Minecraft Legends Golems [Definitive Guide]

Minecraft Legends has the option to use Basic and The FIrst Golems as a force when you want to defend your world against annoying enemies.

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Minecraft Legends: Everything there is to know about Golems

Minecraft Legends has the option to use Golems as a force when you want to defend your world against annoying enemies. In this article, we’ll go over the many varieties of golems found in Minecraft Legends and how to utilize them efficiently!

Key Takeaways

  • Golems in Minecraft Legends are categorized into Basic Golems and First Golems.
  • Basic Golems consist of Cobblestone, Plank, Grindstone, and Mossy Golems.
  • Some Golems are available at the start, while others unlock after the Pilgins Quest.
  • The enhanced First Golems require unlocking at the Well of Fate and include Brick, Oak, Diorite, and Stone variants.
  • Waking the First Golems involves building the Wake the Firsts Structure and significant material costs.
  • Specific First Golems are found in different biomes: Diorite and Grindstone in Jagged Peaks and Meadows, respectively, and the rest in Badlands.
  • Each campaign in Minecraft Legends features randomly generated maps with Golems situated in their respective biomes.
  • Golems can defend against Piglins, each type having unique skills and limitations.
  • Effective combat strategies involve choosing the right Golem type for the situation and using their abilities efficiently.

Types Of Golems

When playing Minecraft Legends, you’ll come across several golems that can help you defend against Piglins. Knowing how to employ each golem and its strengths and limitations is crucial to making the most of their distinct talents. There are many golems in the game, but all of them can be mainly categorized into 2 types. The two types are written and then further explained in the headings below:

  • Basic Golems
  • The First Golems

Basic Golems

Basic Golems in Minecraft
Basic Golems in Minecraft. Image Credits: Banden

Minecraft legends introduce us to fundamental golems at the very start of the game that will help us throughout the beginning of the game’s combats. Further creatures of this species will be discovered in the later parts of the game as you pass through quests.

The Basic Golems are described below:

Cobblestone Golem: Great for destroying Piglin structures and doing some damage in combat. You will find these golems as soon as you start the game.

Plank Golem: Best suited for close-range battle but requires protection because it is quickly killed. Just like the Plank golem, you’ll find these right at the start of Minecraft Legends.

Grindstone Golem: A sturdy golem that can shock and keep opponents back as they receive damage. Moreover, you’ll gain access to the Grindstone golem after you proceed through the basic Piglin Quest.

Mossy Golem: Can restore your mob’s health and cleanse them of status afflictions. But Mossy Golems are not that great at producing effective results in combat, so we don’t advocate for keeping them in great numbers. Additionally, just like their Grindstone counterpart, you’ll gain access to the Mossy golem after you proceed through the basic Piglin Quest.

The First Golems

The First Golems are an improved version of the Basic Golems that must be unlocked via the Well of Fate. Each First Golem has its own set of powers that might be valuable in battle. Below we are explaining their use, so read the following:

Brick golems
The First of Brick. Image Credits: Banden
  • First of Brick: At first, the First of Brick golem guards your characters by enveloping them in a force field that shields them from ranged assaults and knocks them back.
    The Firstof Oak Golem Image Credits Banden
    The First of Oak Golem. Image Credits: Banden
  • First of Oak: On second, the First of Oak golem is a ranged companion that delivers huge damage from the rear guard and is the finest support.
    The First of Diorite golems
    The First of Diorite. Image Credits: Banden
  • First of Diorite: Thirdly, the First of Diorite golem can summon random golems to your help. But as we said before, the selection is arbitrary, so you never know what you’ll get.
    The First of Stone golems
    The First of Stone. Image Credits: Banden
  • First of Stone: Lastly, the First of Stone specializes in flinging boulders at Piglins, making it perfect for repelling opposing soldiers while you focus on bringing down their defenses.

Furthermore, check out this video from Banden about Minecraft Legends – First Golems [Locations & Showcase] if you need visual guidance regarding the location of first golems!

How To Wake Up The First Golems

Waking up the first golems requires you to build the Wake The Firsts Structure in Minecraft Legends. This will allow you to get the golem to wake up and call them for combat. After completing the enhancement, you can spend some resources to wake up the Golem you discover in the environment.

Each campaign will include a randomly created map, allowing each player to find the Golem uniquely. Each Golem, on the other hand, will always be in its respective biome, aiding in the hunt.

After identifying the biome, carefully search the area. While the Golems are difficult to spot physically, when you go close, you will get a prompt that’ll indicate that you are near a golem. You can come back to this place once you have enough materials to wake up the golem that you discovered.

Cost And Recommended Purpose

The table below describes the details of where to find the golem, the cost to wake them up, and the purpose that we recommend them for. Utilize the table below in your Minecraft Legends Gameplay:

Type of Golem Location Cost To Wake Up Recommended Purpose of Golem
First of Diorite  Go to the Jagged Peaks biome to discover this Golem You need 125 coal and 100 gold to wake up this golem Summon more tiny golems to battle alongside you.
First of Stone Reach the Meadow biome to find this Golem You need 500 stones and 100 gold to wake up this golem Fend off opposing soldiers while you work on bringing down their defenses.

First of Brick


Head to the Badlands biome to get this Golem You need 125 iron and 100 gold to wake up this golem Conjure a defensive barrier to defend your comrades and generate a shockwave.
First of Oak  Arrive at the Badlands biome to get this Golem   

You need 500 wood and 100 gold to wake up this golem

Delivers huge damage from the rear guard and is the finest support.

How To Use Each Golem Properly

Now that you’ve learned about the many sorts of golems in Minecraft Legends and where to locate them, let’s speak about how to employ them efficiently in combat. Here are all the strategies to use each Golem properly in our gameplay:

  • Firstly, one of the finest techniques is to arrange your golems to help your other monsters carefully.
    For example, you may utilize the First of Diorite to create more golems while your other golems focus on assaulting the adversary. The First of Oak may give long-range assistance, while the First of Brick can function as a shield for your hordes.
  • Secondly, it’s also crucial to consider the golem’s strengths and limitations. Understanding the many sorts of golems, as well as their strengths and limitations, is crucial to making the most of their particular talents.
    For example, the Plank Golem is a close-range fighter that delivers great damage but is quickly defeated. You’ll want to make sure it’s well-defended and backed by other gangs.
  • Thirdly, keep in mind that each golem has distinct skills that might be employed to your benefit.
    For example, the Grindstone Golem may stun opponents, whilst the Mossy Golem can cure and eliminate status afflictions.
  • Lastly, in Minecraft Legends, a golem is a useful ally in your quest to protect against the Piglins.
    You may defeat even the hardest opponents and finish your mission by carefully arranging golems and properly employing their powers.

So get out there and explore the world of Minecraft Legends, and don’t forget to keep a lookout for these formidable rocks!


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