The Best Ways To Get Cards In Marvel Snap

What is the best way to get cards in Marvel Snap? We have just the answers to that question here in this guide, explaining what those ways are and how you can get started.

MARVEL SNAP is a fast-paced card battle game that features the ultimate roster of Marvel characters available to make your dream team to dominate the multiverse. So then, how do you get cards? Well, look no further because this guide will show you the best ways to get cards in MARVEL SNAP.

Key Takeaways

  • You start with a well-prepped deck after downloading the game, Marvel Snap.
  • Upgrading cards is the best way to increase the collection level and get new cards through the mystery card feature.
  • Completing Daily and Weekly Quests is the best way to earn credits fast to afford upgrades.
  • The Season Pass is a key feature that allows you to claim boosters, credits, and cards by levelling up.
  • The shop is another way to get more cards by buying upgrades for the cards you already own.
  • Playing the game frequently and winning to get boosters is important for upgrading your cards.
  • The ladder feature allows you to claim rewards such as mystery cards and credits every time you rank up.

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Starting Deck

After downloading the game, you jump straight into tutorial with a well-prepped deck that has your name on it. The cards in this very deck are the first ones added to your collection and are comprised of:

Amidst completing the tutorial, you acquire Sentinel which the game swaps into your deck, replacing Shocker. You start of with 13 cards right out the gate and this is where one of the key mechanisms regarding both progression as well as advancing your collection, comes into play.

Upgrading Cards

Through upgrading your cards, you can increase the collection level that you can avail to claim new cards for your deck through the mystery card feature. Although there a quite a few ways to get cards, this is undoubtedly the best. Upgrading cards do not actually improve the capabilities of the card and is purely a cosmetic enhancement. The improved in-game look comes with special animations and moving graphics alongside added effects to the border of a card.

marvel snap upgraded cards cosmetic

So now that you know that you can get more cards by upgrading the cards that you already have, how do you even upgrade cards? It starts of with playing the game where you get rewarded with boosters that are used to upgrade cards.

This is done alongside credits which are required for an upgrade at each rarity. You start off with a good amount to begin with but get more as you progress.

How to Get Credits FAST

We’ve highlighted other methods further into the guide but the best method for earning credits fast to afford your upgrades is completing Daily and Weekly Quests.

Doing quests is a major source of both credits and gold. After every set milestone is reached you get a small package of Credits, Gold, and Season EXP that goes toward leveling up your season pass which proves to be another source for getting cards, credits, and other items used throughout the game.


The Season Pass is another key feature tied to progression in this game. It allows you to claim boosters, credits, and cards by leveling them up. It is one of the best ways to get cards in MARVEL SNAP since it provides cards limited to each season.

Getting to level 20 on the pass grants you a special card. This seasons is Blue Marvel, a strong card that grants all your other cards +1 power.

The Shop

In this article for the best ways to get cards in MARVEL SNAP, we covered the more F2P ways to get cards. Another way to get more cards is through the shop, where you can buy upgrades for cards you already own.

You can spend money to buy bundles and daily offers to obtain certain characters and items. This is more on the microtransaction side as you can gain an edge over other plays in how fast you progress.

marvel snap bundles and daily offers

The upgrades refresh daily and can bought using credits. If you run low on credits you can buy gold, furthermore allowing you to purchase various items through out the game including more credits to upgrade your cards.

marvel snap shop credits and gold

Final Tips

All in all, it really boils down to how much you play the game, and how often you win to get boosters so you can upgrade your cards. In addition to the ladder feature that lets you claim rewards such as more mystery cards and credits every time you rank up.

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