Crisis Core Reunion: Gold Rolling Pin [Farming Guide]

Need to farm Gils? Learn how to obtain gold rolling pin in Crisis Core Reunion and sell them off for best Gils payouts.

Gold Rolling Pin Crisis Core
Gold Rolling Pin Crisis Core

Crisis Core Reunion returns as a remake of forever-classic Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core, and players are not having enough to explore all the original content from the game. Both new and veteran fans of the game can now enjoy the remake with enhanced visuals and gameplay mechanics to earn unique rewards in each mission. One such reward also includes a gold rolling pin in Crisis Core, which is well-known to aid players significantly in the new game. 

For the uninitiated, a gold rolling pin is a unique item available in the game that can be sold to earn a hefty amount of Gil in Crisis Core Reunion. Unfortunately, it is pretty rare in the game and requires special consideration to get your hands on a gold rolling pin. However, that does not mean it is impossible to obtain in the new game. 

If you are one of those players seeking to obtain the unique item of a gold rolling pin, this guide is just for you. Let’s discuss a complete guide on navigating to a specific location in Crisis Core Reunion and earn a gold rolling pin for your character. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Major Highlights

  • Gold rolling pins are one of the rare items in Crisis Core Reunion. Meanwhile, along with their rarity, they also serve great importance in rewarding players with a massive payout of Gils
  • For that instance, many players consider farming for the gold rolling pins to pave the way for earning higher Gils and upgrading their character in Crisis Core Reunion.
  • There are several approaches to obtaining the gold rolling pin in the game. You can consider progressing the game’s campaign to reach specific missions and unlock chests to reward your character with gold rolling pins.
  • Some missions that involve the reward of gold rolling pins are M4-4-1: A New Threat, M8-6-1: Notice, and M6-6-4: Secret on the Plains.
  • Moreover, some players prefer a reliable farming strategy that guarantees continuous gold rolling pins for unlimited Gils. In this case, they must pursue farming Holy Tonberry at M9: Great Cavern of Wonders.
  • Once you have enough gold rolling pins, you can sell them off in the game to earn the best payout of 50K Gils per gold rolling pin. 

Gold Rolling Pin In Crisis Core Reunion

The goal of getting the gold rolling pin is to earn the sweet Gil in Crisis Core Reunion. Gil is an in-game currency that players can use to upgrade and purchase unique accessories to maximize their character’s performance. For that instance, players also seek multiple approaches to earn sweet Gil and progress the game quickly with their ideal playthrough. 

Gold rolling pin is one of these approaches that allows players to earn considerable Gils quickly. As said earlier, the primary purpose of gold rolling pins is to sell them off to receive a whopping 50,000 Gil. Considering the sheer importance of currency in Crisis Core Reunion, that’s a lot of Gil for your character. 

Although obtaining the unique, rare item is another crux of the matter. You can either obtain the gold rolling pin from campaign missions or farm it on an enemy fight in Crisis Core Reunion: Final Fantasy 7. Players will be able to receive the gold rolling pin from the treasure chests in particular missions in the game. 

These missions include M4-4-1: A New Threat, M8-6-1: Notice, and M6-6-4: Secret on the Plains. All you need to do is to keep track of your loot during these missions to receive the loot chests or rewards of the gold rolling pin. After that, players can easily sell the gold rolling pin in a shop to convert it into 50K Gils. 

Although, these missions might not be ideal for players seeking to farm multiple gold rolling pins in Crisis Core Reunion. For that instance, you might want to pursue farming on particular enemies that will reap the rewards of three or even five gold rolling pins. It is imperative to note that the farming strategy will involve special consideration of the characters’ accessories and campaign progression. 

Farming Enemy Fight For Gold Rolling Pin

Before farming the gold rolling pins, you must meet all the character accessories requirements. The first and most important requirement for farming gold rolling pins for Gil is to at least progress the storyline to chapter 4. The main reason behind it is that after progressing the campaign, you will have all the essential equipment and accessories needed for farming and the mission involving the enemy battle. 

Moving on, you might need to equip your character with the most critical Mog’s Amulet. It gives your character abilities to receive rare-item drops from enemies. Since our approach focuses on enemy farming, you must equip this accessory before moving forward with this farming strategy. 

Moreover, you can also get your hands on Genji Glove to break the critical strike damage limit of your character. If you want to maximize the damage output of your character to farm gold rolling pin, you must enhance the damage capabilities of your character to defeat the enemy easily.

Adding Genji Glove to your arsenal of accessories can significantly contribute to doubling your character’s damage on critical attacks. You can refer to our extensive Crisis Core Genji Set guide to learn more about the equipment. 

Apart from that, you can add other notable accessories and Materia that best fits your character. As for the enemy, this farming strategy involves fighting with Holy Tonberry, which carries stealable gold rolling pins. Meanwhile, the mission where you can encounter Holy Tonberry is known as “M9: Great Cavern of Wonders.” 

M9-6-2 The Lowest Tier
M9-6-2 The Lowest Tier

Players can encounter the enemy with rare gold rolling pins at the M9-6-2: Lowest Tier section. It is where you need to pay attention. These are lengthy caverns, and it is crawling with all kinds of enemies. To save time and focus on Holy Tonberry, you would want to keep safe side from all the potential threats and reach the very end of the mission. Remember, avoid encounters with any random enemy spawn and only engage with Holy Tonberry.

Spawning Holy Tonberry
Spawning Holy Tonberry

Once you have discovered the enemy, you can initiate any fast attacks to drain the major portion of Holy Tonberry. Fight with the enemy is undoubtedly a challenge, but with the right set of tools and magic attacks, players will be able to defeat the boss and steal gold rolling pins quickly. Players must watch out for teleportation of the Holy Tonberry as it can prove fatal for your character, thus wasting all the effort involved in farming for gold rolling pins, and, eventually, Gils. 

Stealing Gold Rolling Pin
Stealing Gold Rolling Pin

After collecting the gold rolling pins, you can trade them to receive 50K Gils per item. By receiving multiple gold rolling pins through this farming strategy, you can easily level up your character with millions of Gils. Defeating the boss indeed involves effort and time, but in the end, the payout of gold rolling pins is definitely worth each attempt. 

Selling Gold Rolling Pin
Selling Gold Rolling Pin

Closing Remarks

Gold rolling pins are arguably the fastest and most efficient item available in Crisis Core Reunion to farm Gils. While numerous missions may payout Gils directly, gold rolling pins requires selling and receiving the Gills. Apart from that, farming these rare gold rolling pins from Holy Tonberry can significantly assist players in harvesting large pools of Gils in a short time. 

That is about it for our farming guide on gold rolling pins. Did you find this guide helpful to farm Gils in Crisis Core Reunion? What is your favorite approach to receiving the rare item for your character in the game? We would love to hear it in the comments section below. 

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