Forspoken Spellcraft Challenges [Ultimate Guide]

Here is all you need to know about Forspoken Spellcraft challenges and how you can complete every challenge the game offers.

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Guide for all Forspoken Spell craft challenges.

Forspoken Spellcraft Challenges keep the game interesting and allow the players to test their limits. However, these challenges take on many forms and are sometimes difficult to accomplish. Though they may be tough, the rewards are fruitful.

For instance, you can enhance the magical abilities and stats of Frey by completing these challenges effortlessly. On the other hand, a handful of players run into a few issues that get in the way of activating said challenges. The only effective way is through the Pilgrim’s Refuge.

If you’re struggling with basic and enhanced combat modes, you can practice and improve them by completing the Spellcraft Challenges in Forspoken. I’ve included tables to help players complete the challenges in a much easier way. They include a few tips and explanations that provide alternatives!

Key Takeaways

  • Learn Magic spells using Mana, which is an in-game currency.
  • There are 105 Spells in Forspoken, and each comes with a single Spellcraft Challenge.
  • Enhance your spells and stats by completing these tasks.
  • The highest magic spells for Frey are 21 in total. Ola, Prav, and Sila have 17,15, and 18 magic spells, respectively.
  • Unlock the ‘Above and Beyond’ achievement by completing all the challenges.
  • The challenges require you to kill the enemies in a certain manner before you can upgrade your spells.

Here is a summary table for the character skills in Forspoken:

Frey’s Purple Magic
Sila’s Magic (Red Magic)
Ola’s Magic (Green Magic)

Prav’s Magic (Blue Magic)
-Burst Shot
-Scatter Shot
-Shield Shot
-Arc Slice
-Rage Slice
-Blast Slice
-Storm Dart
-Seeker Dart
-Pulse Dart
-Fan Bolt
-Chain Bolt
-Cluster Bolt

Forspoken Spellcraft Challenges

Snippet of Forspoken gameplay
Forspoken gameplay

These challenges are a helping tool for players to improve their gameplay by understanding the combination of Frey and her spells simultaneously. Thus allowing them to unleash the full potential of their main character. Not only that, other magic-type users as well!

How to Begin:

  • Interact with the bookshelf in Pilgrim’s Refuge to initiate challenges.
  • Select up to three challenges simultaneously for efficient completion.


  • Utilize techniques like parkour and Shimmy to fulfill tasks.
  • Opt for challenges with similar objectives to streamline progress.


  • Challenges are optional; players can bypass them to focus solely on gameplay advancement.


  • Upon completion, access the magic menu to upgrade spells.

Next Steps:

  • Let’s delve into Frey’s magic and the corresponding Spellcraft Challenges.

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Frey’s Purple Magic

Alfre Holland popularly known as Frey Holland has around 21 spells diversified into support, lethal, surge ability, and parkour. For instance, Shimmy and Leap are both parkour spells whereas Prime and Genesis are support and surge abilities respectively.

Progressing through the game accompanied by Cuff, you can learn more spells for your character to make them stronger and better than before! Aside from the 21 spells Frey has, you’ll find that the Shift ability is unlocked near the end of the game, which is a parkour spell.

Spellcraft Challenges for Frey’s Magic can be found below alongside their requirements and how fast and efficiently you can clear them!

1. Shot:

  • Basic task: Attack enemies using magic parkour 35 times.
  • Utilize parkour spells like Shimmy or Leap while engaging enemies.

2. Burst Shot:

  • Releases quick explosions to push back enemies.
  • Completing tasks enhances the spell’s effectiveness.
  • Focus on weaker enemies or those weak against Purple magic.
Level 1Level 2Level 3
Defeat enemies that are prone to purple magic i.e. Frey's magic ten times.Defeat 3 enemies using Burst Shot. Make sure you kill them in a single strike!Hit your enemies from behind 45 times.

3. Scatter Shot:

  • Builds up power to damage enemies directly.
  • Level 1: Deal 10,000 damage.
  • Level 2: Deal 1,500 damage within 60 seconds.
Level 1Level 2Level 3
Deal 10,000 damage to enemies by building up power.Within sixty seconds, build up power and strike enemies Hit 2 enemies with a piercing attack and repeat it 20 times to complete the task.

4. Shield Shot:

  • Summons a shield to damage enemies with explosive cells.
  • Level up tasks: Perform specific actions a set number of times.
Level 1Level 2Level 3
A fairly easy task that requires you to knock down 25 enemies.Perform counterattacks 15 times and defeat your enemies.Attack your enemies after rushing straight toward them head-on! You'll need to do it 70 times though.

5. Genesis:

  • Powerful surge magic dealing high damage in an area of effect.
  • Level 2 allows casting twice in a row with increased damage.
  • Target enemies vulnerable to Purple Magic for efficient progress.
Level 1Level 2Level 3
You will have to look for enemies that are vulnerable to Frey's Purple Magic. I already mentioned the area where you can find these enemies. Once you do, defeat 10 of them to complete the challenge!You have to defeat the last standing enemy in a battle to complete the challenge. Do it 5 times!Damage your enemies up to a limit of 30,000 or more to upgrade Genesis to Level 3!
SpellChallenge Requirement
FlowYou'll need to use Magic Parkour to evade attacks 25 times.
LeapYou'll need to keep climbing any large wall you can find until the challenge is completed.
ShimmyA very simple task that requires you to Shimmy 50 times.
ModifyYou need to transform 15 Breakshards using crafting.
RarifyAs the name suggests, you have to increase the rarity/value of Breakshards 15 times using crafting. Also, you can upgrade any material that ends with bloom to finish the task.
VivifyYou have to enhance the health boost of a necklace more than 50 times using crafting.
BindUse the Bind spell to confine your enemies in a single spot and then move behind them swiftly to deal damage. You have to defeat your enemies from behind. (0/1000)
DisperseDefeat 3 enemies that are flying toward you to attack.
LeachA fairly easy task that requires you to heal yourself from poison 3 times.
ScreenIt creates a barrier that protects Fey from any incoming damage. Thus, the task requires you to trigger Screen 10 times while you're in battle!
TendrilYou'll have to steal and absorb health from your enemies. Ensure targeting multiple weak enemies to complete the task quickly. (0/750)
ImplantFey delivers a projectile toward the enemies to deal them damage slowly and over time. Use Implant on your enemies 10 times to complete the task!
PrimePlace Traps on the ground to knock down 5 enemies without killing them. It won't count if they die from the explosive!
BurrowScan the nearby radius using Burrow and pick up 5 nearby items.
Cut and RunAfter completing Chapter 5, defeat your enemies 15 times.
SkipSimilar to Cut and Run, you can only perform the challenge after completing Chapter 12. Skip allows Frey to be immune to all damage and you need to trigger it 15 times during battle!

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    Sila’s Magic (Red Magic)

    I would prefer using Purple Magic with the following combination of spells to unlock mastery: Genesis Level 2, Prime, Leach, and Disperse. These spells should be unlocked first.

    There are multiple move sets for Sila’s Red Magic, and they are mentioned here along with their associated challenges as follows;


    1. Slice:

    • Leap over enemies and attack them from behind.
    • Challenge: Perform this action 15 times while airborne.

    2. Arc Slice:

    • Level 2 and 3 challenges: Attack a group of enemies, then finish off the final enemy.

    3. Blast Slice:

    • Level 3 challenge: Attack a group of enemies, then defeat the remaining enemy.

    4. Rage Slice:

    • Level 1 challenge: Defeat Simulacrum enemies.


    • Look for Kelaino enemies near Cipal or in Avoalet to complete challenges.
    • Kelaino enemies are relatively weak, making completion easier.
    • Utilize group attacks to efficiently complete certain challenges.
    SpellLevel 1Level 2Level 3
    Arc SlicePress R2 to charge your weapon and build up power gradually. Deal 10,000 damage to your enemies to complete the challengeThere's nothing complicated with this challenge and it only requires you to hit 3 or more enemies with a single strike. You need to do this 10 times to complete the challenge.Similar to the previous challenge series, this one also requires Frey to defeat the final enemy standing at the end of the battle. You have to defeat 5 final enemies.
    Rage SliceThe Tanta's Minions can be found in the Ghelenek Village in the Untrodden Forest region. The challenge requires you to defeat these minions using your charged attack with Rage Slice and deal 3,000 damage.When you're performing a flurry of attacks while equipping Rage Slice. You need to perform 20 sidesteps to complete the challengeLevel 3 Rage Slice requires you to defeat enemies using an explosive blow. Perform a final blow 25 times.
    Blast SliceThe Blast Slice needs to be performed on enemies that are weak to Sila's Magic. You can find them in Avoalet and finish them off quickly instead of the Kelaino's. Defeat 10 of those enemies.Deal damage to enemies from a long range 10 times.Defeat 3 enemies using Blast Slice once so that they are killed in a single blow. Do this 15 times.
    ConflagrationSimilar to Arc Slice level 3, you need to defeat the final enemy 5 times.Nightmares are powerful enemies in Forspoken and they can be found in the Tempest and other ruins. Defeat these nightmares 5 times.Build up power using Conflagration and deal 30,000 damage to enemies. The spell summons a magma pool that deals damage over time.
    SpellChallenge Requirement
    ZipYou'll need to perform special actions 15 times using Zip.
    ChargeYou have to charge toward your enemies and knock them down 15 times.
    CrucibleAn arena is summoned that's engulfed in flames. You have to hit three enemies in a single strike. To complete the challenge you have to do this 5 times!
    FusilladeNow you need to find enemies vulnerable to Sila's Red Magic. Defeat 8 of those enemies to complete the challenge!
    LegionYou have to defeat 5 enemies by summoning multiple AI robots from Legion.
    AegisYou need to use Aegis to remove any type of debuff that affects your attack and/or defense. Do this 5 times to complete the challenge.
    BeaconTo complete the challenge, you have to use Beacon 5 times during the battle.
    SoarSimilar to the wall climbing, Frey can soar even higher when running up walls. So you need to climb a certain distance to complete the challenge. (0/10)
    Rushenhance the speed of the Flow ability using Rush 15 times.
    Drag and DropAny enemy knocked out in front of you can be pulled toward you using this Spell. You need to perform it 20 times to complete the challenge!
    AmplifySimilar to boosting the necklace's health, you need to use crafting and enhance the cloak's magic boost by more than 50!
    BombardierUse the spell on the final enemy left standing in a battle. Do this 5 times to complete the challenge. You'll need to do it in 5 battles.
    FiretrapThe spell brings forth a hot pool of lava that burns your enemies down. Use the spell and attack 5 downed enemies.

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    Ola’s Magic (Green Magic)


    By performing this spell, Frey can mark enemies to strike them down later with her charged attacks. The challenge associated with this spell requires the players to strike enemies 10 times within 5 seconds. You only need to do it once to complete the challenge. If you’re having a hard time striking enemies in the required time stamp, you can always target weaker enemies or zombies.

    SpellLevel 1Level 2Level 3
    Storm DartYou need to charge your attack using Storm Dart and deal 5,000 damage to the enemies.You need to hit 25 enemies while you're airborne to complete the challenge.It requires you to complete the challenge within 2 seconds. Strike 5 enemies using Storm Dart within 2 seconds. You only need to perform it once.
    Seeker DartThe spell summons multiple bolts of lightning and you need to hit enemies 8 times within 2 seconds. Do this once to complete the challenge.Any enemy that can fly or an enemy you've leaped into the air has to be defeated while he's in the air. Defeat them 5 times.You need to finish 20 knocked enemies.
    Pulse DartThe spell emits beams of light that passes through the enemies while dealing damage. You need to deal 700 damage within 1 second. Try hitting multiple enemies in an area to deal enough damage.Enemies that are vulnerable to Olas' Green magic can be found all over Athia, mainly Ogres. Alternatively, you can find low level Ogres in Avoalet or Brass Caverns in Praenost. The challenge requires you to defeat 15 of these enemies.Once again the challenge requires you to defeat 5 nightmares which you can find in the Tempest.
    TempestYou need to hit 3 enemies with a single strike from Tempest. Do this 5 times.For this challenge to succeed, your health needs to be at its extreme lowest and then you have to use Tempest to defeat the final enemy in a battle. Do this once.Use Tempest to charge your attack and then deal 30,000 damage to enemies. Again, you can finish this quickly if you're attacking multiple weaker enemies like zombies.

    SpellChallenge Requirement
    DiversifyYou'll need to add a fourth effect to a necklace once using crafting.
    ScaleThe spell allows Frey to charge up and jump high into the air. It is a much better approach than Soar. You'll need to use Scale 10 times to complete the challenge.
    SpoofYou can evade enemy attacks by using Spoof and leave a clone of yourself at the original location. Use Spoof 10 times in battle. If you're having difficulties, you can always time the spell after leaping into the air.
    DistortionIt summons a hazy mist that confuses the enemies and deals damage. Use Distortion to defeat 5 enemies while they are confused.
    AggressionThis is a timed challenge that requires you to strike four enemies within 2 seconds. If you can't do it under the timer, it will reset making you repeat the challenge. You'll have to do this only once.
    ProjectionIt throws a spear at the enemies that explodes upon impact. You need to strike the enemies six times within two seconds. Do this 1 time to complete the challenge.
    CompulsionUse Compulsion to defeat enemies that are weak to Olas' magic 10 times.
    SublimationWhen you've taken damage, use Sublimation to heal yourself. Heal 500 HP to complete the challenge.
    CompensationIt is a Surge magic that regenerates instantly when Frey uses Parkour to evade enemy attacks. You'll need to charge your Surge Magic 50 times.
    SuppressionYou can turn invisible to enemies and if you move the spell loses its effects. Use Suppression and activate the Photo Mode one time.
    DisplacementThe spell can summon a copy of Frey to confuse the enemies. Use it 15 times during battle.
    Hide and SeekFrey can switch to Olas' magic set while moving around at the speed of lightning and throws darts/projectiles at the enemies. Use it to hit enemies within 10 seconds and deal 1,000 damage.

    If you’re having trouble completing the Hide and Seek challenge, remember to spam the spell as much as possible. Alternatively, you can use it on a weak group of enemies. Apart from that, enemies vulnerable to Green Magic can be found in Athia during your first encounter.

    You’ll find plenty of Ogres lurking around in the Brass Caverns in Praenost and Avoalet. They are always found in groups making it easier for you to complete the Forspoken Spellcraft Challenges quickly.

    Prav’s Magic (Blue Magic)


    To every type of Magic spell, be it Green, Red, or Purple, there is always one basic spell type in the magic tree that can be used to dish out damage to the enemies. In this regard, Bolt is a ranged spell that shoots out balls of water. It can also be used as a charged attack once the spheres of water encircle Frey.

    For the challenge associated with this ranged spell, you need to charge Bolt and deal damage to the enemies under the influence of Parkour abilities. The damage you need to dish out needs to be over 500.

    SpellLevel 1Level 2Level 3
    Fan BoltThe spell shoots out various arrows linked together that deal damage in an Area of Effect. You need to use the spell to defeat 3 enemies in a single strike. Perform it three times in the same way to complete the challenge.Defeat 15 enemies that are weak against blue magic.A fairly simple challenge that requires the players to use Fan Bolt and strike 10 enemies in a single strike 3 times. Again, very easy to complete against multiple weak targets.
    Chain BoltThe Chain Bolt can fire two arrows followed by the initial arrow. It can also paralyze the enemies and deal more damage if both the arrows hit the same area. Use Chain Bolt to deal critical hits on enemies while also dealing 1,000 damage to them. Use Chain Bolt as a long range spell and attack your enemies from a distance 25 times.The challenge requires you to charge the spell and deal 1500 damage to your enemies within 30 seconds.
    Cluster BoltThe location for Tanta's Minions was mentioned earlier. You can find them in Ghelenek Village in the Untrodden Forest region. You have to defeat 5 of them.Enemies that can fly need to be defeated while they are in the air. Defeat 10 of them to complete the challenge.Unlike the previous challenge for Conflagration, you need to defeat 7 nightmares. They can be found in Ruins as well as the Tempest.
    CataractThe spell summons a highly dense vortex of water that pulls the enemies inside. You need to hit 5 enemies using Cataract in a single strike. Do this 3 times.Enemies vulnerable to Blue Magic are Gruagach found near Cipal. You can also search for Teratornis birds around Praenost as an alternative. Defeat these enemies 10 times.You need to get the Cataract spell charged up before dealing 30,000 damage to enemies.

    Enemies that are vulnerable to Blue Magic are mainly Gruagach, which can be found near Cipal. You can’t miss them out because a lot of them roam around the initial areas. They are very easy to hunt, similar to the Ogres, because they are weak and hunt in groups.

    SpellChallenge Requirement
    GlideGlide can be used to skim across water surfaces for a period of time. You need to use this spell to travel enough distance to complete the challenge. (0m/1km)
    FortifyBoost your item's defenses by more than 30. You can boost them by using crafting.
    NaedreYou need to poison 15 enemies to complete the challenge. By using Naedre, you can summon projectiles that poisons the enemy instantly upon impact.
    AblutionYou need to cure yourself of any debuff that slows your stamina recovery. Cure them 2 times to complete the challenge.
    InundationAfter increasing the critical hit rate for Frey, you need to deal critical hits to enemies. (0/5000)
    MaelstromUse the spell on 5 enemies that you have knocked down to complete the task.
    BrumeAttack enemies 15 times by using Brume to blind their eyes.
    EagreUse the water barrier created by Eagre to hit 5 or more enemies in a single summoning.
    AlbAlb allows you to take less damage from any piercing and unblockable attacks thrown at you. Therefore, use Alb and sustain piercing or unblockable attacks from the enemies 10 times.
    OublietteSummon a huge ball of water and defeat 10 enemies!
    Up and AwayYou need to hit 3 enemies with a single strike to complete the task.

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    Final Thoughts

    The challenges can be tough for every first runner playing Forspoken. It is needless to say, these tasks are challenging. However, if you follow the tips mentioned in my guide, you can always be sure to complete them without any complications AND within the appropriate time. You won’t have to spend hours of game time to complete these challenges.

    Furthermore, these spells can reach their maximum potential once you overcome the challenges, making Frey stronger. The challenges make up for a fun element in the game. With that, I end my guide on Forspoken Spellcraft Challenges and hope that I was clear enough for all the players out there having trouble completing them. You can learn more about the length of the game by reading the “Forspoken Game Length Explained” guide.

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