Hogwarts Legacy: How To Get Fluxweed Stem?

The best ways to get Fluxweed Stem in Hogwarts Legacy are growing it from seeds and buying it from vendors.

Hogwarts Legacy Fluxweed Stem

Fluxweed is essential for completing Professor Garlick’s second assignment and brewing two valuable Hogwarts spells: the Focus Potion and Felix Felicis.  

As per my experience after spending hours in Hogwarts Legacy, acquiring Fluxweed stems can be a hassle, but you have methods to collect them in Hogwarts Legacy. The Focus Potion, brewed with Fluxweed, reduces spell cooldown times, making combat easier, even though the difference is minor.

Key Takeaways

  • Complete “Tomes and Tribulations” and get admission to Rooms of Requirement.
  • It would be best if you collected stems as a part of Professor Sharp’s homework.
  • Buy seeds at The Magic Neep shop from Timothy Teasdale.
  • Buy Fluxweed Stem at the price of 150 or 350 Galleons.
  • You will receive a Focus Potion and Felix Felicis as rewards for crafting potions.
  • Fluxweed seeds are grown in 15 mins and produce five stems.

Methods To Get Fluxweed Stem

To acquire the Fluxweed Stem, Here’s the path I would recommend:

  1. Head to the local vendor in Hogsmeade and purchase it for 150 Galleons.
  2. For an alternative, grow Fluxweed Seeds in a large pot or use the Potting Table, which provides more space.
  3. To grow Stems, buy seeds for 350 Galleons at the Magic Neep.
  4. Growing them in large pots yields five Fluxweed Stems, which is a more cost-effective option, according to me.

How To Buy Fluxweed Stem

You can purchase the Stem and seeds from Timothy Teasdale, an old vendor in Hogsmeade. Find The Magic Neep on your map, place a marker on the left side across the bridge for directions, and go to the shop.

At the store, interact with the vendor and explore the items. The Fluxweed Stem costs 150 Galleons, and the Seed, although pricey, is 350 Galleons. If you’re concerned about the cost, consider using Disillusionment spells.

Hogwarts Legac Fluxweed Stem
The Magic Neep Credits: (Wow Quests)

How To Grow Fluxweed Seeds

Growing Fluxweed Stems in Hogwarts Legacy efficiently requires specific seeds and potting conditions. Completing the “Tomes and Tribulations” quest unlocks the Room of Requirement, where you’ll find small pots and tables.

  1. To cultivate Fluxweed stems, you need a large potting table and pot, items not readily available in the Room of Requirement.
  2. You’ll also need the seeds, a large pot herbology table, and access to the Room of Requirement.
  3. Purchase the spellcraft at Tomes and Scrolls for one thousand Galleons.
  4. According to my experience of this game, Fluxweed takes 15 minutes to grow, yielding five stems.
Hogwarts Legacy Fluxweed Stems
Room Of Requirement Credits: (Gamer Heroes)

Fluxweed Stem Uses 

There are two paths to use the stems of Fluxweed.

  • Brewing Potions 
  • Completing Assignments

I suggest you brew effective potions in Hogwarts Legacy, players must gather ingredients and components, some of which come from defeating enemies. Specific plants need to be cultivated to obtain potion components, like the versatile Fluxweed Stem, used in numerous potion types.

Fluxweed Stem
Fluxweed Stem

My Experience With Fluxweed Quest

I’m personally in love with the side quests Hogwarts Legacy has to offer. The in-game world is so massive that if you don’t do these side quests you might end up missing out exploring new things. Also finding the Fluxweed gives you a sense of being a student at Hogwarts who has to complete his/her assignment and for that the student has to grind for it and explore new options. That’s about it for my guide on how you can acquire Fluxweed. Moreover, These articles will help you with detailed information on the Best Wand Cores, All Spells, and How To Make Money.

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