Five of the Coolest Fan-Made Fortnite Skins Concepts

Fortnite skins are a huge part of Epic‘s earnings from the wildly popular Battle Royale game. The game itself is completely free, but Epic is constantly churning out new skin designs for the in-game item shop.(You can use the creator code VERYALI to support us for free when you buy from Fortnite’s in-game item shop). In my opinion These skins don’t give the player an advantage other than intimidation factor (or at least most of them don’t). Why do these skins sell so well? Why are some skins so incredibly sought after? The answer is simple – because they look cool.

While some skins are received better than others, Epic‘s character design and quality are mostly on-point. The passionate community surrounding the game also likes to create their own Fortnite skins and items. Some of these concept skins, such as Tender Defender and the ever-popular Peely, have even made their way into the game. It’s amazing what passionate fans of a game can produce.

In this article, I’ll cover five of the coolest hypothetical Fortnite skins and items to come out of the community lately. Special thanks to members of the FortniteBR subreddit for their amazing art work!

Honey Team Leader by THIP123

This skin is a twist on the familiar Cuddle Team Leader model, except it’s based around honey. This skin concept features a redesigned bear costume, and has a perfectly matching honey wand harvesting tool. My favorite part of this concept pack is the weapon skin – having a weapon dripping in honey would be amazing. Epic could animate the honey and have it actually drip… great concept!

Jacket (from Hotline Miami) by AltaCalls

This skin is a proposed addition to the new Gaming Legends series, which currently only contains Master Chief, Kratos, and the Psycho from Borderlands. Jacket’s model works remarkably well for Fortnite, and this artwork shows that he could use his bat as a harvesting tool as well.

On a side note, it’s extremely exciting to imagine that Fortnite skins such as this could actually be on the table with the Gaming Legends series.

Bear Brigade Set by HegArts

This proposed concept expands on the Bear Brigade set, which currently only consists of the Polar Patroller skin and its accompanying back bling/harvesting tool. With this, You would get a grizzly bear and panda bear too! One likes honey while the other seems to be (hilariously) vegan. Also, I like that the harvesting tool has edit styles rather than being 3 separate purchases.

Moon Champion by Log_draws

This one is my favorite out of the bunch. I’m somewhat biased towards space-based skins. This is an entirely new character design drawn up by user Log_draws, and what an awesome one it is. The creator describes him as a flashy yet mysterious bounty hunter. And anyone that has a face made of “space mist” is certainly mysterious in my book.

Securitea Set by cubedcorn

This concept is the most perfect Summer-based skin I have seen. The original idea came from user “justayellowbrick.” Agent T is a glass man filled with tea… what’s not to like? My favorite part of this set has to be the harvesting tools. I have to say if the two-handed straw ever made it into the game, I would use it all the time. There’s something strangely nostalgic about it!

My Final Verdict

I personally like the two skins most out of all these skins however you can have your own perspective about it , the Honey team leader as it now has a unique cool weapon set that you can use in this game and The moon champion for very obvious reasons.

Another big thanks to the r/FortniteBR subreddit. Which of these skins would you like to see make it into the game? Tell us in the comments below! Please feel free to visit each of the original Reddit posts and show the artists some love.You can also use the creator code VERYALI to support us for free when you buy from Fortnite’s in-game item shop.

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