God Of War Ragnarok Best Weapons: Kratos, Atreus, & Freya

This God of War Ragnarok Guide covers the top best weapons in the game. Apart from this, some of their best skills are also listed.

Best Weapons God Of War Ragnarok
Best Weapons

GOW Ragnarok allows you to play with different characters instead of sticking with Kratos for all the heavy lifting. Each character has its own Best Weapons that you can pick from to output the most damage.

Important Points

  • Equipping the right and powerful weapon determines your success in combat. But which one to choose? This guide will give you a detailed answer to this question.
  • The range of Kratos, Atreus, and Freya’s weapons is wide; you can pick the best among them through this article.
  • Along with the weapon, you will also learn about the best skills.

Kratos Weapon

Among all the Kratos’s weapons, the two mentioned below are the most dominating ones.

Leviathan Axe

Kratos Leviathan Axe
Leviathan Axe

This is the Krato’s primary and offensive weapon and is regarded as one of the best weapons. The Huldra Brothers forged the Leviathan Axe and then gave it to Kratos. It is extremely powerful and is a source of greater damage. It is ruled by the element of ice which allows you to freeze your opponents.

The fascinating fact about it is that you can hit a vast range of attacks and precise ones through this axe. You can damage the enemies, even if they are far from you, by throwing your war equipment and instantly summoning it.

It is most appropriate for counterattacks and can become amazingly deadly if you go for the runics. Apart from freezing and throwing, you can also stun the enemy. If many enemies surround you, the Leviathan Axe can immediately clear them.

Best skills

  • Glacial Rake: You need 750 XP to unlock this skill. Press R1 for its activation, and then through the ground, he will drag his axe while launching the ice shards in the forward direction. It is the best skill if you want to give an enormous amount of frost damage to the enemies, and if they are already facing the burning effects, then its damage gets more prominent.
  • Extinguish Flames: spend 250XP to unlock this passive skill. It causes additional damage to the enemies already burning. One of the finest abilities of the Leviathan Axe in God of War Ragnarok is extinguishing flames. Additionally, this gives excellent assistance for your melee axe attacks.

Blades Of Chaos

Blades Of Chaos God of War  Ragnarok
Blades Of Chaos

Forged by the God Ares, Kratos has wielded the Blades of Chaos since before his epic journey of revenge. Raging with fire, the Blades of Chaos slice the enemy with ease, whether it is a beast or a literal God.

Kratos uses the blades to dispatch the enemy or bring him closer for a harder attack. The blades can also be charged to stun the monsters and then apply combos of light and heavier attacks. These mighty blades can be used from the beginning of God of War Ragnarok.

These blades are the warmth that the cold and brutal enemies of the Norse realm fear. Let’s talk about some of the skills that can be performed using them.

Best Skills

  • Flame Whiplash:The blades, when charged with burning flames, can produce attacks with fatal damages.
  • Scorched Earth: Kratos can stomp the blade down on the ground to cause havoc with a blazing explosion. Activate the flame whiplash and use this skill to clear an enemy-loaded area.

Atreus Weapon

Atreus bows are famous among the players but talon bow has its own place

Talon Bow

Atreus Talon Bow
Talon Bow

In God of War Ragnarok, Kratos is not the only one who got a magnificent weapon. The Atreus owns one too. Talon Bow is the default weapon used by the Atreus, and playing with him becomes more reliable when you upgrade the bow.

The Yew Tree bark has been utilized in making this bow by the Faye. You can use Ydalir timber to upgrade this weapon. A total of 11 of these will be required for the maximum upgradation. It enhances the bow shot and melee attack for every shot you make.

There are no requirements to unlock it, as you will get the bow at the beginning of the game. The Runic summons can be used in it, and distracting the enemies on the battlefield is the main purpose of the Talon Bow.

Best skills

  • Teamwork: having Atreus with you till the end of the game can be handy. With this skill, you can get great assistance while dealing with enemies, which will cause more damage to them. It costs 500 XP to obtain this skill.
  • Ferocity: best skill to opt for when you want to inflict enemies with great stun damage.
  • Acrobatics: This skill activates the combos when Kratos turns down the enemies.

Freya’s Weapons

Freya, a disciple of the race of gods from Vanir, helps Kratos and Atreus on their journey in the Norse Realms. The weapons that come to mind while thinking about Freya are all swords and bows; we consider Thrungva the best one


Freya always wields her sword on her side. The sword Thrungva has its origins in Vanir, Freya’s birthplace. Freya combines the sword’s power and her magic to absolutely annihilate the enemies coming in her direction.

The number of beasts and monsters doesn’t matter when this sword rises. Freya and her sword come in handy when Kratos is busy fighting off the bigger beast. Let’s talk about some of the skills that can be performed using them.

Best Skills

  • Weighted Blade: Leave the enemies stunned with this attack. Just strike them with the sword to perform a heavy attack. This skill is upgradable to cause more damage as well.
  • Steel Harmony: Combines the force of both her swords to send strong Bifrost arcs. The ability to stun the enemy increases through it.

Closing Remarks

Kratos, Atreus, and Freya would be much less feared if they did not have an ensemble of butchering weapons in their hands. Well, that is all we had to say about the iconic weapons of God of War Ragnarok.

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