Forspoken Final Boss Guide [Walkthrough]

Are you having some trouble nailing down the Forspoken Final Boss attacks and phases? Well, our guide is exactly what you need then.

forspoken final boss

Susurrus is the final boss in Forspoken and has three entirely different phases, making it difficult for players to cope with new patterns at each phase. The best method to damage the boss in the second phase is by closing the distance. 

Key Takeaways

  •  Susurrus has three phases.
  • The first phase is simple and requires you to keep attacking the birds with the flame breath and heal as you get damaged.
  • The second phase requires you to do as much damage as possible to the boss while getting close to the main body so you can reduce its health bar.
  • The third phase is the hardest, with your entire game knowledge being tested until this point, and your ability to use your acquired skills in quick succession will ideally be the key to victory here.
Forspoken Gameplay
Forspoken Gameplay

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Phase One

Susurrus resembles a sun-like sphere of light and fire in this phase, encircled by four eye-like structures reminiscent of the Eyes of Sauron from Lord of the Rings. It frequently shoots projectiles, so exercise caution.

The initial fight phase occurs atop the dragon Cinta. To progress through this phase, your objective is to use Cinta’s dragon breath to incinerate the birds swiftly, depleting the boss’s health in the process. As the bird and boss share the same health pool, focusing on the birds will contribute to the boss’s health reduction.

Upon reducing this phase to its final moments, you’ll encounter a quick event reminiscent of old-school God of War games.

Following this, Cinta succumbs to Susurrus, triggering Frey’s awakening to her true powers. This bestows upon you the ability to warp and traverse the battlefield unscathed.

Phase Two

Susurrus becomes more annoying in this phase as he spawns numerous mobs, though they’re merely a hindrance. Your primary target remains Susurrus himself.

Quickly reduce his health in this phase, as prolonging the fight leads to more mob spawns, increasing the risk of mistakes or misinputs.

You must dodge two main attacks, best achieved using your new skill. The first is a rooting attack where the Forspoken Final Boss pins you down with bird throws. The other is a high-damage charge attack, which you can dodge using your warp ability.

After a few repetitions, Susurrus summons two duplicates at half health, bombarding you with lasers. Your goal is to avoid damage and focus on the floating duplicates to unleash your full power.

Repeat this process until you reach the final phase of this extended boss encounter.

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Phase Three

forspoken final boss susurrus
Susurrus’s Final Form | Courtesy: DualShockers

We’ve reached stage three, the final transformation of the boss, standing between us and victory.

This phase showcases the boss’s best appearance, exuding an angelic aura with a radiant face, golden wings, and a flock of birds. This boss gives off the end-game vibe you would want from many final bosses.

Susurrus initiates with hit-and-run melee tactics, teleporting, and using area-of-effect spells. He then adapts previous Tantas’ fighting styles, challenging your game knowledge.

As his health depletes to the last quarter, Susurrus intensifies attacks, testing your skills. To succeed, evade volleys and strike opportunistically.

After reducing his health to zero, a cutscene follows, but stay ready. The final part involves a quick-time event for your success. Congratulations! You’ve completed Forspoken by defeating the Final Boss.

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