GOW Ragnarok: All Tempered Remnants Locations

Complete Info on how to find and collect Tempered Remnants used in upgrading Kratos Armor.

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Detailed Guide on how to get tempered remnants for your armor upgrades

To upgrade your gear and items, you need to collect resources by exploring the 9 realms in God of War: Ragnarok. These collectibles, like the Tempered Remnants, will help you level up your equipment which helps in many aspects of the game.

Collecting Crafting Resources
Tempered Remnants Description

Use Tempered Remnants to upgrade Kratos Armor. Upgrading your Armor will help you improve your defense against Strong Bosses. If you are curious to know how and where to get them, don’t stress about it because you are at the right place.

Key Takeaways

  • To collect Tempered Remnants, you must complete all the story missions first.
  • Collection of the crafting resources requires you to visit 10 Asgard camps and fight the Einherjars protecting it.
  • Tempered Remnants are found by opening the Red Glowing Chests found inside the camps.

How To Collect Tempered Remnants

Crafting ResourcesOpen chest to get Tempered Remnants

To collect Tempered Remnants in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, follow these steps:

  1. Complete all the story missions to gather Crafting Resources.
  2. Progress through the endgame content “Beyond Ragnarok” to unlock the Favor called “Last Remnants of the Asgard.”
  3. While participating in the “Last Remnants of the Asgard” Favor, engage in minor Boss fights and defeat them.
  4. Upon defeating these bosses, you will gain access to Red Glowing Chests.
  5. Open these Red Glowing Chests to receive Crafting Materials, including Tempered Remnants.
  6. Remember that these resources are limited and randomly distributed among the Red Chests, so not all chests will contain Tempered Remnants. The other possible resources are Fortified Remnants and Hardened Remnants.
  7. To increase your chances of getting Remnants from the chests, save your game after defeating enemies and before opening the chests.

Using The Tempered Remnants

Crafting Resources like Tempered Remnants are used to upgrade your armor. Better armor means better defense statistics, so you don’t take a lot of damage in a fight.

Your armor can reach a maximum upgrade level of 9 so make sure you get all of the collectible resources.

Kratos Armor
Upgrading Armor – snapshot by VeryAliGaming

Some known armors you can upgrade using Tempered Remnants Are Bracers of Undying Pyres, Berserker Gauntlets, Spiritual Wraps, and many more.

Tempered Remnant Locations

There are 10 Locations where the Tempered Remnants might be found. These locations are marked on your map after you have started the Last Remnants of the Asgard Favor.

Visit the following locations to open Red Chests to get Tempered Remnants for your armor upgrades.

  1. Freyr’s Camp in Vanaheim.
  2. Eastern Barri Woods in Vanaheim
  3. Aurvangar Wetlands in Svartalfheim.
  4. Jarnsmida Pitmines in Svartalfheim.
  5. Alberich Hollow in Svartalfheim.
  6. Lake of Nine in Midgard.
  7. Well of Urd in Midgard.
  8. Burning Cliffs in Muspelheim.
  9. The Barrens in Alfheim.
  10. The Strond in Alfheim.

Get to these locations to collect the Tempered Remnants by fighting minor bosses and other Einherjars.

Freyr’s Camp

Remains of Asgard near Freyr's Camp
Tempered Remnants near Freyr’s Camp

Freyr’s Camp has multiple entrances that you can use to enter it. When you reach the entry point of the Mystic Gateway, take the boat from the riverside and start moving North.

how to reach freyr's camp
Rowing Boat toward Asgard Camp

To indicate that you are on the right path, there will be a cave-like entrance to your left, which is the path to Freyr’s camp. At that point, look to your right and move some steps forward. You will see the chest will be directly in front of you.

When you get close to it, enemies will appear behind you. Defeat them and then grab the Tempered Remnants from the Chest. The Einherjars wear special armor that needs to be broken first. Make use of the Rage Ability to deal high damage.

Collecting Tempered Remnants at Freyr's Camp
Tempered Remnants – Freyr’s Camp

Get to the chest after your fight ends and collect the Tempered Remnants inside.

Eastern Barri Woods

We will continue from the same location where we opened the Red Chest outside Freyr’s Camp. Use the cave-looking entrance you saw on your left to enter the Freyr’s camp. Eastern Barri Woods is northeast of the camp, as shown on the map.

Chest location at Eastern barri woods
Asgard Camp Location

Leave the camp by taking the Northeast bridge. The Chest is placed toward the East. Jump down from the high point to see it on your left.

location of the remains of asgard at eastern barri woods
Asgard Camp at Eastern Barri Woods

You will fight two Einherjars that a Wyvern assists at this camp. The Wyvern can be defeated by blocking the attacks with your shield and timing your attacks right after it attacks to give high damage.

Use Rage after your red bar is filled by pressing R3+L3 when Wyvern is weak to defeat it faster than usual.

Open the chest after winning the fight to get rewarded by the Tempered Remnants.

Red Chest at eastern barri woods
Tempered Remnants – Eastern Barri Woods

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Aurvangar Wetlands

Red Chest’s location is toward the north of Aurvangar Wetlands as marked on the map.

how to reach chest placed at Aurvanagr Wetlands
Chest Location at Aurvangar Wetlands

This area is important because you can also open the Nornir Chest around our Red Chest of interest. Move to it by taking a short boat journey. Go through the shrunk spot by ducking to reach the hidden location.

Rowing toward the Camp at Aurvangar Wetlands

Park the boat on the river’s edge. At this point, you must have reached the chest location, but you need to defeat a couple of enemies first to open it. This should be an easy fight that you can win by using Kratos’s normal attacking moves.

After winning the fight, the Red Chest will be in the middle. Head over to its position to get Tempered Remnants for your armor.

Remains of Asgard located at Aurvangar Wetlands
Tempered Remnants – Aurvangar Wetlands

Jarnsmida Pitmines

After making your way inside Jarnsmida Pitmines, you must make your way North to reach the Tempered Remnants.

how to get to the marked location at Jarnsmida Pitmines
Chest Location at Jarnsmida Pitmines

Here’s the path for you to follow:

Jump across the broken wooden bridge to the West.

getting close to the asgard camp
Jumping over the Broken Wooden Bridge

Drop down from the left edge where you see an opening. Reach the far end, where you see a 3-way valve like this.

identifying the 3-way valve
3-way valve location

Shoot your spear at this angle so you can swing by it to reach the other end by dropping down 1 more time.

shooting spear to create a way forward
Making a way to reach the other side

Make your way Northeast when you see the hanging rope. I recommend using your Draupnir Spear and wounding the rope on its tail. Shoot the spear to the river’s other end to create a zip line. Use the zip line to go to the far end.

You have successfully reached the Mystic Gateway of Jarnsmida Pitmines. Reach the chest location by climbing up the chain to the left of the removed blockage. You will face multiple Einherjars including a brute, some archers, and other defenders.

climbing chain to open chest
Climb the chain to reach Einherjar Camp

Fighting Einherjars At The Camp

Make them suffer by using multiple-attack combos. Block their attacks with your shield, as they can highly drain your health. The Einherjars can teleport away when you attack them, so your attacks are missed. So, keep that in mind during your fight.

The archers are far away, so use your Draupnir spears to aim at them, then detonate the spear to deal damage and kill them. After winning a slightly lengthy battle, loot the Red Chest to get your reward.

opening chest to collect Tempered Remnant
Tempered Remnants – Jarnsmida Pitmines

Alberich Hollow

The following chest is located between Alberich Hollow and Dragon Beach as the map shows.

how to reach the red chest at Alberich Hollow
Asgard Camp Location at Alberich Hollow

You can reach it by traveling by boat as the area is connected by a river. Your best bet is to go to the Bay of Bounty where you can also upgrade your armor and other items if you want to. Take the boat by the shore.

how to reach the boat to reach red chest
Getting to the boat to reach the Asgard Camp

Move the boat directly to the South and keep going. Cross the doorway and head East now.

travelling on boat Alberich Hollow
Crossing the window under the stone bridge

Keep going East till you reach the Asgard camp. You will go head-to-head with the Einherjar Captain, who wears strong armor and has a long axe.

battle between Kratos and the Einherjar captain
Kratos fighting Einherjar Captain

Defeat him along with some other Einherjarians. Open the Red Chest glowing at the right of this camp. Loot the Remnants and move to the next location.

Collecting Crafting Resources at Alberich Hollow
Tempered Remnants – Alberich Hollow

Lake Of Nine

The Red Chest is located on the high ground at the Raider Stronghold, as the map displays.

how to reach the asgard camp at lake of nine
Location of Tempered Remnants at Lake of Nine

You can ascend towards the Red Chest by taking the lift. To reach the lift, hop on the sled and travel across the frozen lake.  A switch at the bottom of the lift will resemble a triangle. Rotate it once to bring the carrier down.

how to call the elevator
Rotate Lever to lower the lift

Get on the lift and rotate the lever on it to make it go up. As it reaches the highest point, the frozen camp will be toward the west, which will lead to Tyr’s Temple. The Asgardians will be protecting their camp along with a beast.

asgard camp at Lake of Nine
Fighting Einherjars

Fight them using combos of Draupnir’s spear and the axe to defeat them. Move further West, and on your right, you will see the Chest containing Tempered Remnants. Loot it to get your reward.

opening the red chest at the lake of nine
Tempered Remnants – Lake of Nine

Well Of Urd

Standing at the remains of Asgard on the Lake of Nine, the next closest location for you is at your Northwest. The Red Chest is exactly located on the cliff between the Well of Urd and the Shores of Nine.

locating the red chest at well of urd
Tempered Remnants at Well of Urd in Midgard

To reach there, travel on the sled moved by a couple of wolves. You can start your journey towards the mystic gateway at the Lake of Nine. From there, hop on the sled and continue Northwest until the wolves can’t longer go further.

travelling to remains of asgard at well of urd
Jump over the wall to reach Asgard Camp

Continue the rest of your journey on foot. Climb the ledge that comes before entering the Well of Urd. The chest will be behind the big cliff. You will have to fight 3 Einherjars and a beast to get to the chest.

Kratos battling against animal beast
Kratos vs Einherjars at Well of Urd

Loot your 7th Chest and get the Tempered Remnants. This will be the last one in Midgard.

opening the red chest to get crafting resources for armor
Tempered Remnants – Well of Urd

Burning Cliffs

Red Chest at Burning Cliffs
Asgard camp marked location

Muspelheim only has a single Asgard camp holding the crafting resources. The chest is placed at the midpoint of Molten Lowlands and Surtr’s Forge. The Chest is hidden behind the big wall to the left of Burning Cliffs.

kratos just outside the camp
Jump over the obstacle to reach Camp

After Reaching the camp by jumping over a small wall, you will face 3 Einherjars. Freya will assist you in killing them. The best way to let them off you is to make them charge at you first then use your rage ability with runic attacks of the Leviathan axe to deal very high damage.

Open the chest to get your reward and get one step closer to ending the Favor.

getting the crafting components
Tempered Remnants – The Burning Cliffs

The Barrens

The last two Chests we will loot are in Alfheim. The Barrens is a large plain area, so use the sled to travel faster to reach faraway areas. The Barrens is the same area where you must have completed the Secret of the Sands Favor earlier in the game.

how to get to the red chest at the barrens
Asgard Camp Location at The Barrens

To get to the hidden area, hop on the sled and reach the red spot on the map. Jump over the thick wall with a white mark engraved in it to get to the other side.

finding the special mark on the wall
Jump over the marked wall to get to the camp

You might need to roam around the location to find that wall. Two Einherjar Captains, Stinnr and Sterkr, are protecting the camp.

To fight these mini-bosses, you will need a good defense. Ensure you are equipped with a highly upgraded shield before you fight them. Stinnr and Sterkr each have one heavy hammer and axe, respectively, that they will use in the battle.

Kratos in a Bossfight
Kratos vs Stinnr & Sterkr

Their attacking strategies involve heavy hits with their weapons. They also struck their axe into the ground, and a purple laser chases you in a straight line, giving you damage. Remember to bring up your shield against them and attack right after they put their weapon down.

If they are standing at some distance from you, they can teleport close to you and hit you in the face or even from your back. Always watch for it and try to get out of their way when this happens.

After defeating them both in an intense fight, collect the Tempered Remnants by opening the Red Chest on the other end of the camp.

Opening the Red Chest at the barrens
Tempered Remnants – The Barrens

The Strond

Move South from The Barrens and cross The Canyons to reach The Strond as shown on the map finally.

exact location of the chest
Pathway to the Asgard Camp at The Strond

Don’t forget to travel on the sled; the journey is long and will take a while on foot.

Moving toward the strong on a sled
Travelling Toward the Strond

When on your way to The Strond from The Barrens on the sled, break the wooden objects in the open to get some extra resources. After reaching this point, continue the journey on foot, as the wolves can’t go further down.

wolves can't go any further
Continue rest of the journey on foot

Continue South to reach the mystic gateway at The Strond. You might face some enemies along the way.

When you are at the Mystic Gateway, look to your left, where you will see a marked area. Climb up and reach the fire bowl.

gap in the wall
Finding the gap in the wall

Slip through the small gap in the wall and move further Southwest. Climb up 2 times and then descend and continue West.

Jump to the other side of the broken bridge to enter the dark tunnel with 2 pink crystals on its other end.

Kratos and Freya chatting with Tyr
Conversation with Tyr

Tyr will be standing on the cliff’s edge at the other end of the tunnel. Kratos and Freya will have a short conversation with him. After the chat ends, climb up on the wall to reach the Asgard camp.

Kratos fighting at the asgard camp
Kratos vs Einherjar Brutes

Two Einherjar Brutes will be waiting for you inside the camp. Break their special armor first by hitting heavy hits to the upper body, then take them down using your special abilities.

After you are done, collect the final Tempered Remnants to end the Favor “Last Remnants of the Asgard.”

When you open the Red Chest, it will show that you collected all ten crafting materials and, therefore, completed the Favor.

collecting final remnants at asgard camp
Tempered Remnants – The Strond

My Thoughts on Tempered Remnants

Tempered Remnant is a type of Crafting Resource that is used to upgrade many armors to their maximum level of 9. These can only be collected when you are Beyond Ragnarok and have started the Last Remnants of the Asgard Favor.

You collect the resource by visiting 10 Asgard Camps in the nine realms of the game. Each camp has a red chest placed somewhere that contains the armor pieces to be collected. After collecting, Kratos and Freya will receive 10,000 XP and 2,500 XP, respectively.

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