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In this article, we will tell you all there is to know about all the characters in Forspoken!

Forspoken characters featured
Frey in the game Poster

Forspoken might have only one protagonist but it has a lot of characters that play a vital role in the game. Let’s check them out!

Forspoken just came out a day ago and brought back all our dreams to a game. From magic gauntlets to chasing monsters, the game has it all. However, what’s noticeable is the female lead cast of the game. For the first time in a while, the protagonist and antagonist characters are all female. Read the article below to find out what role the female lead cast plays in the game!

Key Takeaways

  • The protagonist and antagonist characters are all female.
  • Homer is the name of Frey‘s pet cat.
  • Frey is the main protagonist of the game. She gets lost in a magical land called Athia.
  • The cuff on her hand is a secondary character in the game. He can speak and only Frey can hear him.
  • The cuff helps Frey navigate around Athia.
  • Johedy and Auden are the two human characters that Frey meets in Athia.
  • The Tantas are the corrupted female witches of Athia and the game’s major enemies/bosses.
  • Tanta Sila is the leader and the most powerful of the Tantas.
  • Tanta Prav is the Tanta of Justice as she serves as a judge in the realm of Athia.
  • Tanta Olas can absorb other people’s thoughts to get more knowledge as she is the Tanta of wisdom/knowledge.

Main Protagonist And Supporting Characters

Firstly, let’s talk about the characters that we get introduced to, right as the game starts. Namely, these characters are:

  • Frey
  • Homer
  • Cuff 


character: Frey
Protagonist of the game: Frey Holland

Frey is the game’s main protagonist and she lives in Hell’s Kitchen (New York City). Frey was left behind by her parents under a bridge when she was born. She gets in trouble a lot and has to face consequences for that. She can be seen in court and running away from street gangs at the start of the game

Our protagonist gets mysteriously transferred to Athia one night. Athia was once a beautiful and tranquil continent that has now been overrun by the Break. There is a very powerful corruption in that land that corrupts everything it touches.

Moreover, there are creatures like dragons and witches in Athia. The corruption corrupts everything that it touches and converts it into an evil version of it. Additionally, Frey is the only person who is immune to the ‘corruption’.

After being inexplicably transported to Athia. Our Protagonist is pushed to her breaking point because of this new foreign world with people, locations, and customs, unlike anything she has ever seen. Frey Holland was used to feeling like an outsider due to her past.

Frey embarks on a search for a route back to New York City home with her enchanted bracelet, “Cuff.” She will be forced to confront the mighty Tantas. We will read about the Tantas below. Frey also will combat terrifying monsters in her journey in this realm.


Homer character
Homer, Frey’s Cat

This character isn’t necessarily a main character but is quite close to our main character Frey. Homer is Frey’s pet cat. Moreover, when Frey’s house catches fire at the start of the game. She is forced to get rid of Homer as she can’t take care of it anymore. She proceeds to give it to the judge and makes her promise to take care of the cat.


Cuff talking gualntlet character

The secondary character in Forspoken and the main ally is kind of a weird one. When Frey is taken to Athia, a cuff emerges on her right arm. Cuff is a mystical bracelet that leads Frey as she navigates Athia’s dangerous terrain.

The cuff will also help Frey learn her magic and master spellcasting. The cuff has the ability to speak, but only Frey can hear him. He regularly cracks sarcastic jokes with Frey. Frey is assisted in navigating the vast expanses of Athia by Cuff!

one of the characters
Frey wearing a cuff on the left side of the picture

Additionally, some other characters get introduced as we transcend further into Frey’s journey. Let’s check them out below:

Supporting Characters

When Frey gets further into exploring the mystical world of Athia. She makes a few acquaintances, let’s talk about them!


When Frey reaches Cipal, she meets Johedy. She is Frey’s earliest acquaintance among the Athians. Johedy is very nice to Frey and guides Frey in her journey to defeat the Tantas and eliminate the ‘corruption.’


Most of the people in Athia have been corrupted or enslaved by the Tantas. But Auden is a considerate young lady who puts the needs of others above her own. She recognizes positive qualities in Frey. Auden is ready to welcome Frey to Athia.

Antagonist And Rival Characters

Finally, a game isn’t complete without its villains. Forspoken has all female villains with different powers described below:

The Tantas

The Tantas are the corrupted matriarchs of Athia and the game’s major enemies/bosses. They were not always evil though! Tantas were originally the land’s beneficent rulers. The people adored them and everyone lived prosperous lives under their rule. They suddenly started acting all evil and inexplicably turned into tyrants after the’break’ happened

Tantas now rule as insane sorceresses in the middle of their realms. They are Frey’s greatest threat since they are a group of Athia’s most potent sorceresses. Let’s discuss each of the 3 Tantas below:

Tanta Sila:

Rival character: Tanta Sila
Rival character: Tanta Sila

Doesn’t she just look ferocious? Tanta Sila is one of the hardest bosses in the game. Interestingly, Sila is a wicked and perverse matriarch that rules with a reputation for ruthlessly destroying anything and everyone who gets in her way. 

Tanta Prav:

Tanta Prav character
Tanta Prav coming down

Prav is the irrational second antagonist of the game. Her title is the “Tanta of Justice“. She presided over Athia’s court system before the Break and was very good

Additionally, Prav serves as the realm’s judge and executioner. The antagonist punishes people in a hasty manner because she believes everyone around her is doing wrong. She doesn’t justify any crime and just kills her people in any matter.

Tanta Olas:

tanta Olas
Tanta Olas

Lastly, Tanta Olas is the Third antagonist and she is ready to cross any limits to satisfy her need for knowledge. She can absorb people’s knowledge and is called the Tanta of Wisdom. She utilizes her power in order to learn new things, and she will use this information to cage her people inside her realm.

Visit us again to see how to defeat these bosses in future articles. 


Ultimately, that was all we could tell you about the characters in Forspoken. Hope you found the article helpful! Please post your comments in the space provided below. Please tell us below if you found it helpful. Last but not least, please tell your friends about us by sharing it with them. See you in another article!

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Lastly, Forspoken is available for you to purchase for PC and PlayStation 5. To purchase Forspoken for your system/console, click on this link here!

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