Forspoken: Ending [Good/Bad Ending]

Understand what actually happened in Forspoken Ending with this article.

The ending of Forspoken has confused many gamers on what happened. The very Cuff that Frey believed was her ally, turned out to be her greatest enemy, and things got more complicated. This article explains everything about why the Cuff betrayed Frey, who is Susurrus, and how to end up in New York or Cipal at the end of the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Tanta Cinta is the mother of Frey.
  • Forspoken offers two endings.
  • In the first ending, Frey ends up in New York and continues to live her old life.
  • In the second ending, Frey defeats Susurrus and captures its essence.
  • In the cutscene, Homer sees a light in the sky, which may be a sign that Susurrus’s next target is planet Earth.

Forspoken Ending’s Background

Tanta Prav dies
Tanta Prav reveals the truth about Frey

Things are going normal in Forspoken until Frey kills Tanta Prav. Here the players discover that Frey is the daughter of Tanta Cinta. The events that follow, lead to the killing of Tanta Olas and the betrayal of the Cuff. Frey discovers that the Cuff was a part of a demon named Susurrus. If you are confused about Tantas, Cuff and others, read our guide on Forspoken Character and Roles

Image shows Susurrus revealing himself
Susurrus Reveals himself.

The Tantas defeated Susurrus by dividing his power within them and the effect of that power later demonized them. Then a dragon, who is Tanta Cinta, saves Frey from Susurrus and leaves Frey in a place called Svargana to learn about what happened and why Tanta Cinta left Frey alone. She learns that she is a Tanta and has Tanta powers.

Frey meeting Tanta Souls in Svargana
Frey Learns about her Tanta Powers

After Frey learns about her past, Tanta Cinta gives her a choice to either return to New York or fight Susurrus to save the people of Cipal.

Image shows choices Frey can make
Forspoken Ending choice: Left side shows Cipal and the right side shows New York

Forspoken New York Ending

If you choose to go to the right side, you’ll end up in New York. This will end the game. Moreover, a cutscene plays where Frey is shown walking in the street with Homer, her cat.

Image shows Frey and Homer in New York
Ending Choice: Frey walks in New York streets with Homer

After this, Frey talks to Homer saying, “Where do we go now?” This shows that Frey has retrieved Homer from the Judge and continues to live her old life. This is termed a bad ending because this ending leaves Frey in the same situation she was in before she entered the world of Athia. The developers of this game have done no job of adding any specific details about what happens to Frey after this. The credits start rolling after this.

Forspoken Cipal Ending

Image shows Frey choosing to fight Susurrus
Frey Chooses to save Cipal from Susurrus

If you choose to go to the left portal, Tanta Cinta will join you as a dragon to defeat Susurrus. Sasurrus kills Tanta Cinta, and Frey fights Susurrus for one last time. She defeats Susurrus and captures some of its essence, which makes a cuff tattoo on her arm.

Image shows 4 Tantas helping Frey
Frey defeats Susurrus with four Tantas

The Aftermath

After Frey defeats Susurrus, she faints. The people of Cipal wake her up and celebrate the victory. A cutscene shows people of Cipal launching sky lanterns. Then, Frey addresses Homer in a letter-like fashion and tells her that she’ll be back.

Image shows Homer seeing light in the sky
Homer sees the light in the sky.

Finally, Frey vows to get the other areas of Athia rid of the Break. She also talks to the Cuff to help her do the work who replies, “It’s Vambrace!”.

The light seen by Homer in New York may be a hint of Forespoken 2 because Susurrus may now head for Earth to destroy it. After all, we can only wait to find out the truth.

Image shows Frey talking to Cuff
Frey talking to Cuff.


This sums up our article on Forspoken’s ending. This article has covered both endings Forspoken offers. It also covers important details about why the Cuff betrayed Frey, why the dragon helped Frey, and why Homer saw the light in the sky.

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