God of War Ragnarok Svartalfheim: Definitive Guide

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Kratos exploring the map of Svartalfheim
Kratos exploring the map of Svartalfheim

If you’ve been playing God of War or are interested in Norse myth in general, you probably already know about the realms. There are 9 Realms in the World Tree. Svartalfheim being one of those locations is the realm of Dwarves. It is also known as Nidavellir.

In the previous game, some of the realms were locked by Odin The Allfather. On the other hand, in God of War Ragnarok, the players can visit all of the 9 realms. One of the first realms that players are able to visit in their journey through the realms, is Svartalfheim.

Unlike Midgard, Svartalfheim is beautiful, warm, colorful, and covered in magnificent waters all over the land. The infrastructure of the cities, really shows that the Dwarves really put in the effort to build the realm and keep it protected and unique from the others. The result of that is the pure resources that they produce such as Svartalfheim Steel.

Odin was impressed by the unmatched skill of the Dwarves so they become loyal to Odin. The dwarves serve Odin for all the resources related to weaponry.

Kratos using Seed's light to open the gateway
Kratos using Seed’s light to open the gateway

Key Points:

  • Svartalfheim is one of the 9 realms in Norse myth
  • Dwarves pledged allegiance to Odin and serve him with weaponry
  • A vast amount of collectibles can be found in Svartalfheim
Kratos and Atreus boating in Svartalfheim
Kratos and Atreus boating in Svartalfheim

How To Go To Svartalfheim in God of War Ragnarok

For the quest: Retrieve Mimir and travel to Svartalfheim, we have to travel to Svartalfheim.

Since the Bifrost isn’t working anymore, Brock and Sindri have crafted seeds that will let us transcend into realms through a gateway. You don’t have to do a lot to travel there as it is part of the game’s storyline to get you there. Svartalfheim is the only unlocked realm depending on where you’re at in the storyline.

Sindri will take you to the gate and tell you the following:

  • Aim your key at the rune of Svartalfheim
  • Press X to travel to the realm

The gate will take you to the Wetlands outside of Nidavellir and there we’ll see another gate that’ll take us to another quest.

Kratos exploring the map of Svartalfheim
Kratos exploring the map of Svartalfheim

Locations in Svartalfheim

For every realm that exists, you have to go to different locations to find all sorts of lore. Here we have compiled a list of all the locations where you will find lore on your journey through this realm.

  • Aurvangar Wetlands
  • Nidavellir
  • Dragon Beach
  • Radsvinn’s Rig
  • Althjof’s Rig
  • Alberich Island
  • Lyngbakr Island
  • The Forge
  • Jarnsmida Pitmines
  • The Applecore
  • Demise of Degestr
  • Alberich Hollow

We won’t go into details about these locations as there are potential spoilers that could ruin the experience for you if you are a new player.

Kratos and Atreus standing somewhere in Svartalfheim
Kratos and Atreus standing somewhere in Svartalfheim

Basic Overview of the Journey (NO SPOILERS)

After we entered the gateway to travel to Svartalfheim, we arrive at the Wetlands of Aurvangard, which we’ll have to cross by boat. As we already know, the dwarves have pledged allegiance to Odin and do not let outsiders into their realm.

After getting to know more about Mimir’s past and getting to meet him. Kratos and Atreus reach large mountains that have mines in them, better known as the “Jarnsmida Pitmines”.

Jarnsmida Pitmines
Map showing Jarnsmida Pitmines

Lastly, as the quest’s name suggests; we have to meet Tyr, who is chained. We will have to convince the Norse God of war to come with us to get further into the game.

Quests And Additional Information

We all know that in God of war games, we have to complete quests to continue our revenge. There are five quests that come under the main quest of Svartalfheim. 

  • In Service of Asgard
  • The Weight of Chains
  • Spirit of Rebellion
  • The Lost Treasure
  • A Viking Funeral

God of War Ragnarok has over 60 bosses, 6 of which you’ll face in Svartalfheim. You’ll also face one of the hardest bosses in the game i.e. Miklimunnr here in this realm. You can check out our article on Hardest Bosses in GOW Ragnarok to get help on defeating these bosses.

Besides the beasts in the game, Svartalfheim has a number of collectibles that are waiting for you to discover. There are 89 collectibles in total in the realm of Svartalfheim. Which include Odin’s ravens, Nornir Chests, Hel Tear, Legendary Chests, favors, artifacts, and lore markers.

Here is a video that’ll guide you on how to find all of the collectibles in Svartalfheim

Ending Note

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Track your progress to see how far you’ve come in the game by checking out GOW Ragnarok: Mission List. 

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