God of War Ragnarok Song of The Sands [Visual Step-By-Step]

God of War Ragnarok Song of The Sands takes a series of steps and measures to free the Hafgufa Creatures!

God of War Ragnarok Song of The Sands

For the Song of the Sands’ quest, your objective is to find the Hafgufa Cave Entrance. Open your map and scroll toward the Goals section. Out of the five categories, select “Favours” and scroll down to find “Song of The Sands” in the Alfheim Desert.

Song of The Sands
Open your maps to find the quest in the “Favors” section!

Apart from all the other quests in God of War, this is arguably difficult due to the location of the Hafgufa Cave Entrance. Many players search hard but find themselves lost after a few minutes.

Key Takeaways

  • If you want to activate or begin the Quest, you may only enter the Alfheim Desert, as it will automatically do it for you.
  • After completing the Quest, Players will receive 1500 XP for Kratos and 375 XP for Freya. The heavy storm will also be cleared from the Forbidden Sands.
  • You will need access to the Forbidden Sands to start the quest for Song of the Sands.
  • You need to reach the Hafgufa Cave Entrance and open the Hive Cage after destroying the Hafgufa’s Bindings.
  • You can find artifacts and items such as Hel’s Touch and Nemean Crush in the cave, be sure to check every corner for chests.

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God of War Ragnarok Song of The Sands Guide

The Forbidden Sands
The Forbidden Lands will be in Alfheim!

When you enter the Forbidden Lands, the cave entrance will be on the North end.

Hafgufa Cave
You will need to go down from here!

Reach the cave and climb down. After reaching the ground, you’ll come across a few objects blocking your path.

Blocked Path
They will be the first Stone Plates to block your path!

Use your Leviathan Axe or any other weapon, to destroy the blockage. A message on your screen will pop up, indicating a hidden region, The Burrows, has been discovered.

The Burrows
You will have to jump on the other side!

Head straight and jump on the other side. You’ll find an entrance leading far beneath the ground.

Descend Down
This will be your next step!

Climb down the path and jump on the other side again. There will be another object blocking your path, which will indicate that you’re on the right track.

Second Blocked Path
You’re doing great, guys!

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Dense Hive Matter

First Dense Hive Matter
You can easily destroy it with the Leviathan Axe or Sonic Arrows!

Grapple back to your old location and look to your left. There will be a Hive you’ll need to destroy with your Axe. Aim your Axe on the dense matter and freeze it. Throw your Axe again to destroy the objects or plates blocking the previous location.

First Grapple
Jump toward the other side after clearing the first Dense Hive Matter!

Move your screen to the right, go near the wall you previously grappled with, and press Circle to enter the area.

Second Grapple
Climb the walls and move to the right side!

Keep moving straight to find another point where you can grapple and climb the walls of the cave until you see the sky.

If you can see the moonlight, you’re on the right path!
Second Dense Hive Matter
You will come across a second Hive Matter!

There will be another Dense Hive Matter that you’ll need to destroy with your Axe. However, it won’t break if you directly throw your Axe.

Twilight Stone
Your Axe will rebound back to the Hive Matter!

Notice that blue material is on the ground where you’re standing. That’s the Twilight Stone. Instead, aim your Axe on the Twilight Stone to break the Dense Hive otherwise, it won’t work.

Wretch Nest
You can destroy the nest or ignore it completely!

Make your way further into the cave, and you’ll be swarmed with three to four Wretches. Destroy their nest and read the Runes inscribed on the wall.

Rune Inscribed on The Wall
That’s not the end, guys!

You will need to travel deep into the Caves, and you’ll find a third Hive Dense Matter.

Twilight Stone

Second Twilight Stone
Sonic Arrows will clear the obstruction and the Stone will be visible!

Use your Leviathan Axe on the Twilight Stone emitting blue light to destroy the third Hive Dense Matter. Once you do that, there will be two points on which you can grapple, one will lead above the cave, and the other will lead you toward the deeper parts of the cave.

Fourth Grapple
Follow the arrow!

Do not ascend instead, grapple toward the opposite side and continue your way. Yes, guys, there is a lot of grappling and moving around these caves but don’t worry, you’re almost there!

Hel’s Touch

Third Twilight Stone
It will lead you to a chest!

Destroy the fourth Dense Matter by bouncing your Axe on the Twilight Stone. Grapple toward that location and make your way to the top.

Hel's Touch
Hel’s Touch

You’ll find a Legendary Chest, and inside that chest, you will find Hel’s Touch. It is a quick burst of energy that can disrupt and knock back any nearby enemy.

Hafgufa's Bindings
Aim your Axe on the Twilight Stone to destroy the first set of Dense Hive Matter!

Move forward to the next location and destroy another Hive Matter. You’ll have to make your way toward the Hafgufa, and upon arriving, a message will pop up on the left side of your screen, indicating that you have to destroy the Hafgufa’s Bindings.

You can use the Up Button on your D-Pad to track them.

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Hafgufa’s Bindings

Second Set
The Dense Hive Matter will require Twilight Stone!

Locate and destroy the Second set of Dense Hive Matter using Sonic Arrows and the Leviathan Axe. Jump toward the location and move your camera in the upward direction to find the third set of Hive Matter.

Additionally, Freya will use her Sonic Arrows to unveil the Twilight Stone, and you’ll need to throw your Axe toward it.

Third Set
Throw your Axe directly!

Move back to your previous location and locate the third and fourth bindings in alternate locations.

Fourth Set
Repeat the steps!

The third and fourth bindings will be easier to break as you’ll only need to throw your Axe, which will cut down the rest of them. You have now destroyed all four sets of Hafgufa’s Bindings.

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Hive Cage

Hive Cage
Locate the Hive Cage!

Retrace your steps and return to the surface. You’ll find more Dense Hive Matter as you make your way toward the top, and destroying them will lead you to the path.

Destroy The Hive Cage
Use the Leviathan Axe to destroy the Hive Cage!

Travel toward the west side and follow the bright beam of light to locate the Hive Cage.

Free The Creature
Marvelous Creatures!

Destroy the cage, and you’ll complete the God of War Ragnarok Song of the Sands quest by freeing the beautiful Hafgufa Creatures!

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