God Of War Ragnarok: Dreamshade & Nine Realms Locations

A complete guide on how to find the location of Dreamshade and other 8 flowers of Nine Realms in Bloom favor.

God of War Ragnarok Dreamshade and all other Nine Realms Flower location.

So, you have completed the main story of God of War Ragnarok, and now you want to complete the side quest of Nine Realms in Bloom’s favor. But you do not know the location of the Dreamshade and the other eight flowers in God of War Ragnarok.

Well, you are in luck. This article covers every aspect of how and where to locate all Nine Realms in Bloom Flowers. 

Key Takeaways

  • Like other adventurous and action-based games, God of War Ragnarok also allows players to complete side quests after completing the main story.
  • Dreamshade flower location is available after completing the main storyline.
  • Your fighting and quest skills are enhanced while collecting the flowers of Nine Realms in Bloom favor quest.
  • The reward for getting all Nine Realms flowers is +750 Kratos XP and +750 Freya XP points. 

Location Of Dreamshade 

As discussed earlier, the Dreamshade flower is one of the flowers of the Nine Realms in Bloom’s favor quest. The Dreamshade flower location is the Aesir Prison Wreckage of Raven Tree Island.

 Prison of Aesir.
Aesir Prison
  1. Island Location:

    • The Dreamshade flower can be found on the Raven Tree island in the Aesir Prison Wreckage area.
  2. Main Story Completion:

    • If you’ve finished the main story, you should be able to locate Raven Tree Island on your God of War Ragnarok map.
  3. Navigating to the Island:

    • When you arrive at Raven Tree Island, head towards the prison.
  4. Prison Encounter:

    • Inside the prison, you’ll encounter 15 to 20 guards protecting the Dreamshade flower from outsiders.Location of Dreamshade on map of God of war RagnarokDreamshade map location
  5. Combat:

    • Engage in combat with these guards, utilizing various combos with your axe, spear, and shield. Freya, one of your allies, will also assist you in defeating them.
  6. Flower Location:

    • After defeating the guards, search for a closed jail cell inside the prison.
  7. Finding the Flower:

    • You’ll discover the Dreamshade flower inside the jail cell, as shown in the image provided.
      Prison gate that contains Dreamshade flower
      Dreamshade flower

Location Of Other Nine Realms In Bloom Flowers

If you have collected Dreamshade, but it is your first flower of the Nine Realms in Bloom quest, then you probably have to collect the other eight flowers to complete the Nine Realms in Bloom quest. Do not worry; I have got you covered. 

You can get guidelines for other flower locations and how to collect them below. Then hurry up and gather all the remaining flowers.


Location of Sparkthorn on map of God of war Ragnarok
Sparkthorn map location

The flower is located on Nidavellir island. To collect this flower, you will need a spear, which you will get after mission 10: Forging Destiny. You can see the flower location on the map.

This is where I recommend using your spear to pass through the broken bridge near SvartalfheimWhen you cross the bridge, you will find a Nine Realm flower on the ground near the door of a house.

Sparkthorn flower location.
Sparkthorn flower

Dawnbloom Location

Location of Dawnbloom on map of God of war Ragnarok
Dawnbloom map location

This flower location is the Forbidden Sands near Alfheim. Find this location as shown on the map. Once you have reached this place, look for the flower near a wall.

You do not need to complete any mission to collect this flower. Just move towards the location indicated on the map and complete your quest.

Dawnbloom flower location.
Dawnbloom flower


Location of Ashpetal on map of God of war Ragnarok
Ashpetal map location

The Ashpetal location is in the Crucible. You will need two Muspelheim seeds from Legendary Chests to travel fast to the Crucible. Find the flower as shown in the image below.

Ashpetal flower location.
Ashpetal flower

Soulblossom Location 

Location of Soulblossom on map of God of war Ragnarok
Soulblossom map location

This flower location is in Hel’s Perch near Helheim. You can see the flower’s position as shown in the image. There is a broken bridge in this location, which you will climb using your spear to collect this flower.

Soulblossom flower location.
Soulblossom flower


Location of Starblush on map of God of war Ragnarok
Starblush map location

Before collecting this flower, you must complete another favor: “Return of the River.” As indicated on the map, you will find this flower in the Sinkholes near Vanaheim. Looking carefully around this area, you will find this flower near the river bank.

Starblush flower location.
Starblush flower


Location of Ironbell on map of God of war Ragnarok
Ironbell map location

The location of Ironbell is in the Angrboda’s Treehouse near Jotunheim, as specified on the map. After the main story, talk to Ratatoskr at Sindri’s house to unlock fast travel in this area. In this area, there is a tunnel you need to enter to collect Ironbell from the ground.

Ironbell flower location.
Ironbell flower


Location of Mirkweed on map of God of war Ragnarok
Mirkweed map location

You can find this flower in the Sanctuary Grove near Midgard. After completing the main story, you can unlock the fast travel option for this location by talking to Ratatoskr at Sindri’s house. You can collect this flower by searching on the ground in this area.

Mirkweed flower location.
Mirkweed flower


Location of Frostfinger on map of God of war Ragnarok
Frostfinger map location

This flower is present in the Mist Fields near Niflheim, as shown in the image. Talk to Ratatoskr at Sindri’s house to unlock fast travel for this location. When you reach Mist Fields, you will find this flower near the two dead bodies.

Frostfinger flower location.
Frostfinger flower

Challenges Encountered

The location of Dreamshade is tough to find, and collecting this flower is tough as you have to fight enemies. But the right steps, as I mentioned, can help you navigate the tough terrains easily. 

Use your quest skills best and get 750 Kratos XP and 750 Freya XP points as a reward. Make sure to read other guides on God of War Ragnarok as well.

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