Forspoken: Game Length [Explained]

Take a look at how long it will take you to complete Forspoken.

Forspoken: How long is it?

Forspoken is a little shorter compared to other Square Enix games. However, it will still take you around 14-15 hours when you focus only on the main story chapters.

You can reduce this time by skipping the cut scenes. Repeating the story chapters will also reduce the game length to about 10-12 hours.

Key Takeaways:

  • Forspoken will take 15 hours when focused only on storyline.
  • Skipping Cutscenes will reduce this time to about 10-11 hours.
  • Taking part in the 21 Detours extends the completion time to almost 23 hours.
  • Being a completionist requires you to complete all achievements and collect all unique items the game offers.
  • 100% Completion rate in Forspoken takes about 30-40 hours.

Every game has a main plot which takes little time. The point that matters is how much time the side missions will take. In an interview about Forspoken, the directors also confirmed this concept saying that the story will take little of your time, but side quests will keep you busy.

Before diving into the statistics, let’s talk about the story chapters in Forspoken. There are 13 chapters in this game, starting with Attachments and ending with New beginnings. They do not follow a specific pattern length-wise but can vary from 20 to 100 minutes.

Other than that, there are side quests known as Detours in Forspoken. They are 21 in total, and it will take 25 minutes each. When you do the math, a total of 8-9 hours is added to your game length.

Forspoken Game Length

Forspoken gameplay cutscene
A Frey Holland Cutsene

If you include all the extras or side missions in your gameplay, the game length extends to about 22-23 hours for a casual gamer. However, these numbers can be varied by the approach you pick in your gameplay. Approach matters because this is an open-world game, so every next step is dependent on you.

The platform you choose to play on will not be a more significant factor in game length when playing Forspoken, as the statistics will stick to the ones we already shared.

In an interview, Forspoken game director Takeshi Aramaki revealed that the game would take more than 30 hours to complete. However, upon playing it, the gaming community discovered that it took around 11-12 hours which was a massive drop.

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How To Be A Completionist?

Being a completionist in Forspoken requires you to end all 13 chapters and 21 Detours. Moreover, you will also be collecting unique items by following the map and scoring all the achievements the game has to offer.

When you have done all that, you must have spent around 30-35 hours which can also extend to 40 if you discover the whole open-world map.

Shortcuts For Completing Faster

during combat snapshot
Forspoken combat

Every gamer should know the fastest shortcut to end the game, which requires specific steps. These steps are for those trying to speed-run the game to finish it before others do.

Skip Cut-Scenes

Cut scenes in Forspoken are 4 to 5 hours long if combined. Skipping them will save you much time and reduce the overall game length.

Difficulty Level

Only three difficulty levels are offered in Forspoken; the easiest is Focus on the Story. As the name says, you will only focus on the main story chapters and skip other things related. Leaving everything else cuts many hours you save to end the game faster.

Leave Detours

Detours make the game a little more interesting as you explore the open-world map, participate in magic combats, and learn it. However, completing them is optional, so that we can skip them. On a rough estimate, you will be saving almost 5 to 6 hours by doing this.

Ending Notes

With this, we end our guide on the game length of Forspoken. We hope that you found this helpful in your journey of Forspoken. The game received mixed reviews as it is slightly different from other RPG games but still offers good combat gameplay.

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