God Of War Ragnarok: Midgard Artifacts Locations

This is God of War Ragnarok's detailed and complete guide that explains all the Midgard Artifacts- stolen treasures and their locations.

All Midgard Artifacts
Midgard Artifacts Guide

The perfect way to traverse the world of the God of war Ragnarök is to search for the artifacts at different locations across the maps. However, today we will discuss the best and most convenient ways to find all Midgard Artifacts in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • The Midgard artifacts are scattered in different places, and it can be tricky to find all of them.
  • There are 6 stolen treasures, and players are required to collect them. This guide will let you know the location of each artifact.
  • We also covered some bonus information to make this journey trouble free for you in Midgard.

Lake Of Nine Artifacts

This includes the following:

  • Kila- Stolen Treasures 2
  • Janbiya- Stolen Treasure 3
  • Maya- Stolen Treasures 4

Kila- Stolen Treasures 2

Stolen Treasures 2
Kila- Stolen Treasures 2 (Image Credits: WoW Quests)

There is an island on the North-East side of Tyr’s Temple. You can look for Kila artifacts in the enormous, round structure. Make your way to the top through the stairs, and you will see the frozen corpse. The artifact will be just right beside the dead body. Move forward to collect it.

Janbiya- Stolen Treasure 3

Stolen Treasure 3
Janbiya- Stolen Treasure 3

The Janbiya Midgard artifact is located nearby the big golden helmet. Look towards Tyr’s temple, and at the North-East side of the temple building, there will be a cave covered with icicles to the Rider Stronghold’s right.

Destroy the icicles to enter the cave or room and walk in further; then, you will find the artifact on the floor.

Maya- Stolen Treasures 4


Near the temple, a bridge is located where you can find the Maya Midgard artifact in God of Ragnarök.

Stolen Treasures 4
Maya- Stolen Treasures 4

A ledge will be under the bridge, and the artifact will be on the left, beside the dead body in a sitting position. So, go near and climb on the ledge, then collect it.

Shores Of Nine Artifacts

The Shores of Nine artifacts goes as follows:

  • Fret- Stolen Treasure 5

Fret- Stolen Treasure 5

Stolen Treasure 5
Fret- Stolen Treasure 5

During the early jaunt, this treasure becomes visible. It only becomes available after exploring the Lake of Nine and Shores as Kratos. Once you are done exploring, go to the Svartalfheim Realm Tower, located north of the temple.


There will be a ledge on the right side for you to jump on. You can use the blades of chaos for climbing purposes. The artifact will be in the darkroom and jump over the gap to reach there. Also, don’t forget to loot the coffin, as you will get 273 Hacksilver, 273 Hacksilver, and 2 Slag Deposits.

The Derelict Outpost Artifacts

This includes the following:

  • Lyre- Stolen Treasure 6

Lyre- Stolen Treasure 6

Stolen Treasure 6
Lyre- Stolen Treasure 6

In the Derelict Outpost, this Midgard artifact can be found. On reaching there, keep moving and enter the area on your left. Grapple through the blade of chaos to get to the other part. Once you arrive, hit the crane to change its direction and continue grappling with moving further.


While moving forward, defeat the creatures that you will come across. Swing to the second crane and pull down the chain on the right for the third one. Cross the gap by grappling and then turn around to drop on the lower ledge on the left side.

Run inside the area, and the Lyre artifact will be near the corpse.

The Oarsman Artifacts

Artifacts of the Oarsman are given below:

  • Ankh- Stolen Treasure 1
  • The Dead Do Not Ride- Kvasir’s Poems 14

Ankh- Stolen Treasure 1

Stolen Treasure 1
Ankh- Stolen Treasure 1

Seek for the Ankh artifact in the Oarsman region. Go to the downward area and head to the upper side by climbing the wall. Run towards the chain hanging down and then begin to ascend. Keep going straight and jump down to move the chain.

Ankh Location
Ankh Location

As you pull the chain, the staircase will be revealed to you. Run down the stairs, and the Hacksilver treasure box will be on the left side, while the artifact will be on the right side. Open it to obtain the Ankh artifact.

The Dead Do Not Ride- Kvasir’s Poems 14

The Dead Do Not Ride
The Dead Do Not Ride- Kvasir’s Poems 14

This one is placed in the Oarsman. But first, you must do all the steps, including defeating the stalker pulling the chain, going back to the underground area, and moving back to the starting area. After doing all these, again mount the wall left to the Nornir chest and into the gigantic boat.

You will find the artifact on the right by going to the top.

Closing Remarks

We expect that our guide about the Ragnarök Midgard artifact has been helpful to you. All the artifacts of the Midgard are listed and thoroughly explained along with their locations in this article.

If you find these guides helpful and want us to bring more exciting content for you in the future, then do share these guides with your friends, as it helps us to keep growling and making these new guides. We will get back to you with more exciting guides very soon. Stay Tuned!

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