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Get Hyped for New Pokémon Snap | Pokémon Presents

As we steadily approach the April 30th release date for the New Pokémon Snap game, Nintendo have given us a great trailer to bring the hype (as if we needed any more). Here’s what we learned from today’s Pokémon Presents:

  1. Your base is pretty sweet. This one isn’t a huge deal, but since it was the first image of the game we got today, it set the scene. We knew we were taking pictures of Pokémon all over the Lental Region islands, but today we got a feel for where we’ll be heading back to after a long day of photography. A charming little place that’s at once cozy and busy, with windows all around and a ton of computers within, a porch in a forest… And something big and important-looking off to the side.
  2. You will be riding in the NEO-ONE, which may look like the vehicle from the original game, but can do a whole lot more. It’ll take you all kinds of places. A couple of the areas have been touched on in previous trailers, but today they mentioned that you’ll be able to go through jungles, across deserts and even underwater. The shots from under water were stunning and remind us just how many Pokémon we can photograph this time around.
  3. You will have two friends, Rita and Phil. Although it’s not clear what exactly their roles will be, the trailer has promised “support”. And of course, you’ll be helping Prof Mirror do research across the islands.
  4. You can take pictures at night, and nighttime looks so cool. This probably means that different Pokémon will appear at different times of the day, which makes sense given it’s been an aspect of the games since the late 90’s.
  5. One of the new items you’ll have is the Illumina ball, which according to the trailer was invented by Prof Mirror himself. What’s interesting about this is that, according to the Nintendo site, we’re on the islands to help Prof Mirror study the strange phenomenon of the Illumina Pokémon.
  6. If you have memories of renting Pokémon Snap from Blockbuster as a kid and being devastated knowing someone else was just going to erase your hard work, they’ve got you covered this time around. You can post your best shorts online, add filters, adorable stickers and borders, and even get recognition for taking a great shot by getting featured.
  7. I’ve saved the most important point for last, here, people: Magikarp will still be flopping around in the water, and I’m just saying, I saw one beside a waterfall in this trailer. So maybe you’ll be able to nudge it into the water (hopefully in a less aggressive way than in the original game) and get a sweet Gyarados shot.

You can Pre-Order New Pokémon Snap here

A couple questions that are still burning:

Whether the Pokémon will perform the same actions every time you traverse a level, or whether their actions will be more randomized. The latter would breathe life into what already looks like an impressive world and make picture-taking opportunities endless.

Will there be a plot pushing you through this journey, beyond the goal of catching em all on film? The illumina phenomenon gives a mysterious edge to the game.

Will there be shiny Pokémon or somehow Mega Pokémon? Shinies seem a lot more likely and would definitely be epic to snap some shots of.

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