Forspoken Final Boss Guide [Walkthrough]

Are you having some trouble nailing down the Forspoken Final Boss attacks and phases? Well, our guide is exactly what you need then.

forspoken final boss

Forspoken is the hot new game in town. It’s a decent experience, with some people disappointed by the story. Still, it’s a respected AAA title that harkens back to some of the older generation of games with the kind of storytelling and game mechanics it implements. It also has its fair share of bosses, and in this guide, we will talk about the Forspoken Final Boss.

We will help you detail the phases he goes through and how to deal with each phase to grab that ending you so desire. So buckle up, and let’s get into it.

Key Takeaways

  •  Susurrus has three phases.
  • The first phase is simple and requires you to keep attacking the birds with the flame breath and heal as you get damaged.
  • The second phase requires you to do as much damage as possible to the boss while getting close to the main body so you can reduce its health bar.
  • The third phase is the hardest, with your entire game knowledge being tested until this point, and your ability to use your acquired skills in quick succession will ideally be the key to victory here.
Forspoken Gameplay
Forspoken Gameplay

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Phase One

In this phase, Susurrus is a giant sun-like ball of light and fire, surrounded by four eyes that may remind you of the Eyes Of Sauron if you are familiar with the Lord Of The Rings series. This giant ball of light can frequently shoot at you, so be careful.

Ok, so the first phase of the fight is fought on top of the dragon Cinta. To get through this phase, you have to do one thing; cook the birds. Unleash Cinta’s dragon breath onto them like there ain’t no tomorrow.

Focusing on the birds, you also whittle down the boss’s health bar since they take from the same pool. Once you have gotten this phase down to its last scraps, you will be presented with a quick event reminiscent of the old-school God Of War games.

After this point, Cinta will sadly fall to Susurrus, which triggers Frey‘s awakening to her true powers. This will grant you a new ability to warp and skip across the battlefield without taking damage.

Phase Two

In this next phase, Susurrus becomes more of an annoyance due to him starting to spawn copious amounts of mobs. These are nothing more than a hindrance since your real target is still Susurrus himself.

In this phase, try to get his health bar down as fast as possible since the more you prolong the fight, the more mobs he spawns, leading to your eventual loss due to making a silly mistake or giving a mis-input.

You must dodge two primary attacks, which can be done most effectively with your new skill. The first attack will be a rooting attack in which the Forspoken Final Boss throws birds at you to pin you down in place for some time. The other attack is a charge attack which does insane amounts of damage if you let it hit you, but use your warp to dodge this as well.

After repeating this process a few times, you will notice that he summons two copies of his form at half health, which starts showering you with lasers. The main objective is to avoid damage and make your way to the floating duplicates to unload your full power onto them.

Repeat this process ad nauseam until you reach the final phase of this drawn-out boss.

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Phase Three

forspoken final boss susurrus
Susurrus’s Final Form | Courtesy: DualShockers

We are finally in stage three. This is the last form change we will have to deal with, and this boss is the only thing standing between us and the end screen.

This phase of the boss contains, arguably, his best look. The angelic aura of this boss is palpable alongside the face being nothing but a bright light with wings draped in gold and a small flock of birds constantly at the branches. This boss gives off the end-game vibe you would want from many final bosses.

Susurrus begins the fight with a melee-style hit-n-run tactic by teleporting around and occasionally using area-of-effect spells. But he quickly transitions to using the fighting styles of the other Tantas you have encountered along your journey. This means that every piece of your game knowledge is going to be put to the test.

After you know this fact and face all the forms, he shows it’s time for the final stretch. After bringing him down to the last quarter of his health pool, Susurrus starts to switch attacks rapid-fire style. He uses everything in his arsenal to try and bring us down.

The best way to fight this is to avoid getting hit or caught by a large volley and wait for our opportunity to strike. Keep at this part and get him down to zero. Once you get him down to zero, you will be greeted by a cutscene.

Don’t celebrate your victory yet; keep your hands on the controller. This is the last part of the fight, a good old-fashioned quick-time event that will lead you to success. After you beat the Forspoken Final Boss, congratulations, you have just completed the game.

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