God of War Ragnarok Dragon Beach Chest: All Locations

With thirty-five Nornir Chests scattered around the Nine Realms, it is your job to find and collect them!

God of War Ragnarok Dragon Beach Chest

God of War Ragnarok Dragon Beach Chest is located in the Svartalfheim Realm and contains one of two rewards that increase the maximum health and rage bar for Kratos to aid him in battle. The Nornir Chest dates back to the old God of War series and is also available in the newest addition; Ragnarok.

The game has a knack for puzzles and mysteries players need to solve for rewards and progression to the next phase. Similarly, the Nornir Chest requires the destruction of Three Seals placed at three different locations. Players need to locate and destroy them to unlock the chest for rewards.

However, due to the difficulty of finding the said Seals, players spend most of their time neglecting the puzzles and carrying on with the story mode. Although, some chests exceed the capabilities of Kratos himself. Therefore, you will need to play the story mode to upgrade your equipment to solve the puzzles.

Fortunately, with my guide, you’ll be able to solve the Nornir Chest puzzle located at Dragon Beach in the Svartalfheim Realm.

Key takeaways

  • There are Thirty-Five Nornir Chests scattered across the Nine Realms.
  • Each chest contains, either the Iddun Apple or the Horn of The Blood Mead.
  • The Iddun Apple, when collected, increases the maximum Health of Kratos. Therefore, increasing his chance to survive against the fearsome Gods.
  • Horn of The Blood Mead increases the Rage Bar that Kratos can unleash in tough spots.
  • Out of the Thirty-Five Nornir Chests, only the first Thirty Chests contain the Collectibles. The remaining Five Chests contain Weapon EnchantmentsShattered Run MaterialsHacksilver, and more.
  • To unlock the Dragon Beach Nornir Chest, players will have to find and destroy Three Seals hidden close by.
  • The three Runes will be labeled R, Y, and F.

God of War Ragnarok Dragon Beach Chest

Dragon Beach Map
You will need to go to the above location!

Open your map and look for Dragon Beach. You will find it in the Svartalfheim Realm. When you arrive at the beach, move closer to the giant statue built on stones near the waterfall.

Nornir Chest
The chest will have three glowing symbols on it!

That’s where you’ll find the Nornir ChestLocating the three Seals will be an easier task as you’ll have to look for a stream of water gushing upwards in front of each Seal. 

First Seal

First Seal Location
It will be the easiest to find!

The first Seal will be behind the Nornir Chest behind the running water. You will have to aim your Leviathan Axe toward the Geyser/waterfall and throw it, which will freeze the water.

The seal will now be visible to you. Call back your Leviathan Axe and aim toward the seal and throw the axe again to break it.

Only two seals are left to find and destroy. All you have to do is look for another stream of water gushing upwards, and the seal will be behind it!

The second seal is a bit tricky because it is protected by a steel or metal fence. Therefore, your Axe won’t be able to reach the Seal.

Second Seal

Wooden Post
Move toward the right when you see the glowing text!

To locate the second Seal, stand next to the Nornir Chest and move your screen to the right. You will notice a Blue Text inscribed on one of the woods hanging on the wall and a huge wooden post with a hook on its end. Do you notice the water gushing from the ground beside it?

Behind The Metal Fence
There won’t be anything blocking the seal when you move behind it!

That’s where you’ll find your second Seal/Rune. Again, use your Axe to freeze the water, recall your Axe and go around the metal fence. You’ll be at the back side of the Seal, so aim your axe and destroy the second seal!

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Third Seal

Third Seal Location
It will be next to a smaller wooden post with a hook on its end!

The third Seal will be opposite to the second seal you destroyed from behind the metal fence. Move toward the shore and you’ll see a small wooden post with a hook on its end. As you approach the shore, you’ll again find water gushing out of the ground. Repeat the steps by throwing your Axe to freeze the water, and recalling it back to your hand.

Throw the Axe one last time to destroy the last Seal, and make your way back to the Nornir Chest. As you have destroyed all three Seals/Runes and solved the Puzzle, you can open the Chest to receive your reward.

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Dragon Beach Nornir Chest Reward

Idunn Apple
You have now collected the Idunn Apple!

The Dragon Beach Nornir Chest will contain an Idunn Apple, which will increase your health bar. Here’s a catch, during your first encounter with the Chests, Kratos will automatically have his Rage and Health Bars increased. However, collecting them the second time will require a subsequent amount for them to take their effects!

This means Kratos will have to collect more than one of these collectibles. Each Nornir Chest has a hidden puzzle that requires the destruction of Three Runes/Seals. What makes it challenging is you need to find out how you’ll destroy them because there are other methods as well, either lighting them on fire or ringing their bells.

That concludes my God of War Ragnarok Dragon Beach Chest guide. Hopefully, you were able to find and destroy the Three Runes to collect your reward! Now you can continue with your story and perhaps, finish the game with ease!

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