God of War Ragnarok Glowing Embers [Full List]

Glowing Embers in God of War Ragnarok let you upgrade your weapon Attachments, but acquiring them is not easy. Here's an in-depth guide on how to get Glowing Embers in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok Glowing Embers.
In this guide, you'll learn how to get Glowing Embers in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok lets you upgrade weapon Attachments throughout your playthrough. However, you’ll need a substantial amount of Glowing Embers, which isn’t easy to acquire. In this guide, I go over how to obtain all Glowing Embers.

Key Takeaways

  • Glowing Embers is an item in God of War Ragnarok that lets you upgrade weapon Attachments.
  • To get Glowing Embers, you’ll need to unlock the Muspelheim Crucible.
  • Initially, you’ll need to complete the first six trials. These do not reward you with Glowing Embers.
  • The next nine trials are divided into three and six trials.
  • The combination in which you complete the first three trials determines which of the six trials you can challenge.
  • Of these nine trials, Kill Fuse, Ring of Fire, Boss Rush, Onslaught, Phantom, and Shield Breaker reward you with varying amounts of Glowing Embers.

This item is crucial for most players who seek to upgrade their weapon Attachments. These are important to boost your weapons in power, range, and firing rate.

However, Glowing Embers aren’t the easiest to find. You can only find them after several final trials in the Muspelheim Crucible. Don’t know what that is or how to unlock it? Then, keep reading to find out how to acquire Glowing Embers.

How To Get Glowing Embers?

You can acquire Glowing Embers by completing certain trials in the Muspelheim Crucible. To be specific, here are the tests that reward you with Glowing Embers:

  • Kill Fuse
  • Ring of Fire
  • Phantom
  • Boss Rush
  • Shield Breaker
  • Onslaught

Acquiring the Glowing Embers is challenging since you get them pretty late into the Muspelheim Crucible. Additionally, you must unlock the Crucible before participating in any of its trials. Here’s the best path to acquiring the glowing embers:

  • Acquire the first Muspelheim Seed Half via the first side quest in God of War Ragnarok.
  • Get the second Muspelheim Seed Half by acquiring the Draupnir Spear and going to a specific area.
  • Acquire the Muspelheim Crucible and complete the first six combat trials.
  • Then, complete three additional trials, of which the Kill Fuse challenge will reward you with Glowing Embers.
  • You must complete two of these three trials in six combinations to unlock the “final” trials. Which final trial you open depends on the combination in which you complete the three trials.
  • There are six final trials. You only need to unlock and complete the Ring of Fire, Boss Rush, Shield Breaker, Onslaught, and Phantom challenges to get Glowing Embers.

How To Find The Muspelheim Seeds

The first Muspelheim Seed Half needed to get God of War: Ragnarok Glowing Embers.
The chest containing the first Muspelheim Seed Half. (Image captured by us)
  1. To unlock the Muspelheim Crucible, you’ll need to find the two Muspelheim Seed Halves.
  2. After completing the game’s first side quest, you can acquire the first Muspelheim Seed Half.
  3. The side quest, “In Service of Asgard,” requires you to obliterate old mining rigs across Svartalfheim.
  4. Although the quest doesn’t reward you with the Muspelheim Seed Half, you can still find it while completing the task.
  5. The Seed Half is in a chest on top of a wall on the other side of a bridge above a wall in Modvitnir’s Rig.
  6. Climb the right wall to reach the bridge and climb another wall to find the chest.
  7. You can acquire the second Muspelheim Seed Half during the “Spirit of Rebellion” side quest.
  8. But before this, you should get the Draupnir Spear.
  9. Then, go to the Dragon’s Beach after accepting the quest.
  10. Throw your Draupnir Spear into a hole in the wooden scaffolding to the left of the beach.
  11. After that, you’ll immediately climb to the platform above you.
  12. Clearing the enemy waves and finding the required item will complete the quest. But don’t go back just yet.
  13. Follow the path left to the Dwarf statue, and after beating some ogres, you’ll need to find a chest.
  14. The chest will require you to throw a fire bomb at a generator nearby. This chest contains the second Muspelheim Seed Half.
The second Muspelheim Seed Half.
The second Muspelheim Seed is half behind some debris. (Image captured by us)

If you’re still having trouble finding the seeds, I suggest checking out our Muspelheim Seeds guide.

Muspelheim Crucible – First Six Trials

After unlocking the Muspelheim Crucible, you can take on six trials. I think these are not very hard, but they may take some grinding to complete.

You can access these six trials by interacting with the three sword statues inside The Crucible. Each figure lets you take on two trials for a total of six.

Unfortunately, none of these trials reward you with Glowing Embers. That is not to say that they don’t have any valuable rewards. You must complete all six trials in no particular order to get to the final trials. These final trials will reward you with Glowing Embers.

After completing all of the trials, you will get another reward chest.

Reward for completing all of the first six trials.
Completing all of the trials grants you a reward chest. (Image captured by us)

Here’s a rundown of all six trials and the best way to beat them:

King of the Hill

You’ll have to keep enemies out of three marked circles in the arena. This trial requires a lot of fast-paced, rapid-action damage tanking and enemy melting. The longer the enemies stay inside the circles, the faster the timer decreases.

Population Control

Population Control is one of those trials requiring a lot of grinding and you’ll probably need to return later. In this trial, you must defeat the Bergsra. The twist? The enemy count should never go above four. If it does, you’ll have to race against a timer.

It’s quite a pressure-inducing trial that rewards you with the Undying Pyres Girdle.


This is the easiest trial if you learn to dodge damage and build immunity. To complete the Flawless challenge, you must kill 15 enemies without taking any hits yourself. The only hard part here is the Dodher Gradungr, a giant bovine monster that charges at you. The reward is quite basic, considering it’s a simple trial.

Feed the Rift

In this trial, you’ll need to eliminate enemies to create orbs that you can then pass through rifts that apparate throughout the arena. It’s a complicated game of basket that combines combat with good hand-eye coordination.

The rewards aren’t all that diverse, with only 1,000 Hacksilver and 250 Divine Ashes.

Ring Out

Ring Out requires you to take down 21 enemies that have recharging health. The arena is quite simple, and the lava pits provide a very easy way out of the challenge: knock the enemy back into the lava. You get the Undying Pyres Bracers and a few other rewards for this quest.

Weapon Mastery

Weapon Mastery is a race against time. You must eliminate 16 enemies within just three minutes. The feat isn’t as easy as it may seem. The first wave of enemies features a frost shield followed by a wave with a flame shield.

The third wave is more random, with diverse shields, and you’ll need the Draupnir Spear for this one. You get the Undying Pyres Shoulder Guards for completing this trial.

The Final Trials

After completing the initial six trials, you can move on to the final ones. A giant sword on fire will appear in the middle of the arena, and you can access six additional trials. However, you will have three new trials, each offered by the other three sword statues.

The way it works is that you must first complete the three extra trials offered by the three sword statues. You must complete two of these trials in a certain order to unlock a final trial you can access via the flaming sword. Each combination of two trials grants you access to a different final trial.

The Three Trials

Here are all of the initial three trials that you need to complete in a specific order. Note that Kill Fuse grants you Glowing Embers straight away.

  • Rampage: In this trial, you’ll need to kill 20 enemies within 150 seconds. While it may seem easy initially, you’ll soon realize how difficult it can be when you encounter the Ogre.
  • This is an enemy that has a lot of health and is accompanied by smaller minions as well. Equipping power-boosting items to stagger it easily is a good strategy. You get rewarded Smouldering Embers, 250 Divine Ashes, 2,500 Hacksilver, and 8 Asgardian Ingots.
  • Kill Fuse: Kill Fuse is similar to Rampage but you have to fight more enemies in a shorter time. Specifically, you need to defeat 22 enemies within just 30 seconds.
  • The twist is that each kill buys you extra time. This trial rewards you with Glowing Embers, 2,500 Hacksilver, 4 Petrified Bones, and 250 Divine Ashes.
  • Health Steal: Health Steal is another trial required to unlock the final trials. This trial puts you in a tough pickle as your health drains constantly over time. With each enemy kill, you regain some of your HP.
  • This fight is not very hard as long as you can quickly kill enemies. It’s highly suggested to get powered up and upgrade your abilities before you take on the challenge. You get some Blazing Embers, 250 Divine Ashes, 3 Luminous Alloys, and 2,500 Hacksilver.
The flaming sword where you can access the final Muspelheim Trials to get the God of War: Ragnarok Glowing Embers.
You can access the Muspelheim Trials through the giant flaming sword. (Image captured by us)

Finally, there are the six final trials that you can only unlock after completing two of the above trials in a specific order. Five of these final trials grant you God of War Ragnarok Glowing Embers. Here are all those trials, how to unlock them, and the best way to beat them.

Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire is a standard trial where you’re bound to a specific spot. You’ll be locked inside a ring of fire and will need to kill enemies that come into it. Stepping out of the ring will end the trial. This trial is best attempted with good armor and weapons that have higher attack speeds.

  • Unlock: Complete Health Steal, then Rampage.
  • Rewards: 1,000 Divine Ashes, Glowing Embers, 2 Smouldering Embers, Blazing Embers, 20,000 Hacksilver, and Surtr’s Scorched Arm.


The Phantom challenge is quite straightforward, but the premise is tough. You must kill the Flame Phantom. It features a lot of HP and will require weapons with higher power and a better reload speed.

  • Unlock: Complete Kill Fuse, then Rampage.
  • Rewards: 2 Smouldering Embers, 1,000 Divine Ashes, Muspelheim’s Essence Enchantment, Glowing Embers, 20,000 Hacksilver, and Blazing Embers.

Boss Rush

Boss Rush is one of the harder trials in the Muspelheim Crucible. In this trial, you’ll need to defeat five bosses one after the other. The bosses appear in this order: Traveller, Fierce Stalker, Dark Elf Lord, Light Elf Warrior, and Einherjar Brute.

Each boss has its pattern of movement and attacks. And the bosses get considerably as you progress. Practice makes perfect. So practice with each boss and learn their patterns thoroughly.

  • Unlock: Complete Kill Fuse, then Health Steal.
  • Rewards: 2 Glowing Embers, Surtr’s Scorched Girdle, 3 Blazing Embers, 20,000 Hacksilver, 1,000 Divine Ashes, and Smouldering Embers.

Shield Breaker

Shield Breaker also features boss fights, albeit only two. But first, you need to defeat a horde of enemies to penetrate the boss’s shield. This makes the task much harder, considering it’s easy to lose focus and get hit by the enemies.

The first boss you need to take down after breaking their shield is an Einherjar Champion. After that, you must defeat hordes of enemies to break a Stalker’s shield and kill this boss too.

  • Unlock: Complete Rampage, then Kill Fuse.
  • Rewards: 2 Blazing Embers, Muspelheim’s Force enchantment, Glowing Embers, 1,000 Divine Ashes, 2 Blazing Embers, 3 Smouldering Embers, 20,000 Hacksilver.


The Onslaught is quite simple. In this trial, you only need to survive for 5 minutes as horde upon horde of enemies come and try to prevent you from doing so. While it may sound trivial, keep in mind that 5 minutes is a lot in-game. They may feel like the longest five minutes of your playthrough. It’s all about maintaining your focus and remaining patient.

  • Unlock: Complete Health Steal, then Kill Fuse.
  • Rewards: 2 Blazing Embers, 3 Glowing Embers, Muspelheim’s Endurance enchantment, Smouldering Embers, 20,000 Hacksilver, 1,000 Divine Ashes.


The last trial does not reward you with Glowing Embers, but you can still complete it for other rewards and to close the final trials. This trial requires you to take down 99 enemies without dying. It tests how long you can stand amidst waves of enemies that try to loosen your footing.

  • Unlock Complete Rampage, then Health Steal.
  • Rewards: 1,000 Divine Ashes, Blazing Embers, 20,000 Hacksilver, 3 Smouldering Embers, Surtr’s Scorched Cuirass.

My Thoughts On Glowing Embers

Glowing Embers are one of the hardest items to farm, considering they are so essential to most weapon Attachment upgrades. However, with the right loadout and strategy, you can easily acquire them in no time.

To conclude, Glowing Embers can only be acquired after completing certain trials in the Muspelheim Crucible. You’ll first need to find the two Muspelheim Seed Halves to unlock the Crucible.

Then, you’ll need to clear the first six trials, followed by three more trials that are needed to access the final six trials. Five of these final trials grant you Glowing Embers as a completion reward.

Do you want to know more about how to deal with the Muspelheim trials? Then head on over to our Muspelheim Crucible trial guide.

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