Fucium Ore MHR [Explained]

This Fucium Ore MHR guide will let you know about everything related to the fucium ore in Monster Hunter Rise.

Fucium Ore MHR [Explained]

Monster Hunter Rise is an action role-playing game that has managed to captivate the attention of players all across the globe. The game allows you to explore your way through its vast maps and come across various unique things. One of them is the Fucium ore which we will discuss today in this Fucium Ore MHR guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Fucium Ore is a rarity six ore that helps to craft and upgrade weapons in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).
  • Fucium Ore can be found in three locations: Sandy Plains, Lava Caverns & Flooded Forest. You need to complete a five or six-star Gathering Hub Quest to access these locations.
  • Sandy Plains has five mining areas, and the most abundant ores can be found to the left of Area 5, to the right of Area 2, or to the bottom left of Area 10.
  • Lava Caverns have seven mining outcrops, and you can find fucium ore around Area 6, the furthest right of the map to Area 14, or slightly left of Area 10, towards Area 11.
  • Flooded Forest has six mining outcrops, and the most abundant ores can be found around Areas 9, 10, and 11.
  • Your mining luck is tied to your Geology skill in MHR, & leveling up your Geology skill will increase your gains while mining.
  • The primary purpose of Fucium ore is to craft and upgrade weapons, but it can also be used to craft jewels & armor.
  • The following weapons can be crafted using Fucium ore: Rajang Shooter I, Flammenkanone I, Daora’s Delphinidae I, Demon Gunlance I, Demon Rod I, Mane Malice I, & Cornpopper I.
  • Fucium ore can be used to upgrade weapons such as Heavy Bowgun, Charge Blade, Gunlance, Light Bowgun, Lance, Switch Axe, Hammer, Dual Blades, Hunting Horn, Insect Glaive, & Great Sword.
  • Fucium ore can be used to craft Physique Jewel 2, which provides the Constitution perk, reducing stamina usage and allowing players to fight for longer durations.
  • Fucium ore can be used to craft equipment such as Mizuha Gaiters, Tigrex Braces S, Chrome Metal Boots, Barroth VambracesS, Damascus Vambraces, & Rathian HelmS.

The game has many things for you to interact with and mainly utilize. The weapon mechanics in this game are also top-notch. If you wish to become a contender in the Monster Hunter Rise World, check out our MHR Bow guide. It will help you learn the game and be good at it.

MHR has many unique things that can help you along the way. One is the Paralysis Sac, for which you can check out our guide for more information. Another one is the Fucium ore that we will discuss today.

To fully utilize these precious game pieces, you must be informed about their function and uses. This Fucium Ore MHR guide will fulfill that void so you can play the game in the best setting.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Fucium Ore MHR Guide

Fucium Ore in Monster Hunter Rise
Fucium Ore MHR

The Fucium Ore is a precious material in Monster Hunter Rise. It is a rarity six ore that you can carry 99 units once at one time. You can also sell each piece for 1020 zenny. The ore helps you craft and upgrades your weapons so that you can become more of a goliath. The increased stats from the weapon will enable you to emerge victorious from your fights.

As you progress through the game, you will realize how the monsters will keep getting more tenacious and harder to take down. That is because the game boosts its difficulty as you reach a higher rank. You will need to make some changes to ensure your survival at that level of intensity.

You will need some excellent armor that can fend off the monster’s attack and some weapons which can allow you to win the fights. That is where the Fucium Ore MHR comes into play. The ore will help you craft and upgrade your equipment so you can survive these high-octane battles and fight to your full capabilities.

To make use of the Fucium Ore in MHR, you will first need to know where to find it.

Location of the Fucium Ore

The Fucium Ore can be found in three different places in Monster Hunter Rise. These locations aren’t always unlocked, so you might have to grind a little before heading there and farm the ore. For two of these locations, you will need to complete five stars quest, while for the last one, the difficulty is raised, and you are challenged with a six-star quest.

Let’s thoroughly review these three locations to ensure you have the best chance at finding the ore.

Sandy Plains

First up we the sandy plains. There are five fucium ore mining areas for you to use. However, to mine these ores, you will need to visit this place during the five-star Gathering Hub Quest. You can take a look at the picture below to ensure that you are at the right place. But for your sake, I will explain the areas a little, and you can even watch a video version here.

Location of Fucium Ore MHR
Location of the Fucium Ore

To find the most fucium ore or at least have the chance to, head left of Area 5. There are almost three crops here that you can mine to get a fucium ore. Besides that, you can look for the fucium ore to the right of Area 2 or the Bottom left of Area 10. Lastly, you can head towards the top right of Area 12 and the sandy plains to try your luck at finding the Fucium Ore.

Lava Caverns

The following location we have for you is the Lava Cavern. This area contains an abundance of crops for you to mine and get your hands on some fucium ore. This map has the most mining outcrops, seven to be exact, so your chances of getting what you are looking for an increase. However, this area isn’t generally unlocked, so you will have to complete the six-star Gathering Hub Quest to open it.

Location of the Fucium Ore MHR
Location of the Fucium Ore

You can look around area 6 to find crops both towards its bottom right and top right. Next, you can head to the furthest right of the map to Area 14. You can also find the fucium ore if you head slightly left of Area 10 and then continue heading towards area 11. Exploring these areas will give you better odds of obtaining a whole stack of fucium ore.

Flooded Forest

Lastly, we have the Flooded Forest. This area is also enriched in fucium ore, with a total of six mining outcrops for you to exploit. Like the locations before, you will have to complete a quest to unlock it. You will have to complete the five-star Gathering Hub Quest for the Flooded Forest. Trust me; it will be worth it as it will give you access to many fucium ores, as you can see below.

Location of the Fucium Ore

You can find most of the mining outcrops around Areas 9,10, and 11. Your primary focus needs to be on Area 11 as there are a bunch of crops there. You can even look under Area 8 to find more mining crops. Lastly, you can look towards the bottom left of the map under Area 3. There are a couple of locations down there that you don’t want to miss out on.

These are all the locations where you can find some fucium ore. However, the drop rate of these items isn’t 100%, so it is up to your luck if you can get it. Still, I’ll give you some tips to help you mine the fucium ore efficiently.

Tips For Mining Ore

Your mining luck is tied with your Geology skill in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. You will need to ensure that your Geology level is leveled up to get better gains for your adventures. Once your reach Geology skill level 3, all your ores numbers will be increased.

However, fret not if you don’t know how to increase your Geology skill.

Increasing your Geology Level

Firstly, if you wear Leather pants and Leather Gloves, your Geology level will increase to level 2. This is very straightforward as all you have to do is equip these items. Next up, make your way to Kangero the Merchant. Once there, craft a talisman. If you equip this talisman alongside the leather pants and gloves, your level will increase exponentially to level 3.

Increasing your Geology Level will be a massive help to you. It will increase the number of fucium ores that you will mine. It will help you to grind less and save you some effort but still be able to reap the same rewards. In higher ranks, where you will constantly need fucium ore, this geology level will be a huge help.

Now that you are all done with how to mine the ore, you need to know where you can reap the rewards of your hard work. So let’s take a look at the uses of fucium ore.


The primary purpose of all ores, including the fucium ore, is to help you craft and upgrade weapons. However, even among those, the fucium ore stands high due to its effectiveness in crafting high-level weapons that will make it easier for you to defeat tough opponents. Although weapons are the main focus, the fucium ore also enables you to craft jewels and armor. So let’s go through each one individually.

Crafting Weapons

You can craft the following weapons using the Fucium ore.

Rajang Shooter I (8 Fucium Ores) Flammenkanone I (5 Fucium Ores)
Daora’s Delphinidae I (4 Fucium Ores) Demon Gunlance I (4 Fucium Ores)
Demon Rod I (4 Fucium Ores) Mane Malice I (3 Fucium Ores)
Cornpopper I (3 Fucium Ores)
List for the Craftable Weapons

Upgrading Weapons

Alongside Crafting, you can also use fucium ore to upgrade your weapons. You can look at the list below to see which weapons you can upgrade.

Heavy Bowgun ImageMeteor Cannon (10 Fucium Ores) Heavy Bowgun ImageEarth Eater (8 Fucium Ores)
Charge Blade ImageKaiser Blade (6 Fucium Ores) Gunlance ImageImperial Guardlance (5 Fucium Ores)
Gunlance ImageFiore Nulo Black II (5 Fucium Ores) Heavy Bowgun ImageFelyne Bowgun II (5 Fucium Ore)
Light Bowgun ImageBarro Blaster (5 Fucium Ores) Lance ImageDrill Lance II (5 Fucium Ores)
Heavy Bowgun ImageFulgent Shot I (4 Fucium Ores) Switch Axe ImageCzar Switch Axe (4 Fucium Ores)
Bow ImageDawn Ray Bow II (4 Fucium Ores) Hammer ImageDevil Masher II (4 Fucium Ores)
Dual Blades ImageDual Cleavers (4 Fucium Ores) Hammer ImageGreat Nova II (4 Fucium Ores)
Long Sword ImageJulienne Blade (4 Fucium Ores) Light Bowgun ImageLotus Bowgun II (4 Fucium Ores)
Heavy Bowgun ImageRebound Shot (3 Fucium Ores) Dual Blades ImageRainy Jelly II (3 Fucium Ores)
Hunting Horn ImageQueen Chordmaker (3 Fucium Ores) Gunlance ImageLudroth Harpoon III (3 Fucium Ores)
Insect Glaive ImageHiten Blade (3 Fucium Ores) Hunting Horn ImageFortissimo (3 Fucium Ores)
Long Sword ImageDevil Slicer (3 Fucium Ores) Hammer ImageCyclo-Hammer II (3 Fucium Ores)
Lance ImageClassy Fragrance (3 Fucium Ores) Great Sword ImageChrome Quietus (3 Fucium Ores)
Hammer ImageBinding Bludgeon II (3 Fucium Ores) Lance ImageBabel Spear II (3 Fucium Ore)
Light Bowgun ImageGale Bowgun (3 Fucium Ores) Bow ImageArko Nulo Black II (2 Fucium Ores)
Bow ImageArko Unu White (2 Fucium Ores) Gunlance ImageFiore Unu White (2 Fucium Ores)
Insect Glaive ImageLagombavarice (2 Fucium Ores) Lance ImageGrowling Wyvern II (2 Fucium Ores)
Hunting Horn ImagePukei Bagpipe II (2 Fucium Ores) Gunlance ImagePukei Gunlance I (2 Fucium Ores)
Charge Blade ImageRough Roller II (2 Fucium Ores)

Crafting Jewels

Jewels are potent tools for some players depending on the perk they grant. You can use ores to craft jewels like everything else, causing players to grind hard to obtain certain ores. However, you need to know what ore you need for which jewel. In the case of the fucium ore, you can use a single unit of it to craft the Physique Jewel 2.

This Jewel is extremely helpful in your fights as you continue to raise your rank. It provides you with the Constitution perk, which reduces your stamina usage.

This enables you to fight for longer durations and eventually win them out. The cooldown for your swings reduces as you have more stamina at your disposal, which can be the deciding factor in a fight.

Crafting Equipment

Lastly, you can use the fucium ore to craft equipment for yourself that will help you throughout your playthrough.

Legs ImageMizuha Gaiters (4 Fucium Ores) Arms ImageTigrex Braces S (4 Fucium Ores)
Legs ImageChrome Metal Boots (3 Fucium Ores) Arms ImageBarroth Vambraces S (3 Fucium Ores)
Waist ImageChrome Metal Coil (3 Fucium Ores) Arms ImageDamascus Vambraces (3 Fucium Ores)
Waist ImageDamascus Coil (3 Fucium Ores) Head ImageRathian Helm S (3 Fucium Ores)
Head ImageIngot Helm S (2 Fucium Ores) Arms ImageIngot Vambraces S (2 Fucium Ores)
Legs ImageIngot Greaves S (2 Fucium Ores) Legs ImageVolvidon Greaves S (2 Fucium Ores)
Waist ImageBasarios Coil S (2 Fucium Ores) Head ImageChaos Archbun (2 Fucium Ores)
Waist ImageUroktor Coil S (2 Fucium Ores) Waist ImageIngot Coil S (1 Fucium Ores)
C Basarios Axe S (1 Fucium Ores) Torso ImageIngot Mail S (1 Fucium Ores)
Torso ImageVespoid Mail (1 Fucium Ores)

The above equipment and weapons will be a massive addition to your arsenal, so make sure you don’t miss out on them. Once you reach higher ranks, you will realize how much this equipment and weapons are necessary to win boss fights.

The Jewel would also help your kit grow and allow you to output more damage as you will have more stamina. If you want your arsenal to expand and improve, fucium ore is a must-needed item.

This concludes our Fucium Ore MHR guide. Let us know down below what you used it for!

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