God of War Ragnarok: Tips and Tricks [Top 28]

This God of War Ragnarok Tips and Tricks guide will give you all the advantages and shortcuts you need to level up quickly.

God of War Ragnarok: Tips and Tricks [Top 28]
God of War Ragnarok: Tips and Tricks [Top 28]

God of War Ragnarok is an action-adventure game that has made waves in the gaming community. The game brings back a giving story with polished game mechanics enough to dazzle any player. Moreover, the game allows players to explore multiple regions and face off against various monsters. In order to prepare you for what’s in store for you, we provide you with this God of War Ragnarok Tips and Tricks guide.

Key Takeaways

  • This guide mentions all the crucial tips to help you become a better player and climb levels more efficiently.
  • We talk about Beginner, General, and Combat tips, which all enhance some aspects of your gameplay.
  • Be on the lookout for other shortcuts, as the entirety of the God of War Universe hasn’t been explored yet.

Best Tips and Tricks in God of War

Our God of War Ragnarok Tips and Tricks guide covers a wide variety of tips. These will be helpful, even if you are a beginner or a veteran. There is a lot of stuff to explore in Ragnarok, along with exciting and challenging action sequences. Hence we have divided the tips as such, so you can specifically look at what you are struggling with. However, I urge you to look at the general tips regardless, as some of the tricks it gives you are too good to pass up. The following are the categories of tips we will be discussing in this guide:

  1. Beginners Tips
  2. General Tips
  3. Combat Tips

So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Beginners Tips

Starting off with our God of War Ragnarok Tips and Tricks guide, we have Beginner Tips. These tips are for those playing the God of War series for the first time. If you follow these tips, you can level up and cement your footing efficiently.

Carefully choose your armor according to your playstyle

Berserker Armor Set in God of War Ragnarok
The Berserker Armor Set

While there were bonuses for a set in the previous God of War, the armor offered some basic buffs. It also helped achieve the desired effects. When you equip a full armor set in Ragnarok, the effects stack and interact with one another to enhance particular playstyles. Lunda’s armor is an excellent example; the belt and bracers do extra damage to poisoned foes when you wear them, while the chest piece has a chance to poison enemies. See our guide on God of War Ragnarok Best Armor Sets if you need help figuring out what suits you the best.

Don’t worry too much about your skills

You might discover improved weapons while exploring, and you can use these at the forge to level them all up in God of War Ragnarok. Also, pay attention to accessing new skills. However, because you’ll be using Frozen Flame and Chaos Flame to level your weapons numerous times during the game’s lengthy campaign, Kratos and Atreus will have a ton of new skills to learn. Additionally, you can purchase these skills in any order you choose. You’ll always have enough XP to buy most of the talents available at any given point in the plot as long as you properly investigate and complete at least some side activities.

Destroy everything to get rewards

For free Hacksilver, smash minor ambient objects like tables and barrels. This includes far-off pots in the background; using your axe to smash them will still net you prizes. The game’s primary currency, hack silver, will almost always fall from any vases or hanging buckets you break. All the barrels, crates, and vases over the nine kingdoms should be destroyed, even though not all contain things.

Additionally, you can find fury and health stones inside, particularly during boss fights. When facing a monster, be sure to take a moment to scan the area and head straight for destructible objects to find a few valuable items.

Utilize artifacts

You will find artifacts as you explore each of the game’s realms. Most of the time, they are typically in the form of books and poems, which you can sell to Brock and Sindri for a significant profit. Some of them even have quests attached to them, and the bulk of them lead to entertaining conversations with Mimir. However, selling them won’t prevent you from building up your collection, and the extra Hacksilver you’ll get can be used to pay for upgrades and other items.

Watch out for stolen property in the water

The game’s scenes commonly include Kratos and Atreus paddling through the water. Barrels and locations that glow with gold should be on your radar because they all contain crafting supplies or hack silver. The objects are mainly obtained instantly by smashing them into a barrel. But the riches from the glittering spots were only accessible by pressing a butOccasionallyasion, dew drops from hanging tree limbs may also be seen in the water. Never ignore these because interacting with them can increase your stats permanently.

Be aware of ravens

Raven Location Tip in God of War Ragnarok
One of the Raven‘s Location

Similar to the previous tale, Odin has sent ravens to patrol the nine kingdoms in search of you. These green spectral birds fly about or rest on things in each dimension, and it usually takes some pretty acute awareness to recognize them. You can, however, know when one is nearby because of the peculiar screeching they make. When you hear one, start looking around to see if you can find it so you can smash it with your axe. As you destroy more of these, visit Niflheim and get to the Crow Tree to open chests containing some seriously fantastic items.

Restore your Health and rage

Spartan Rage in God of War Ragnarok
Spartan Rage

When you wish to regain your health and rage fully, go to Mystic Gateways. Simply approach the door, make your way through it, and then leave. To ensure you are ready for minibosses, do this before fighting them. In the time-limited mode known as Spartan Rage, Kratos can deal enormous damage to foes. But it can also restore his health while he’s fighting. The Spartan Rage is a handy tool when fighting bosses because it can heal, deal damage, and interrupt some strikes.

Level up your Blades of Chaos or Leviathan Axe for more significant damage

Kratos can augment the elemental effect of each weapon by pressing or holding down the triangle button for the axe or blades, respectively, to charge them with additional frost or fire damage. However, a great habit to develop when battling because the boost may pile up quickly. You’ll have time to do it more frequently than you realize because the charge-up period is much quicker than you anticipate. Additionally, you’ll be able to uncover new ways to charge your weapons up faster as you level up. 

Review the accessibility options

You may tailor your experience to suit your unique needs thanks to God of War Ragnarok’s accessibility features, which include options for people with low vision, hearing, motor, and mobility abilities. Don’t pass up the chance to alter your experience however you see fit, even if you don’t need more complex options. Using the menu, you may change features like auto-pickup and whether you have to push or hold a button during particular actions.

Mastering parry

Depending on the shield you are using, it can be simple to overlook the potential power of your shield smashing. At the ideal moment, parry or apply more force. A bash will still stun and deal regular damage if your shield isn’t glowing. You will deal more damage and stun when it glows yellow and more damage bonus and stun impact when it glows red. It almost always interrupts them, barring heavily armored enemies or bosses.

General Tips

Next up in our God of War Ragnarok Tips and Tricks guide, we have the General Tips. For the general tips, we’ve listed helpful advice for all players, along with details on how to use the game’s features correctly to climb levels quickly.

Upgrading Armor and Weapons

SteinBjorn Armor Set

As you advance through the game, all armor and weapon attachments can be upgraded numerous times. Be aware that some armor and weapon modifications can offer new benefits after being upgraded multiple times. This may increase your power when hit, grant bonuses, raise your stats, or do both. Use L2 and R2 to see how the armor will behave after being fully improved before choosing your gear. This will help you decide on a goal worth investing your effort in.

Lookout for Symbols

Depending on where you are throughout the game, the white and red symbols and runes signify an interactive wall or ledge. If you can spot them, you’ll often find hidden passages or routes that you wouldn’t necessarily expect.

Look for major collectibles

If you’re interested in the story, search for important things like chests and coffins or complete side missions. Character interactions that could otherwise go unnoticed are commonly presented in these. Favors and Labors, found in the Goals area of the pause menu, contain both side quests and active chores to earn more XP. These sections may have numerous categories; you can rapidly navigate up or down to the following category by pressing L2 or R2.

Visit the Huldra Brothers frequently

Whenever you have the chance, it’s worthwhile to visit the Huldra Brothers’ store to check what’s available. Whether it’s the opportunity to replenish your supply of resurrection stones, acquire new armor sets, or get new iterations of your arsenal, Upgrade materials are available quite frequently in God of War: Ragnarok. If an enemy drops any rare items you failed to collect, they will also have a chest filled them. If the chest is glowing blue, open it to see what’s new.

Try juggling enemies to throw them off

Enemies tend to be somewhat spongy in Ragnarok, needing a lot of damage to be destroyed. However, there is a method for killing foes right away. When Kratos is close to an edge, the ideal set of maneuvers can make enemies tumble off the edge. It is possible to fling and juggle enemies until they drop to their deaths. For an even easier definite death, use the Blades of Chaos’ grab attack on enemies leaping from one ledge to another. The sword will grab an enemy if Kratos uses it at the right time, allowing him to fling them to their doom.

Explore carefully

Discover hidden treasures, lore scrolls, buried wealth, and various activities related to side quests as you explore each realm. These activities become available as the main story progresses. Many of them require careful exploration of a biome because they are off-the-beaten-path. The rewards you’ll get for being so cautious can significantly impact gameplay, especially if anything seems interactive. You can’t afford to pass up any chance to make more money if you want to level up your gear and take on the game’s most challenging objectives.

Color Coded Difficulty

Here’s a quick guide to judging an opponent’s toughness: The health bar is visible. Green health bars indicate enemies below your level, orange ones indicate adversaries at or near your level, and purple bars indicate adversaries above your level. You should reload your most recent autosave when you have the chance.

Solving puzzles

When trying to locate answers, pay attention to your targeting reticle. The reticle of your weapon will frequently light up when you hover over a target that it can affect. Similar to setting them ablaze with brambles or Nornir runes when intending to hurl them at an opponent. Geysers or other obstructions may make it difficult to see some of the items in this.

Auto pick-up option

Additionally, there is an option to enable auto pick-up, which will automatically cause Kratos to pick up anything in his path. However, even if you miss something, it will still appear in a blue chest the next time you go to the Dwarf Shop. Visit the Resources section of the Codex if you’re wondering exactly what a resource you just picked up is for. When you highlight a specific item, its function is revealed, including whether it is designed for specific equipment tiers. There are times when you might even learn where to look for additional information.

Combat Tips

God of War Ragnarök Combat Tips
God of War Ragnarök Gameplay

Lastly, our God of War Ragnarok Tips and Tricks guide has combat tips. These will help you obliterate anything in your path. These will help you stay alive longer and defeat bosses that are even tougher than you. When combined with the previous tips, no one will be able to hold a candle to you.

Using Shield

Kratos’ shield is easy to overlook, yet it is very effective in combat, especially against bosses. In Ragnarok, the shield you use is more crucial than ever. While some shields make it simpler to block attacks, developing the ability to parry at the last second entails risk and reward. Try out a few different shield types to see which suits you the best.

Parrying is crucial because shields can have a wide range of effects. The attacks that bosses will use include strong and unblockable ones denoted by yellow and red circles, respectively. You can survive the fight by dodging, but you will win if you can parry the yellow blows. A successful parry boosts Kratos’s likelihood of receiving buffs, creates a wide window for combinations, and allows allies to unleash additional attacks.

Take part in Muspelheim competitions

Once you have two Muspelheim seed halves and have assembled them, you can travel to Muspelheim. However, this realm presents several fighting difficulties that, if overcome, will bring you wealth. This will be a crucial part of your trip if you want to optimize your armor levels and earn additional possibilities to modify your build. You’ll need to complete and redo the challenge rooms in a particular order to unlock the last six challenges, so you’ll likely spend a reasonable amount of time figuring it all out here.

Block Break power

Kratos’ Block Break ability can destroy any shielded opponent. You can trigger this ability by double-tapping L1. Stopping attacks indicated with blue rings is essential since, if not stopped, they may be incredibly lethal and unblockable. This can reduce some enemies’ shields and fill up their stun meter.

Use your surroundings

It follows that the environment usually contains things that can be handled. Due to their enormous damage output, these weapons can even be used to eliminate many foes at once. Even though it’s essential, many other factors go into utilizing the environment wisely. Despite how crucial these components may be for changing the direction of a fight, making the most of the surroundings also requires a cautious posture.

One of the finest tactics to take control of ferocious combat with hordes of enemies is to take the high ground. Naturally, adversaries will try to overtake you, but the truth is that they can be halted as they ascend a platform, allowing you plenty of time to build up a potent strike. Simply jump down and execute a deadly strike on a foe below if they manage to outnumber you. You can get multiple kills if you can effectively defend the edge. You will be able to get over some of the more challenging encounters a lot faster once you start engaging with the stages more seriously.

Focus on the timing factor

When confronting bosses with mobility, you can do more damage by timing your hits with those of your teammate. However, when a strong opponent is rendered helpless by a runic attack, you can unleash Atreus’ arrows. In addition, if your defenses have been breached, try to stop them immediately to prevent them from striking a deadly blow. Remember that fighting doesn’t end until you get the experience points for it. Until that occurs, be on your guard because there are still enemies in the battle.

The Combo Extender

By the game’s halfway point, Atreus’ skillset and powers are incredibly well developed. However, the most effective use in God of War is to make combos last longer. Using Atreus’ arrows occasionally for a little additional damage is one of the biggest blunders you can make. If you want to cause damage, Atreus’ arrows aren’t suitable because they don’t have much punch. In fact, if you launch an enemy and then shoot them with Atreus’ barrage of arrows, they will descend to the ground slowly, allowing you to perform a number of longer, more destructive combos.

The Healthstone Stagger

Your destruction of healing crystals will effectively halt your enemies’ attacks. Even an enemy who is about to launch an unstoppable attack can be stopped by them. So, if you’re hurt and find a health crystal nearby, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pop it. It might even allow you to regain the upper hand and shift momentum quickly. Even better, these stones will frequently end up being scattered across boss arenas. They, too, are impacted by the health stone stagger. It is important to remember that using a health stone does not happen instantly. So, you should use one with at least some degree of caution. The animation for activating a health stone is quick enough that you should be able to do so in an emergency.

Polish your skills

Learn which of your skills and abilities will cause foes to flee. If you can place adversaries close to ledges or pits, you can occasionally terminate a fight very quickly by using perfectly timed shield parries, some runic powers, and attacks.

You accomplish this through performance, which means that before you further develop a skill, you must use it a specific number of times. Once you’ve acquired a skill, you can refine specific aspects of it. If you find a skill you like, you might want to focus on using it exclusively until you find the golden key. A skill can no longer be improved without requiring XP once it reaches its maximum rank. If you buy just one skill improvement, you can use all of them. You are allowed to experiment with refining various aspects of these abilities.

Master the Axe

Leviathan Axe Tips
Leviathan Axe in-game

It is a powerful weapon, the Leviathan axe. Despite its strength, one of its lesser-noticed characteristics is the harm it inflicts when it returns. You might assume that there isn’t much of a benefit in most cases. The axe’s return path, however, can be precisely predicted. You can undoubtedly pick up the skills needed to use it as a weapon. You’ll always catch the axe in your right hand. But it makes a horizontal arc to your right, bowing outward before circling back in. It does not advance directly. As soon as you master this, you’ll begin shifting your position while using the axe to attack extra adversaries who are approaching you. When your skill level increases, you will start killing more foes every time you call your axe back to you.


These are all the God of War Ragnarok Tips and Tricks that can aid you in completing the game with ease. If you can get the fundamentals down, building upon them will only be a matter of time. However, ensure you try out different things that work to your advantage.

There is still much left to explore in the God of War Universe, and we are excited about it. If you plan on going to different realms, like Svartalfheim or Niflheim, make sure you check out our respective guide on them.

With that, we conclude our God of War Ragnarok Tips and Tricks guide. Let us know down below how you like the game so far.

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