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Free PSVR Camera Adapter Required For Compatibility with PS5

While some current-generation games are getting free updates to the next generation version. Sony are granting PSVR users the chance to redeem a free camera adapter which is required to be able to connect a PSVR to a PS5. Furthermore, the adapter will not be included in the PS5’s box.

Sony Late to the Party with PSVR Camera Adapter

Being so close to the launch of PS5 may have interfered with the availability of this free but required camera adapter. As of now only PSVR users in the US, Mexico and Canada can redeem the camera adapter online. However, much like for Spotify premium users struggling to redeem their free Google Nest, PSVR Users have experienced the same issue due to the overwhelming amount of traffic currently flowing to the PlayStation Support website.

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It should have been as easy as heading to the website and filling in some details. Such as your shipping address and the serial number of your PSVR. With the PS5 launching in just two weeks, many PSVR users are going to struggle to get the free camera adapter for the PS5. So try and redeem as soon as possible as initial stock might be very limited.

To Redeem Your Free PSVR Camera Adapter

Redeem your free camera adapter by following these simple steps.

  1. click on this link taking you to the global support for the PlayStation camera
  2. complete the Captcha, and enter your PSVR serial number, which can be found on the rear of the processor unit.
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3. Next fill in your details such as shipping address, name, telephone number etc. If you filled in the details correctly you should receive a confirmation email from Sony.

Sony have done really well in this now-ending console generation with the PS4. However, they were late to the party on this one, as many PSVR users are going to struggle to get their free adapter in time for the launch of the PS5. In addition, Sony stated that the camera adapter will be shipped separately to the PS5. It should be noted that the free PSVR camera adapter is limited to one per household.

Check the availability of the PS5 for a chance to preorder or buy one at launch here , also use the same link to browse for PS5 games if you got the console secured.

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