Forspoken Magic Types [Complete Details]

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Forspoken Magic Types
Forspoken Magic Types

Forspoken is a new RPG game set in the magical lands of Athia, where you’ll have to learn magic to survive and thrive. With the help of Cuff, your main character Frey can use different kinds of magic to fight enemies. There are four different magic types in Forspoken, but with so much spell variety, it can get a bit confusing. So, in this guide, we’ll teach you all you need about Forspoken magic types.  

Key Takeaways

  • Forspoken has 4 main magic types: Frey’s Magic, Sila’s Magic, Prav’s Magic, and Olas’ Magic.
  • Each magic type allows you to use different types of elemental magic.
  • Each magic type has numerous spells divided into attack spells, support spells, movement spells, passive spells and miscellaneous spells.
  • Frey’s Magic (Purple Magic) is obtained at the start of the game and allows you to use earth-based spells.
  • Sila’s Magic (Red Magic) is obtained after defeating Tanta Sila and allows you to utilize the element of fire.
  • Prav’s Magic (Blue Magic) is unlocked after defeating Tanta Prav and allows you to use water-based magic.
  • Olas’ Magic (Green Magic) can be unlocked after defeating Tanta Olas and gives you the ability to use light-based spells. 

Here is a summary table for all Magic types in Forspoken:

No.Magic TypeAttackSupportMovementPassive
1Frey’s Magic (Purple Magic)Scatter ShotBindGenesisModify
2Shield ShotBurrowCut and RunVivify
3Burst ShotScreenFlowRarify
9Sila’s Magic (Red Magic)Arc SliceAegisRushAmplify
10Blast SliceBombardierSoarBeacon
11Rage SliceChargeZipConflagration
12-Crucible-Drag and Drop
16Prav’s Magic (Blue Magic)Chain BoltAblutionFloat-
17Cluster BoltBrumeGlide-
18Fan BoltCataractAlb-
20-InundationUp and Away-
24Olas’ Magic (Green Magic)Storm ShotAggressionMiscellaneous-
25Seeker ShotCompensationDiversify-
26Pulse ShotCompulsionScale-
27-DisplacementHide and Seek-

Forspoken Magic Types

In Forspoken, there are a total of 105 spells spread across four different magic types. Each magic type has different categories ranging from attack, support, movement and passive spells. In order to unlock each magic type, you need to defeat bosses known as Tantas. 

All the bosses have their own unique Forspoken magic types that they will use against you, but once you defeat them, you will unlock the ability to use their magic. Also, learn about different spells in this guide.

Frey’s Magic (Purple Magic)

Forspoken Purple Magic
Forspoken Frey using Sila’s Magic (Purple Magic) | Image: Backseat Guides

Frey’s Magic allows you to utilize the element of earth, and all the spells are based around this element. You inherit purple magic from the start of the game without having to defeat any bosses.  


  • Scatter Shot: Attacks with rocks like a chain. With its increasing levels, the damage becomes harder and even faster. 
  • Shield Shot: Builds a protective shield which releases stones towards the enemies upon hitting. Shield Shot’s levels 2 and 3 create defensive fields with higher impact.  
  • Burst Shot: Fires huge lumps of rocks accompanied by the area damage. 


  • Bind: Entangled enemies around weeds, which makes them unable to move. 
  • Burrow: Gives roots that are in search of items. The more items you get, the more rapidly it will help you in recharging your Support Magic. 
  • Screen: Stones will arrange all around you to protect you from enemy attacks. 
  • Prime: A magical trap is placed on the ground, exploding when enemies put their feet on it. 
  • Implant: Throws seeds at enemies that deal with damage over a short time period. 
  • Disperse: Grows a flower in the area of your choice that throws rocks towards the enemies. 
  • Tendril: An ivy whip that surrounds Frey, gives damage to the surrounding as well as heals the total damage it caused. 
  • Leach: Grows plants around her hands that heal poison. 


  • Genesis: Fires out thorny branches on the ground that causes damage over a wide-ranging area, and the intensity of damage with respect to area increases when you reach the second level. Genesis level three gives poison to enemies if you press buttons for a longer period of time. 
  • Cut and Run: Pushes you back from the area dealing with a blast and activates Frey’s Magic. 
  • Flow: Facilitates Frey to run at high speed. 
  • Leap: Let Frey jump higher while climbing the wall. 
  • Shimmy: Moves you forward when your feet hit the ground.  
  • Skip: Frey prevents damage by twisting her body around and helps her run fast. 


  • Modify: This lets you change existing crafting materials into various other types. 
  • Vivify: Helps you to upgrade Frey’s health by increasing the number of necklaces. 
  • Rarify: Changes existing material types into newer and more advanced material types. 

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Sila’s Magic (Red Magic)

Forspoken Red Magic
Forspoken Frey using Sila’s Magic (Red Magic) | Image: Backseat Guides

Red symbolizes fire. You’ll need to defeat the Tanta Sila to unlock this magic.  


  • Arc Slice: A lightning slice with a magical sword that harms enemies quickly within its range. Level 2 and Level 3 extend the attack with their deadly shockwaves when released in mid-air.  
  • Blast Slice: Throws a magical spear on the ground that damages enemies and the surrounding area and strikes harder when released from mid-air. 
  • Rage Slice: Sends enemies backwards in a flying motion by giving them a magical punch. Level 2 and Level 3 deal damage with more powerful explosive force. 


  • Aegis: Clears attacking flame around Frey and provides strength to increase Frey’s attack power. 
  • Bombardier: Kicks enemies back with force, causing a fiery explosion and dealing with area damage. 
  • Charge: Frey moves forward with a magical shield, pushing enemies back upon impact. 
  • Crucible: Covers the whole area with fiery walls, and attack power increases in the combat zone. 
  • Firetrap: Produces a fire pool underneath the enemy. 
  • Fusilade: Throws various swords covered with fire at the enemies while you’re charging your magic spells. 
  • Legion: Attacks the enemy with a bunch of fiery soldiers. 


  • Rush: Move rapidly with the help of a welltimed button. 
  • Soar: Climb higher with big footsteps. 
  • Zip: Use magic to hold and move. 


  • Amplify: Increases cloak’s magic by improving spell cast abilities. 
  • Beacon: Conjures a light that increases Frey’s stamina recovery period, making it easier for enemies to spot her. 
  • Conflagration: Creates a fiery column on the ground for some time and kills enemies. Levels 2 and 3 deal damage over a wider area when buttons are pressed for a long time. 
  • Drag and Drop: Kills enemies from far away, pulls them closer and also switches to Red Magic. 

Prav’s Magic (Blue Magic)

Blue Magic
Forspoken Frey using Prav’s Magic (Blue Magic) | Image: Backseat Guides

Blue symbolizes water. You can avail yourself of this magic by defeating Tanta Prav. 


  • Chain Bolt: Shoots an arrow when charging and a second one upon release; bonus damage occurs if both arrows hit the same place. As the level proceeds, arrow and bonus damage increases. 
  • Cluster Bolt: Attacks with an arrow in mid-air which breaks into many pieces and then rains down towards the enemies, destroys them and deals damage over a broad area. 
  • Fan Bolt: Fires out a group of magically linked arrows that deal damage over a wide area. 


  • Ablution: A purifying rain is created that cures status ailments causing slow stamina recovery. 
  • Brume: Creates an obscuring spray around the enemy, which makes you invisible to your enemy 
  • Cataract: It creates a watery vortex that destroys enemies by pulling them inside.  If the button is pressed for a longer period, it freezes enemies. 
  • Eagre: It creates a water barrier over an entire area, making the enemies fly away from their places. 
  • Inundation: Upgrades critical hit rate of Frey’s spells. 
  • Maelstrom: Calls forth a watery pillar which defends you against ranged attacks. 
  • Naedre: Creates a poisonous water column surrounding the enemy and injects venom into those it touches. 
  • Oubliette: A huge ball is created in which the enemies are trapped. Attacking it leads to area damage-dealing explosion. 


  • Float: Unable to fall on the ground by manipulating gravity. 
  • Glide: Surf through the watery surface by manipulating gravity. 
  • Alb: Reduces the amount of damage caused by a single piercing or unblockable attack. 
  • Fortify: Increases the defence provided by a necklace or cloak. 
  • Up and Away: Frey jumps higher into the air while releasing watery attacks from her body and also switches to Prav’s magic. 

Olas’ Magic (Green Magic) 

Green Magic
Forspoken Frey using (Olas’ Magic) Green Magic | Image: Backseat Guides

Green refers to light here. You will open up this magic by defeating Tanta Ola. 


  • Storm Shot: Sends out electrical energy accompanied by shockwaves that will also strike the implanted darts, dealing with area damage. 
  • Seeker Shot: Unleashes lightning that searches enemies having darts and deals damage. The attack power increases in Levels 2 and 3. 
  • Pulse Shot: Strikes a beam of darts attached to enemies that causes damage. 


  • Aggression: Launches darts in an arc that targets enemies for charged attacks. 
  • Compensation: Surge Magic that charges quickly when you evade piercing attacks with Flow. 
  • Compulsion: Calls forth multiple mines that circulate in the air and explode when enemies touch them. 
  • Displacement: Creates an identical copy of Frey that enemies will attack in place of Frey. 
  • Distortion: Attacks them and creates confusion, making them fight each other. 
  • Projection: Projects an electrically charged spear towards the enemies and also deals damage to the surrounding area. 
  • Sublimation: Heals her damages slowly by absorbing life force from the surrounding area. 
  • Suppression: Makes herself invisible to her enemies. The sudden movement will cancel this effect. 
  • Tempest: Summons of lightning that electrocutes enemies over a broad area. Tempest Levels 2 and 3 further increase the damage.   


  • Diversify: With this ability; you can add a fourth upgrade to all necklaces. 
  • Scale: Uses phantom footholds to fly higher in the air. 
  • Hide and Seek: Launches magical projectiles and attacks enemies from behind and also switches to Green Magic. 
  • Spoof: Frey avoids the attack and leaves an identical copy of herself. 
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