God of War Ragnarok: How Did Brok Die

So you heard the spoiler and want to know the context behind God of War Ragnarock How Did Brok Die. Well, I have quite the answer for you.

god of war ragnarock how brok dies

So you seem to have heard the spoilers. Brok dies. Buckle up if you want to know the whole story of the God of War Ragnarok How Did Brok Die? There is a simple answer and a long answer.

The simple answer is Odin kills him. Now that’s not very satisfying by any means. With no context, it sounds like something Odin would do but Odin never kills without reason, most of the time. So let’s look at some context and events that happened prior, which led to this outcome.

Key Takeaways

  • I talk about who killed Brok and how they did it.
  • The events that lead up to Brok’s death, including all the actions taken by Kratos and Atreus.
  • The aftermath of Brok’s death and its effects on his brother, Sindri.
  • A previous brush with death for Brok.

god of war ragnarock gameplay
Kratos Entering Spartan Rage

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Atreus’s Journey With Thor

god of war ragnarock odins mask
Thor Holds Onto Atreus So He Doesn’t Fall

The situation escalates significantly in this part of the story. Atreus, now in Assgard, interacts with Odin and is given a mysterious sword and a mask with inscriptions. These inscriptions reveal clues to a deeper truth. Odin, excited about the knowledge Atreus might uncover, instructs Thor to accompany him on a journey.

However, things take a dark turn when Sif, Thor’s wife, arrives with two valkyries to have Atreus imprisoned as a result of Kratos killing Heimdall, a deed heinous enough to warrant such consequences. Odin, protective of Atreus, insists that he is innocent of these sins.

A tense standoff between Thor and Atreus ensues, but the sword given to Atreus by Odin intervenes, blocking Thor’s lethal blow. With the help of a stone from Sindri, Atreus manages to escape into the realm between realms, stealing Odin’s most significant treasure in the process.

This sets the stage for further conflict and reveals a complex web of allegiances and betrayals within the story of the game. Atreus, now armed with newfound knowledge, is on the run, and tensions between the characters continue to mount.

Kratos’s Fight With Heimdall

Another reason for God of War Ragnarok How Did Brok Die was when Kratos killed Heimdall. Kratos and Freya go to see the Norns about the date of Atreus, and they tell him that Heimdall is destined to kill Atreus.

Upon learning this, Kratos takes it upon himself to stop this prophecy from being fulfilled by killing Heimdall before he can get to Atreus. Kratos then meets Heimdall atop his trusted steed, and the two begin to battle it out.

The intense fight between them ends with the prophecy being broken. Kratos kills Heimdall by asphyxiation. After this happens, news reaches Asgard fast, and Sif decides to take action by going to Atreus herself and having him imprisoned for this death. That is when we cut back to the part in the story mentioned above since these things are happening side by side.

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The Planning Table

At this point, all of the allies of Kratos surround him. This bunch includes Freya, Atreus, Freyr, Tyr, Mimir, Sindri, and (the soon-to-be-slain) Brok. They are all sitting around the table planning their next move against Odin.

god of war ragnarock how did brok die
Sitting At The Table And Discussing Next Move

Everyone has a different idea of invading Asgard, but they can’t settle on one solid plan. Then, Tyr speaks up and tells them of a secret passage into Asgard that no one knows about. He convinces everyone that the best way to handle this is without too much violence; hence, they will all secretly sneak in and fight with Odin and his guard.

Everyone gets on board with this plan, but Brok is the only one who notices that this secret path into Asgard is a little too convenient. Tyr talks his way out of their suspicions and grabs the mask to present everyone that this is what they were meant to find. And that it is now finally time to complete his purpose in this story.

He begins to walk off, but Brok is still unconvinced and suspicious of Tyr. Here, Tyr starts giving in to pressure as Brok’s line of questioning gets him flustered and angry. All this culminates in Tyr stabbing Brok in the chest and revealing his proper form to be Odin this whole time.

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Final Thoughts

After this happens, we see that there has been a significant character shift in Sindri. He is no longer the once eloquent dwarf he was; his demeanor has also changed to reflect this alongside his garb. He was a fan favorite, and to see him go down this path is both sad and exciting.

It opens up new possibilities for the future and how Sindri will return to the story. A completely new character arc, just waiting to happen in the near future.

One more important thing to note would be that Brok had already died once before. A separate instance to meeting our father-son duo. This happened quite a long time ago and was kept a secret from Brok by Sindri since it was Sindri who brought him back from the dead by stealing his soul. Another technically true answer to God Of War Ragnarock How Did Brok Die.

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