Five Pokémon Products You Need To Buy In 2024

If you’ve been plugged into the gaming matrix since the late nineties then you’ll at least know of the amazing pocket monster craze that is Pokémon. This series has an anime that has spanned across twenty years, a multitude of main games and spin-offs which invite you to catch ’em all’. Plus, a live service mobile game in the form of Pokémon Go that has literally had the world scouring their local area for fictional monsters. In short, Pokémon is one of the most popular and captivating IP’s the world has ever seen.

So as you would expect, the series has spawned a wealth of products, goodies and collectables which the gaming community has predictably snapped up in their droves. However, you may be wondering, what Pokémon gear should I spend my hard-earned cash on. Well, luckily for you, we have dug around online and found some of the best stuff available. So sit back and relax as we take you through the five Pokémon products you need to add to your collection in 2023.

#1 – Gengar Sleeping Bag

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Are you a fan of this creepy first-gen Pokémon? Are you a fan of the great outdoors? Well, we have just the thing for you. Here we have a Gengar themed sleeping bag that is perfect for those nights spent sleeping underneath the stars. The design has Gengar sticking out his tongue, performing ‘lick’, a signature ghost type move from the series. Although it’s not just a tongue, it’s a sleeping roll that will keep you warm and cosy, even on the coldest of nights.

Then in addition to this, Gengar himself acts as a comfy pillow for you to rest your head. Meaning that this Pokémon-themed sleeping bag is the all in one package that any avid camper dreams of. Just be careful though, Gengar have been known to eat your dreams.This weird but extremely cool product is from Premium Bandai and will be available to pre-order first in Japan but hopefully will also be available worldwide soon afterwards.

#2 – Pokémon Terrariums

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Next up, we have a trend that has taken over Etsy along with many other homemade craft outlets. In the last few years, terrariums have become all the rage, with a series of plant crazy creatives putting together biomes to house their favourite Pokémon, leading to some truly inspired creations that double as amazing ornaments for your home.

These biomes are usually housed in a see-through Poké Ball casing, with a series of elemental effects that represent the Pokémon in question decorating the interior of the ball. You would see luscious green foliage for Bulbasaur for example. Or alternatively, an artificial water effect for Squirtle. The possibilities are endless and no matter what Pokémon you choose, you’re sure to find something that looks great. 

#3 – Pokémon Dioramas

This one perhaps has the same energy as the listing above but these custom made dioramas are just too good to omit from this list. Just for those that are unaware, gaming dioramas are detailed cardboard-based cutouts that showcase some of the most iconic scenes within gaming. So with that in mind, it would be near impossible to leave Pokémon out of the conversation.

There is a handful of great Pokémon-themed dioramas available online but one stands out above the rest. That one, of course, being the iconic first-gen ‘choose your starter’ scene in Oak’s lab. It’s a great way to spruce up your gaming room, showcase your favourite gaming moments and above all, they look fantastic. 

#4 – Pokemon TCG Trainer’s Toolkit

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Our fourth entry is one that may seem like it came straight from the year 1999. However, in case you haven’t heard, Pokémon cards are back on trend and you’d do well to hop on the bandwagon fast. That’s right, thanks to the resurgence of the Pokémon series and trends on Youtube unpacking old cards from the early 2000s, we have seen a revival of the trading card game many of us grew up with. Surprisingly, you primarily have Logan Paul to thank for this one.

So whether is for nostalgia, to introduce your kids to the series or maybe to start making some Pokémon-related content yourself, you’ll need a place to start. The TCG Trainer’s Toolkit offers just that, with several booster packs, a starter deck, tonnes of energy cards and lots of other helpful additions perfect to set you on your path to Pokémon mastery. 

#5 – Snorlax Life Size Plush

Then lastly, we have a rather large item that will serve as a massive addition to your Pokémon plush collection. I’m sure most of us have a plush lying around of our favourite Pokémon from the series. However, very few of them are true to the size of the in-game beasts. So why not grab yourself a life-size Snorlax plush which takes up just as much space as he did when he blocked your path on route 12 all those years ago.

The design renders the sleeping lummox perfectly. Plus, it uses to softest materials possible to make sure that when you cuddle this guy, it feels great. This plush does take up the size of a standard double bed though, so you just might have to use it as your new bed to justify its presence in your room. A fair trade we reckon. 

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