Diablo 4: Fortify [How To Use & Tips]

A comprehensive overview of a defensive mechanic Fortify in Diablo 4.

Fortify Stat in Diablo 4
Defensive Mechanic-Fortify(Guide)

The fourth new installment in the  Diablo series is a game set in a dark fantasy world. It consists of several new features hardly seen in other games, such as a skill tree system and other mechanisms. Fortify is one of the defensive mechanics and can be effectively used in Diablo 4 to make your player stronger and more potent.

Key Takeaways

  • In Diablo 4, Fortify is a helpful stat that reduces damage by 10%.
  • A defensive stat that plays the role of shield and absorbs the incoming damage.
  • Fortify is a valuable tool for players, with particular significance for tanks and melee characters.
  • You become fortified when you gain additional fortify than your current health.
  • Acquiring it through skills, items, and runes is the only option to attain Fortify.
  • It has a limited duration. Therefore, the players should use it strategically.

How To Gain Fortify

  1. Gaining Fortify in Diablo 4 can benefit the player as it can be used to stay alive during combat for a more extended period by decreasing the damage output by 10%.
  2. To determine if your character is fortified in Diablo 4, look at the health meter at the bottom left of the screen.
  3. This health gauge consists of a large red ball that decreases when you sustain damage from the enemies.
  4. Additionally, there are two thin red lines surrounding this health gauge. These two lines indicate the current Fortify status.
Fortify in Diablo 4
Using Fortify To Absorb The Damage Output (Captured by us)

Therefore, there are some ways through which a player can obtain Fortify within the game and level up their armor.

Through Weapons

  1. It isn’t very hard for a player to be fortified. Some items can help you fortify when you are using a skill or you kill an enemy through a weapon.
  2. For instance, the Whirlwind attack through the Legendary Belt Bul-Kathos Glory can quickly get you hold of this defense mechanic.

Through Skills

Specific skills can also grant you Fortify, but this method is limited to some classes. Only some Barbarian, Necromancer, and Druid skills can make you get Fortified within the game. Plus, the fortify granted is for a short period.

Following is the list of skills for different classes that provide Fortify

Barbarian’s Skills 

  • Mighty War Cry
  • Strategic War Skin
  • Strategic Rallying Cry
  • Thick Skin
Fortify Stat in Diablo 4
Fortify for Strategic Rallying Cry(Captured by us)

Druid’s Skills

  • Natural Trample
  • Thick Hide
  • Safeguard
  • Defensive Posture
  • Fierce Wind Shear
Fortify in Diablo 4
Fortify for Fierce Wind Shear(Captured by us)

Necromancer’s Skills

  • Supernatural Blood Surge
  • Drain Vitality
  • Initiates Hemorrhage
  • Necrotic Carapace

Using Fortify 

At first, Fortify can be particularly perplexing for the players to comprehend. There is insufficient clarification about this defensive mechanism in the in-game tutorial, and some additional aspects the game has failed to address appropriately. Here we have summarized all the tips to help players use Fortify effectively.       

Fortify Stat in Diablo 4
The Redline Around Health Gauge representing Fortify(Captured by us)
  1. Ensure to equip items during the game that provide the Fortify attribute to strengthen your resilience and make your character resilient to defeat.
  2. You can often experience much damage in a single take during the game. To reduce the damage and provide yourself with a shield, use the Fortify immediately for prolonged survival.            
  3. The Fortify diminishes over time naturally, so it is essential to keep a check before it runs out when you need it the most.
  4. For players utilizing a class that supports Fortify, they must employ them frequently. Doing so will not only enhance your survivability but will also increase your damage output.

My Thoughts On Fortify

In short, the Fortify Stat is designed to actively protect players from being defeated. It is a shield-like feature and adds a layer of shield to your total health serving the function of damage reduction. While attacking the enemies, you may notice the light blue and orange damage numbers indicating Overpower Damage. The fortify has a three percent chance of being applied to enemies to augment your offensive potential.

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