God of War Ragnarok Secret Ending [Explained]

The secret ending of God of War Ragnarok fully explained.

The protagonist carrying Brok during the secret ending.
Here's how to access the secret ending of God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok has a secret ending that not many people are aware of. This secret ending must be unlocked after the main ending and requires you to visit Lunda. After the ending plays out, you can unlock the full credits and a special ending theme.

So what’s so special about this secret ending? What happens in it? And how do you even unlock the secret ending in the first place?

Here’s all you need to know about the secret ending in God of War Ragnarok and how to unlock it. We also touch upon a few other quests you can complete after the ending.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the secret ending of God of War Ragnarok. Read at your own risk.

Key Takeaways:

  1. God of War Ragnarok has a secret ending that can be unlocked after the main ending.
  2. After the main ending, you should talk to Lunda to complete a favor.
  3. The ending will begin to play out, after which, the full credits will start rolling.
  4. There are several other quests you can complete after you finish the game.

Unlocking God Of War Ragnarok Secret Ending

Before we get into what the God of War Ragnarok secret ending is, we’ll first look at how to unlock it.

The secret ending can only be unlocked after completing the mission “The Realms at War”. This is the last mission that you must complete in the game. After completing the mission, walk over to any store.

Once in the store, talk with Lunda. You will have to complete a favor called “A Viking Funeral”. To complete the funeral, you’ll need to travel over to Nidavellir.

Lunda telling the protagonist about her plan to bid farewell to Brok in Svartalfheim.
Talk to Lunda at the store to unlike the “A Viking Funeral” favor.

In Nidavellir, go up to Raeb’s Tavern and speak with Lunda, Raeb, and Durlin. They will eventually inform you about Brok’s funeral. They are planning on paying their respects to Brok by taking him to Sved Sands. Additionally, you get the option to pay your respects right there and then.

After that, you’ll need to go back to the place where you fled the mines and rescued Tyr. When you go to the Mystic Gateway, you can locate the special contraption that lets you travel across the sealine.

As soon as you get across the coast, you can finally move on to the secret ending.

God Of War Ragnarok Secret Ending Explained

So what’s the secret ending of God of War Ragnarok? Well, as you may have guessed from the “A Viking Funeral” favor, it’s Brok’s funeral. After traveling across the shoreline, you can finally hold Brok’s funeral.

All of Brok’s dwarf friends will be there to attend the funeral as well as Kratos. In the beginning, you will notice a very important character that’s missing – Sindri. However, after some progress through the cutscene, Sindri will eventually make an entrance.

The protagonist saying goodbye to Brok.
Saying goodbye to Brok.

You will notice that Sindri is still remorseful over the demise of his beloved brother and will be angry at Kratos.

Eventually, Kratos and Sindri will bid farewell to Brok’s body and send it off to sea. Along with that, Freya will launch a fire arrow that will land on his body and set it on fire.

Sindri will leave, still resentful about his brother’s demise. After this, you will see the full credits roll, which are a bit more detailed than the ones you see after the first ending ends. You’ll also be able to hear the God of War Ragnarok ending theme titled “Blood on the Snow”.

God Of War Ragnarok: Other Game Endings

Besides the secret ending, you can also unlock other game quests after the game ends. These aren’t exactly endings, just other things you can do post-ending. Here are a few important post-game quests to complete:

  1. Visiting Sindri’s House: Once you complete the second ending, pay a visit to Sindri. There, converse with Ratatoskr who will lend you a bag full of Yggdrasil seeds. These seeds are key for opening up fast travel to every realm in the game. Additionally, they will activate all the Mystical Gateways that you skipped over (if any). Moreover, if you go through the side gate, you can see all of your discovered Stags.
  2. Visiting The Alfheim Canyons Workshop: Lunda will instruct you to go to the Alfheim Canyons workshop. There, you will meet Thrud and witness her beginning her journey. You can also collect a special hammer.
  3. Taking Care Of Chaurli: If you go to Freyr’s Camp you can speak to Birgir and advise him to look after Chaurli. Later on in the game, you will find Birgir at Freyr’s tortoise house.
  4. Retrieving Odin’s Coin: Go to Midgard and find the Derelict Outpost Mystic Gateway. There, you’ll need to go to Lake of Nine and look for Skjoldr. You can find him trying to retrieve Odin’s coin that was discarded by Kratos.
  5. Finding Atreus’ Memento: Head back to your old residence in Midgard. There, you can look for Atreus’ memento in which he details his journeys.
  6. Releasing Tyr: Go back to Niflheim and look for a new pathway that will have been uncovered there. Follow the path to get to an Aesir prison. Here, you can easily look for and release Tyr. This is the real Tyr. After releasing him, you can find him learning Tai Chi at Freyr’s camp.
  7. Talking to Agrboda: Head on over to Jotunheim and speak with Agrboda. After that, you can also take some time out to pet Fenrir.
  8. Talking to Sif and Hildisvini: Go to Freyr’s camp and look for Sif and Hildisvini. They will tell you that they are trying to rescue the Asgardian refugees and help them seek refuge in Vanaheim.

Final Thoughts

God of War Ragnarok is a multi-dimensional game. It doesn’t just have one ending. There is a second ending to the game that you can access right after completing the main ending.

In the secret ending, you get to witness Brok’s funeral and pay your respects to him before his body is set alight at sea. After the ending, the full credits of God of War Ragnarok start to play with a special ending theme playing in the background.

Besides that, there are several side-quests to complete and easter eggs to discover even after the secret second ending.

Now that you know all about God of War Ragnarok’s secret ending, unlock it and experience it for yourself. But you can’t access the secret ending without beating the Hateful. Head on over to our God of War Ragnarok The Hateful guide to learn how to defeat this boss.

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