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Forspoken: PlayStation Exclusive Project Athia Has A New Name

Alongside some beautiful new gameplay footage and a sneak peak at a cut-scene, the upcoming PS5 console exclusive Project Athia officially has a new name, Square Enix has said. Project Athia was in fact the game’s working title. The new name is titled Forspoken. This was revealed via Square Enix star actor Ella Balinska, who plays the lead character Frey Holland.

Square Enix released a brand new trailer for the game (below), which gives us a tiny peek of Balinska in action. We also got to see the fast-paced, frenetic traversal and the incredible world that Forspoken takes place in, alongside some of Frey’s magical powers and abilities.

New Trailer, New Name


Ella Balinska has been involved in bringing the character to life through performance capture and voice acting sessions. She expressed that the development team at Luminous Studios has been working “super, super hard to create this remarkable journey”.

Square Enix first unveiled Forspoken at Sony’s PS5 games reveal last year, and, for now, is a PS5 console exclusive. It is not clear at this moment in time whether the game will make its way to Xbox Series X in the future. Yet, Forspoken appears to be a PS5 game and will not be available on PS4 sadly.

Forspoken is scheduled to release on PS5 and PC at some point in 2022. We expect to hear plenty more about it closer to release.

What do you think about Forspoken? Does it look like a game you would play day one? Let us know in the comments.

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