God of War Ragnarok: Ending [Thorough Discovery]

If you've reached the God of War Ragnarok ending and want to know what it means, this ending explanation guide is for you.

Since God of War Ragnarok has finally been released worldwide, many gamers are undoubtedly attempting to finish the game’s extensive plot. And despite the fact that Ragnarok spoilers have been widely available for a little over a week, many people have continued to flee and hide.

If you’ve finished the game, or simply want to know how it all ends, then this God of War Ragnarok Ending Explanation guide is for you. If you haven’t and don’t want to know about the events of God of War Ragnarök, we cannot stress this enough — turn back now, this is your final SPOILER WARNING.

  • Following the 2018 God of War Ragnarok storyline that ended by revealing Atreus as Loki, GOW Ragnarok tries to conclude that storyline.
  • There is an all-out war between the Asgardians and Kratos, where Kratos faces off against Thor but ultimately convinces him to change his stance.
  • Odin is disgusted by Thor and kills him leading to the spectacle of the Odin vs. Kratos battle.
  • The fight ends with Odin’s loss, with him still breathing, only for him to be turned into a marble by Atreus.
  • Sindri then destroys the marble to exact his revenge and conclude his storyline as well.
  • Freyr sacrifices himself to enable the crew to get out of Asgard before it is destroyed.
  • Angrboda leads Atreus and Kratos to a shrine by Freyr that showcases the destroyed shrine that depicted Kratos’s demise.
  • Atreus then splits up from Kratos to find the remaining Giants in the Nine Realms.
  • After he leaves, Kratos finds a shrine depicting his entire journey from Athens to Greece ending the game on a nostalgic note.

To start this guide, we’ll give you a quick recap of what happened in 2018’s God of War.

God of War 2018 – What Happened?

In the first game of this newly revived iteration of God of War, Kratos and Atreus carried out Faye’s last desire by dispersing her ashes from the highest mountain in the region, this saw the father-son duo make their way to Jotunheim (Land of the Giants).

They run into Baldur along the way and encounter Freya, a Goddess and Witch of the Woods. Baldur is then revealed to be Freya’s child, but Kratos murders him in an effort to prevent him from killing his mother, prompting Freya to pledge revenge.

Eventually reaching the peak, they find a mural from Faye which reveals she has foretold the entirety of their journey: Baldur was hunting Faye, a Giant, unaware that she was dead, and the mural shows that Kratos will, eventually, die while being cradled by Atreus. It’s also revealed Atreus is half Giant, a quarter mortal, and a quarter God, and he is referred to as Loki by the Giants.

Baldur’s passing will usher in a three-year Fimbulwinter, which will ultimately result in Ragnarok, the end of times, as predicted. As Atreus makes his way back home, he sees Thor confronting the two characters at the conclusion of Fimbulwinter.

Now, that we’re caught up with the previous entry. Let’s move on to explain what happens at the end of God of War: Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok Ending 

Unsurprisingly, Ragnarok and an all-out attack on Asgard mark the game’s conclusion. After struggling to get to the city, Kratos fights Thor but persuades him to change for the benefit of their children. The ultimate confrontation sees Kratos, Atreus, and Freya unite their forces to destroy and overthrow Odin after Odin kills Thor.

Thor and Kratos during their battle

In the end, Odin loses, yet he is not killed. When Atreus gives him one more opportunity to back down, he declares he will never give up. Atreus expresses his regret at Odin’s decision and uses the same Jotnar magic he used to accidentally whisper Fenrir’s soul into a marble at the start of the game to whisper Odin’s soul into one of the marbles he’s been gathering. Who was in the mural in the original God of War ending is now fully clear thanks to this.

Shrine at the end of 2018’s God of War

That soul marble is almost immediately taken by Sindri and smashed, killing Odin for good and getting his revenge for killing his brother, Brok. As Ragnarok begins destroying Asgard, Angrboda warps the crew out of Asgard, as Freyr sacrifices himself to hold off the realm-destroying beast.

Atreus then wakes up in Midgard and travels up a set of ruins, checking in on people along the way such as Thrud, Faye, Eir, Mimir, and others while also thinking back on the extensive adventure they have all been on. Atreus meets Angrboda at the summit of the mountain and talks with her about the alleged visions of the giants he has experienced.

While they are there, Angrboda shows up and tells Kratos and Atreus that there is still one more shrine that they are unaware of. The two discover, upon examining the shrine, that Faye had earlier destroyed the shrine on the wall in Jotunheim that predicted Kratos’ demise, making it clear that the father and son duo were free to determine their own fate.

Then Atreus tells Kratos that he feels compelled to embark on a personal quest to track down any potential surviving Giants in the Nine Realms. Kratos offers Atreus his blessing and assures him that he is prepared to go on his quest alone, despite the fact that it is a tough one.  Alone. Kratos says that, if it frightens him, that is why he must do it, and the pair exchange a sad farewell. “Loki must go but Atreus will remain”, Kratos solemnly states.

After Atreus leaves, Kratos finds a second shrine behind Atreus’ that details his own journey from Athens and Greece all the way to Midgard when he is by himself. The last panel depicts him being revered as a god while still retaining his Spartan appearance and wielding the Leviathan axe. Signifying the person, he once was vs the person he now has become.

Kratos looking at his shrine

This shrine also suggests it is Kratos’s fate to always be used as a soldier to fight wars. Kratos, Mimir, and Freya then group up and head into the endgame saying there is much to rebuild. After the game is finished, the player is let back out into the world to 100% the game doing side activities. There is also a secret ending that will then play the full credit sequence for God of War Ragnarok. To see this secret ending for yourself, we have a guide ready for you here. Just follow along to unlock the secret ending.


And that wraps up this God of War Ragnarok ending explanation guide. As for the future, we don’t know where the franchise will go from here. We could see a spin-off game focusing on Atreus’ journey to find the remaining giants, or we could see Kratos move on from the Norse pantheon of gods elsewhere. Either way, it’s still clear that there is still a long road ahead for the series of games, despite this one closing out the Norse era.

That’s it for our God of War Ragnarok ending explained guide. We have some more guides for God of War Ragnarok here. Do check them out and we’ll see you again soon.

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