an excellent knight. Her father has shackled her into an arranged marriage, making her life dreadful and taking away her freedom. However, Byleth’s romance with her allows her to make cherishable memories.


Gilbert is part of the Knights of Seiros. He is a pillar for Byleth on which he can lean in times of need. Furthermore, he manages a crucial role in the church and gains the trust of Byleth through his efforts. Even though you can get S-level support with him, you can’t get any romance from him. Considering his age, it would seem weird and out of place even if romance was available. However, having S-level support with him gives you an archbishop role in the church, so if you don’t want the romance, this is a good choice.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Manuela
Fire Emblem Three Houses Manuela

Manuela boasts an attractive character design in Three Houses and an endearing personality. Her self-esteem issues and hesitance add depth to her character and is an excellent choice for players.


Jeritza showcases a calm demeanor outside, and his conversations are bubby. However, he is obsessed with violence and bloodshed, which can be a red flag. His personality dreads on borderline insane and can make it hard for players to root for him as their S-level support.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Flayn
Fire Emblem Three Houses Flayn

Flayn is also a part of the Church of Seiros. She has a very down-to-earth personality and makes a perfect match if you want something wholesome. There is much to explore if you go the romantic route with her. Moreover, your proposal, which leaves her charmed, enables her to awaken the goddess residing in her. Her overall character and conversations are enough to make you fall for her.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Edelgard
Fire Emblem Three Houses Edelgard

Edelgard is the only house leader that you can have S-level support with as Male Byleth. She makes you go through heaps of hardship, but it also reaps the rewards. Her romance route is very giving and allows both of you to make changes in the empire for the better. She is a good choice for a potent and caring partner.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Marianne
Fire Emblem Three Houses Marianne

Marianna, a Golden Deer member, forms a strong bond with Byleth due to her dazzling character model. She possesses immense power but fears losing control and harming innocent people. This fear deepens her bond with Byleth, leading her to give Byleth a ring.


Lindhardt’s conversations with male Byleth are similar to ones with female Byleth, along with his perception of them. He talks about the war’s horrific events and their atrocious effects. He has a very caring personality and can be a potentially great match.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Leonie

Leonie is an apprentice of Byleth’s father and follows his swordsmanship. Her relationship with Byleth is that of a rivalry, and they keep comparing themselves. Her character is one of the most fun characters to have S-level support on as it is gratifying and makes you focus harder to get better.


Sothis relationship with Byleth is pretty lovely. Despite her continuous complaining, she cares deeply for Byleths. Moreover, if you manage to make it S-level support with her, she possesses a remarkable ability. She can merge her soul with Byleth, which makes them literally ‘one.’ Her romance route is also immensely rewarding, and with how deep their bond goes, her character seems like an excellent choice.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Alois
Fire Emblem Three Houses Alois

Alois is a knight of the Seiros. He harbors a platonic relationship with Byleth -be it male or female- and acts as an older brother to them. The romance options for him cannot really be called romance as nothing happens between the two. Their affection for each other grows in a purely platonic way. Upon Byleth return to the village, he convinces Byleth to look for someone to marry and get settled.


Hapi is part of the Ashen Wolves and has magical prowess. Her backstory is quite tragic as her past is filled with adversities. Despite all that, she seems like a great person to talk to, as their conversation are never dull.


Fire Emblem Three Houses Dorothea
Fire Emblem Three Houses Dorothea

Dorothea is a highly supportive character in Fire Emblem Three Houses. You can always engage with her, and she reciprocates your feelings if you’re interested. Her occasional flirtatious behavior demonstrates her affection, and her romance route is adored by fans.


Bernadetta’s character is endearing, though she may seem nervous or shy at times. Despite occasional annoyance, talking to her reveals her tragic past. She suffered child abuse from her father, and only confides in Byleth. This deepens your connection with her, leading to an S-level support.


Fire Emblem Three House Petra
Fire Emblem Three House Petra

Petra’s character design is by far the coolest. Her hair color, along with her features, makes her stand out a lot. Her personality is also very likable. She works hard and wishes to become strong enough that she can make her homeland stand equal to the empire.


Fire Emblem Three House Shamir
Fire Emblem Three House Shamir

Lastly, we introduce Shamir, a Knight Seiros member, renowned as a no-nonsense, emotionless mercenary. She engages in straightforward conversations, which may come across as blunt but genuine. Their love story sparks when they meet on the battlefield.

This concludes my Fire Emblem Three Houses Romance Options guide. Your choice is entirely yours. Regardless of your decision, if you like the character, it’s worthwhile to pursue them. Note that the character’s behavior varies based on Byleth’s gender, so consider this list as their S-level support lists differ.

Let me know down below which character did you end up choosing.

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