God Of War Ragnarok Obtaining Primal Flame

Acquiring Primal Flame is crucial, and you can get it as a reward for defeating bosses or opening certain chests in God of War Ragnarok!

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Upgrading equipment to the highest level requires the latest resources, and Primal Flame is an essential resource and the topic of this guide today!

Key Takeaways

  • The new game plus mode unlocks after completing the story mode of God of War: Ragnarok.
  • Primal Flame is a rare resource for upgrading Kratos’ weapons to level 10.
  • Obtain Primal Flames by defeating bosses, completing quests, and opening legendary chests.
  • There are 13 Primal Flames in the game, crucial for the increased difficulty in the new game plus mode.
  • Upgrading weapons and equipment is vital for tackling tough challenges.
  • In the new game plus mode, Primal Flame is only acquired by defeating bosses or opening legendary chests.

What Is Primal Flame

Primal Flame Weapon Upgrade
Primal Flame Weapon Upgrade. Image Credits: JorRaptor

Primal Flame, available in God of War Ragnarok’s new game plus mode, is essential for upgrading Kratos’ primary weapons: the blades of chaos, spear, and deathly axe, acquired through boss battles.

Obtaining Primal Flames unlocks weapon enhancements up to level 10, adding depth to the highly anticipated God of War: Ragnarok. Securing these resources, however, poses challenges. For example, Heimdall, a swift and cunning opponent, is a formidable obstacle.

Acquiring Primal Flame is vital for tackling the game’s toughest challenges, often tied to defeating strong opponents or completing specific quests, as upgrading gear is necessary to match the heightened difficulty in new game plus mode.

How To Obtain Primal Flame

Moreover, getting Primal Flames is no easy feat. They are also one of the scarcest resources in the New Game Plus mode of God of War Ragnarok and are usually granted only after defeating significant bosses. But, I have got you covered! There are a total of 13 Primal Flames in the game.

Kra primal flame legendary chest at Lyngbakr's Tail Image Credits JorRaptor
Kratos opened the legendary chest at Lyngbakr’s Tail to obtain Primal Flame. Image Credits: JorRaptor

Below are all the ways you can obtain Primal Flame in the game:

Type Location How to Obtain
Defeat Reward

Yggdrasil’s rift, Vanaheim 

Defeat Nidhogg and claim your reward
Legendary Chest Bay of Bounty, Svartalfheim Locate the legendary chest near Lyngbakr’s Tail after being freed
Defeat Reward Helheim Defeat the Hel-Traveller in Helheim and claim your reward
Defeat Reward Midgard Defeat the Phantom Boss in the “Word of Fate” quest in Midgard and claim your reward
Defeat Reward Temple of Light in Alfheim Defeat Alva and claim your reward
Rewarded Chest The Raven Tree, Niflheim  Find and open the rewarded chest in The Raven Tree
Challenge Reward Muspelheim  Complete the Muspelheim Crucible challenges and claim your reward
Legendary Chest Vanaheim Locate the legendary chest during “The Reckoning” quest.
Legendary Chest Hafgufa’s Cave, the forgotten sands Locate the legendary chest while escaping from Hafgufa’s Hive Matter
Legendary Chest Midgard Locate the legendary chest during “Sigrun’s Curse”
Legendary Chest On Alberich Island in Svartalfheim Locate the legendary chest 
Defeat Reward Vanaheim Defeat Heimdall and claim your reward
Defeat Reward Muspelheim  Defeat Hrist and Mist and claim your reward

To sum up, Primal Flame is an essential resource in God of War: Ragnarok that you need to maximize your weapons. Moreover, getting all of these Primal Flames allows you to upgrade your equipment to the highest level, which is crucial in tackling the game’s toughest challenges. Remember that the new game plus mode is only available after God of War Ragnarok’s story mode ends.


That is all I could tell you about the Primal Flame upgrade in the new game Plus mode of God of War Ragnarok. Make sure to refer to our guide and other resources to help your friends out.

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