God of War Ragnarok: Cliffside Ruins Chests Location

A detailed guide on God Of War Ragnarok Cliffside ruins legendary chest and remaining collectibles: Lore, Nornir Chest & River Delta Favor.

Cliffside Ruins
GOW RAGNAROK - Cliffside Ruins Guide.

Looking for the God of War Ragnarok Cliffside Ruins Legendary Chest can be quite tricky to find. But no doubt it offers you great reward so this chest is worth all the trouble. Quest for legendary chests in God of War Ragnarok is something exciting to do as it is adventurous and intriguing at the same time. You won’t get bored while searching for these quests, and the best thing is that the rewards they contain are of great use and handy.

Key Points

  • God of War Ragnarok is an adventurous game that holds tons of actions and exploring opportunities that grant rare loot like these chests.
  • One of the legendary chests lies in the Cliffside Ruins and offers an amazing reward and this guide will explain you how you can get there.
  • Along with the legendary chest, there are also other collectibles in the same area. You will get to know about all of them in this article.

Cliffside Ruins Legendary Chest Location

Cliffside Ruins Legendary Chest
Cliffside Ruins Legendary Chest

Like other legendary chests, this one lies in the Cliffside Ruins area. This chest contains Axe Heavy Runic Attack – Mists of Helheim, and you must take advantage of this one as it will be your first Runic attack, and one can obtain it by this chest.

How To Get Cliffside Ruins Legendary Chest

Here are all the details and locations you need to keep in mind to avoid getting lost on the track and easily reach the legendary chest.

Goddess Fall

Goddess Falls
Goddess Fall (Image Credits: WoW Quests)

You will get to see the chest placed on an area above the water while making your way across the Delta River. This river lies in the Vanaheim. By quick look it will make you think that you can easily get there and attain the chest, but Alas! It’s not as simple as it seems.

Don’t worry. We have got your back so let us explain the whole scenario and the accurate process. The area is surrounded by swampy water, and no path is constructed to reach there directly. A drawbridge will also be there, and it’s one side will be drawn up.

Unfortunately, you cannot lower it from where you are standing. There are some rocks, the gold ones on the other, but the problematic fact is that you cannot use Freya’s Sigil Arrows to demolish them from this location because it’s too far.

Even if you try to, she will deny it by saying, “Sigil Arrows Won’t Work on This.” So now, what exactly you should do next goes like Moving away from the Cliffside Ruins area? Leave this place and return to the Goddess Fall.

The Veiled Passage

The Veiled Passage Hidden Area
The Veiled Passage

There will be an entrance to the littoral cave, just look for it, and as soon as you do so, get inside it. After passing it, you will come across the secret area, The Veiled Passage. Step inside, and you will see the items that you may require to finish the Mysterious Orb Favor.

As you get to the end of the passage, make a turn to the left and lower down the bridge by sliding down the gold chain. You will get to encounter some enemies and traps but this won’t be arduous enough to won’t let you reach your destination.

Rocks Destruction

Destroy the rocks
Rocks Destruction

After turning the enemies down, the next task is to destroy the rocks. To get a precise target on them, move to the right ledge on the bridge’s end, which is far, and now make a gaze back across the drawbridge.

You will be able to see the gold rocks with flame or red pots below them. The main purpose of these pots is to cause the explosion of rocks. As your position is set Ask Freya to make a target on pots with Sigil Arrows.

Heavy Runic Attack Mists of Helheim
Heavy Runic Attack: Mists of Helheim

Then with the help of your blades, hit the Sigils to destroy the stones. They will explode, clearing up the way, and then at last you can move toward the Cliffside Ruins Legendary Chest and open it. Obtain your reward, which is Heavy Runic Attack: Mists of Helheim for the Leviathan Axe.

Other Cliffside Ruins Collectibles

There are also other collectibles in the Cliffside Ruins area beside the legendary chests, and we will explain all of them briefly.

Nornir Chest

Nornir Chest in Cliffside Ruins
Nornir Chest (Image Credits: Esoterickk)

You can look for this chest on the right side after docking your boat. Your objective is to hit three posts to develop the symbol, just like the one on the chest. The first post is on the right; with the help of the Arrows, burn the vines, and to start the chain reaction use your blades.

Hitting Posts Nornir Chest
Hitting Posts

The second post is on the left, but it will not be visible to you, so for this purpose, move to the upper side of the platform by climbing and hitting it to make the symbol appear. For the last one, you have to row your boat and go on the north while crossing the river, and then the chest will unlock.

River Delta Favor – Conscience For The Dead

River Delta Favor
River Delta Favor – Conscience For The Dead

To begin the Conscience of the dead to need to have a conversation with the ghost, which you can find to the left of the chest. This one will complete automatically as you continue to work on other collectibles.


Gold Chain and vines
Gold Chain

Right after accepting the favor from the ghost, there you will see the wall on left, climb it up and then again leap across the platforms. There will be a gold chain hanging down and covered with vines. To clear the area, use the Arrows and then blades to burn them down.


Then go upward through the chain, and you will reach the seal. Go closer and make the marks, and once you finish doing it, this will destroy the mountain wall in front of you.

Furthermore, you have to get back in your boat and start moving to reach the Veiled Passage. As you get there, on the right, you will see the Nornir Chest. Keep going ahead in the passage, and when you reach the end of the water, you will have to make a stop.

Cliffside Ruins Lore

There will be a door on the left of the red chest, so go through it by breaking it. Ascend the wall while clearing out the toxic plants. Also, you will have to eliminate the Seidr Fanatics that will come your way; they will be many.

In the last, just go down through the chain and look for lore on the right.


Our today’s guide on Cliffside Ruins’ legendary chest comes to an end. We have made a compact guide for you that includes information about all the collectibles in the Cliffside Ruins. We expect a good review from your side.

Make sure to share with your pals, and we’ll be back with another exciting guide very soon.

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