God Of War Ragnarok: All 4 Trolls Locations

My God of War Ragnarok trolls guide covers awakening requirements and locations alongside the Mystical Heirloom Relic.

God of War Ragnarok Trolls

There are four trolls in God of War Ragnarok that drop the slumber stones needed to craft the Steinbjorn armor.

Key Takeaways

  • The mystical heirloom relic is needed to awaken the trolls for fighting. The mystical heirloom relic is located south of the Lake of Nine, next to Tyr’s temple in the Midgard region.
  • Four troll statues are located in three realms: Midgard, Alfheim, & Vanaheim. Blodugr Steinn is in the Derelict Post in Midgard.
  • Bjarg Stormr is in Alfheim’s Forbidden Sands.
  • Golrab of the ashes and Golrab of the frost are two troll statues in Vanaheim’s arena.
  • Slumber stones can be used to craft the Steinbjorn armor,& the amulet enchantment that comes with defeating the trolls can be useful for protection & gaining health.

God Of War Ragnarok Trolls 

To make things easier for you, here is a summary table for all 4 trolls:

1Mystical HeirloomFour different bossesMidgardiansClose to tyr’s Temple-Yggdrasilavailable
2Midgard Troll LocationOdin (de facto)Midgardiansforests, mountains, fjords-Yggdrasilavailable
3Alfehim Troll LocationFreyer(formerly)Light & Dark ElvesLakes, desertsnoneYggdrasilavailable
4Vanaheil Trolsl LocationNjordVanir(Gods)jungles, canyonsunknownYggdrasilAvailable (in God of war Ragnarok)

The Mystical Heirloom

The mystical heirloom relic can be found in the Midgard region and is located south of the Lake of Nine, next to Tyr’s temple. Once there, look around for a spot that is emanating golden light.

Mystical Heirloom Location

Once you have found the shown spot, throw your draupnir spear at it. As a result of this, the wall will explode, and the path for you to go to the other side will clear. Before I move any further, you should know that the draupnir spear is a must in this situation.

Go to the other side, and there you will find the mystical heirloom relic that you are looking for lying next to the corpse of a dwarf.

Location Of All Troll Statues

There are a total of four troll statues in God of War Ragnarok, and they can be found in three different realms, namely Midgard, Alfheim, and Vanaheim. You will be fighting two trolls at the same time in Vanaheim, so be prepared for that, as it will be a bit tougher compared to the other troll fights.

I have listed below the trolls, along with their locations:

  1. Blodugr Steinn (Midgard troll statue)
  2. Bjarg Stormr (Alfheim troll statue)
  3. Golrab of the ashes and Golrab of the frost (Vanaheim troll statues)

Midgard Troll Location

Odin (de facto)Midgardiansforests, mountains, fjordsnoneYggdrasilavailable

The first troll, Blodugr Steinn, resides in the Derelict Post near the mystical heirloom’s location. Access it quickly by using the derelict outpost mystic gateway if you’ve been there before. To reach the troll, proceed straight from the blacksmith’s shop, enter the structure in the provided image, cross two gaps, and head directly towards the troll. Use the mystical heirloom to awaken and engage in combat with the troll.

The image shows the Structure you need to go into to get to Midgard Trolls in God of War Ragnarok
The Structure You Need To Go Into To Get To Midgard Troll

You can easily defeat the troll in the fight. Ensure you shield yourself from the stones it throws; being hit may blind you, causing trouble.

Additionally, besides the slumber stones, you’ll receive an amulet enchantment for your Yggdrasil Amulet. It’s highly useful, shielding you from poison status buildup.

Alfheim Troll Location

Freyer(formerly)Light & Dark ElvesLakes, desertsnoneYggdrasilavailable

The troll in Alfheim, Bjarg Stormr, is just as easy to deal with as Blodugr Steinn (the troll in Midgard). It is located in the Forbidden Sands region in Alfheim. To unlock the Forbidden Sands region, you must complete the Song of the Sands Favor.

You will find Bjarg Stormr in the southwestern section of the Forbidden Sands. Once you get there, look around for the troll statue. I’m sure you will not miss it.

The Location You Need To Get To

Use the mystical heirloom relic to awaken and battle the creature. Alongside the slumber stones, acquire an amulet enchantment for your Yggdrasil Amulet. This enchantment grants Kratos the soulsteal effect, allowing him to regain health and extend his attack range briefly after using a healthstone or a ragestone.

Vanaheim Trolls Location

NjordVanir(Gods)jungles, canyonsunknownYggdrasilAccess forbidden by Odin (formerly)
Available (in God of war Ragnarok)

The last two trolls in my God of War Ragnarok trolls guide are located in the Vanaheim realm. This fight will be the toughest, as you’ll face two trolls simultaneously.

To reach these trolls, head to Noatun’s Garden. Begin by using the River Delta Mystic Gateway. Then, take a boat and head east until you reach Noatun’s Garden.

Noatun’s Garden

Once there, you will find the two troll statues side by side, as shown in the picture below. Something that you should ensure before waking them up using your mystical heirloom is that you have taken care of the other enemies in the area.

The image shows the vanaheim trolls in God of War Ragnarok
Vanaheim Troll Statues

Use your mystical heirloom relic to awaken the troll statues and engage them in combat. The trolls possess distinct weaknesses: one is vulnerable to ice, while the other is susceptible to fire. To effectively battle them, alternate between your Leviathan axe and blades of chaos. A strategic approach involves swiftly moving between the trolls and exploiting their respective weaknesses, facilitating an easier defeat.

Final Words

Once you have defeated all four trolls, you will have four slumber stones in the bag. Use the slumber stones to craft “Steinbjorn armor,” which is one of the best armor in the game when it comes to defense stats.

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