God Of War Ragnarok: All 36 Trophies

There are multiple trophies in God of War Ragnarok to be obtained while progressing in the game and this guide will help you learn about these trophies in depth.

God of War Ragnarok Trophies
Detailed guide of all the trophies in God of War Ragnarok currently available.

One of the main accomplishments in God of War Ragnarok is earning the trophies. Each trophy requires a good amount of effort but the main focus is the Platinum trophy. So if your goal is to earn the hardest trophy in the game, continue reading and learn all about the trophies in God Of War Ragnarok.

Key Takeaways

  • There are a total of 36 trophies in God Of War Ragnarok.
  • There are four types of trophies, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze and each trophy is under one of these categories. 
  • Some trophies are Story-related and others can be obtained after the story is 100% completed.
  • The best way to earn Platinum Trophy is by completing the storyline first and then going back to the other trophies left.
  • No difficulty level is required for a specific trophy. All trophies can be obtained on any difficulty level.

Total Trophies In God Of War Ragnarok

1The Bear And The WolfPlatinum
2Ready For CommitmentGold
4Grave MistakeGold
5The True QueenGold
6Spartan WaysSilver
7Full BellySilver
10Dragon SlayerSilver
11How It’s GoingSilver
12Funeral for a FriendSilver
13Full GufaSilver
14Making AmendsSilver
15It Was a Good DaySilver
16Invasive SpeciesSilver
18Rightful PlaceSilver
19Pure of HartSilver
20Trials by FireSilver
21The FloristBronze
22The LibrarianBronze
23The CuratorBronze
24How It StartedBronze
25Spit ShineBronze
26Knock off the RustBronze
27A Grizzly EncounterBronze
28Blood DebtBronze
29Backyard BrawlBronze
30Root of the ProblemBronze
31The CauldronBronze
32Off the LeashBronze
34Better TogetherBronze
35Rebel LeaderBronze
36New FriendsBronze

Total Trophies – Image By Us

Despite the game having a long storyline of at least 50+ hours, which includes all the quests to complete, there are only a total of 36 trophies in God of War Ragnarok to claim. But some of the 36 trophies can be tough at times to collect so only 36 is actually a blessing.

The 36 trophies categorize further into four types, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each type has a specific number of trophies in it.

  • Bronze: 16
  • Silver: 15
  • Gold: 4
  • Platinum: 1

The trophies can be Ultra Rare, Very Rare, Uncommon, and Common but keep in mind, not all Bronze trophies are Common (easy to collect) and some do belong in the Ultra Rare category too.

None of the 36 trophies in the game is missable, which means you can always go back to any area where they are and collect them. So, do not try to collect each trophy on your first playthrough because the requirement to claim most of them is fulfilled later on or after completing 100% of the main story first. You can always go back to the location for free-roam (after completing the main story). Some of the 36 trophies also require a lot of Collectibles which itself is a time-consuming task.

All Trophies List

As already mentioned, the 36 trophies in God of War Ragnarok lie further into 4 different types. So let’s list them down under their respective type.


Platinum Trophy – Image By Us

Only one Platinum Trophy exists in The God of War Ragnarok, giving it a huge value.

The Bear And The Wolf: Collect all Trophies

Once you have managed to collect the other 35 Trophies, you finally achieve the one and only Platinum Trophy “The Bear And The Wolf”. It is the last trophy you can collect and the hardest to claim as it requires all other trophies first. 


Gold Trophies – Image By Us

There are 4 Gold Trophies to earn in God of War Ragnarok. They are:

Ready For Commitment: Fully upgrade one armor set

There are multiple armor sets in God Of War Ragnarok, each serving the purpose to boost specific stats of the character. Once a set of armor (of one type), which includes Waist Armor, Chest Armor, and Wrist Armor, is upgraded till Level 9, the player claims the “Ready For Commitment” trophy.

Each upgrade requires a number of crafting materials. You can collect them from under the water, in the chests, or dropped by enemies. Once you have collected all the needed materials, go to the Blacksmith shop for an upgrade. No other place can upgrade the armor.

Ragnarok: Battle the All-Father

The All-Father, also known as Odin, is the final boss the players will have combat with. Once you reach the end of the game, a fairly long battle will occur with the All-Father. Once you have performed the battle, you get the “Ragnarok” trophy.  It’s a story-related trophy so you can obtain it in the first playthrough. 

Grave Mistake: Battle King Hrolf

The strongest Berserker, King Hrolf is a part of Favor (side quest): Fit for a King. While you perform the quest, you come across the final boss of the quest. Upon battling him, you collect the “Grave Mistake” trophy.

Make sure you have your armor set fully upgraded to Level 9 for defeating King Hrolf as he is one of the strongest antagonists in the game. If not already, you might collect “Ready For Commitment” while doing so.

The True Queen: Battle Gna

The Valkyrie Queen, Gna is a part of the Favor (side quest) Defend Your Valor. To start the Favor, players need to reach the Muspelheim Crucible and complete the given trials, only then Gna can be spawned. 

Gna is a Level 9 enemy which means it is extremely demanding to defeat her. A maxed level Gear is important to gain victory against her. Once the player has battled with Gna, they can earn the “The True Queen” trophy.


Silver Trophies – Image By Us

There are 15 Silver trophies in God of War Ragnarok that can be collected, the 15 trophies are:

Spartan Ways: Remember the Spartan teachings

The “Spartan Ways” trophy is story-related and does not require any extra side tasks. The 12th main quest named Reunion starts when Kratos learns the last Spartan Rage meaning he has learned all three Spartan Rages by now. The moment the Spartan Rage is learned, the pop-up for the trophy unlock will appear. 

Full Belly: Obtain all of the Apples of Idunn and Horns of Blood Mead 

Both the Apples of Idunn and the Horns of Blood Mead can be found in Nornir Chests (Collectibles). There are a total of 35 Nornir Chests to open, each with its own puzzle to solve. 

Once the player claims 35 Nornir Chests, they automatically collect all the healing Apples of Idunn and the Horns of Blood Mead for Spartan Rage too. It will result in the player earning the “Full Belly” trophy.

Phalanx: Obtain all Shields

There are a total of 5 shields to collect in the God of War Ragnarok. These 5 shields are:

  • Dauntless Shield (Can be crafted)
  • Stone Wall Shield (Can be crafted)
  • Shatter Shield (Can be obtained from a chest)
  • Guardian Shield (Can be obtained by following the story)
  • Onslaught Shield (Can be obtained from a legendary chest)

You will obtain the “Phalanx” trophy after getting all five trophies.

Collector: Obtain all Relics and Sword Hilts

To gain special abilities and moves for combat, players need to gather Relics and Sword Hilts. There are a total of 14 Relics, also known as Sword Hilts in the game. These relics will boost Kratos’s abilities and stats.

Once all the equipable Relics and Sword Hilts are obtained, the “Collector” trophy is given as a reward.

Dragon Slayer: Craft the Dragon Scaled Armor Set

Once the Favor (side quest) Creatures of Prophecy is completed, The blacksmith shop will be expanded. Players can go back to it and craft the Dragon Scaled Armor Set now. The set consists of three armor pieces:

  • Breastplate
  • Bracers
  • Girdle

Each of the Dragon Scaled Armor pieces requires dragon remains and is extremely expensive. Following are the items you will need to craft the whole Dragon Scaled Armor Set:

  • Dragon Scaled Breastplate: x1 Dragon Claw, x2 Dragon Tooth, x14,000 Hacksilver
  • Dragon Scaled Bracers: x10 Dragon Tooth, x10,000 Hacksilver
  • Dragon Scaled Girdle: x10 Dragon Tooth, x10,000 Hacksilver

Slaying Dragons will drop the Dragon remains that you need for crafting. Once you have gathered all the needed resources for crafting the Dragon Scaled Armor Set, head to the Blacksmith and craft it. Once you have, you will get the reward of the “Dragon Slayer” trophy.

How It’s Going: Fully repair the Amulet of Yggdrasil

You need to repair The Amulet of Yggdrasil which you would have gotten in the previous task. There are 9 slots on the Amulet of Yggdrasil, out of which only two are useable. What you need to do is fix the other 7 slots so you can insert the amulet in other slots too.

Each broken slot requires a Jewel of the Yggdrasil. These Jewels can be found in the nine realms and once taken to the Blacksmith, the broken slots of the Amulet will be repaired with the help of the Jewels of the Amulet. Upon doing so, the player obtains the “How It’s Going” trophy.

Funeral for a Friend: Attend the Funeral

The player needs to complete a Favor (side quest) “A Viking Funeral” to collect the “Funeral for a Friend” trophy. It can only be performed after the main story is completed. Just visit Svartalfheim once you are done with the main story. 

Full Gufa: Free the Hafgufas

There are two Favors (side quests) “Secret of the Sands” and “Song of the Sands” that you have to complete. The whole process of the two Favors rotates around freeing the Hafgufas. To unlock the mission, players need to complete the main story first.

Completing the two Favors mentioned will reward the player “Full Gufa” trophy.

Making Amends: Free the Lyngbakr

To collect the “Making Amends” trophy, players need to complete a Favor (side quest) called the “Weight of Chains”. To start the quest, you need to visit Svartalfheim. Then to a place called “Bay of Bounty” with the assistance of the map. Once there, visit “The Watchtower” where you will need a key to open the door. Mimir will tell you that it is on the Island. Once you go to the Island, the quest “Weight of Chains” begins. 

Upon completing the Weight of Chains quest, players will earn the “Making Amends” trophy.

It Was a Good Day: Retrieve Mardoll

Upon completing a Favor (side quest) called “Freya’s Missing Peace”, as a reward the player will obtain the “It Was A Good Day” trophy. To complete the quest, you need to assist Freya to retrieve Mardoll. It is Freya’s sword and also her missing “peace”.

Invasive Species: Complete all of the Crater Hunts 

There are a total of 9 Crater Hunts that you can perform in God of War Ragnarok. To perform the Hunts, you need to visit the North of the Vanaheim. But before that, two Favors/side quests are a must. These Favors are “Creatures of Prophecy” and “Scent of Survival”. Once you have completed the required favor, go to the Crater Hunts location and start the Hunts. The following are areas for the 9 Crater Hunts:

  • The Plains: 2 Dragon Hunts, 2 Epic Hunts
  • The Sinkholes: 2 Dragon Hunts
  • The Jungle: 3 Dragon Hunts

So, you have to perform 7 Dragon Hunts and 2 Epic Hunts, which results in getting the “Invasive Species” trophy. 

Besties: Pet Speki and Svanna

Both the wolves, Speki and Svanna need a pet in order for you to get a “Besties” trophy. But it’s not as easy as it may sound. There is a Favor/Side Quest “Animal Instinct” where you need to clear all the Raider Hideouts. Once the player completes the favor, he/she has to go to the wolves. Both the wolves are scared so Kratos comforts them by petting them. Once both the wolves are comforted with some petting, the trophy “Besties” is finally earned.

Rightful Place: Return all the Lindwyrms to Ratatoskr

A lot of Lindwyrms have escaped and Ratatoskr asks you in Sindri’s House to help him retrieve them back, this is why the Favor/Side quest is called “ The Lost Lindwyrms”. There are 6 Lindwyrms the player needs to retrieve and upon doing so, they earn the “Rightful Place” trophy.

Pure of Hart: Return the Stags of the Four Seasons

To earn the trophy “Pure of Hart”, you need to complete a Favor/Side quest. In the side quest, players need to retrieve all four Stags of the World Tree. Another thing to note is this quest can only take place once the player has completed the “Creature of Prophecy” and “Scent of Survival” quests.

Trials by Fire: Complete the Trials of Muspelheim

You can collect two Muspelheim Seeds in Svartalfheim from a Legendary Chest. After that only, the 15 Trials or Challenges of Muspelheim are accessible. Once you finish all 15 Trials of Muspelheim, you obtain the “Trial by Fire” trophy.


Bronze Trophies – Image By Us

The Bronze Trophies are the highest in number in God of War Ragnarok. There are 16 Bronze trophies to earn, they are:

The Florist: Collect one flower from each of the nine realms

Upon completing a Favor/Side Quest known as “Nine Realms In Bloom”, the player earns a trophy called “The Florist”. The quest requires collecting all 9 flowers from the nine realms. The flowers and their locations are:

  1. Ashpetal (located at Muspelheim)
  2. Sparkthorn (located at Svartalfheim)
  3. Dawnbloom (located at Alfheim)
  4. Dreamshade (located at Niflheim)
  5. Frostfinger (located at Niflheim)
  6. Starblush (located at Vanaheim)
  7. Ironbell (located at Jotunheim)
  8. Mirkweed (located at Midgard)
  9. Soulblossom (located at Helheim)

The Librarian: Collect all of the Books

The Books in God of War Ragnarok are a part of Artifacts (Collectibles) that are 14 in number. These books are specifically “Kvasir’s Poems”. You can collect the Kvasir Poems while working for the Curator trophy as it requires the collection of all Artifacts anyways. 

To earn “The Librarian” trophy, players need to collect all 14 Books in God of War Ragnarok.

The Curator: Collect all of the Artifacts

There are 38 artifacts to find in God Of War Ragnarok in order to obtain “The Curator” trophy. Some of them you would have collected while playing the main story and some are well-hidden and require a good amount of search. 

How It Started: Equip An Enchantment 

Once you have defeated Nidhogg the main boss in Main Mission: The Reckoning, it drops an Amulet. You have to go to your Equipment Menu, craft the enchantment from that Amulet and equip it. The player will earn the trophy “How It Started” once he equips the enchantment.

Spit Shine: Upgrade one piece of armor

An extremely easy trophy to claim, all you need to do is visit any Blacksmith’s shop and upgrade any single piece of armor, even one level upgrade is enough. Although, make sure you have the required materials for the upgrade. 

Knock off the Rust: Purchase a Skill

Players can purchase new skills from the Skills Menu with all the XP gained. To gain XP, just complete the Missions, Quests/Favors. Once the player purchases the skill, they earn the trophy “Knock off the Rust”. 

A Grizzly Encounter: Battle the Bear

Upon killing the God of War Ragnarok’s first main Boss the big bear, you get a trophy “A Grizzly Encounter”. Since it is a story-related trophy, no need for side quest hard work.

Blood Debt: Battle the God of Thunder

Thor, also known as the God of Thunder is the 2nd Main Boss in the game. Once the player has fought Thor, they win the trophy “Blood Debt”. It is a story-related trophy meaning you can not miss it.

Backyard Brawl: Battle the Mysterious Valkyrie

Another story-related trophy that you can not miss. A Mysterious Valkyrie is the 4th main Boss who attacks the player resulting in combat. Once the fight is over, the player earns the trophy “Backyard Brawl”.

Root of the Problem: Battle Nidhogg

An automatic Boss fight with Nidhogg will take place during the Main Mission: The Reckoning. Once the battle with Nidhogg takes place, the player gets the “Root of the Problem” trophy. And since the trophy is related to the main story, you should not be able to miss it.

The Cauldron: Destroy Gryla’s Cauldron

A fight with a Boss named Gryla takes place. It is the 3rd Boss trophy and players can not miss it as it is a story-related trophy. Once the battle takes place, the player needs to destroy Gryla’s Cauldron to obtain the trophy “The Cauldron”.

Off the Leash: Battle Garm

Kratos finds an enormous wolf named Garm in Helheim in hopes of taming the beast. The attempt starts combat. Once the combat is over, the player gets the trophy “Off the Leash”. Since the trophy is related to the story, missing it is not possible so don’t worry about missing it.

Comeuppance: Battle Heimdall

Players will come across a boss named “Heimdall” during the Creatures of Prophecy main quest. He is a tough boss to beat but once the battle is finally over, the trophy named “Comeuppance” will unlock. You can not miss this trophy as it is a story-related Boss Fight.

Better Together: Battle Hrist and Mist

Another Valkyrie combat takes place with two Valkyries vs Kratos and Atreus just after the end of the Muspelheim quests. Upon ending the combat, the player gets the reward of the trophy “Better Together”. The trophy is not missable as it is part of the main story.

Rebel Leader: Return the Hammer of the Rebellion

For the trophy “Rebel Leader” as a reward, the players need to complete a Favor/Side Quest called “Spirit of the Rebellion”. In this Favor, players need to retrieve a Hammer by covering a long journey and returning it back to Durlin.

Once the player completes the favor, they get the trophy reward of “Rebel Leader”. Keep in mind, players can complete the Favor “Spirit of the Rebellion” after the main game story is completed.

New Friends: Fetch Lunda’s Orb

Lunda is a Blacksmith who gives the player a task to perform, on which she will reward them back with her fixed armor. The task she gives is a Favor/Side Quest “The Mysterious Orb”. Once the player has completed the Favor, among many other things such as Lunda’s armor, the player also gets a trophy of “New Friends”.

Best Way To Earn Platinum Trophy

As we have mentioned earlier, completing 100% of the story itself requires 50-60 hours on “Give me a balanced experience” alone. If a player starts finding and achieving each and every Favor (Side Quest) along with the main story, the game can undoubtedly cover more than 50-60 hours. Reaching to Platinum Trophy will become an exhausting journey.

We recommend only focusing on the Main Story missions first. Not to forget, players will obtain most of the trophies, including Bronze ones while following the Storyline, that is because most of them are related to the main story. After you have gone through the main story once, you can revisit all the Side Quests areas and perform the Favors one by one. None of the 36 trophies are missable hence you can go back for them anytime.

So, complete the gameplay fully once, and you will acquire half of the trophies this way alone. For Platinum, go back for the rest of the trophies and work your way up to Platinum. 

Difficulty Level For Trophies

You do not have to be fretful about earning trophies on certain difficulties. All 36 trophies are obtainable even on the easiest game settings. So, if you want to enjoy the game in “Give me God of War” difficulty, go on. You can always switch back to “Give me Story” or “Give me a Balanced Experience” and collect all the trophies easily. All trophies are either a part of Collectibles or simply just the main story.  

Final Remarks

Even though you might have to go the extra mile to earn most of the trophies in God of War Ragnarok, the progress toward the Platinum trophy is worth it. So what are you waiting for? Buckle down and earn each of the 36 trophies. Have fun!

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