Staying On Top: Fortnite’s Clever Choice Of Collaborations

Fortnite's marketing strategy and clever collaborations deserves more attention.

Fortnite has the best collabs in battle royale's history
Fortnite has the best collabs in battle royale's history

In recent times, almost all Battle Royales and other game genres have incorporated collaborations as part of their LiveOps. The positive response from fans and the encouraging monetary numbers speak volumes about the success of this strategy. PUBG, Free Fire, Call of Duty, etc., have many exciting collaborations.

However, as you may agree, Fortnite takes the crown for the best collaborations in Battle Royale’s history.

Even in the previous few years, during the lockdown period, when Battle Royales peaked, and other competitors were quick to adopt the same strategy, Fornite ensured it remained the guiding principle for others.

I think it largely owes to its unconventional marketing approach, which makes it more than just a game; the collaborations are more than just events. How so? Let me try to explain.

Riding The Rising Tide

The lockdown period saw the peak of video gaming. Mobile phones grew up to be a bigger gaming platform than PCs. The competition was high, and so were the opportunities to expand. Fortnite was quick to adopt, and its marketing strategies, mainly comprising its collaboration events, saw its players increase by hundreds of millions.

By now, it has over 500 million registered players and over 200 million monthly active users. One thing I carefully observed is that Fortnite chooses its partners very wisely and timely.

This not only allows it to retain older players by continuously maintaining their attention by providing new features to explore but also adds new players from the partner’s fan base.

Fortnite's collaboration with Marvels
Fortnite’s collaboration with Marvel

For example, the first chapter’s collaboration with Marvel: Infinity War, which brought Fortnite into the limelight, was a clever move to ride on the rising tide. The attention obtained from the biggest release of 2018’s fan base gave the newly released Fortnite a nice kickstart. The collaborations between these two entities haven’t stopped since then, with various events hosted in-game that bring in lots of rewards for players.

Similarly, last year’s collab with Attack on Titan was also an impressive and timely move, as it was at the end of the same year when AoT’s final episode was released. Collab with Jujutsu Kaisen last year when its season 2 was released is another example of a good marketing decision.

Exploring The Versatile Markets

Fortnite doesn’t limit itself to partnering with a single market and a few franchises. It explores various industries, analyzes rising trends, and adapts according to market demands to partner with top franchises in every entertainment industry.

I believe this is an excellent way to attract new players to the game and stay relevant while also enjoying its collaborators’ global appeal.

This marketing strategy leverages the promotional power of its collaborators to reach new audiences. Partners often promote such collaborations through their social media, websites, and events. This cross-promotion helps Fortnite tap into its collaborators’ existing fan bases.

I gave examples of Marvel and Attack on Titan, which belong to different entertainment genres. Fortnite’s similar ventures include collaborating with The Family Guy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z.

Now, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z, and I love this collaboration. In this way, it is an excellent way of entertaining players who are already fans of the particular franchise. 

The list is incomplete without mentioning the music industry. I’m a huge fan of PUBG-M, and for me, its most iconic collaboration was with Alan Walker and Sabrina Carpenter.

Listening to it still gives me a nostalgic feeling. However, in collaboration with Marshmello, Fortnite’s in-game concert was an even bigger event, attended by 10.7 million players

Fortnite's collab with Marshmello
Fortnite’s collab with Marshmello 

It is a healthy competition, and Fortnite easily wins with its continuous partnerships with The Weeknd, Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, Alan Walker, Eminem, etc.

Collaborating With Competitors

Partnering with other industries brings new opportunities and attracts non-gamers into gaming. However, by teaming up with other games, Fortnite expands its appeal to fans of those titles and creates unique gaming experiences that blend different gameplay styles and universes.

These collaborations often feature characters, items, or themes from the partnering games, allowing Fortnite players to experience new and exciting elements within the Fortnite universe.

For example, Fortnite has collaborated with games like Marvel’s Avengers, Street Fighter, Minecraft, and Halo. These collaborations have introduced iconic characters such as Iron Man, Ryu, Master Chief, and Steve into the Fortnite world, along with themed skins, weapons, and locations inspired by these games.

These partnerships allow Fortnite players to engage with content from their favorite games while also attracting fans of those games to try out Fortnite. 

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