Forspoken Frey [Backstory, Allies And Abilities]

Get to know more about Frey's origin, parents, allies, enemies and what types of magic she possess.

In Forspoken you play as the female magic caster Frey who Ella Balinska voices. Frey hails from the city of New York who gets mysteriously transported to the magical land of Athia. As the storyline progresses Frey finds companions as well as enemies on her way to journey back home.


  • Forspoken is led by a Female protagonist called Frey.
  • Frey comes from New York and has been magically transported to the world of Athia.
  • Frey meets many allies along her journey back home.
  • The main Foes of Frey are the Tantas.
  • Frey can learn many spells by unlocking them with Mana or by visiting Founts of Blessings.
  • There are 4 main types of Magic that Frey uses in the game.
Frey from forspoken
Frey the Fiesty mage

Frey: The Feisty Mage


Frey in New York
sentence of Community service for Frey

Life in New York

Alfre Holland, also known as Frey got her name from the place where she was abandoned as a baby. Holland was the tunnel she was found under. Alfre comes from the blanket she was wrapped in. Frey is Homeless so in the beginning, she lives in a deserted apartment in hell’s kitchen with her only companion Homer.

Homer is a cat and Frey is attached to her pet as that’s the only family she has left. Frey is a young inhabitant of New York who has spent her childhood growing up in Foster homes as she was an orphan. The mystery of her parents remains unknown which comes to light later in the game.

Frey has a past history of criminal activity as she owes money to a local crime lord. The game starts with Frey getting a sentence of community service because of her criminal record.

Her life is not pleasant in New York, to say the least. She builds a mistrusting personality because of the environment she grew up in.

Through a cutscene in the game, we learn that she had a kind and loving foster mother who left her with the love of reading. She abandoned Frey to go and grow a family of her own. This detachment explains her general mistrust of people and might be the reason for her bitter and frustrated personality.

Torana in front of Frey
Frey transported to Athia

While Frey is thinking about her life and future at Holland bridge. A magical event leads her to find Cuff, which is in a shape of a bracelet. After putting it on her wrist she is transported to the world of Athia Through a warp hole.

Into Athia

The land of Athia is complicated yet beautiful. Athia has been plagued by the effects of the break which has eradicated almost all of the population of Athia. Due to the effects of Cuff Frey has resistance to the effects of the Plague. The only surviving city of Athia is Cipal. After some events, Frey ends up in Cipal where she is confronted by the Tantas.

The Tantas are a group of powerful sorceresses who command an oppressive rule over Athia. Tanta Sila accuses Frey of trespassing into their territory. This results in Tantas becoming the enemy of Frey. Frey is led to many places across Athia in order to find her way back home. During the process, she grows stronger in order to defeat the Tantas. 

Parents (Spoiler warning!)

Spoiler alert! If you have yet to complete the game and do not want to spoil the story. You are requested to skip this section.

Forspoken : Frey's Mother
Tanta Cinta (Mother of Frey).

Frey’s Mother

Tanta Cinta also known as the Tanta of love was famous for her medical abilities and because of her ability to use the Torana. Later on, in the game, Frey gets to know that Tanta Cinta is her biological mother. Cinta used to travel through words through her ability to use Torana, on a trip to New York she fell in love with a man.

That man was a New Yorker and the harmony between Cinta and him resulted in the pregnancy of Cinta. Cinta gave birth to Frey in Athia as she returned back after her pregnancy.

As Tantas were not allowed to have children so it was not clear what kind of abilities would the child own. So it was decided her abilities should be suppressed until she became of a certain age.  That would explain why she had no sign of any magical powers on Earth.

Athia to Earth

In the lore, there was a war between the Rheddas and the Athians which the Athians won. But there was also a demon called “Susurrus” sent by the Rheddas. He was sealed by the Tantas into 4 wearable Cuffs.

These cuffs were the reason the Tantas were corrupted by the break as the break was caused by the demon. Before Tanta Cinta went insane she propelled Frey into the Torana with her remaining strength in order to save her from corruption.

But despite her efforts, susurrus was able to place a seal using a portion of his power in the form of Cuff. After this event, Cinta broke down and turned into a dragon.

The same dragon Frey meets on her first day in Athia. Although the origin of Frey’s mother is explained. The mystery of her father remains unsolved. It might be discovered in the sequel of Forspoken if one is created.



Ally of Frey : Forspoken

Cuff is voiced by Jonathan Cake, A magical band that also has a conscious. The First ally and companion that Frey has in the lands of Athia. Frey is able to communicate with cuff through clairvoyance. Cuff is able to absorb damage heading in the direction of Frey. 

He also serves as a navigator for Frey as he holds information about places and persons. He can also examine the enemies of Frey and tell their strengths and weaknesses which is important information to counteract for Frey.

The relationship between the two is a banter friendship where the two of them have a go at each other from time to time. Having a very taxing personality he usually passes off harsh comments to Frey. Although it seems like they have a banter bond with each other.


Ally of Frey : Forspoken

Auden is voiced by Monica Barbaro. A kind and selfless lady who puts the needs of others above her own, Auden is a local of Ciple and also a healer. She breaks Frey out of jail in the start and they form a friendship after that. Frey is also asked by her to find the lost journals of her father as he studied about the break.


Ally of Frey : Forspoken

Johedy Kladivo is voiced by Keala Settle, She is a preservationist with the duty to manage valuable collection of historical information. Frey is guided by her in order to stop the effects of the break in the land of Athia and to stop the tyranny of the Tantas.


Robian keen
Ally of Frey : Forspoken

Robian keen is voiced by Anthony Skordi, is someone that Frey meets in chapter 4 of Forspoken Through Auden. He is some one who has knowledge about “Torana”.

Torana is the name of the magical portal that bought Frey into the magic wonderland called Athia. So he is helpful to Frey on her journey back home.


Olivia Liette
Ally of Frey : Forspoken

Olivia Liette is voiced by Tajinae Turner. She is a very young girl full of positive energy who Frey meets in chapter 3 of Forspoken. Olivia teaches Frey about crafting and upgrading, Items and Equipment in exchange for a mere apple as she is hungry.

She becomes a major catalyst in the journey of Frey as she gets killed during the attack at Cipel by Tanta Sila. This leads to Frey confronting her later on in the game.


Tanta Sila

Tanta Sila

Sorceress Sila voiced by Janina Gavankar, is a Co-Matriarch of Athia and also the former commander of the Athian army.

She is also known as the Tanta of Strength, The strongest fighter among the group of Tantas. Her blaming Frey for trespassing at the start of the game leads the Tantas in being the major Foe of Frey

Tanta Olas

Tanta Olas

Sorceress Olas is voiced by Claudia Black and is also a Co-Matrirach of Athia.  She is also known as the Tanta of Wisdom due to her lust for Knowledge.

Olas is capable of absorbing other people’s thoughts to acquire more information and is also able to trap her foes in a world of illusions.

Tanta Prav

Tanta Prav

Sorceress Prav is voiced by Pollyanna McIntosh, is a Co-Matrirach of Athia, Former leader of the Athian justice system and also the Matriach of Avoalet.

She is also known as the Tanta of Justice due to her twisted sense of judgement. She is able to Detect lies and form a judgement, even though it’s now clouded with corruption.


Frey using magic
Frey’s Abilities

In Forspoken Frey enters the supernatural world of Athia, Although the world is captivating it remains a very dangerous terrain filled with Monsters, nightmares, and many other dangers. To survive it’s crucial for Frey to adapt so through the help of Cuff her magic assistant she quickly grasps the ropes of wizardry.

Frey is able to use her magic to deliver some heavy damage in combat and magic also helps her to traverse through the lands of Athia with some serious pace.

Attack Magic

Combat abilities primarily consist of attacking and defensive spells with a mix of supporting abilities.

The main way of attacking in forspoken is the attack magic spells of Frey.  For the controller attack magic spell is bound to the key R2. While you can also hold down the key R1 to switch between your attacking spells.  It has no cooldown or ammo restrictions.

Support Magic

Support magic is used to apply debuffs on your enemies. For controller, support magic spell is bound to the key L2. While you can also hold down the L1 key to switch between your support spells. Support magic spells each have their own amount of set time cooldown while you can also speed it up by spamming attack magic.

Surge Magic

The triangle in the bottom right corner of the screen points to how much surge magic is built up for Frey by filling it up with color. Surge magic is powered up by the use of attack and support spells over time. Surge spells are the ultimate ability of Frey.

They can deal some crazy damage to your enemies. It’s triggered by pressing down on both the L2 and R2 triggers at the same time. To know more about the key mapping of Forspoken for controller and keyboard check out these guides.


Fount of Blessing
Frey in Fount

At the beginning of the game, you only have a handful of spells that are available to use. but worry not as you progress through the game you naturally end up opening a variety of different spells and abilities. One way to unlock these spells is by collecting Mana.

Mana points are quite easy to find as there is a large amount of them scattered around the world of Athia. You can collect them while exploring around. You can also unlock some spells by defeating specific bosses.

There are other certain types of spells that are only unlockable through Founts of blessing. The spells unlocked at the fount compromise of support, crafting, or movement abilities. that is crucial for you to improve your magic parkour experience in the game.

You can also check out which spells are unlocked at these founts through the menu in the magic section. To know more about where to find a fount and what fount offers which spell check out this article on Founts of Blessings. Also to know more about the spell tree of each specific magic type of Frey in Forspoken check out this guide.

Magic Type’s

In Forspoken Frey possesses a wide variety of magical skills, While there are 4 types of magic in the world of Athia. Each set of magic types gets its strength from its respective magic stat. Each magic type offers a different set of advantages and supports different types of playstyles.

  • Frey’s Magic
  • Olas Magic
  • Prav’s Magic
  • Sila’s Magic
Frey’s Magic

Also known as Purple magic, Its foundational element is Earth. Frey’s Magic is unknown potential as it grants the user the ability to control natural forces.

Olas Magic

Also known as Green magic as its user can command lightning and control illusions.  Olas Magic is the Power of Tanta of Wisdom.

Prav’s Magic

Also known as Blue magic as its foundational element is water. Its user can control the forces of gravity and water. Prav’s Magic is the power of Tanta of justice. It is unlocked after you encounter Tanta Prav.

Sila’s Magic

Also known as Red magic as its foundational element is fire. Sila’s Magic is the Power of the Tanta of strength. It grants command over Flames.


This concludes the character of Frey in forspoken. Forspoken is filled with an amazing lore and along the way there are many complex characters you encounter. So To get to know more about these characters check out this guide on characters.

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