God of War Ragnarok Niflheim [Ultimate Guide]

The God of War Ragnarok Niflheim realm holds many challenges and collectibles for you and this guide ensures that you don't miss any.

God of War Ragnarok: Niflheim [Explained]
God of War Ragnarok: Niflheim [Explained]

The name should already ring a bell if you have played the previous God of War. However, for any new players or those who have forgotten, I’ll elaborate on it. The God of War Universe contains many realms you can travel between with the help of the Bifrost. All these Realms are unique and need to be explored if you want to get that enriched gaming experience.

Among these Realms is the Niflheim Realm which holds multiple challenges and quests for you. You will unlock Niflheim early on in the game if you just follow the storyline. However, if you are heading towards the 100% completion rate, you should finish the main storyline first. This will make the journey more enjoyable as Niflheim contains a lot and is among the moderately large realms.

Key Takeaways

  • There are Nine Realms in God of War Ragnarok, one of them being Niflheim.
  • It is among the moderately sized realms in GOW.
  • We explain how you can collect different chests and collectibles in the numerous locations found within Niflheim.

Niflheim contains multiple objectives for you to fulfill and various collectibles that patten up your stats and outlook. All these objectives need to be fulfilled if you wish to go for the 100% completion rate. So let’s take a look at each of them individually.

The Raven Tree

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Raven Tree Location

Starting off, we have the Raven Tree in Niflheim. The Raven Tree is located near the Aesir Prison wreckage. For more clarification, you can see the image below. This tree plays a vital role throughout the game, and you will find yourself coming back here regularly. Well, that is because of Odin’s Ravens that you will have to kill throughout the entirety of the game. There are a total of 48 Ravens that you can slay.

Upon slaying a various number of ravens, you will unlock a chest under the Raven Tree. These chests contain precious loot that will make facing off difficult foes much more accessible. The rewards that you can get from these chests are as follows:

  • Killing 6 Ravens gives you the Girdle of Raven Tears.
  • Killing 12 Ravens gives you the Raven Tears
  • Killing 18 Ravens gives you the Cuirass of Raven Tears
  • Killing 28 Ravens gives you the Breath of Thamur Heavy Runic Attack
  • Killing 38 Ravens gives you the Meteoric Slam Heavy Runic Attack
  • Killing 48 Ravens gives you the Finger of Ruin Heavy Runic Attack

Once you have collected all the ravens and the chest, a unique hidden enemy will be spawned at the Raven Tree. You must defeat this enemy if you have your eyes on completing this Realm thoroughly.

Sparring Arena

The Niflheim Sparring Arena houses this realm’s challenge that rewards you with permanent buffs. The area can be easily spotted opposite Brok’s shop. If you can’t find it, look out for a giant monument in the middle of an area. Walk up to that monument and interact with it to trigger the Niflheim Challenges.

However, unlike other challenges, these challenges aren’t meant to reward you. Instead, they enable you to excel as a player by making you go through training challenges that enable you to hone your skills. You will be facing off against an unending wave of monsters that neither give you XP nor Hacksilver. However, you will be able to learn how to fight multiple opponents at the same time and how to use your abilities properly. 

You can choose the type of monster you can face as well. There are five in total, among which three have to be unlocked separately. This is because you only meet the latter monster after reaching a certain point in the story; hence the game doesn’t want you to have an extra edge. You can see all of them below:

  • Draugr – Originally Unlocked
  • Grims – Originally Unlocked
  • Light Elves – You have to complete Groa’s Secret to unlock
  • Einherjar – You will have to complete Forging Destiny to unlock
  • Hel – Walkers – You have to complete Reunion to unlock

The Sparring Arena’s primary purpose is its ability to be used as a method of getting Mod Tokens for Kratos’ arsenal. Kratos’ skills can be slightly upgraded with the help of these mod tokens, which include increased attack damage, stun damage, or elemental damage. Moreover, it provides additional protection from damage and stagger while using skills and increased charges for the Permafrost and Immolation meters. All of these buffs are highly valuable and will help you defeat enemies numerous times during your walkthrough.

The Aesir Prison Wreckage

This is an area close to the Raven Tree that is better to explore once you have completed the main storyline. Here you will find The Broken Prison’s favor. To begin the conversation that commences The Broken Prison’s favor, go to The Raven Tree magical gateway in Niflheim and then move toward the tree. From here, take a left and continue forward To get to the Aesir Prison Wreckage.

Here lies a Nornir Chest for you to obtain. Thus let’s go through the steps needed to go there individually.

Nornir Chest

Nornir Chest contains many goodies that make your kit stronger and make it easier for you to continue forward in the story. Finding these chests will also bring in an influx of Hacksilver so that you can get those crucial upgrades as well.

To get the Nornir Chest in Niflheim, you will have to defeat the Einherjar, and by destroying the gust of wind will have to make your way down. Here you will find yourself in the middle of a horde of enemies. Slay them with your axe or blades and make your way to the nearby chain. Use it to position the spear just below the level you are currently on.

Once you do this, more enemies will come rushing in. Obliterate them and jump off the ledge on the side. You will also find an ambushing Elf that you will have to slay here. Afterward, you will see a breakable wall above you. Grapple on it and break through.

Finally, you will find the Nornir chest in front of you. The first rune for the chest will be on the chest, right side of the gate. For the second rune, jump down a floor and search the cells. You will find it in one of them.

Lastly, for the third, reach the end of the shaft, and you will spot it among the rubble. However, you will have to fight off against another horde of monsters to obtain it. Once slain, make your way to it, smash it with your axe, and make your way back to the chest. The chest will reward you with an Idunn Apple.

God of War Niflheim Chest Reward
Idunn Apple Description

Nine Realms in Bloom

Another thing you find inside this wreckage is a piece of the Nine Realms in Bloom’s favor. For that, make your way to the bottom floor. Here you will see several cells. You will have to search each of them to find a Dreamshade that is needed for the favor.

The Broken Prison

There is a cell in this wreckage that seems unreachable at first. It is located at the bottom left and is the last cell. To enter inside, you will have to lower the spear enough so that you can swing off it. Once done, swing inside, and it will cause you to become reunited with someone who we will not spoil for you. This will also complete The Broken Prison.

Legendary Chests 

Other than the Nornir Chest, there is also a Legendary chest here waiting to be collected. You can find the chest at the top level; hence we recommend you go for it while heading out. Raise your speared wind notches to reach the chest and jump to the top level. You will be able to spot a glistening Legendary chest here that will contain the Nocked proficiency accessory.

Mist Fields

The Mist Field is also part of the God of War Ragnarok Niflheim Realm. There are multiple objectives that you can complete here as well; hence you will have to explore them as well.

Nine Realms in Bloom

Starting off, we have the part for the Nine Realms in Bloom’s favor. To complete that, head forward straight from the mystic gateway. You will slowly make your way to the Frozen ruins, where you will find the Frostfinger flower, which is essential for Bloom’s favor.

Berserker Gravestone

Berserker Gravestone in God of War Ragnarok
Berserker Gravestone in God of War Ragnarok

Another thing that you can find in Mist Field, Niflheim, is the Berserker Gravestone. To reach that, head right from the mystic gateway and keep going straight until you find a berserker gravestone. Once there, you will have to fight a boss monster, Skjothendi The Unerring. He isn’t that difficult to beat if you just take your time and play your cards right.

Defeating him bestows upon you a reward. The reward comes in the shape of the Berserker Gauntlets wrist armor, which is highly valuable and helpful for you.


These are all the known collectibles and challenges that you can find during your time in Niflheim. Exploring this vast Realm is quite fun, and I encourage you to explore it on your own once. The rewards you get from all these locations are also pretty nice and make your overall build more robust.

Other than Niflheim, there are eight more realms that you can explore. Each of them has its challenges and collectibles which you can find. If you are looking for a guide on those, make sure you check out our God of War Ragnarok Muspelheim guide.

With that, we conclude our God of War Ragnarok Niflheim guide. Let us know down below which Realm is your favorite among all.

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