God of War Ragnarok: The Hateful [Explained]

The hateful in God of War Ragnarök is an optional boss that you will have to defeat if you want to finish the game completely.

God of War Ragnarök: The Hateful [Explained]
God of War Ragnarök: The Hateful [Explained]

God of War Ragnarök is the latest addition to the God of War franchises and follows the storyline from where the last one left off. The game induces nostalgia as you face numerous enemies with your destructive power. Among those enemies is a boss, The Hateful, that can be pretty tricky to defeat if you are not careful. So to help you beat The Hateful, we provide you with this The Hateful God of War Ragnarök guide.

Key Takeaways

  • The Hateful is an optional boss you will run into during the game’s early stages.
  • The Hateful has four powerful attacks that can be lethal.
  • You can counter its attack patterns if you play it right.
  • Defeating The Hateful will reward you with XP, resources, and attachments.

Who is The Hateful in God of War Ragnarök?

The Hateful God of War
The Hateful Boss in God of War Ragnarok

The Hateful is an ugly and scary-looking boss you will encounter while going to the Applecore mines. Even though he looks scrawny, his axes deal decent damage that can become lethal if you aren’t careful. The bestiary entry describes him as “I have never encountered a Draugr like this one before. It fights as if fueled by infinite hate. It emerged from a scar in the earth that closed once we defeated the monster. If we encounter more of these holes, we must close them and put down any creatures that emerge.

This description identifies why he gets the name, The Hateful. Moreover, it showcases the threat that the boss poses and that you should not take them lightly.

Where to find the Hateful?

You can encounter The Hateful while doing the Quest of Tyr. You will start this quest as you normally follow this game, as this is the second chapter of the main story. During this quest, you will be asked to make your way to Tyr, which will be possible by traversing through the Applecore mines.

The Hateful exists at the southeastern door that you will come across before the doors that lead to Tyr. Once you approach the door, you will come across him where; you must defeat him. Now that you have found him let’s talk about how you can put him to rest once and for all.

How to defeat The Hateful?

When the battle ensues, you come across The Hateful and his minions. The fight might seem simple enough that you can obliterate them, but it isn’t so. If you don’t play your cards right, you might be in trouble, as you will still be around Level 2 at this stage. So to help you along, we have provided steps to approach the battle.

Fighting Strategy

Defeat the Minions First

When facing off against bosses, the lower-level creeps usually spawn to make the battle annoying. We suggest you defeat these Draugrs first to give the boss your undivided attention. This will allow you to be more responsive to the boss’s attacks and dodge accordingly.

In order to defeat the Minions, the best way is to use the Frost Awaken and Freezing Throw in combination. This will freeze the Draugr, making it much easier to take them out. All you would have to do now is separate them from the Hateful and slam them against the walls to end their misery.

Moreover, if you have difficulty clearing out the minions because of the hateful attacks, you can command Atreus to shoot his arrows at the minions. This will cause the Hateful to shift his attention to Atreus, giving you time to clear the Draugr out.

Dodge the Hateful’s Flame Attack

The Hateful has a powerful arsenal of attacks up his sleeve that can leave you in the dust. Among them are his unblockable and block-breaking attacks. This means the attacks cannot be blocked, and your only option is to dodge them if you wish to win the fight.

That is because if his attack lands, you will be inflicted with the flame debuff that chunks your health bar over time. The damage and duration of this debuff are nothing to scoff at and would mean your loss if you don’t tread lightly.

Throw his Molten Spray Back

Some say that the best way to defeat enemies is to give them a taste of their own medicine. Well, that can be true in the case of the Hateful. During the fight, the Hateful will keep throwing multiple flame projectiles at you that will gnaw at your health bar.

So it would be best if you parried them when he launches his molten spray rather than getting out of the way. This will cause the projectiles to go back and hit the Hateful. They do decent damage and momentarily stun the Hateful allowing you to get some attacks in.

Spartan Rage Usage

Spartan Rage in God of War Ragnarok
Using Spartan Rage

Your Spartan Rage is your strongest trump card that can change the flow of the battle. It gives you significant damage, but its most important feature is the ability to keep you alive in the face of death. Hence, we suggest you save this ability in your back pocket until you find yourself with a depleted health bar.

As mentioned, The Hateful’s attacks deal considerable damage over time, resulting in players finding themselves at low HP multiple times during the fight. This causes them to be on the back foot and play passively. Moreover, healthstones aren’t easy to come across in The Hateful arena, which leaves you with restricted resources for healing. Thus the Spartan Rage becomes your backup plan for recovery.

Now that you know the strategy to take against the Hateful, it is time to learn his attack patterns. They will help you be more responsive to his attacking cues and make him easy prey for you.

The Hateful’s Attack Patterns

The Hateful has four major attacks that you need to look out for. They can be deadly if you are not careful enough. Hence we will let you know about them so that you know what to look for.

Molten Spray

Starting off, we have his Molten Spray. The Hateful summons a pile of molten rock, then launches it in a funnel spray towards Kratos, applying the Burning debuff and causing considerable damage. You should reflect his attack by parrying it with your shield to counter it effectively. This will cause the shards to hit the Hateful and stun him for a moment so that you can get those decisive blows.

Triple Axe Rush

As mentioned, the Hateful uses Axes to close the distance and deal direct damage. Hence, the Triple Axe Rush is the primary damaging attack you need to be aware of.

The Hateful charges at Kratos during this attack, swinging its axe twice rapidly and capping the combo with a single blow. To avoid getting wounded, block or parry each axe strike as it emerges because they all have a predictable pattern.

Moreover, you should always be on the lookout for different forms of this combo, as The Hateful can start its Triple Axe Rush later in the battle with an unblockable twin slash instead.

Flaming Axe Combo

With its right axe, The Hateful swings downward before lighting it on fire and unleashing an unblockable Flaming Upward Slash. Stay aware and respond to the red ring signal on the unblockable attack when it appears since the attack’s first slash features a channeling animation comparable to Triple Axe Rush.

Flaming Upward Slash

The Hateful ignites its right axe before attacking Kratos with an unblockable upward slash that deals mild damage and applies the Fire debuff. This attack has a lot of charge-up time. Therefore, move away from its course in response to its characteristic movement and red ring signal to avoid being hit.


Defeating the Hateful provides many rewards that will help you progress smoothly in the main storyline. The Rewards include XP, resources, and attachments, so let’s take a closer look at them.


XP Rewards 250 XP for Kratos
75 XP for Atreus
(Give Me Balance)


Resource Type
2 x Sovereign Coals Resource
5 x Dust of Realms Unique Resource
1 x Chaos Spark Weapon Upgrade
250 x Hacksilver Currency


Name Type
Fortified Frost Knob Leviathan Axe Attachment
Cursed Empress Handles Blades of Chaos Attachment


This is all the information you need to take down the Hateful and etch your name in God of War Ragnarok. This battle prepares you for the upcoming bosses by refreshing your mechanics and ability on how to approach a fight. This is crucial as God of War has many bosses you will have to face.

Other than bosses, God of War Ragnarok allows you to explore various locations, all being unique to others. Among them is Svartalfheim, which has numerous activities for you to complete. Moreover, you can strengthen your arsenal by upgrading your armor and having a solid build.

With how much the game provides to the players, it is rapidly on its way to claiming the title of the Game of the Year 2022. Other names like Bayonetta 3 fall pale in comparison.

With that, we conclude our The Hateful God of War Ragnarök guide. Let us know down below your thoughts on the game so far.

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