Forspoken Spellcraft All Challenges Guide

Guide for all the Spell craft challenges in Forspoken.

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Guide for all Forspoken Spell craft challenges.

Forspoken has 105 spells, and every spell has one Spellcraft challenge. The challenge is a small task that, after completion, improves the spell and makes it stronger.

Key Takeaways

  • Magic spells can be learned using Mana, which is the game currency of Forspoken.
  • Each spell has one Spell craft challenge with it.
  • There are tasks for every challenge, which, if completed, makes some spells stronger.
  • Frey’s magic spells are received at first, and the rest follow it.
  • There are 21 of Frey’s magic spells, which are the highest in the game.
  • Ola, Prava, and Sila have 17,15, and 18 magic spells, respectively.
  • There are other 
  • Completing all the Spell craft challenges unlocked the ‘Above and beyond’ achievement.

All four spells are to be unlocked first. So, gain access to the skill trees by completing the storyline. Buy spells from the Magic menu. Also, the total cost for all spells is 3200 Mana. To start Spellcraft challenges, use the bookshelf in a Pilgrim’s Refuge.

But, there is a limitation of 3 challenges to be active at a time.

After completing a challenge, use the Magic menu and upgrade the spell by clicking it. The slot is freed, and now you can take up a new challenge.

Many challenges involve the killing of a group of zombies. Therefore, the best victim for such a challenge is a group of Breakzombies that travel in clusters. So, defeating them is best to complete the challenge quickly and easily.

Snippet of Forspoken gameplay
Forspoken gameplay

The highest number of Spell craft challenges are to be unlocked for Frey. Therefore, we start with Frey’s magic.

Frey’s Magic (Purple Magic)

Frey’s magic spells are segregated into three types. The first is the shot spells. Each shot has three levels of that spell. So, here are the shot spells.

Shot Spell

Hit enemies while performing magic parkour.

The challenge demands performing magic parkour and hitting enemies. At the same time, the player is completing a parkour press ‘circle’ to attack enemies with Frey’s magic. This magic would be different from what is usually done. This move must be repeated 35 times.

Burst Shot

  • Level 1

Enemies that show vulnerability to Frey’s magic are to be knocked out. Select the burst shot and fully energize it by pressing and holding the ’R2’. Then, release the button and kill the enemies using Frey’s magic. However, the final blow dished to an enemy should be a charged attack.

It is wise to weaken the enemies first with uncharged shots and then launch the charged shot. Animals are weak to Frey’s magic. Also, to verify if an enemy is weak, press the ‘up’ key on the controller’s keypad. Then hit it to view info on the enemy, their weaknesses & strengths.

The move is to be performed on ten enemies.

  • Level 2

The challenge is to hit at least three enemies with one strike. The enemies will be hit with the burst shot charged with ‘R2’. Furthermore, it is advised to make a move on a large group of break zombies. This activity must be repeated ten times.

  • Level 3

The challenge demands to hit enemies from behind. The player has to hit 45 enemies from behind with a charged burst shot. Also, a combo of Bind and Burst shots is preferable. So, this way, the player will face more enemies, and he will jump behind them and attack them.

Scatter Shot

  • Level 1

The challenge is to charge the shot and damage enemies. Choose the scattershot from the arsenal and charge it with ‘R2’. The player has to dish out a total of 10,000 damage to an enemy. The good part is that the challenge counts the damage from both initial fast shooting and burst attack.

  • Level 2

The challenge is to charge the shot and damage enemies in 60 seconds. Also, this is very similar to what was required in level 1. However, the difference is that there is a time limit of 60 seconds, and the minimum damage threshold is 1500.

  • Level 3

The challenge is to hit piercing attacks to enemies. The last attack, which follows a fast-shooting attack, pierces through enemies. It hits numerous enemies if they are standing in a row. You must hit at least two enemies with this attack and repeat this 20 times.

Shield Shot

  • Level 1

To use the shield, select it and power it up using ‘R2’. Hold the button and release it when ready to attack an enemy and eliminate them.

If enemies hit your shield, they will automatically be knocked out. This move is advised to be applied to 25 weaker enemies, such as zombies found in Junoon.

  • Level 2

The challenge is to kill enemies in battles with shield. While the player is holding the shield, if an enemy tries to attack, the shield itself releases an attack on the enemy. This knocks enemies and pushes them away to strike the player. The task is to eliminate 15 enemies with this move.

  • Level 3

The task is simple. You are required to hit 70 enemies with the shield shot. Both the automatic attacks by the shield and the manually controlled attacks by the player are considered.


  • Level 1

Use Genesis and obliterate ten enemies that are prone to Frey’s magic. To check their weakness, use the ‘up’ button. Furthermore, the weaker enemies are, in most cases, the animals that are found around the Cipal area.

  • Level 2

Use Genesis to defeat the final enemy in a battle. Even if you used Genesis only once in the battle and it wasn’t even the last move, but the enemy is defeated, it will be counted. Also, you must do this in 5 battles.

  • Level 3

Dish out a cumulative total of 30,000 damage with Genesis. While undertaking level 3 of Genesis, a player can use the ‘L2’ and ‘R2’ buttons combinedly through two waves of damage until Frey is on his feet.


Use the ‘circle’ button and evade enemy attacks. It is easy since the interval to dodge is longer. Moreover, you can press the button repeatedly and automatically, and many attacks will be evaded. So, dodge 25 attacks for challenge completion.


The task is to climb a certain length. The length is unknown, so to complete this challenge, you can find a long wall and keep climbing until the challenge is completed.


Shimmy is an ability that helps a player move quickly when he is using Magic Parkour. Use the ‘cross’ button when you land. This enables Frey to jump forward faster than his usual action. This is to be repeated 30 times.


To convert Breakshards, learn the Modify skill first. Then, at a crafting table, convert the Breakshards into different Breakshards. This transformation is to be performed 15 times.

Forspoken Crafting
Crafting to modify in Forspoken


Learn Rarify skills, and then increase the rarity of Breakshards by crafting. This process of crafting must be performed 20 times.


After a player unlocks Vivify, he can increase the health of the necklace by using materials. Use crafting and increase the health of a necklace by at least 50.


The challenge is to bound enemies and hit them from behind. Bind can hold enemies within the casted area. A player must damage 1000 from behind to bound enemies to achieve Bind.

It is advised to combine the burst shot and Bind. Be patient and look out for numerous enemies facing you, then Bind them. Afterward, swiftly parkour, go over them, and fire a burst shot while aiming at the ground below them.


Disperse plants a tiny flower on the ground. The flower fires at enemies close to the player, but the flower must take down three flying enemies. The weaker flying enemies, Teratornis in The Guardians’ Way area, should be targeted.


Enemies use poison that drains the health of the player. This happens when enemies inject poison. The poison turns the health bar purple, and there will also be a purple heart beside it. The player will observe the health bar draining gradually.

The leach is to be used to cure the poison three times.


The screen creates a protective barrier around the player, and it soaks all the damage that was to be received by the player for a brief period. It is to be equipped with an ‘L2’ button ten times.


Tendril is a handy feature that is extremely helpful in healing while fighting tougher enemies. It allows the player to heal his health bar based on the damage dished out to the enemy. Heal by 750 HP this way.


Implant automatically fires at the enemies and blows damage to them for a short period. The task is to attack an enemy ten times with this feature.


Proximity mines, as you would know, are placed on the ground and explode as soon as an enemy is near it. The enemy is blasted in the air but isn’t eliminated. Use these mines to take down five enemies.

Also, it is to be noted that the enemy must only be knocked down and not killed. The challenge will not be completed if the enemy dies from the explosion. So, do not use this on weaker enemies.


Use the burrow to gather items. Collect a total of 5 items in this manner.

Cut and Run

This challenge is only available after a player has completed Chapter 5.

Use the combo of the ‘L1’, ‘R1’, and ‘circle’ buttons and create an explosion in front of the player. The player is pushed backward, whereas the enemies are damaged.

The challenge is completed by defeating 15 enemies in this way. Also, it is to be noted that the move can be made by using Frey’s magic; there is no requirement to swap a different magic type.


This challenge is only available if a player has completed Chapter 12.

Use the combo of ‘R3’ and ‘L3’ buttons to skip into a portal to move around. You can also avoid attacks for a short period. The combination of buttons is to be pressed again to cease the effect. Otherwise, it finishes naturally after some duration.

This move must be performed 15 times while fighting enemies for challenge completion.

Sila’s Magic (Red Magic)


Press and hold the ‘circle’ button and run towards the enemy. The character would leap over the enemy. After the leap, when the player is in midair, use ‘R2’ to attack the enemy using the Slice spell. Repeat this action 15 times.

Arc Slice

  • Level 1

Press and hold ‘R2’ to charge the sword. After you release it, the sword will swing and complete an arc in front of Frey. Any enemies standing close will be dealt with heavy damage. So, dish out total damage of 10000 damage using this move.

  • Level 2

Charge the swing and hit at least three enemies at a single time. To hit more enemies with this move, try performing it in front of a large enemy group, such as the break zombies. Hit three enemies ten times.

  • Level 3

Defeat five final enemies using the charged swing in an encounter. So, it is advised to try this challenge against a weak group of enemies to complete this task easily. Lure most enemies away and knock them, then perform the move against the final enemy.

Rage Slice

Press and hold ‘R2’ to charge, then release to perform the attack. The attack is several quick punches dished out to whoever is in front of the player.

The victim of attack for this challenge is specifically the Tantas’ Minions. Any enemies in The Tantas’ Minions section in the enemies’ archive are valid for the challenge. Also, this includes the Simulacrum enemies that are in the Flashback challenges count.

  • Level 1

A total of 3000 damage is to be dished out in this manner to the minions.

  • Level 2

While the combo is going on where ‘R2’ is pressed, use the left stick left or right stick to do the side-step and then continue the combo by releasing ‘R2’. This action is to be repeated 20 times. You can even perform this when you are not even in combat.

  • Level 3

After Frey has performed all the punches, her arms will be at her sides. Also, if at that point, ‘R2’ is released, an explosion occurs in front of her. A total of 25 enemies are to be killed by this explosion.

It is advised to start punching even when the enemies are away, then hold ‘R2’ and release it for explosion after approaching a group of enemies.

Blast Slice

  • Level 1

Power up using ‘R2’ and ready the spear, then release the button to release the spear towards an enemy. The spear explodes after some short duration. Kill 10 weaker enemies in this way that are also weak against Sila’s magic.

Moreover, to know if an enemy is weak to Sila’s magic, press the up key of the left emotes and hit the enemy under observation to view all its weaknesses and strengths. Moreover, Limnocyons in the plains just southeast of Cipal is mostly weak of Sila’s magic.

  • Level 2

The challenge’s goal is to strike enemies from a long distance by throwing a spear at them. The spear attack and the following explosion are considered valid for the count.

There is no certain distance threshold to keep in mind, but it has to be long enough to be considered valid. There should be a total of 15 valid counts.

  • Level 3

Using only the spear, kill three enemies with a single strike. The explosion also counts, so it is best to perform the move against many Breakzombies. This will ensure that the explosion kills more than 3, mainly when the zombies are clustered together.

This killing is to be done 15 times for challenge completion.


  • Level 1

The goal is to kill the last enemy in an encounter in a fight using Conflagration. The challenge is not very difficult since conflagration is used only once at the final enemy and does not have to be the last strike. This is to be done in 5 battles.

  • Level 2

Nightmares are a type of enemy that is found in Breakstorms. Therefore, to kill nightmares, find a Breakstorm, then find an enemy within the Breakstorms. Defeat it using conflagration. This is to be done with five enemies.

  • Level 3

The challenge’s goal is to deal 30000 damage using conflagration. Since this is level 3, you can use the combo of ‘R2’ and ‘L2’ through two waves of damage until Frey has stepped back on her own. There is more damage exerted this way.


The special actions demand the player to attach to Zip at some specific locations and perform actions. Furthermore, one such location is the rock on walls that launch a player upwards. These actions are to be performed 15 times at any location.


Use ‘L2’ for rushing towards an enemy and then knocking an enemy down, whichever one you hit. Knock down a total of 15 enemies in this manner.


Crucible brings a fiery ring around the character, and the damage a player does in that circle increases. The challenge demands the player to hit three enemies by being in that fiery ring. Also, the action should be done five times.

The player can aim by using ‘L2’ and check the ring on the ground. Otherwise, the enemies might come into the trap you laid. The best way to use it is to bring the ring when the player is in the middle of a cluster of Breakzombies.


Equipping, Fusillade calls a pair of fiery swords that stay behind Frey and stack any enemy that comes close to Frey and charge an attack. After casting them once, they are called five times, so five attacks can be dealt with swords.

Eight enemies are to be defeated with the sword attack. Since the swords do not deal much damage to the enemy, it is best to weaken the enemies with other attacks and use sword attacks to kill them.


Legion will call a pair of enemies that will attack other enemies that are near you. Their skill is similar to the Breakzombies, so they do not dish out serious blows, and you should use them will fewer enemies around you for challenge completion.

The goal is to make the friendly zombies kill opponents. Therefore, either damage the enemies yourself or use Bind to make them stay in one place. This way, the friendly zombies might kill the enemies. A total of 5 enemies are to be defeated by the friendly zombies.


Surprisingly, Aegis is very similar to Leach of Frey’s magic. However, the exception is that Aegis only heals attack and defense-reducing ailments depicted by a mana symbol or sometimes by a purple shield.

Aegis is best to be used on enemies that have a defense-reducing effect. Furthermore, one common enemy is the Teratornis that are flying around Praenost. Their spit attack dishes out defense-reducing effects. Use Aegis five times for challenge completion.


Using Beacon summons an orb that keeps following the player around. It increases the stamina of the player along with the regeneration rate. The beacon is to be used five times for challenge completion.


Equipping Soar makes the player do one more wall jump on top of the jump acquired from the Leap ability. Also, the challenge allows us to use them in a combo by jumping over vertically long surfaces. 10 tall objects are to be jumped over for challenge completion.


Rush is similar to what Shimmy way did. It makes the player move more swiftly and depends on timing. While the player is running in parkour, it gets red with fire, and at that time, press ‘circle’ again to get a boost. This is to be done 15 times to complete the challenge.

Drag and Drop

Use ‘L1’, ‘R1’, and ‘square’ collectively, dragging any enemy closer to you when switching to Sila’s magic. This can be performed without switching to any other magic type also.

The trick is to be done on an enemy that is far away. This will not work when the enemy is already very close to you. The challenge demands that this be done 20 times.


After a player has unlocked Amplify, it can be used to increase the Magic of Cloaks by using materials. Therefore, to complete the challenge, increase one of the stats to 50 or higher on one cloak.


A player can use a bombardier to kick an enemy, and the enemy explodes shortly after the kick. The explosion that results from the kick damages the enemy who was kicked and others around it.

To wisely complete the challenge, do this to only one enemy, so you are sure the explosion will kick him. Do this to 5 different enemies.


Using firetrap, a player summons lava under a targeted enemy, leaving some lava behind for a short period. The challenge requires performing this on enemies that have fallen on the ground.

However, the challenge can be completed relatively easily if the move is made on Breakzombies. Hit the zombies with an upgraded Blast Slice to displace them on the ground with a spear and then call the lava. Five enemies are to be attacked this way.

Ola’s Magic (Green Magic)


Use Dart to hit ten enemies in five seconds once. The attack can be called by pressing ‘R2’.

Storm Dart

  • Level 1

The storm dart fired at an enemy causes damage because of the waves generated from the fire and the bolt fire. Both these damages count for the challenge. It is better to fire darts at a group of Breakzombies, as you need 5000 damage for challenge completion.

  • Level 2

You can also lock storm darts when you are in the air. The move, like level 1, should also be done on a cluster of Breakzombies, and you can jump over them. A total of 25 enemies are to be hit for challenge completion.

  • Level 3

The player should attempt against one enemy with the final charge attack. This will shoot as many attacks as prior Dart hits you did on an enemy. The challenge is to hit five enemies in two seconds.

Seeker Dart

  • Level 1

Seeker dart moves between the enemies you hit and shocks them from above. Furthermore, performing this in a cluster of Breakzombies will ease the challenge completion. This action is to be only done once. The goal is to hit eight enemies at once.

  • Level 2

The challenge’s goal is to defeat any flying enemies using the Seeker dart. The typical prey can be the birds that roam around Praenost. 5 enemies are to be defeated this way.

  • Level 3

The goal is to hit the downed enemy. This also means the same enemy can be hit numerously, provided he doesn’t die. An enemy can be downed in any way, but the best way is to Charge, as it is the easiest. Do this with 20 enemies.

Pulse Dart

  • Level 1

Fire dart to a group of enemies, followed by a Pulse dart, so they all are hit at once. Breakzombies are also the best victim to complete this challenge. The damage to be dealt is 700.

  • Level 2

The goal is to kill enemies that are prone to Ola’s magic. Mostly the wolves and bears that roam near Cipal are weak to Ola’s magic, but any other enemies count also. Kill 15 of such enemies to complete the challenge.

Forspoken Cipal Area
Cipal region in Forspoken

  • Level 3

You would know Nightmares are a unique enemy type found in Breakstorms. Therefore, to complete the challenge, find Nightmares and kill five of them with Pulse darts.


  • Level 1

The goal is to damage three enemies with a strike. Use Tempest and damage at least three enemies. If Tempest is upgraded, the damage from all the waves is considered valid hits.

  • Level 2

The goal is to kill the final enemy in a battle with Tempest.

The challenge can be completed by defeating all the enemies involved in a battle and, therefore, allowing them to reduce your health bar critically. Also, as the cracks show up on the screen, finish that enemy with Tempest.

It must be noted that the player must be low on health. The game has been wrongly translated from Japanese to English here. The game mistranslates it, so please do as is stated here. This is to be only done once.

  • Level 3

The goal demands to dish out a cumulative total of 30000 damage using Tempest. The third level can involve the three waves of damage contributing to the total.


The challenge is to include a 4th effect on a necklace. You would know that crafting can enable you to add a 4th effect type to necklaces from the upgrade menu. Also, it is to be done only one time at any necklace of your choice.


The challenge is to press and hold the ‘triangle’ to use Scale. This action is to be performed ten times.


Spoof is a doge that helps a player be invisible in the air for a short time while perplexing the enemies. Press and hold ‘circle’ to dodge, and after the player is in the air, press either ‘R2’ or ‘L2’ to make Frey invisible and jump backward. It is to be performed ten times.


Distortion allows players to confuse enemies in a particular area, functioning like Brume. The challenge demands to use of Distortion and killing five confused enemies. You may use Distortion only once and kill five enemies if five are confused.


The challenge is to hit four enemies in two seconds. Aggression is just the basic Dart attack; the difference is that it creates a wave in front of the player. The action is performed best in front of a cluster of Breakzombies. The move is to be made only once.


The challenge is to hit enemies six times in just 2 seconds. Project is the inverse of Aggression. It hits one large bolt in front of the player and causes a big explosion. It is wise to complete this challenge before a large group of Breakzombies.


The challenge is to kill enemies prone to Ola’s magic. Compulsion uses some floating mines that blow up when they are near enemies and dish out some heavy damage to them. The best prey for these mines is wolves that roam around the Cipal area. Kill ten enemies in this way.


The challenge is to gain some HP using sublimation. With Sublimation, a player gradually heals himself in a certain period to a specific amount. The healing is also done on a full health bar without an ongoing battle. Heal up to 500 HP to complete the challenge.


Compensation enables players to increase the generation of Surge Magic when avoiding enemy attacks using magic parkour. The dodge should be done ten times to complete the challenge.


Use Suppression by pausing the game and clicking on “Photo Mode” in the menu. The challenge can be completed anytime by this method.


Displacement allows a player to place copies of Frey in places to take the enemy’s attention away and divide it. Moreover, the challenge demands to do this 15 times.

Hide and Seek

The challenge is to hit and damage enemies in ten seconds. If the player has stamina, he can switch to Ola’s magic as often as desired. However, there will not be much damage dealt in this way. Therefore, increase the Green magic power to match the 1000 damage threshold.

Whereas this can also be done to weaker enemies.

Prav’s Magic (Blue Magic)

Here are all the Spellcraft challenges for Prava’s magic.


The base bolt attack dealt with makes water spheres to be created around Frey. After the charged-up attack is released, the sphere is consumed by the attack and the attack dishes out more damage.

The challenge demands attacking the enemies while performing magic parkour while having the spheres around Frey. The best way to do this is by dodging enemies, jumping over them, and attacking in the air. Dish 500 damage to the enemy in this way.

Fan Bolt

  • Level 1

The challenge is to kill three enemies with one strike. Use the fan bolt and kill three enemies with one strike. The best way to do it is by performing the move against Breakzombies, as they are a weak enemy. Charge the fan bolt once and kill three enemies with it.

  • Level 2

The challenge is to destroy 15 enemies that are prone to Prav’s magic. Check an enemy’s vulnerabilities by pressing the up button and kill it with a bolt if it is weak to Prav. They are mainly around Limnocyon, southeast of the Cipal area, and some birds fly around Praenost.

  • Level 3

The challenge is to attack ten enemies with one strike. Since this involves more zombies being killed, it should be done against a cluster of Breakzombies. As they all are close enough that all ten can be damaged, fire.

Chain Bolt

  • Level 1

The goal is to damage with critical damage. Spell Inundation is used to increase the chance of hitting critical damage. However, critical damage is based on the chance it increases with each attack. The damage is shown in yellow numbers to know if the blow was critical.

The total damage dealt should be 1000 for challenge completion.

  • Level 2

Twenty-five enemies are to be hit that are far away. The distance is known, so you must hit enemies that seem very far, and the challenge shall be completed.

  • Level 3

Use the charge attack to dish damage to the enemies. A group of enemies, such as Breakzombies, is preferable since more enemies are required. Dish out total damage of 1500 in 30 seconds.

Cluster Bolt

  • Level 1

To findTantas’ minions, begin a Flashback challenge that requires you to kill enemies, and then, the Simulacrum versions of enemies count as Tantas’ minions. Defeat five minions to complete the challenge.

  • Level 2

Kill ten flying enemies with the charged attack of the cluster bolt. Some weak flying animals, such as Teratornis, are found in The Guardians’ Way region. Remember, they are not required to be flying when they are killed. So, ground them and then kill them.

  • Level 3

Challenge completion requires players to kill 7 of Nightmares using cluster bolt. Know that Nightmares are unique enemies, found only in the region of Breakstorms.


  • Level 1

The goal is to hit five enemies with one strike. Cataracts will suck all enemies to the center of the attack, and then other Surges can easily hit more than one enemy at once. Try this against a group of Breakzombies. Kill at least five enemies with this move on three different occasions.

  • Level 2

The goal is to kill enemies that are prone to Prav’s magic. Check if the enemy is weak against Prav’s magic by approaching it and pressing the ‘up’ button. Also, the most common victims are the animals around Limnocyon, regions southeast of Cipal, and some birds flying in Praenost.

The challenge demands killing ten such enemies.

  • Level 3

Dish out total damage of 30000 with Cataract.


The challenge demands gliding some distance. To skim across the water, press a ‘circle’ to glide for a distance of 1 km or 0.62 miles.


The challenge is to improve the defense of an item by crafting. The challenge demands increasing the defense of an item by 30 or more. Moreover, this is similar to Amplify.


As you did in Implant in Frey’s magic tree, fire a targeted projectile that will throw poison on an enemy. If it tracks more than one enemy, it will track among the enemies and spit poison several times. Fifteen enemies are to be affected this way.


The challenge is to heal from ailments that slow stamina recovery. Also, a 4-pointed purple star depicts all ailments with slow stamina recovery. Nightmare enemies commonly inflict these. Use ablution and cure yourself from it two times.


The challenge is dish out with critical hits while under the effect of Inundation. The player can use inundation and increase his odds of dishing out critical damage. The damage need not be critical, but it must be done under the effect of Inundation. 5000 damage is to be done this way.


Use Blast slice or charge to knock down a target and kill it. Five enemies are to be killed this way. Maelstrom has the same working pattern as Firetrap, so the challenge completion is also the same.


Brume is a smoke that troubles the enemy’s vision in a specific area. Attack 15 enemies with Brume for challenge completion.


The goal is to use a single strike and hit at least five enemies. Eagre functions are the inverse of Crucible, where enemies inside the set area are thrown away from the player. Stand in front of a bunch of Breakzombies for effectiveness. Affect five enemies with this move.


Use Alb and receive piercing or attacks that can’t be blocked. These two attacks are depicted by a red or purple 3-point star on an enemy just before them attacking you. If you have Alb activated, you can absorb the damage. Suffer ten such attacks.


Oubliette allows the players to put enemies in an orb of water, hold them in place, and deal damage for a small interval. Afterward, attack the orb, and it will break and cause damage to enemies around.

The challenge is to kill ten enemies with the damage from the orb.

Ending Notes

This is all you need to know about how to complete the Spellcraft challenges. Know more about the game length here.

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