God Of War Ragnarok Shattered Runes: Definitive Guide

This article covers everything you need to know about the Shattered Runes in God of War Ragnarok

GOW Ragnarok Shattered Runes
Full guide of how to collect Shattered Runes and use them

Unlike other resources, Shattered Runes are not easy to use, as they don’t have many good ways to be employed. Collecting them in sufficient quantities can be a daunting task; they must be efficiently collected. Before knowing how they are used, it is important to know how they are collected.

Key takeaways

  • There are many opportunities to get Shattered Runes everywhere in God of War Ragnarok.
  • Bashing destructible objects, killing enemies, and collecting treasure maps are the ways to collect the Runes.
  • Runes can only be used in one way. They are to be traded for Hacksilver in a shop. 50 Runes are traded for 5000 Hacksilver
  • A huge amount of Runes can only be gradually collected over a period of time. They should be collected while progressing the game.

How To Collect Shattered Runes

Shattered Runes cannot be avoided. Players will be able to collect them during their playthrough of the game.

There are 9 realms, and all have been copiously stocked with Shattered Runes, in small quantities spread across the realm.

Collecting a Shattered Rune from a location

They are so much abundant that it is easier to collect Shattered Runes by accident than to pursue them willfully and forcefully.

They can be found in the most surprising places and where you least expect anything to be. Regardless, certain places can still be identified because of their track record.

Out of the many places where they can pop up, here are the surest ways to find them.

Destructible Objects

Any object that can be destroyed has the greatest chance of having Shattered Runes. The objects include everything: from hanging pots to vases, from floating barrels to half-buried containers.

Generally, these objects carry a handful of Hacksilver but possibly contain the Runes. Bash or roll into them to destroy them and see if your luck worked in your favor.

Defeating Enemies

Killing enemies is also a very good opportunity to get some Shattered Runes. Any defeated enemies are sure to drop the Runes. However, the amount varies and cannot be predicted.

Collecting Treasure Maps

My favorite approach to collecting Shattered Runes is to collect some Treasure Maps and dig for their buried loot. You must discover where the Treasure Maps are hidden and try to collect all of them, so you cant get the most amount of the resource after digging for the loot.

Collecting a treasure map

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Using Shattered Runes

The game has been extensively searched for how Shattered Runes can be optimized. It has been concluded that there are not many utilities that the resource can be enjoyed. Their highly magical description does not fit very well with their actual job in God of War Ragnarok:

Shards that course with Runic energy, once capable of moving the land itself.

Shattered Runes have only one main utility, and that is to convert them into Hacksilver. Period.

  1. To convert Runes into Hacksilver, go to any Dwarf Smiths shop and open their ‘Sell’ section.
  2. Under ‘Resources,’ there will be an exchange option to exchange 50 Runes for 5000 Hacksilver.
  3. 5000 Hacksilver is a handsome resource and can be easily used to upgrade armor or other equipment.
Dwarf Smith Shop GoW Ragnarok
Selling Shattered Runes for Hacksilver in Smith shop

But to get 5000 Hacksilver, you must have 50 Shattered Runes. Even with them spread across the 9 realms in many areas, it is not easy to collect 50 of them. Runes are piled gradually, and it will take some time before 50 of them are collected.

Apart from their use of being converted to Hacksilver, they have no noteworthy use. Runes do not have any say in upgrading the player’s armor, weapon attachments, or any other upgrade.

Purpose Of Shattered Runes

An educated guess can be made about the Runes. These drops are designed to give fluidity to the gameplay. Undertaking missions while also being on the lookout for opportunities to grab some Shattered Runes or reaching a destination and stopping at places where Runes can be found.

In my experience, the gameplay was more fun without any struggle, and it balances the game by offering something to upgrade your gear. 

But apart from trading them into Hacksilver, collecting them in large quantities is a huge challenge, so there must be an efficient way to store them in your pocket.

Optimal Collection

While any player would want to collect as many Shattered Runes as possible and as quickly as possible, they cannot be collected abundantly by aggressively hunting for them. Collecting Shattered Runes involves more luck than skill and should not be fretted over.

As you might have discovered, Shattered Runes are best found by accident or surprise. It is easier to gradually gather them by doing the important things for game progression rather than diverting the game’s focus from game progression solely to their collection.

Slowing the game progression will also slow the collection of Shattered Runes. Since the Runes are collected best when going to newer places and defeating enemies. It is best to prioritize game progression while interacting with objects, which helps pile Shattered Runes.

Are Shattered Runes Worth It?

Yes, these rewards greatly support upgrading your weapons and armor. But I would not recommend players to prioritize earning these instead of focusing on the main campaign. As I said earlier, you will be earning these runes no matter how much attention you pay to them. 

Apart from any other ways that Hacksilver can be obtained, Shattered Runes is a very simple way, although it is not the recommended way if Hacksilver is your priority or it is needed in bulk.

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