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Forspoken: Difficulty Settings

Forspoken was just released a few days ago, and it attracted the attention of many people who love the epic combination of action and adventure. Compared to the previous RPG games, Forspoken offers four difficulty modes and a few additional difficulty settings. However, the keywords that define the difficulty levels do not make much sense to several people. Therefore, we will discuss the game’s difficulty modes and the other relevant settings comprehensively in this guide.

Key Takeaways

Forspoken features four difficulty settings for players at the beginning of the game.

  1. “Focus On Story” (Easiest)
  2. “Explore The Open World” (Easy with weak enemies)
  3. “Take Part In Challenging Battle” (Hardest)
  4. “Default” (Normal with balanced aspects)

  • Three additional difficulty settings affect enemy damage resistance, Frey’s damage resistance, and healing stats.

  • Forspoken provides extensive Game Balance Options for further customization of the game experience.

How To Change Difficulty Settings?

You can change the difficulty of the game from two locations.

Starting A New Game

The first one occurs when you start a new game. A screen will appear showing four options:

  • Focus On Story
  • Explore The Open World
  • Take Part In Challenging Battles
  • Default

Initially, you don’t need to worry about which mode to select. Choosing any mode will not affect the story; it will only alter the damage stats of enemies and some other game settings like aim assist.

During The Game – Settings Menu

  1. While playing the game, open the Settings Menu.
  2. Navigate to the “Gameplay Balance” or a similar tab where difficulty settings are located.
  3. In this menu, you will find various options related to difficulty.
  4. You can choose from standard difficulty modes like Easy, Normal, and Hard, or you can fine-tune the settings by adjusting parameters such as Aim Assist, Damage and Stamina Stats, and other combat-related options.
  5. Once you’ve made your desired changes, save the settings.
  6. You can now continue playing the game with the new difficulty settings in place.

Please note that you can usually change these settings at any time during the game, except when actively engaged in combat or facing enemies.

Forspoken Difficulty Levels

Forspoken Difficulty Levels Menu
Forspoken Difficulty Levels Menu

Although each game’s difficulty mode provides a unique gaming experience, they do not affect the story or ending. The usage of spells and their effects is not much affected; their damage is reduced only.

Additionally, the game does not feature any difficulty-related achievements or trophies, so you can replay this game in various settings. A summary of all difficulty levels is given below, with a complete explanation.

Difficulty Setting Explanation
Focus On Story Players can freely focus on the story and play the game without engaging in tough battles.
Explore The Open World Parkour and little challenging battles give a relatively tough gameplay experience in this mode.
Take Part In Challenging Battles For the people who love hardcore action games.
Default Everything is ideally balanced to enjoy each characteristic of the game.
Forspoken Difficulty Settings

Focus On Story

This is the easiest mode, designed for players who want a relaxed, story-driven experience. Enemies are weaker, and combat is not very challenging, allowing players to focus on the narrative.

Explore The Open World

Similar to the easy mode, this mode encourages exploration of the game world. Enemies in the open world pose minimal threats, making it suitable for those who want to enjoy the environment without intense combat.

Take Part In Challenging Battles

This mode is for experienced players who enjoy a significant challenge. Combat is tougher, and players will face stronger enemies. It’s designed for those who relish intense battles and want to test their combat skills.


The default mode offers a balanced experience with a mix of story, exploration, and challenging combat. It’s suitable for players who want a well-rounded experience that doesn’t skew too easy or too hard.

Forspoken Gameplay Balance Options

Forspoken Gameplay Balance Options
Forspoken Gameplay Balance Options – Normal Difficulty

In addition to the standard difficulty levels, Forspoken also has a few more difficulty settings to customize players’ gaming experience. Players can change these settings and adjust the game’s difficulty according to their taste. This feature will be helpful if people find the difference between the default difficulty settings too much.

Easy Mode

The easy mode has the weakest enemies, and Frey’s attack and healing stats are very high. 

  • Number of hits required to kill Limnocyon: 11
  • Number of hits Frey can take before she dies: 48
  • Frey’s Magic Spell Duration: 12 seconds
  • Frey’s Magic Spell Cooldown: 2 minutes
  • Enemy Bear Boss Health: 1650
  • Enemy Bear Boss Damage Resistance: Low
  • Single Health Potion Heals: 103 HP

Normal Mode

The difference between the damage stats is insignificant in the normal mode, but Frey’s damage resistance is significantly decreased.

  • Number of hits required to kill Limnocyon: 11
  • Number of hits Frey can take before she dies: 13
  • Frey’s Magic Spell Duration: 12 seconds
  • Frey’s Magic Spell Cooldown: 2 minutes
  • Enemy Bear Boss Health: 1650
  • Enemy Bear Boss Damage Resistance: Moderate
  • Single Health Potion Heals: 102 HP

Hard Mode

The hard mode is not much different from the other modes in terms of difficulty, but the significant increment is in the enemy’s damage resistance. Each enemy will take about 60% less damage from Frey’s attacks.

  • Number of hits required to kill Limnocyon: 23
  • Number of hits Frey can take before she dies: 9
  • Frey’s Magic Spell Duration: 12 seconds
  • Frey’s Magic Spell Cooldown: 2 minutes
  • Enemy Bear Boss Health: 1650
  • Enemy Bear Boss Damage Resistance: High
  • Single Health Potion Heals: 100 HP

If a certain level or mission is becoming too hard to play or some boss is too easy to beat, players can fine-tune the options and improve their game experience. A summary of these options is given in the table below:

Setting Name Choices Explanation
Aim Assist
  • On
  • Off
Enables or Disables Aim Assistance.
  • None
  • Default (Slow)
  • Full Pause
Duration of time passing when spell switching menu is being used.
Damage Received
  • Significantly Decreased
  • Decreased
  • Default
  • Increased
  • Significantly Increased
Adjusts the damage stats of enemies during combat.
Stamina Recovery Speed
  • Default
  • Fast
  • Very Fast
Changes the recovery speed of Frey’s Stamina stats.
Automatically use Healing Items
  • On
  • Off
Enables or Disables the usage of healing items when health becomes low.
Enemy Knockdown Time
  • Default
  • Extended
Changes the knockdown duration of enemies.
Automatic Support Spell-Switching
  • On
  • Off
Enables or Disables automatic equipping support spells whose cooldown has ended.
  • On
  • Off
Enables or Disables automatic evasion of enemy attacks during battles.
Forspoken – Game Balance Settings

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned in the article, Forspoken has four difficulty options and offers several other alterations to change the difficulty. Players can set the options according to their preferences and play the game as they want. I recommend choosing the “Default” mode because it has a great mix of the game’s complete elements, making it neither too hard nor too easy to play. Anyways, you can go with whatever mode you like as each person has their taste, and we respect that.

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