Hogwarts Legacy: How To Get Fluxweed Stem

If you want to get all the information about fluxweed stems, how to get them, and uses of fluxweed stems then this guide is perfect for you.

Hogwarts Legacy Fluxweed Stem

To give you the impression that you are attending Hogwarts, the video game Hogwarts Legacy features a variety of plants, potions, and homework assignments from the faculty. Crafting potions requires several ingredients, including the fluxweed Stem in Hogwarts Legacy.

Key Takeaways

To get the fluxweed Stem 

  • Complete “Tomes and Tribulations” and get admission to Rooms of Requirement.
  • It would be best if you collected stems as a part of Professor Sharp’s homework.
  • Buy seeds at The Magic Neep shop from Timothy Teasdale.
  • Buy Fluxweed Stem at the price of 150 or 350 Galleons.
  • You will receive a Focus Potion and Felix Felicis as rewards for crafting potions.
  • Fluxweed seeds are grown in 15 mins and produce five stems.

Fluxweed Stem

You’ll come across Fluxweed as a requirement for completing the second assignment given by Professor Garlick. Long story short, the item shows its worth for brewing two of the most useful spells in Hogwarts; Focus Potion and Felix Felicis. As each potion requires one Fluxweed Stem, players find it difficult to get their hands on it.

However, there is no reason to call it early quits as there are a few methods to collect the Stem or its Seed in Hogwarts Legacy. On the other hand, its usefulness cannot be overlooked when it comes to brewing the Focus Potion. It allows your character to reduce the cooldown time for the spells in order to cast them much more quickly, allowing you to win fights easily. Although, the reduction doesn’t significantly make any difference, however, the minor change is still appreciable!

Continue on with the guide to find out more about Fluxweed Seeds and the Stem!

Methods To Get Fluxweed Stem

Alright, you know what Stem is, now you want to buy it. The effective means would be to head over to the local vendor down in Hogsmeade and buy it for 150 Galleons. I’ll explain the whole steps to buy Fluxweed Stem from the Magic Neep shop, guys!

The second method is to grow it in a large pot because the pots you find and use during the brewing sessions don’t allow enough space for the Fluxweed Seeds to grow. Alternatively, you should try using the Potting Table.

In order to grow the Stems you’ll need to buy the seeds. Again, you can purchase them for 350 Galleons at the Magic Neep. If you buy the Stem for 150 each, it would cost you 50 Galleons less when buying the seeds. However, buying the seeds for 350 Galleons and growing them in large pots gets you five Fluxweed Stems. Think of profits!

    How To Buy Fluxweed Stem

    The Stem alongside its seeds can be bought from an old vendor by the name of Timothy Teasdale down in Hogsmeade. You can open your map and select The Magic Neep, it’ll be on the left side across the bridge. Place the marker on the map for directions and head over to the shop.

    Once you’re there, interact with the vendor and browse through the selection of items he has. The Fluxweed Stem will cost you 150 Galleons, while the Seed, being expensive but profitable, will cost you 350 Galleons. Aside from that, if you think money is an issue, why not open up Disillusionment spells?

    Hogwarts Legac Fluxweed Stem
    The Magic Neep Credits: (Wow Quests)

    How To Grow Fluxweed Seeds

    Growing your own Fluxweed Stems in Hogwarts Legacy using the appropriate seeds and potting conditions is the most efficient and cost-effective way to obtain this item in the game. Gamers won’t be able to move forward unless they’ve finished the Room of Requirement side quest.

    You can’t begin your gardening adventure until you complete the “Tomes and Tribulations” quest and get admission to the Room of Requirement, where you’ll find a variety of small pots and potting tables.

    However, to cultivate fluxweed stems, the player will require a large potting table and a large pot. Both of these items are difficult to find in the Room of Requirement.

    In addition to the seeds, you will want a large pot herbology table and the Room of Requirement to be unlocked to complete this task. Tomes and Scrolls is the location to purchase the spellcraft for a price of one thousand Galleons. The growth of fluxweed takes 15 minutes and results in the production of five stems.

    Hogwarts Legacy Fluxweed Stems
    Room Of Requirement Credits: (Gamer Heroes)

    Fluxweed Stem Uses 

    There are two paths to use the stems of Fluxweed.

    • Brewing Potions 
    • Completing Assignments

    When brewing potions in Hogwarts Legacy, players will need various ingredients and components to ensure they are effective. A portion of these resources can be obtained from your enemies. Still, players must cultivate particular plants in certain circumstances to obtain their potion components to succeed.

    One of the most valuable components of these plants is the Fluxweed Stem, which can be included in a broad number of different types of potions.

    Fluxweed Stem
    Fluxweed Stem


    In conclusion, this is all the information you need to know about obtaining fluxweed stems by either growing seeds or buying them from the stores through various vendors and the benefits it provides to players.

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