Forspoken Trophy Guide [Full List]

This detailed Forspoken Trophy Guide covers all trophies in game including the hidden, non-hidden, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Forspoken all trophies guide Trophy
Forspoken Trophy Guide

Forspoken brings us many trophies, including normal and hidden ones. We have made this trophy guide so you can conveniently look for each of them and earn those trophies instantly.

Key Takeaways

  • On PlayStation 5, players get to collect 24 trophies, whereas there are 53 for PC gamers.
  • In this article, you will learn about all trophies available in the game.
  • There are 23 Bronze trophies and another 20 Bronze Trophies which are hidden.
  • There are 7 Silver trophies that are hidden.
  • There are 2 hidden Gold Trophies.
  • There is only 1 Platinum Trophy in the game.
  • Our trophy guide will also explain the ways to attain all these trophies.

Forspoken All Trophies

Platinum Trophy


Complete all the trophy missions and earn them to get the Forspoken trophy.

Bronze Trophies


The first thing to do is complete “Dance in Cipal”: Detour. It is available in chapter 6. As soon as you finish it, move towards chapter 13 for “Cipal Reborn”: Detour. Then speak to the Pilo and ask, “Wanna dance”? By doing so, “Dancing in Cipal: Encore,” a side quest will begin.

Then again, have a conversation with him and start “Dancing in Cipal: Finale” by asking him to dance again. This will be the last step, and to earn the Moves trophy, you will have to finish the mini-game. It can be difficult, but you can do it easily with good preparation.


Communicate with Johedy for the completion of “Lost Lullabies.” Visit chapter 13 for this purpose. Now next step is to say the prayer. Above the archives, there will be a prayer going on in remembrance of the departed ones.

Go there and select all 4 options individually, and then you will receive the respective trophy.


While moving forward in a story, you attain the firewood through which you lit the fire. If you have it in your inventory, head to a suitable area and set it up. And then you will receive the Outdoorsperson trophy.

The campfire is useful as you can rest there and do the gear upgradation and crafting.

A Roaring Trade

To accomplish the roaring trade trophy, you need to have all the 9 poppets you will trade later on with other items. To earn the poppets, complete the 9 cat chases in Cipal. Then head to the merchant and exchange poppets with all items available there.

There will be 4 items, including Nugget, Pelerine, Bumbershoot, and Strength. The amount of poppets for each of them varies respectively.

Pilgrimage: Initiate

a visit to the very first monument to unlock the Pilgrimage Initiate achievement.

Explorer: Seeker

To get your hands on this trophy, you must go to the open-world points of interest. Here you get certain types of objectives to complete.

Unlocked Potential

You get this one during the story as well. The Unlocked potential trophy demands you to utilize mana to learn the spell for the first time. Mana is an in-game currency that can be collected in several ways.

Call Of The Fount: Baptized

Head to the Fount of blessing to attain the fascinating magical abilities. You get the trophy when this happens for the first time. The Founts of blessing can be recognized through their enchanting and glowing appearance; they are a kind of water pool.

On reaching any of them, make a jump, and you will get the ability.  


Your first time crafting an object gets you the Tinkerer trophy. In the story, there are many materials that you may get to craft certain items, such as potions and boosts.

Endless Runner

As its name sounds, it involves traveling by using magic parkour. You need to travel a distance of 100km. Just wander around, and you will get this trophy once the requirement is fulfilled.

Hell Of A Run

The way to achieve this trophy is by using magic parkour constantly for 20 seconds. Make sure to perform it without a break, or you will have to do it again.  

Hop, Step, Jump

You must have the shimmy spell for its completion; otherwise, you won’t be able to do it. After getting a shimmy, in case you didn’t have one, look for the area where you can perform 5 shimmies without interruption in a single row. Getting this trophy is simple and fun.

Check out List of spells in Forspoken to learn more about spells in Forspoken


To unlock the shocker trophy, you must encounter the three enemies and give them a shock. Remember that you must electrocute all three of them at once.

I Can Fly

The first step is to unlock the float spell; for this, you must reach the Lilac Fount in Visoria. Head to the south from the plateau, and you will get there. Jump in it to unlock the spell. Upgrade it by selecting the spelling challenge.

Head to the refuge to accept it from a bookshelf. Then it will ask you to stay in the air for 6 seconds, eventually reducing stamina usage. The last step to gain the trophy is to stay in the air for 10 seconds; after this, you will receive it.

Help Me Out Here

The attainment of this trophy demands you to use the disperse in a single battle three times. You get this spell early in the game, so you don’t have to wait much to earn this trophy.

Leap Frogger

This one may sound easy, but it still requires skills. All you have to do is to jump over the opponent 10 times. Just make sure you hold your commands rightly.

Knock Em Dead

Look out for the right moment and knock out the three enemies by causing a blast through surge magic. The minimum requirement is three enemies else; you can even kill more.

No Mercy

You have to perform the killer blow move thirty times. This can be done when you have given much damage to an enemy, and now it is on the ground, vulnerable to more attacks. The killer blows allow you to deal a more significant amount of damage.

Tit For Tat

Perform the precision counter 10 times, and then unlock Tit for Tat trophy. This requires accuracy; stay alert when the adversary is about to attack you and then make this move.

Above And Beyond

Getting this trophy is a bit challenging and overwhelming as it requires you to upgrade all your spells. First, unlock all the spells in Forspoken and then upgrade them by accepting the spell challenges.  

Through The Eyes Of Another Empath

Make your way towards the monument of wisdom and complete the flashback challenge. As you complete your first challenge, this trophy will be yours.

Happy Snapper

Here this is another trophy achievement that includes hectic tasks to do. It goes as showing pictures to children that you have taken in all the photo spots. These spots are great in number, and the way to identify them is that you see the photo spot icon.

So on seeing one, go and interact with it to take a snap.

Cat Person

This one is adorable, as you have to become friends with all the Tantas Familiar. The cat monuments in Forspoken are named Tantas Familiar monuments. Interact with them, and the cat will spawn at your place. Then you will have to act sneaky until you get close to it and become able to pet the cat.

Hidden Trophies-Bronze

The Hue Of The Blue

This trophy is also related to the story, and you will attain it by the end of chapter 7. Players are required to surrender themselves to the otherworldly justice, and then they will get this The Hue of Blue trophy.


On getting the mysterious golden bracelet while finishing chapter 1, you will earn this trophy. So it will be your first trophy in Forspoken.

Damned If You Do

The damned if you do trophy unlocks at the end of chapter 6. This chapter is short but also brings certain challenges, so once you taste the sweetness of peace and the disaster’s bitterness, this trophy will be yours.


Earn this trophy by completing chapter 2, as this one is also related to the story. The main event in it is that you will have to encounter the giant dragon and defeat it. And then, in the end, you will get the Stuck trophy.

Might And Main

Defeat the Tanta Sila in chapter 5 to gain this trophy. The fight may include two stages, so you must play with appropriate tactics to win the fight. Take care of your health by keeping the potions and try to dodge as much as possible, and make an attack when you get the perfect chance.

What Must Be Done

The accomplishment of chapter 4 will get you this trophy. The chapter holds difficulties, and you will have to survive through them.

The Interloper

Another trophy that players can earn at the end of a chapter. You have to take revenge on an enemy, and it will be the Recreant knight in chapter 3. Take down your opponent and gain the Interloper trophy.


You have to craft one healing item and two original pieces of equipment for Frey. Crafting the former is easy, but you will need a sewing kit for the latter. You can look for the kit near the fount from where you got the float spell.

The Truth Will Be Out

Chapter 8 completion gets you this trophy. This chapter undoubtedly involves trials, and you have to win to earn a trophy. Turn down Tanta Prav with proper attacks and dodging techniques, and you can win easily.


In this one, you must kill the enemy bounded by a status effect, termed Tangled, using Sila’s magic. Firstly, attack it by selecting Frey’s bind ability and then use Sila’s ability on it.

Breaking Point

You can earn this trophy instantly by completing chapter 9, which is much shorter. You will get to learn the hard truth but will have to accept the harder one by the end of the story.

Realized Potential

Forspoken has tons of spells for you; this trophy can be earned by learning all the spells you can. It means it doesn’t require you to learn all of them, but still, you must not miss any spell when you get a chance to learn it.


This Forspoken bronze trophy ends at the end of chapter 11. Well, after you go through many events, you will be presented with portal choices. Go for the left to earn the trophy, while choosing the right will end the story.

But no need to worry; if you select the right portal, you can go to the main menu and opt for the “Continue game” option, which will get you back to the choices.

Pilgrimage Novice

Visit a minimum of 20 monuments to get this trophy. These are basically enormous size statues that you will get to see in Athia.

Explorer Pathfinder

For the Explorer Pathfinder trophy, you must visit 50 points of interest. There are different types of Points of interest in Forspoken.


Players receive this trophy by completing the side quest, the Detour “Lost Lullabies. You can begin the quest by speaking to the Johedy, and on finishing the quest, you will get it.


The Rebirth story is associated with another side quest: Detour “Cipal Reborn”. Talk to the pilot to initiate this quest. You will have to accomplish the 3 challenges that will be given to you, and then you can have the trophy.

Through The Eyes Of Another Seer

Do this achievement by visiting the 10 monuments to wisdom and completing the flashback challenges there. You can go for any 10 of your choice.

From Every Angle

To get it, first, you must unlock all Tanta magic spells. These are Earth, Fire, Water, and Electric. Then in a single battle, you will have to use all of them. The Earth spell is available from the beginning,

while to unlock the other three spells, you will have to defeat the main enemies in the game.

Barely There

The task of having this trophy is more like hide-and-seek. You have to get out of people’s sight until they forget about you. The time to stay hidden is 10 seconds.

Hidden Trophies-Silver

Through The Eyes Of Another Visionary

Now, you must complete each flashback challenge by visiting the monuments to wisdom. These challenges may include a variety of combats offering rewards afterwards.

Pilgrimage Adept

For the Pilgrimage: Adept trophy, you must visit a total of 50 statues out of 54 in the game, called monuments.

Kit And Caboodle

It is another trophy that can consume much time as you have to attain all the equipment in the game except the ones you get through sub-quests. For this purpose, you will have to visit various locations, craft the items, and kill the bosses. Besides this, there will also be tasks out of the story for you.

So, keep playing until you get all of them.


Completing chapter 12, which is the last one, will get you this trophy. It is pretty straight forward, and again it is story related.


The Paragon trophy is achievable only when you learn every spell in Forspoken.  To make the process fast, you can get spells by spending mana.

Explorer Trailblazer

This trophy can be acquired by visiting the 100 points of interest in the game.

Call Of The Fount Beatified

You have to gather the magical abilities from all founts of blessing. There are 12 of them, and it is easy to find their location. You don’t have to wander on the map searching for these founts. View them on the map by clicking the “?” on the skill tree.

Hidden Trophies-Gold


Unlocking 80% of archives gets you the Archivist trophy. The archive is about tracking the interaction you make with everything. Completing the story events and side quests is greatly helpful in this regard. Besides this, the points of interest also get you the archive entry.


Abominations are the most potent bosses in the whole game. And this trophy can be obtained only by defeating all of them. They are 4 abominations and too hard to defeat. So have your proper health items by your side and get the upgraded tools to fight against them perfectly.

Closing Remarks

We hope that our Forspoken trophy guide has been helpful to you and that it may have guided you in understanding the ways to earn those trophies. Stay tuned with us till our next guide.

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