Forspoken Spells [Full List]

Here are all the Forspoken Spells, including Frey, Sila, Prav, and Olas's Magic, with proper guide.

Forspoken Spells
Forspoken Spells

Forspoken contains a vast variety of spells. You’ll probably want to spend a lot of money on various skills and spells to get the most out of Forspoken’s combat.

Forspoken Spells

Key Takeaways

  • Forspoken contains spells up to 100; all have their unique effects and damage.
  • Mainly there are four types of magic in Forspoken.
  • Frey’s magic is based on soil, which means her magic is Earth-Based.
  • Sila’s magic is your’s once you have completed Chapter 9
  • Prav’s power can be acquired at the start of Chapter 5.
  • Olav’s magic is the last that we will discover in Forspoken.

There are four types of magic in Forspoken. Purple magic, blue magic, red magic, and green magic are the four spell groups that Frey eventually assembles after beginning with just one set of spells in a single magic type. These spell groups each have a unique advantage and call for a unique playstyle. Assault spells, eight support spells, an ultimate/surge power, and numerous parkour skills are all included in each spell set.

Frey Holland

Spells are important for Frey to fight against the deadliest monsters of Athia.

Here is the list of all Forspoken spells, concerning their characters.

Frey Magic

Frey is the Protagonist of the game. Frey’s Magic is focused on the soil, which means her magic is Earth-Based and emphasizes plants and minerals. Additionally, it provides a variety of skills, such as Tendril, that allow you to heal as you attack enemies.

Frey Using Magic

Attack Spells:

  • Scatter Shot
  • Scatter shot lv 2
  • Scatter Shot lv 3
  • Shield Shot
  • Sheild Shot Lv 2
  • Sheild Shot Lv 3
  • Burst Shot
  • Burst Shot Lv 2
  • Burst Shot Lv 3

Support Spells:

  • Tendril
  • Leach
  • Prime
  • Implant
  • Disperse
  • Screen
  • Burrow
  • Bind

Movement Spells:

  • Flow
  • Leap
  • Shimmy
  • Cut and Run
  • Skip
  • Genesis
  • Genesis Lv 2
  • Genesis Lv 3

Passive Spells:

  • Modify
  • Rarify
  • Vivify

Prav’s Magic

Prav’s power, which revolves around water, can be acquired at the start of Chapter 9. Though it is not a particularly potent spell set, it is very useful nonetheless. Its greatest asset is its ability to defeat massive enemy armies.

Prav’s Magic

Attack Spells:

  • Fan Bolt
  • Fan Bolt Lv 2
  • Fan Bolt Lv 3
  • Chain Bolt
  • Chain Bolt Lv 2
  • Chain Bolt Lv 3
  • Cluster Bolt
  • Cluster Bolt Lv 2
  • Cluster Bolt Lv 3

Support Spells:

  • Maelstrom
  • Ablution
  • Oubliette
  • Inundation 
  • Naedre 
  • Alb
  • Eagre
  • Brume
  • Cataract
  • Cataract Lv 2
  • Cataract Lv 3

Movement Spells:

  • Up and Away 
  • Glide
  • Float

Passive Spell:

  • Fortify

Sila’s Magic

Sila’s Magic is yours once you’ve finished Chapter 5. It is a series of fire-themed spells with a focus on offensive tactics. It’s helpful to master Sila’s Magic’s aggressive playstyle immediately because many foes are vulnerable to it. Sila’s spell set excels in dealing with lone enemies, whereas other spell sets perform better against groups.

The foundational move of Sila is a slicing combination with a hot sword. It’s fantastic for dealing damage when casting a fully charged spell, isn’t the best option because it’s quick and forceful.

Sila’s Magic

Attack Spells:

  • Arc Slice
  • Arc Slice Lv 2
  • Arc Slice Lv 3
  • Rage Slice
  • Rage Slice Lv 2
  • Rage Slice Lv 3
  • Blast Slice
  • Blast Slice Lv 2
  • Blast Slice Lv 3

Support Spell:

  • Legion 
  • Crucible 
  • Firetrap 
  • Aegis 
  • Charge 
  • Beacon 
  • Bombardier
  • Fusillade
  • Conflagration
  • Conflagration Lv 2
  • Conflagration Lv 3

Movement Spells:

  • Rush
  • Drag and Drop 
  • Zip
  • Soar

Passive Spell:

  • Amplify

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Olas’s Magic

Olas’s Magic, which is based on thunder and lightning, is the last spell set you’ll discover in Forspoken. There are many spells with practical applications that focus on taking command of the battlefield and outpacing your enemies.

Olas’ standard assault will launch incredibly brittle but speedy and precise darts at your opponents. They will be “marked” by these, which will cause your main assault spells to hit them much harder. More marks will be targeted by an attack spell the longer it is charged.

Attack Spells:

  • Dart
  • Seeker Dart
  • Seeker Dart Lv 2
  • Seeker Dart Lv 3
  • Storm Dart
  • Storm Dart Lv 2
  • Storm Dart Lv 3
  • Pulse Dart
  • Pulse Dart Lv 2
  • Pulse Dart Lv 3

Support Spells:

  • Projection
  • Compulsion
  • Displacement
  • Distortion 
  • Compensation
  • Aggression 
  • Sublimation
  • Tempest
  • Parkour

Movement Spells:

  • Hide and Seek
  • Spoof
  • Scale
  • Suppresion

Passive Spell:

  • Diversify 

These are all the spells in Forspoken, that you unlock at different stages of the game.

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