God Of War Ragnarok: All 48 Raven Locations

A complete guide of all 48 of Odin's Ravens' locations.

All of the 48 raven locations in God of War Ragnarok explained.
This is your ultimate guide to the ravens' locations in God of War Ragnarok.

There are 48 Odin’s Ravens in God of War Ragnarok. These ravens are crucial for opening six chests in the Niflheim Realm. But what are the God of War Ragnarok’s all 48 raven locations, and how do you access them?

In this guide, I go over how to find all 48 of these ravens. For some of these ravens, you will need a special tool that you will get after completing the Forging Destiny quest.

So, without any further ado, here are the locations of all the ravens in God of War Ragnarok.

Key Takeaways

  • You can find 48 Odin’s Ravens in God of War Ragnarok. These are needed to unlock chests in the Niflheim Realm.
  • There are 13 ravens to be found in Svartalfheim.
  • You can find ten ravens in Alfheim.
  • You can also find 6 of Odin’s Ravens in Vanaheim.
  • There are six ravens to be found in Midgard.
  • You can find two ravens each in Helheim and Muspelheim.

What Are Odin’s Ravens?

You must find 48 of Odin’s Ravens in God of War Ragnarok. You will need these ravens to unlock six chests in the Niflheim Realm. Each chest has a specific number of ravens you must hit to unlock.

The chests feature several rewards. Most of these ravens can be acquired throughout your regular adventures in the game. However, some ravens require you to unlock a special tool after completing the Forging Destiny quest.

Luckily, the ravens can be easily spotted as they are bright green and can be differentiated from other birds in the game.

Svartalfheim Raven Locations

Svartalfheim has by far the most ravens that you can find – 13, to be exact. The ravens can mostly be found in the Realm. Unfortunately, you’ll need a special tool to access some of them.

Aurvangar Wetlands

The raven in Aurvangar Wetlands perched atop a pillar.
The raven in Aurvangar Wetlands is right outside the Mystic Gate.

Aurvangar’s raven is the easiest one to acquire. You only need to travel to the Aurvangar Wetlands and find the Mystic Gate. Step out of the gate and look up and left. You can see a small monolithic structure that will have a raven on top of it.

Althjof’s Rig

In Althjof’s Rig, you can easily find another one of Odin’s ravens. After Kratos climbs up the rig using a golden chain, you will see a barrel facing him. Go near that barrel, and you will find the raven.

Alberich Island

  1. There are 2 ravens to find on Alberich Island. But to find these, you must first finish the main quest “Forging Destiny”. After you complete the quest, you will get a new device that you can use to unlock this special raven.
  2. The raven will be found on the beach on Albrich Island. At the beach, locate the Wind Vent that you can find on the right wall. Utilize your new device to climb the wall and get to the top.
  3. Once at the top, you must go to the wooden ramp at the right of the area.
  4. Walk the ramp and go to the top of the elevator. On the left, you will find some Soundstone. Obliterate this Soundstone with your Sonic Arrows.
  5. After destroying the Soundstone, you can walk forward and find the raven.
  6. You should hit it when it flies to the left, as you have the best chance of hitting it this way.
  7. The second raven in Alberich land also requires acquiring the special device.
  8. After acquiring his device, go to the wooden ramp where you found the first raven.
  9. Near the bottom of this area, you should find the elevator.
  10. There will be a stone with Wind Fissure. You should now aim your Draupnir Spear at the stone and hit it.
  11. If you haven’t unlocked the Draupnir Spear yet, head over to our Draupnir Spear guide to find out how to unlock it.
  12. This will obliterate the stone, releasing the hot water from the geyser. This will also eventually raise the elevator. Go to the elevator and grapple to the large wooden platform in the water.
  13. There, you will also find another grapple point. Use it to swing up to the island.
  14. Here, climb the ledge and locate a small hole in the stone. You will be able to see the raven peeping from the hole.

Radsvinn’s Rig

The crane in Radsvinn's Rig with a raven in it.
The raven can be found on top of the crane.
  • You can also find another raven in Radsvinn’s Rig. The raven is found below the rig.
  • Before climbing the rig, aim your camera from the ground up and to the left. Look for the large towering crane.
  • Locate the crane’s hook, and you’ll find Odin’s raven here. Hit it, and you’ll progress further into the quest.

Lyngbakr Island

  1. Lyngbakr Island also has a raven to be found. The raven can be found even while completing the “The Weight of Chains” favor. You’ll first need to release one of the fins to get to the raven.
  2. Then, you can access the boat. Use the boat to travel to the other side of the water.
  3. There, you will find a gate that will open right up into the first area you just came from.
  4. Use your Fire Bomb to clear a pile of rubble in the area. Once done, jump to the opposite side and find the red chest.
  5. Next, crawl down into the little crawlspace at the very right of this chest.
  6. Once you get through the crawlspace, take a sharp left turn, and you can see the raven.
  7. Luckily, the raven is on the ground, hopping about the place. You can easily hit it with your axe, though you must aim fast.

The Watchtower

The Watchtower God of War Ragnarok raven location.
Here, you can find the raven circling above the dwarf’s shop.
  1. If you know where the dwarf’s shop is in the Watchtower, then you can easily acquire the raven here.
  2. First, you’ll need to go where you first fought the Hateful.
  3. If you can’t get past the Hateful, check out our The Hateful guide. Then, go to the right of this place and look for the dwarf’s shop.
  4. Finally, you’ll find the raven circling over the shop. Hit with your axe, and you’ll have acquired that raven.

Jarnsmida Pitmines

  1. Jarnsmida Pitmines also includes a raven you can find.
  2. You can find the raven right in the cart while traveling with Atreus. Specifically, the raven is accessible from when you crash the cart.
  3. You’ll need to slide down the golden chain.
  4. This will lead you to a chest. You will also see some branches that appear to be covered in red mushrooms.
  5. There, when you go across the water, you can see the Raven flying above the water.


A raven sitting atop a building in Nidavellir.
You can also find a raven in Nidavellir.
  1. You can also find a raven in Nidavellir.
  2. First, head to the main town square and look for the statue where you found Atreus and Kratos. Walk across from this structure, and you’ll see a building.
  3. Unfortunately, you cannot access the building easily.
  4. You’ll need to use Sonic Arrows to uncover a crawlspace.
  5. Walk through this crawlspace to get to the top of the building. Here, you can find the raven sitting on the top.

The Applecore

  1. You must complete the water wheels puzzle to access the raven hiding in Appecore. First, find the crawlspace in the Applecore that will be situated next to a red chest.
  2. Return to the door you came through to get to this room.
  3. Just before the door, you can find the water wheels puzzle. You’ll need Sonic Arrows to complete this puzzle.
  4. Look to the left of the door.
  5. You can see a raven sitting there atop the rafters. It should be right next to the zipline.
  6. For players who have already completed the puzzle, you’ll need to get to the location through the bottom side of Applecore.

The Forge

The Forge God of War Ragnarok raven location.
The raven in The Forge can be found next to the dwarf carving.
  1. You can find two ravens in the Forge as well. You can find the first raven after you talk with Diluc. Take the cart and ride it alongside Atreus.
  2. Go to the walkway made of wood and look up at the face of the dwarf carved into the side of the mountain.
  3. You will see the raven circling the general area. Hit it with your axe quickly.
  4. To find the second raven, you’ll need to return to Svartalfheim.
  5. Unfortunately, you can’t get this raven during the actual story that takes place in the Forge.

Alberich Hollow

  1. The last raven you can find in Svartalheim is in Alberich Hollow.
  2. For this, you will also need the special device you get from the Forging Destiny mission.
  3. You can easily find the raven after you find the Legendary Chest in the hollow.
  4. Look for an enormous statue of a dwarf and find the tunnel located at the left of the statue.
  5. You will eventually find a lava rock dispenser.
  6. You can now use this device to destroy a wall of gold rocks that will be right up ahead.
  7. Once you get past the wall, you will see a tree to the immediate left. Here, you can finally find the last raven in Svartalheim.

Alfheim Raven Locations

In Alfheim, you can find ten ravens altogether. You can easily hit 6 of these when you first visit the area during the story’s progression. However, the other four must be obtained only after getting a special tool to unlock the raven.

Temple of Light

Temple of Light God of War Ragnarok raven location.
You can find 2 ravens in the Temple of Light.
  1. Temple of Light has several ravens to find in the location. The first raven you can find here is right behind a giant metal gate. You can find this gate next to several Purple Twilight Stones.
  2. You’ll need to find the spiral staircase to get to the raven. This staircase is a little further away from the Legendary Chest door.
  3. Here, look for a ledge and jump down it. You’ll find the metal gate and the raven behind it.
  4. But you cannot access the raven without throwing your axe at a Purple Twilight stone outside the gate. The axe will ricochet from the gate and attack the raven.
  5. The second location where you can find the raven in the Temple of Light is before you reach the Nornir Chest.
  6. Before encountering the Nornir Chest in the Temple of Light, you will see a room.
  7. Enter the room, and you’ll find the raven sitting on a flat platform opposite the staircase.

The Barrens

The Barrens have two ravens to find. The first can be found next to the minor infrastructure that grants you a Legendary Chest and acts as a lore marker. The raven is on top of a tree that you can find on the west side of the desert.

A raven in the giant dragon skeleton.
Look for the raven in the left eye of the dragon’s skeleton.

The second raven you can find in the Barrens is inside the enormous carcass of the monster. Go across from where you found your first raven and look for the giant skeleton. Here, search inside the left eye socket of the remains, and you’ll find the raven.

The Canyons

  1. The next raven you can find is in the Canyons. You can unlock this location by finishing the “Groa’s Secret” story.
  2. Head over to the dwarf’s shop in the Canyons, and you can find the raven flying right-ward.
  3. Aim with your axe carefully to hit the raven and add one more raven to your progress.

The Strond

The Strond God of War Ragnarok raven location.
The Strond’s raven can be found perched atop a tree.
  1. You can also find a raven in the Strond. You’ll need to travel to the Temple of Light.
  2. On the path to the temple, stop a bit further from where you found your first Nornir chest.
  3. I recommend ensuring you’re right between this place and the first purple Twilight Stone encounter.
  4. Here, you will see a tree and find the raven perched on top of it. Shoot it to add one more raven to your quest’s progress.

The Forbidden Sands

  1. The Forbidden Sands features not 1 or 2 but 4 ravens that you can find in the area.
  2. To find your first raven here, head to the Forbidden Sands. Go to the southwest of this location and look for a troll statue. You can find the raven behind this statue.
  3. Next, go to the Burrows and travel to the west side of this place. Find the statue of Freyr, and you can see a second raven circling in front of it.
  4. After that, you’ll need to return to where you first find and fight the Frost Phantom.
  5. You can find the raven just above the megalith there. However, if you want actually to hit the raven, you’ll need to aim your shot above the structure.
  6. Lastly, you can find the final raven in the Elven Library in the Forbidden Sands. You’ll need to travel to the external door of the library and obliterate the wreckage in front of it.
  7. This will reveal a small crawlspace underneath the library. Enter the crawlspace and go to the left of the space. You’ll find the last raven here.

Vanaheim Raven Locations

You can find a total of 15 ravens in Vanaheim. You can find most of these normally when progressing through the story.

River Delta

The Pilgrim's Landing God of War Ragnarok raven location.
The first raven here is located in Pilgrim’s Landing.
  1. River Delta has two ravens to be found. The first raven can be located in Pilgrim’s Landing Area.
  2. But you must solve the Sigil Arrows and Red Bramble puzzle before you can get there.
  3. Once you’ve completed the puzzle, you can enter the Pilgrim’s Landing Area.
  4. Here, you will find a Legendary Chest. The chest is not essential here. Instead, look to the left of the chest, and you can find one of Odin’s ravens.
  5. The second raven is atop a massive tree root on the river.
  6. Hitting the raven isn’t so easy. You’ll need to walk up the Veiled Passage and use the golden chain to travel down.
  7. Looking down from the lore marker, you can easily see and hit the raven. In this way, you can get both ravens in the River Delta.

The Abandoned Village

  1. In Vanaheim, you can find a raven in the Abandoned Village.
  2. To access the raven, you must first enter the main building. You must swing to the top level and enter through a cracked wall.
  3. Once inside the wall, traverse to a specific tree knot, which you can find to the right of the entrance.
  4. On top of the knot, you can find a statue and a raven perched on top of it.

Freyr’s Camp

  1. You can find a single raven in this location. Technically, you can find a raven right after you leave Freyr’s camp.
  2. If you don’t know where the raven is, it’s easy to mix.
  3. After you leave the camp, you’ll be required to go through a tunnel and down from many edges.
  4. To get to the raven, skip this step and go to the lake to your left.
  5. You can find the raven above the lake beside the blue ring.
  6. If you go to the Abandoned Village first, the raven will be protected by vines. You’ll need to break them to get to the raven.

The Veiled Passage

  1. The raven in the Veiled Passage is also extremely easy to find.
  2. To find the raven, travel to the Veiled Passage and climb to the top floor.
  3. Here, you can find the raven seated near some hanging carcasses.

Eastern Barri Woods

  1. Eastern Barri Woods is an area that only gets unlocked in the latter half of the game. You can only find one raven here, which is quite easy. First, enter the Eastern Barri Woods area and fight off the enemies, including the Nokken and Cursed Gulon.
  2. After that, you’ll be met with a fork in the road. Take the right path and hit the Wind Fissure with your Draupnir Spear.
  3. Once you do so, head back to the other end of the tunnel, and you’ll find a raven on the upper right base of the massive tree. Hit it, and you will have acquired yet another raven.

Goddess Falls

  1. The next raven you can find in Vanaheim is in Goddess Falls.
  2. You’ll need to climb the ledge near the triple waterfall to find this raven.
  3. This is the same waterfall where you previously docked your ship.
  4. Once you climb up the ledge, you’ll be able to not only see the raven circling above the waterfall but also be able to shoot it.
  5. You can shoot it from other places as well. But right above the ledge is where you will get the best shot.

The Jungle

  1. The Jungle also features a single raven to be found. For this, you’ll first need to finish the favor called “Return of the River.”
  2. To find the raven, you’ll need to head over to the Ogre.
  3. Once there, you’ll need to enter the arena and look toward the South wall of the place. You’ll find the raven right here.

The Sinkholes

  1. Another raven that can only be found after completing the Return of the River favor is the one in the Sinkhols.
  2. Head over to the arena, where you must defeat The Ash Tyrant. In the arena, finding the raven is quite straightforward: it’s near the left-hand wall.
  3. However, to get to it, you should go to the South-Western part of the lair and hit the raven from there.

Southern Wilds

A raven flying in the Southern Wilds.
The raven here can be found right by the gateway.

Southern Wilds is the easiest place to find one of Odin’s ravens. As soon as you enter Southern Wilds, look to your left. You can see a raven circling over the river if you’re lucky.

The Plains

  1. You can also find not one or two but five ravens in The Plains. The first raven can be found near Brok’s workshop on the North-Eastern side of The Plains.
  2. For the second raven, head over to the Western side of The Plains.
  3. You’ll find the bolt frozen in time here.
  4. Go West from here and then North-East. The raven will be right on top of the cliff there.
  5. The third raven can also be found in the Western region.
  6. Head on over to the lake and go North-West from here. You’ll see a stone column that has fallen over. Climb it and then climb down from the cliff. You’ll find a cave to your left. Near the edge of the cave, you will find the raven sitting on a stone platform to your left.
  7. For the fourth raven, you’ll need to wait till nightfall.
  8. Then, go to the North-Western half of The Plains and the Celestial Altar.
  9. Then, kick down the plate of metal that’s present on the ledge. Climb up this ledge and look to the South-Western area of The Plains.
  10. You’ll see the raven sitting on the rock below you.
  11. Finally, you will find the last raven where you first fought The Crimson Dead.
  12. If you haven’t done this, you’ll need to fight the dragon first and then access the area at night by converting the day to night using the Celestial Altar.
  13. To access the arena, you’ll need to go to the gate on the northern side of the lake.
  14. After entering the gate, go right from the fork in the path and enter the tiny space in the wall. You will enter the arena. The raven is just a bit further ahead, along the left wall of the area.

Midgard God Of War Ragnarok Raven Locations

You can find a total of 6 ravens in Midgard. Luckily, you won’t need to come back to this location. You can acquire the ravens right from the beginning as soon as the area is unlocked.

The Derelict Outpost

Derelict Outpost God of War Ragnarok raven location.
You can find the raven perched atop the dead body in the nook.
  1. You can find two ravens in the Derelict Outpost.
  2. Enter the Derelict Outpost and look to your left. You can see a nook with a dead body.
  3. This is right before you find the golden chain leading to the shop.
  4. The raven will be directly above the dead body. Luckily, it’s perched on the body, so it’s easier to hit.
  5. Additionally, you can find another raven at this location. Follow the golden chain to get to the shop and travel further. You’ll find a swinging jump.
  6. Look to your right, and you’ll see a wooden pole with the mechanism for the swing inside it.
  7. The raven will be seated right atop this pole. It’s perched, so it’s easier to hit. However, you should still aim your axe a bit above the raven so it hits just the right spot.

The Oarsman

  1. The Oarsman also has a raven that can be found in the location.
  2. Luckily, the raven is extremely easy to find.
  3. You’ll need to find the main statue in the location.
  4. To the right of this structure is a cliff where you can find the raven.

Well of Urd

Well of Urd God of War Ragnarok raven location.
The Well of Urd has a raven near the campsite.
  1. The Well of Urd also has a raven that you can find.
  2. I recommend hitting this raven while progressing through the story in Midgard. You need to visit the Norns and afterward find the campsite.
  3. Look to the opposite side, and you’ll see a pillar there. The raven will be right on top of it.
  4. If you end up progressing through the game, don’t worry.
  5. You can always return, go through the same path, and find the campsite again. You’ll need to traverse through the wall crack in the cliff to do this.

Lake of Nine

A raven right next to Tyr's Temple.
You can find a raven next to Tyr’s Temple.
  1. The next two ravens that you can find are in the Lake of Nine.
  2. Go to the Lake of Nine and locate the Temple of Tyr. Traverse to the southern side of this temple and look for a large piece of ice.
  3. You can find the first raven in Lake of Nine inside this ice cave.
  4. Afterward, go to Midgard’s east side and look for the Raider Hideout. You can find a huge chain covered in snow outside the main gate. The raven will be seated on top of this chain. Aim with your axe to hit it.

Helheim God Of War Ragnarok Raven Locations

You can find up to 2 Odin’s ravens in Helheim. They’re pretty easy to find. Here are the different locations in which you can find the ravens.


  1. The first raven that you can find is in Helgrind.
  2. You must walk through the Hel’s Perch Mystic Gateway. Then, travel to the Helgrind area.
  3. You must use your spear to get to the next location.
  4. However, before you do so, you should look above. Chances are, you can find the raven hovering above you. Hit it to acquire it.

Hel’s Perch Staircases

  1. The next raven in Helheim is above the Lore Marker near two staircases.
  2. You can get this raven when completing the mission “The Reunion.”
  3. During the mission, you will be able to find two staircases.
  4. And right next to this staircase is a Lore Marker. Above this Lore Marker, you can find the raven hovering in the air.

Muspelheim God Of War Ragnarok Raven Locations

Muspelheim also has two ravens that you can find. These ravens are highly elusive. But if you know where to look, you can easily find and hit them.

Burning Cliffs

  1. The first raven that you find in Muspelheim is in the Burning Cliffs. You can easily find this raven early on in your journey through this location.
  2. Once you enter Muspelheim through the Mystic Gateway, find the ledges and climb down them.
  3. Next, head right, and you will see a small cavern. You will be attacked by Wisps as soon as you enter the cavern.
  4. After you get through the Wisps, you should find the room, go to the right side of it, and peer through the window.
  5. You can see the raven there.

Surtr’s Forge

  1. Finally, the last raven in Muspelheim is in Surtr’s Forge.
  2. To acquire the raven, you must climb up to the elevated patch of land.
  3. This is where you will meet the ashen man.
  4. On top of this platform, look North; you will see the raven on the archway.

My Thoughts On Raven Locations

Finding all 48 of Odin’s Ravens is a tedious task. Luckily, if you have a keen eye, you will hit these ravens right on your first time accessing the various areas. However, you can always return and capture the ravens you missed.

However, you can only get some of these ravens by completing the Forging Destiny quest. Hence, you cannot get them during your regular journey through some areas.

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